To day was a slow day, No one needed extra help this day with DADA so I decided to take a stroll and trying to find Raven. I had heard he had Draco had been sitting by the lake yesterday. I in my jealous thought saw him coming up towards me. 

Hi Harry He said. 

Hi Raven where are you going I asked. 

He told me that he was hungry and wanted something to eat, I offered to come with him which he gladly accepted. We eat our food and I tried not looking to much at Raven, the idea of us alone made me all jittery and nervous. Yes I had accepted the fact that I was at least bisexual and that I had feelings for Raven. 

So raven do you want to do something with me today I asked. 

Well I need to practicethe wandless magic He answered. 

I smiled and told him that sounded great and that the Quidditch pitch is empty and a good place to practice. He smiled back looking a bit better, I knew what he felt and also that I should not ask him anything about it. Just like me he was worried about his part in all this, my part had just ended and his begun but to what end. We stayed in the great hall for sometime, eating quite slowly. 

Ron had started to speak to me again but it had not yet become the same as it had been, but I knew that with time it might. He sat opposite me and eat like always much and fast, sauce dripping down his chin. He had always been such a lover of food, I smiled and looked at Hermione. She smiled back knowing what I was thinking, that it was a good thing she had started to learn a few cocking spells. When it came to Ron the old expression, a man's love comes from the stomach was really true. 

Once we had finished eating only me and Raven went to the pitch, Ron had given Hermione his nudge of lust. The nudge I knew meant he wanted to have sex, it was funny that I knew him so well and I'm not even sure if he knew what he meant with the gentle nudge. It was still quite between us as we came closer to the pitch. 

So Raven what will you be practising today I asked. 

Well I'm only doing minor things but would like to try something harder today He replied. 

I did not know why but the tension in the air seemed to choke me. It was this uncomfortable feeling that never seemed to leave, as if I was nervous yet something different. Had I done something

Raven have I done something I thought out loud. 

I Noticed that he jumped a bit. 

No I'm just scared what will happen next He answered. 

I knew he had only told me half the truth, it was something else something more serious. Ever since he had been told we would be watching him he seemed pale, afraid almost sick at some points. 

We walked on to the field, Raven looked around as if he knew that someone might be here. After a minute or two he relaxed a bit. I sat down in the grass feeling the cold of the ground that had started to show itself, one thing was clear Autumn had come and soon it would be winter. 

I watched for sometime and was really impressed with what Raven had learned already, it was only minor things Lumos, Nox and Wengardium Leviosa. 

Raven do you think I can learn wandless magic I asked in the middle of him levitating a stone.

Yes sure, If Draco can you can. He responded.

Have You taught Draco I said in a slightly raised voice

He wanted to try so I said sure Raven replied. 

I did not say anything more and just listened as Raven told me what to do but inside me I felt something I had experienced before but not at this level, jealousy I was jealous. I did not like this feeling, sure I had felt it before but now it was mixed with anger. I started to practice the Lumos/Nox spell and what I could hear Raven had gone to a something really advanced, he tried to learn Stupefy. 

We stayed until it started to get dark and we walked back towards the school. 

So how long have you been able to do those things I asked. 

Well Lumos a few days ago and Leviosa I leaned to day He answered.

Your really good I replied. 

He smiled and grabbed me under my arm and we walked into school and headed to our common room, there a snoring Ron laid on the sofa and Hermione sitting in a chair reading a book. 

I going to take a shower Raven said as I went to take a seat. 

I nodded and smiled which followed by me slapping Ron to move his legs, He woke up and looked rather pissed by my actions. 

What the hell Harry He said. 

Don't do it so much and you might reach the bed before you fall asleep I answered. 

Ron growled and Hermione turned a bit red. I laughed and she laughed. A laugh that came from the heart, my first real noise of joy since the war. We chatted for sometime, but I really wanted to talk to Hermione alone yet I did not want to be rude. Especially since I and Ron already had it rather tense between us.  

I said my good night's and went up to Raven's room. I took a deep breath and knocked, I waited but did not hear anything. So I took a peek inside, 

Hello Raven I said with a slight higher volume.

Hi I’m still in the shower, welcome in He replied.

I walked into the room and looked around, I noticed that this was the only room that matched the common room.  The new halls we lived in was mixed of all the houses colours but our individual rooms looked like they had done since first year, and since Raven was new here and not really part of a house he had been given all colours. I wondered if he felt left out, or if he felt less part of this school as a team. I knew that I had been a bit lost if I did not have a house and Gryffindor was my home, my friend and all my house mate's my family. I heard the water from the shower turn off and I pulled out a spare mattress from a cabinet on the right side of the bed, I felt my stomach flip by the thought that crossed my mind. Sleeping in the same bed would be nice, but I knew that it also was to soon. 

