The days passed fast and before I knew it Thursday had arrived. Tomorrow I would be taking out Raven for our date, our first date. Why did I think that, the first date I must really be hoping for a second already but still I had no idea what to do on our date. I had been sitting in some kind of turned off mode, I did not even hear when Ron tried to speak with me.

Harry HARRY! Hermione said then almost screamed. 

Oh hi Hermione, when did you get here I answered. 

I had not even seen her take a seat next to me nor had I heard her coming down the stairs. We sat in front of the fireplace but when she had managed to get me back to reality I stood up and went to the window, I saw that the tree's was almost fully changed. The colors of the leaves had changed, all but a few were still green. 

So have you planned your date yet Hermione said 

I turned my head and gaze to her and just shook my head. 

Well I have some ideas Ron said out of the blue. 

Both me and Hermione looked at him, I knew he would try to accept that I was gay well bi but to have suggestions about dating a guy that blew me off. A complete surprise. I went back to take a seat amongst them and listened to what Ron had to say, and yet a new surprise he really made sense. He told me that I should do what I liked to do, still consider what Raven might find enjoy able so he could find a connection with me. A bond to be formed between us. 

Thanks Ron I said and gave him a hug and ran up to my room.

I had some ideas on what we could do, but there were still some planing to be made. I had to pick an outfit first of all and decide which order we should do our activities in. My classes had been awful for I was lost in trying to figure things out and thanks to Ron I did not have to sit up all night. I got ready for bed after I placed my chosen clothing on the chair by the desk that had my books on it. I had chosen a pair of brown pants in a softer fabric, not jeans trying to seem a bit polished and a dark blue shirt with a chest pocket. I fell asleep almost immediately and had very enjoyable dreams. 

I woke up happy and of course hard. My cock throbbed and I let my hands glide down underneath my pajama bottoms, there I meet my hard pulsating member. It had already started to leak pre-cum. I started just touching it, pulling down my clothing to revel it standing tall and hard ready to burst. I touched the head and played with my finger at the slit, to feel the pre-cum. 

Lifting my finger andseeing the leaking juice follow in a wet string, I grabbed my cockand started jerking it I moaned like I had never done before. Notthat I had moaned that much before but the thought of Raven made meso hard and I lusted so for him in this moment. I stopped myself,thinking I might need my juices for the night if Raven wanted it to go further. I still continued. Pulling the foreskin over my cock headand then back down. I now trusted my hips into my own hand, thefeeling I imagined made me so horny. Raven's mouth on my cock. I moaned again and knew I was close. 

I started jerking faster and I arched my back imagining Ravens tight ass this time and then I burst out my seed, that shot to the wall behind me and some in my face. I caught my breath whilst I took forth my wand and cleaned myself and the wall up. I took a quick shower put on some clothing for the day and started it, wishing it could be over already. So I could take Raven out on our date. Our first date. Something I kept repeating to myself over and over again. 

The day went slow, teaching the students that were behind could be really hard but I did not complain, I even enjoyed teaching but I still wanted to become an Auror. Time went by and it was time for Dinner, now at least I got to see him, I thought but as I came to the grand hall only Ron was sitting by the table. Where could Hermione and Raven be. I walked up to Ron and sat down. 

Ron were are the others I asked as I sat down. 

They are in Raven's room, Hermione is helping him choosing an outfit for your date He replied. 

I smiled and started eating, after that the day seemed to fly. And as soon as I had thought it the day was over and a ran to the common room and up in to my room. I needed to get ready. I did not have to take a shower but I splashed myself with water just in case, I put on the chosen clothing and took a look in the mirror. It was soon time, just fifteen minutes until I would knock on Raven's door and take him out. 

I stood there swallowing the nervousness I had gathered in my trout, a hard lump to swallow. I was really nervous. I stretched my arm towards the door, forming my hand into a fist. I knocked. My heart was pounding and sweat had started to run down my face. The door opened. There he stood, In a tight quite long tank top, it was dark green and over it he had somesort of black poncho. It was thin and reached almost to his knees, it was open in the front. His hair was put up in a ponytail, really highand it almost went down to his ass. That gorgeous ass.

