"wanna come over to my house?" Ethan said. "sure. what do you wanna do?" i asked.

"just come over." he said with a grin.

"ok." i said kissing his cheek. we got to his house and we went to his room.

"i have a surprise..." Ethan said.

"oh, really? what is it?" i said with a smile.

"do you know my grandfather?" Ethan said.

"of course." i replied.

"he bought us a condo. like 'you and me' us." he answered.

I was stunned, i thought to myself, 'is he asking me to move in with him?'

"oh my god. are you serious?" i said.


"yep. i am" Ethan replied.

"do you want to move in with me?" he asked shyly.

"Absolutely." i screamed. i was so excited. i couldn't believe it. i said the first thing that came to mind. "i love you." i said looking deep in his eyes.

"do you wanna head over there? its already furnished."

"yes! yes! yes!" i screamed. I soon felt a little upset. "um, i wanna say something..." i said.


"when i met you, i was going through a really tough part of my life. My parents were thinking of divorce and It hurt to see them fight all the time. The girlfriends I had only wanted me because I happen to be in the "hot" group. your the only one who liked me for me, and not because of my looks., and i just wanna say thanks." i explained. I gave him a kiss on the cheek as we were close to the condo complex.

"dont thank me. i dont like you, i love you. i love you more than you can possibly imagine." i started to cry on the way over to our new condo. we walked in and i was completely shocked. "Ethan... im blown away..." i said as i toured the house and headed into the bedroom. Ethan looked at me and shoved me onto the bed, i got an instant boner, i was ready. he started to kiss me.

He is a great kisser. he stripped my pants, and shirt. and i did the same. he spat on his hand and grabbed my cock, and shoved it in his ass. "ugh! yeah!" he screamed. he started to ride me, i could see sweat running down his chest and abs. sweat was dripping down my face. he leaned down and kissed me. after a few minutes, i started to cum. "Ethan... i'm close..." i felt a sensation in my nuts, after a few seconds.... splat... Ethan came shortly after.

He collapsed on me, and his breathing started to become less heavy. he rolled off me and we fell asleep in our new home.

[graduation day.]

I sat next to Ethan awaiting our diplomas, and my nerves were going wild. I couldn't believe that it's all over. I kept having flashbacks from when Ethan and I first met. That was a beautiful day and one I will never forget. Our row is up and I can't believe that in just a few steps, and I will no longer be a naive high school boy. We walk up to the principal, he hands me my diploma and I continue to walk back to my seat. A man approaches us after the ceremony:

"hello boys, I'm a scout for the National Hockey League and we are inviting you to the 2013 draft. Will you accept our invitation?"

I was shocked. I couldn't believe it. This was our chance, and Ethan's face lit up with excitement. "yes! Sure! When is it?" I screamed in happiness.

"July 23rd" the man replied.

"we'll be there!"

He shook our hands and he left.

"holy shit! Can you believe it babe?!" Ethan screamed in excitement. " we could be professional hockey players!!!" I screamed back. We went back home and celebrated. 

the 23rd finally came around and were on our way to Toronto. I was so excited and could hardly contain myself. We entered the building and all the teams were in the middle of the arena. I sat down in the stands and Ethan sat with his family. The only family i sat with was my grandmother, my parents still aren't happy that I moved out without telling them. The first round started:


"first of all, on the behalf of the Boston Bruins, we would like to congratulate the Los Angeles Kings for their Stanley Cup Championship. And with that, the Boston Bruins are proud to select as the 5th overall pick: Ethan Gauthier." Ethan screamed in excitement and jumped up.

He ran down and grabbed his jersey. He went up on stage and took a picture with the organization.

I was so happy for Ethan, now I'm hoping it's my turn.

 A few of my former teammates, Kyle, Dane and Jason got drafted by the Edmonton Oilers, Detroit Red Wings, And New York Rangers. i watched as they accepted their jerseys. "for the 8th overall pick, the Philadelphia Flyers proudly select, from the East Buffalo High School Vikings... Tyler Conklin." my grandmother stood up and we hugged. I walked down the isle towards the stage. A man ran up to me and handed my my hat and jersey. I climbed the stage steps and shook the owners hand, the GMs hand, and the hand of head coach Peter Laviolette. I stood and took the picture. I shook their hand again and a man said that my interview is about to begin. I walked with him to the locker room and I was greeted by 5 reporters and camera flashes. I could only smile.

"Tyler, did you end up where you wanted to be?"

"yeah, I did." I replied.

"so you had hoped to be drafted by the flyers?" one reporter asked. "well, Philly has a great hockey team, and I'm so honored to be a part of the broad street bullies, but the one thing that I'm happy about is that I got into the NHL. you cant ask for much more." I replied.

"so, you didn't mind where you went?"

"no. The NHL has some of the best players in the world. And you can't be picky when your drafted by one of these great franchises." 

"thanks for our time Tyler." 

"no, thank you." i said smiling. I walked out and ran into Ethan still in his bruins jersey. I walked over and gave him a hug. "so.... Flyers huh?" he said grinning.

"yeah, so... Bruins huh?" I said nudging him and grinning. A reporter asked for a quick interview with us.

"are you guys friends?" he asked.

"since. 9th grade." Ethan said smiling.

"well it looks like the Bruins-Flyers rivalry seems a little more personal for you guys huh?" he said laughing.

"yeah maybe." I replied looking at ethan. He took a quick photo and thanked us for our time. 

"this is going to be great!!!!" I exclaimed. I couldn't believe how fast everything is happening.




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