Im Tyler, everyone calls me Ty for short, im 6' tall and around 180 pounds, i have really dirty blond hair and brown eyes. i play a lot of different sports after school, particularly hockey. I reside in buffalo. And im a huge sabres fan. I have a friend from Toronto, and his name is Ethan. Ethan plays hockey too. but for a Different school. Ethan is a guy everyone would love, he is funny, or he thinks he is, he's sensitive, protective, and really smart. He stands at 5' 8" tall and around 155 pounds. he has brown hair and blue eyes and a gorgeous body. it all starts around 3 years ago, around freshman year, i was a little quiet, even on my hockey team. i just showed up and played. i didn't really understand why the coach made me captain, i was an emotional player, but only in the locker room. anyways, every month, teams have a tornament and thats really the only time me and Ethan can play against one another but i didnt know that at the time.

1-0 Jets. (my team.) my shift is up. (i play Defense.) i get onto the ice with my D- pairing, Andrew Benoit. their top line is on the ice (Ethan's line with Dane Tolstrup and Kyle Cantrell on the wing.) the puck is in the corner, #13 (Ethan) has the puck. i line him up with the Boards and drop a shoulder, he slams into the Boards. "you ok?" i said. "Yeah" he replies. we end up winning 1-0. after the game He approaches me. "you hit pretty hard, kid." he says. "thanks, i just do my job." i reply. 

"we need a guy like you. i'm Ethan by the way." 

(he had such a sweet voice at the time) 

"i'm Tyler. people call me Ty." 

"Ty... i like Tyler better." Ethan says.

after we got familiar with each other, we hung out pretty much every day. he was my only friend at the time. as the months passed, i started looking at Ethan Differently. it was very strange, almost like we could hear each other's thoughts. So one day, in math class, i feel a tap on my shoulder, I turn around and see Erica, another close friend. "hows your boyfriend?" she says. "i'm not gay." i said. "i can tell when your in love. I've known you since we were in diapers." she says smiling. "i'm Straight. you know that." i said. "Ok. But I see the way you look at Ethan. Love at first sight."  she says with a grin. "aw knock it off!" I said playfully.

"i'm not sure exactly why she kept saying that. I'M not gay!  The thought of two guys fucking? Gross!" I thought to myself. After school, Ethan and I decided to hang out at his place. When we got there, we started playing the Xbox. 

were playing C.O.D. Modern Warfare when there was a disc error. "Shit!" he said. "Damn Thing." and he shut it off. we started talking about some random thing when, Ethan looks at me kinda wierd, he grabbed me, and forced me on his bed, "Ethan, what are you doin, Man?." i said, wrestling around a little bit. he had me pinned. "Just... Relax." he put his hand on my cheek. i look in his eyes. "you trust me?" he says. "...yeah" i said in a whisper. he leans in. inch by inch, until... our lips meet. he gives a passionate kiss. and slides his hand under my shirt. i felt his left hand creep up my Body. Ethan started to pick up the pace. i was overwhelmed with Emotion.

My sexuality said to throw him off me and punch him, but my heart said not to. i close my eyes. Ethan broke off the kiss. i open my eyes to see Ethan's shirtless self near my fully hardened 7" dick. "oh God..." i thought to myself. Ethan unzipped my pants and i was lying on his bed with only my boxers and a huge Boner. he pulled them down. "Ethan, I'm not ready for..." he took it in his mouth. feelings of pleasure shoot through my body. Ethan takes it slow. He sucks on it like a kid with a lolly pop. he started to lick the bottom of my Cock. overwhelming feelings of pleasure overload my brain. "Ethan, i... i..." i shot a load of six loads down his throat. he swallowed it all. "my God... your fuckin' hot." i said "a good friend deserves a good blowjob." Ethan says.

thats when i figured out Ethan, my closest friend, had a Crush on me. Me, a straight boy. the only thing is, can i love him back?

Chapter 2

I still couldnt believe what i did with Ethan that night. it's not that i didn't enjoy it, it felt different, but normal. i ended up staying the night over at his place. as time goes on, and Ethan seems to get more desperate to be in a relationship with me, something happened one day that changed our lives forever.


"yeah?" i said as Ethan came running up to me.

"i play on your team now, i got transferred to your school." 

"Awesome!" i said.

"you'll have to be Assistant Captain though." i said.

"thats Ok, i don't mind." Ethan said.

The following day was Ethan's first day at my school. i looked out for him because some kids don't think highly of new people at my school.

I walk through the hall as i head to my first class, which is gym. i walk into the locker room and head to my locker. i walk around the corner, I see ethan facing his locker, and he stood there with a shirt in his hand, i looked at Ethan's sculpted shoulders, back, & arms. i was captivated, unable to move, and my eyes remained fixed on my friend. I felt something urge me to go over and wrap my arms around his waist. I step towards him, admiring his body as i walked. At this point i'm right behind him, he reaches into his locker and i seize the opportunity, i wrap him by the waist, he jumps until he sees that it is me. i rest my chin on his shoulder.

"what got into you?" Ethan said

"i have no idea, but i dont mind it. It's almost like...." i said inching my lips to his neck i kissed him and he knocked his head back, and grabs my left hand. Ethan moves my hand up his body and up to his chest. i took my aggression out on Ethan's  face. i turn him around and kiss him. Ethan is taken by surprise at the move i had made. i hear the locker room door open and someone says. "What the fuck are you doing?" i turn around, and i see my old friend Zach standing there looking at Ethan and I.

"Zach, it's not what you think!"

"i've seen all i need to see." he said. he leaves and Ethan looks me in the eyes, "we're still friends right?"

i just hope this doesn't hurt Ethan and I's relationship. Knowing Zach, it shouldnt be long before everyone knows about me and Ethan.

Chapter 3 

i head downstairs to lunch. people coming from every corner, someone trips me, BOOM, THUD,THUD, THUD. i hear people laughing, "fag!" one boy screamed. as my 185 pound 6 foot tall body smashed each step. 

"ugh" i whine when my body came to a stop. i felt a really sharp pain in my lower back. i stood up, but collapsed again screaming in pain. i knew what it was, herniated disk. my dad had one when he played for the maple leafs. Ethan sees me at the bottom of the stairs.

"oh my god! are you ok?"

"no. i cant get up." i said.

"dont move!" Ethan left to get the nurse.

"i dont plan on it." i said sarcastically.

why do they do this to me? i thought. im still a freakin' human being! Zach probably told everyone. I am more worried about Ethan he is very sensitive. you could say "thats so gay" and he will get really offended.

Ethan soon came back with the nurse and he sat down next to me. He squeezed my hand as tight as he could. someone passed by, "keep it in the pants, faggot." i looked in his eyes, his grip weakened. he started to cry. "i hate it when they call me names." he said as his voice shook. the nurse came. put me on a stretcher, and loaded me into an Ambulance....




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