I turned and saw Raven stepping out from the bathroom in a robe slightly open at the top showing his still wet chest. Not a strand of hair pearly with skin, not pale and ghostly like a certain Slytherin that have been my enemy and now my competition, which seemed so ridiculous. 

What Raven said.

I shook my head noticing I stood there looking like a fool.   

Nothing I just think I need to sleep I answered. 

He smiled like he knew what I really was thinking, I went into the bathroom to change to my pyjamas. Once I came out, Raven had already jumped into bed and wha tI could tell fallen asleep. I placed myself down on the mattress, under only a blanket and my head resting on a single pillow. 

I Tried to get to sleep, to let the sandman pull me into a dream but no I could not find the rest not just that but my cock was hard. The thought of sleeping next to Raven or with him was still on my mind and I had to reach down under the blanket, sneaked my hand in my pyjama bottoms and touched my throbbing shaft. It had leaked a lot already by my own imagination. I moved my hand up and down trying not to let a sound leave my mouth, the build up was fast I had never been this horny not ever not even with Ginny. I was close moving my hand faster over my cock I gasped for air and a a load moan escaped as I shot my load. I looked up to the bed in fear that I might have awoken Raven, but not a single movement. I cleaned myself with a simple cleaning spell and then managed to fall asleep, even though the dreams were hot and full of lust. 

Harry, Harry HARRY Raven said and then shouted. 

I blinked with my eye's and rubbed the sleep from the corners of my eye's. 

What ? I Asked in a groggy voice.

I thought it might be time for you to get up, its ten a clock He replied. 

I sat straight up in a sort of shock I had never slept this long when not on holiday, I rushed in to the bathroom to brush my teeth and get ready I could hear Raven laugh a bit as I closed the bathroom door. I pulled my fingers through my hair, not being one much for grooming especially not with my hair. I went out from the bathroom just after ten minutes and Raven had already gone, I took my clothes in my arms still in my pyjamas I walked out from Ravens room into my own. I needed new clothing. 

Once dressed I walked down to the common room. 

The one sitting there was Draco, what are you doing here isn’t it time for class harry said. 

Have you forgotten, we are teachers and no I don't have any classes scheduled. Besides you and I need to keep watch on Raven. Draco replied. 

Where is Raven I asked.

He went down to eat. 

And you let him go alone I said with a slightly raised voice. 

Harry relax he is inside the school and he said he will be right up once he as eaten Draco answered in a relaxed tone. 

Just as I was about to speak Draco cut me off. 

Don't you have a class today in D.A.D.A, you can go its my day to watch Raven He said. 

I knew he said the last part to try to get me annoyed but I didn’t give him a chance to see that it had bothered me so I left. 

Time came to go eat something and they all where gathered in the great hall, I sat down and Raven sat besides Hermione. I was just glad Draco sat at his table. The jealousy was really high and just the thought of Draco touching Raven made my blood boil. 

Hi Raven have you had a good day I said. 

He smiled and answered. 

Yes it was really fun 

I tried to find some words to say something, just something more then what I had said but nothing. I looked over at Draco and he had just rose form his seat and started to walk over here, I felt as I was sitting on a fire. I could not believe I had so much jealousness inside of me. He came closer and as he stopped behind Raven we both said. 

Raven would you like to goon a date. 

He looked at us both anddid not speak a word. 

I asked him first I said 

No you didn’t Draco answered.

We started to argue, and even though non had heard what started the fight all eye's in the grand hall was directed at us. Hermione tried to calm me down and even tried to calm Draco down. Raven stood up. 

STOP IT He screamed. 

We both became quite as mice's, non of us making a word. Raven sat down and sighed, now I felt bad, even Draco felt that way that I could see. We did not move nor make a sound, like statues we just waited. 

I told you that you needed to make a choice Hermione said to raven. 

Wait you knew about this I said. 

She just smiled a stiff smile and then looked down at her food saying, knew what. She took a spoon full of her food and shoved in her mouth. I gazed at her and she did not look back, I sighed and shifted my gaze to Raven. 

I have not made a choice yet, so I will go on a date with both of you Raven said. 

Both me and Draco smiled at him but as we saw the hopefulness in each other faces we made a new face the death stare. I rose and was about to start to argue again with Draco but Raven blocked the view, as he stood from his seat. 

I will let you know which day's I'm free He said and walked out the great hall. 

Draco followed him and I was about to but still hungry so I stayed. This might make me look less of a jerk and less jealous. I eat my food as slowly as I could afraid I would choke. Once I had finished eating I walked to the common room and that was when I realized, I would be going on a date with Raven.

END Chapter 7 

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