"How long has he been here?!" I hear one of the doctors say to another. "how long has that hockey player been here?" asked the other. "he's been here for 9 months?!?!" he screamed in shock. " yep. Every night we find him in that room." the other said. "he's my fiancée." I said as I stirred and woke up and looked over at Tyler, who was still in his coma. "oh, well I hope he comes out ok." the doctor said as he checked on Tyler, and left. Tyler was pale, and has lost a lot of weight. I meander over to him and give him his morning kiss before leaving for work. I had to quit hockey, because Tyler is far more important to me than some game, and I can't be without him. As I kissed his pLe skin, I see his eyes shoot open and reach for the feeding tube in his throat. Nurses flooded the room and tried to calm Tyler down as they removed the tube. I watch with tired eyes as he calms; and the tube slips out. He looked over to me and a tear fell from his face. As the nurses checked vitals, and made sure that Tyler is stable, they soon thin out and return to other duties. I grab Tyler's hand and a tear escapes my own eyes.

[Tyler's POV]

I don't remember anything. All I remember is the name of the man standing over me; my love, my passion, Ethan. "you're ok!! Oh, thank god! Your ok!!" Ethan hollered. "baby... I was in a coma...." I said hoarsely. "yes..." he said crying. "yes you were..."

"I-I feel so weak..." I said grabbing my head. Ethan muzzled his head in my shoulder and cried. I couldn't help but tear up a little too. 


after a few days, the hospital released me and Ethan took me home. As I walked into the foyer of the hospital, Ethan pulled up in a car. 

Since when did he get a fucking car?!

I meandered over to the car and Ethan opened the car door for me: "by the way, once you get in the car, I have an answer for that question you asked me last year." he said smiling. I smiled too because I know what he was talking about. I climb in the car, Ethan closes the door, and sits down in the drivers seat. "yes, I will marry you, Tyler." Ethan said slipping on Tyler's ring. "Yes!" i screamed with excitement. I cannot believe he finally said yes. I pulled him in for a hard kiss, and Ethan pushed away a little. "what's wrong?" I ask confusingly. He smiled warmly. "wait until we get home." he laughed. I smiled too and Ethan drove home. After about 10 minutes, we soon arrived at our apartment. Once we walked into our small apartment overlooking the back bay, it looks like Ethan hasn't been here in months. Everything was dusty, clothes haven't been washed, and all of the food has expired. We cleaned up, got rid of the old food, did some laundry, and freshened up the air. It soon smelled like the home I left for 7 months. I looked at my iPhone that was still on the charger, and I see 232 missed calls, and 660 missed text messages. I laughed warmly as I change into clean clothes. I look at the mirror, and I see how much weight I lost. I must've lost at least 15 Lbs, and my skin is pale, but is getting some color back to it. "you look so..." I hear as I slip on some jeans, and a clean shirt. "...sick." Ethan finished as he wrapped his hands around my waist. "I'm trying to get some color back." I said looking in the mirror again. "I'm just glad your ok, baby." Ethan said. He felt so warm against me; so loving. He kissed my neck lovingly, and left me to get dressed. I hear a knock at the door, and I step out to answer it. "hey, Ethan. I couldn't find you at the.... TYLER?! You're ok!!" Trent said pulling me in a tight embrace. I couldn't help but hug him back. "we gotta call your mom." Trent said letting go of me. "I'll call her!" Ethan said from the other room. "god... You look so... Pale..." Trent finished. "I'm trying to get some color, but it's hard when you've been I a coma for almost a year like me." I said jokingly. 

He gave me a gentle push and a chuckle. After about 30 minutes of catching up, I decided to go into my room and get pumped up a little. I changed into one of my undershirts, threw on some music and a pair of shorts, and racked up 60 lbs on the bench press just to start up. I did a few stretches and laid my back on the cool matting. I gripped both sides of the bar and lifted it over my chest. I pushed up towards the sky and back down again; trying to rebuild any lost muscle. Sweat started to fall from my forehead as I pushed harder; feeling the tingle in my chest, and biceps. After about 25 reps, I place the bar back onto the steel and get up; walking over to the punching bag. I throw a punch with my left hand, and making contact with the bag. I come back with a straight right, then a left-right combo. "sexy..." I hear Ethan say. It kind of scared me a little, which caused me to jump. I soon smile. "hey..." I said walking over to him. I pull him in for a kiss. "mmmmmm.... I love it when you're all sweaty...." Ethan said as I kissed his soft, full lips. "your mom is waiting for you, by the way." Trent interrupted. I walked out of the room and saw my mother. Tears immediately fell from her cheeks as she pulled me into a tight embrace. "nice to see you too, mom!" I laughed. "if only your father was here..." she whispered. My eyes shot open. What's wrong with dad...?

"what happened to dad?" I asked pulling away from the hug. She didn't answer. I look to Ethan and Trent, and they gave me sympathetic looks. "WHERE'S DAD?!" I shouted angrily. My mom sat on the couch; "come sit down, Tyler." my mom said. Ethan sat with me and interlaced his fingers with mine. "after your birthday...."

"MY BIRTHDAY?!" I shouted in disbelief.

"your 20, Tyler." Ethan said calmly. "I don't give a shit how old I am! Where's dad?!" I screamed as tears fell from my eyes. "Tyler... There's no easy way to say this, but... Your father suffered a heart attack behind the wheel and... Drove head on into a tree. He died on impact..." my mother said. Ethan tightened his grip on me as he tried to comfort me. I pushed him away and jumped out of the chair. "y-you're lying... You're all lying!!" I screamed as I made my way towards the door. "Tyler..." I hear Ethan say as I leave. I acknowledge him by slamming the door behind me. Tears fill my vision as I make my way down the stairs and out to the street. This can't be real... This has to be a dream! Please... Please be a dream....




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