Hi Ready to go I said and reached out my arm so Raven could hook his in mine. 

Yes He replied and we went on. 

Out from the common room, down the stairs and out to the school grounds. He did not say anything nor did I, but as we got closer to the Quidditch pitch he uttered some words. 

What are we doing this evening Raven asked. 

Well since you haven’t gotten the opportunity to learn more, I thought I would learn you to fly I replied.  

He lit up and let go of my arm only to grab my hand and started running to the pitch, he giggled some as we ran and we made it there. He stopped giving me a kiss on the cheek seeing the two brooms laying on the grass next to a blanket and a basket full of treats. 

This is such a wonderful idea Raven said smiling. 

Yeah thought you would like it, and I love flying so thought it would be good to do together I replied. 

He could not wait, grabbing one of the broom in a flash and mounted it.  Followed his example, telling him to keep close to the ground at first, so nothing would happen. The basics Hermione had already thought to him. He lifted and listened to every word, hovering first then starting to lift a bit more to fly around the rink. He increased his height further and further and the next thing I knew he was flying fast around the Quidditch pit.  

He laughed and smiled as he soared to the sky, we chased each other and went above the clouds. It became night and we decided to land down on the ground, time for something to eat. We took place on the blanket, I waved my wand and with magic levitated the treats out from the basket. The light of day had all but gone, so I bundled up some paper and waved my wand yet again making them burn extremely slowly and moving in the air around us. We ate and we talked. 

This was by far the best date I had ever had. We talked some more and the time passed midnight, it was really dark yet we could still see each other by the light from the magic fires I had lit. Raven was so beautiful and so enchanting. 

Raven May I kiss U I asked. 

He smiled 

What took you so long He replied. 

I pulled myself closer to him, placing my lips on his and letting my body and emotions take control. 

Our tongues playing, my hand around his neck and back. One on his lower back and the other on his necks left side. He had his hand placed on the ground, but fell and now I laid on top of him. Kept kissing him and touched his chest feeling his arms touching the sides of my body and sometimes grabbing my back to pull me closer. The night is a complete success. I started to remove his tank top. 

No Harry don't Raven said.

Why not, you want me right I replied. 

Yes but this isn’t fair He answered. 

Can I just do one thing, it is something I want to try I asked. 

He nodded and I kissed him again touching his body liking his nipples. His breath was heavy, as I left his nipples down to his pants. There I started touching his bulge. Only to seconds later take forth his cock. 

What you gonna do He asked in shock. 

I did not answer, I grabbed it and started jerking it, he arched back and moaned. I was going to try this I thought and liked his cocks head, which made Raven moan louder. This was not as bad as I thought it would be, I said out loud in my mind and placed my lips over his cock. I sucked on his cock's head before I went down all the way on his hard cock, his beautiful cock. I could not help but gloat a little knowing that I had been able to go this far with Raven first, and not Draco. 

Ravens moan became louder as I sucked him more intensely. I felt the taste of his pre-cum and loved it I kept sucking I realized I wanted his cum, no I needed his cum to go down my trout. His breath became heavier and his moans deeper, I knew he would cum soon. 

I'm cumming he moaned but I kept sucking. 

His juice left his cock and I swallowed everything, his cum tasted so good. 

After getting ready and cleaned up after us we started walking back to the castle and to our common room. There we stood as we had when our date started outside his bedroom door. 

I had a really good time today I said. 

Yeah me to He replied. 

I gave him a kiss goodnight and as he went inside and his door closed I knew that our first date was over. Oh what I wished it had gone on for ever. 

END of Chapter 9 

Hope you all enjoyed it ans sorry for some misspelling and please comment or email ( I work better and faster with some positive feedback). XOXO/Rainsky





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