"im on my way, Tyler. ok? im coming." Ethan's response read. I felt like an outcast in my own family. I thought that maybe my dad could see through me being gay and see me as me. I couldn't understand why he said what he said, but I do know that it wont be easy trying to change him. my dad said that he is going for a walk and I hope Erhan gets here before he gets back.

I hear a tap on my bedroom window, I look out to see him there. I sprang up from my bed, locked my door, and help him climb in. "are you ok?" Ethan said giving me a kiss on my cheek. "no..." I said looking toward the ground. "i told my dad, and... he made me cry... I never cry. ever." I said tearing up a little. Ethan gave me a hug. "its ok now. I am here for you. everything will be ok, Tyler. I promise." Ethan said, holding me tightly. "i love you so much Ethan..." I whispered. he kissed me in response. I go lay on my bed, Ethan follows. we lay side by side, just talking. when my phone rang, my mom needed to go to the office for overtime. it was just me, Ethan, and the walls. "so, what do you wanna do?" Ethan asks.

I get up and grab my remote to the TV. "Sabres game is on." I replied. Ethan got up, "i was thinking of something else..." he said. he wrapped his arms around my waist, and started to kiss my neck. I felt his warm hand slowly go up my body, he led me to my bed. and started kissing, with so much love. he laid me on my bed, pulled down my shorts and boxers, and he found what he wanted. he swallowed my 7'' cock whole. I was completely overwhelmed, I could barely breathe.

He sucked harder, slapping his tongue around it. I couldn't take it anymore. *splat* "oh my god. im sorry! let me clean that up!" I shouted. it was all over Ethan's  face. I wiped it all off. "why are you sorry?" he said. before I could answer, we were back to sucking face. "i have to get dressed." I said. "leave your shirt off. I like what I see." Ethan stated with that irresistible smile. "ok." I replied giggling. I laid back on my bed with him with my head on his chest. I listened to Ethan's strong heartbeat, and I had an idea. I climbed on top of him, and pulled down his jeans and boxers to reveal a 6.5 inch cock in some desperate need of service. I slowly swallowed the cock and began massaging it with my tongue. I started to deep throat him as he moaned and twitched with pleasure. I started to kiss and lick the side of his glistening prick, he couldn't take much more, when all the sudden, he shot 3 humongous loads of cum onto my bedsheets. He collapsed out of pure exhaustion.

"that was my first time sucking cock..." I said.

"that was the best one I've ever had, Ethan." he said relaxing. He rolled over onto me and kissed me. We lock lips lightly again for a good ten minutes. I finally felt happy...

*The next morning*

'Thump thump thump thump....' i wake up to hear Ethan's steady beat of his heart. i open my eyes and inhale through my nose and smell Ethan's scent. it was a sweet smell, and it is kind of hard to explain. i sat up and was about to get up when Ethan wrapped his left arm around my waist and pulled me back on the bed. "come on, babe. we gotta get up." i said quietly.

"5 minutes more." he replied. and he kissed my neck. "nevermind, your right." Beau whispered.

we got up and headed to my dresser. "do you have clothes?" i said. "yeah dont worry about me." Ethan climbed out of my window and came back with a bag. "i came prepared." Ethan said. "you always do." i laughed and walked towards him and gave him a peck on the lips. I got dressed and headed downstairs, he quickly followed, then i got a text from Coach Carson. he needed Ethan and i at the rink ASAP. we headed down there, walked through the player entrance and walked to his office.


"Hi Coach." Ethan said. "hi guys. um, there is no easy way to say this, but Ty, your off the team." coach said. "what? Why?" i said. "well, are you in a relationship with Ethan? "yes he is." Ethan replied before i could speak. "well, that could create a problem in the locker room. Kids could say that stuff went on, the police could get involved, and I don't want that to happen. I don't want to be the next Jerry Sandusky." i started to get upset. "im sorry Ty. Your off the team." coach said. "all you care about is yourself, coach. What you've done is wrong. And I hope you see that someday." I said looking at the floor. i head outside, Ethan follows. i sit on the curb for a few minutes and started crying. Ethan puts his arm on my shoulder and pulls me close to him. i just kept crying. "hey, its ok. you'll find another team to-" 

"what do you know? huh?! my life was fine before i met you. you screwed my whole life up! thanks a lot! your a huge help! my dad hates me, i got thrown off my team because im gay. what else can you screw up?!" screamed at him. He looked so hurt. "look... im sorry, its just that, i just am at a tough time right now." i kissed him. "im really sorry Ethan." i said. "i understand. its ok." he replied. "screw this place!" Ethan said, and we got up, held hands and left.




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