This day is my day, wasthe first thing I thought as I opened my eye's. Well my day to get a whole day with Raven, I had been so nervous but it all felt better now. I had been planning and planning and finally figured out what I wanted to do with Raven, it was best to do something that we both could enjoy. 

I took a shower and breathed deeply, looking down to see my hard cock. I had never seen it so hard just the thought of Raven got me horny and ready for action. I took the throbbing pole in my hand and slowly started to stroke it. I gasped and a moan left my lips. My hand jerked my cock more and faster, seeing the pre-cum oozing out. I moaned out his name as I shoot the load, a hard stream of cum most of it splattered on the wall. I took a deep breath and continued to wash my body. 

I had already decided on what to wear, and a good thing to because I wanted as much time as possible with Raven. Good thing it was a Saturday, things had not planned out like it should have. 

I dressed and felt ready. I went outside to knock on the door to Raven's room. I hesitated and waited a few minutes then knocked. The door opened almost immediately. 

Hi Draco what took you so long Raven said with a smile. 

He stood there dressed in his long tank top that reminded of the self made dress he had made of the sheet he had when he arrived. It was black and had a hood, I remembered it. It was one of the thing we had bought together in Diagon alley. I smiled and looked at the rest of his outfit. Black boots and some nice and simple jewelery on his wrists. A simple drop formed necklace and his dark black hair in a high up pony tail. I reached out my arm for him to hook his in mine, he did so and then we were of. 

So what are we going to do He asked as we left the castle. 

Well I thought you and I could do a repeat of our first alone time I replied. 

Oh that's sounds wonderful He answered. 

I stopped at the middle of the way to the Quidditch pitch and pointed to to brooms laying on the grass. He looked at me and wondered what this was all about. 

I thought we could fly to the station I said. 

He lit up and ran to grab one of the brooms already on it and almost up in the air before me. We laughed as we started to race towards the station, I felt so comfortable with Raven, free in a way. Like he made me more of what I want to be. I speeded up and so did he as we saw the station. He was in the lead and I thought for a second. I let him win. We landed and he turned around giving me a hug. 

That was really fun, we should do it again soon He said. 

Well we get the chance on the way back I replied. 

He smiled as we went on the train, first we would need to travel to London, go to the Lecky cauldron then we would be there Diagon Alley. The train ride was quite and we just said a few words to each other. It was like we both were nervous, that we did not know what was going to happen. 

Draco do you think its a good idea to be this far from the school grounds Raven suddenly said. 

Well the headmistress have said that at all times me or Harry should be with you, and now your with me so I think its all right I replied. 

As I had replied I felt a lump forming in my throat, as if I was scared that something would happen. We arrived and went straight to the Leacky cauldron, I knew we could have used floo powder to get here but Ialso knew how much Raven liked to fly so this was the best way. He had such a look as the rotating bricks opened up before us, I loved to see him amazed and happy. His smile lit up my world. We went to every shop in Diagon Alley, lastly we went to the dressmaker we had been at the first time we had been here together. 

He stood at the podium, and closed his eyes, but soon opened them. He saw this time all the fabric and tread flying to the air and dressed him. Making his clothes as he had envisioned, he smiled and first outfit was ready, the next and the third. We took a stop at Gringott's, so Raven could make a withdraw. 

I was sad that we had to leave, but Raven seemed happy and I knew why. He wanted to race again. 

I smiled at the thought and we boarded the train. The train ride home was loud so to say, for we talked about almost everything. Not one moment was quite nor relaxed. As if time flew we arrived at the station and got our brooms, and up we go. I won this time, no way I was going to hold back again. We walked and I grabbed his hand so he was pulled towards my face. 

Did you think the date was over I said and smiled 

He smiled back and looked like he blushed a bit. 

I held his hand like we were a couple, fingers twining with each others. We changed direction and walked down to the lake, the a blanket was laid and magic candles was floating in the air. 

I thought we could enjoy some wine and fruit I said. 

That sounds lovely Raven replied but not with as much enthusiasm as I had hoped. 

We sat down and I pored him some wine, we clinked out glasses and we sipped our wine. It had become quite again, so I decided to break the silence. 

Was something wrong with this idea Raven I asked. 

No not at all it was just that I had a picnic with Harry He replied. 

I looked at him and I saw that he staggered back a bit, I must have shown all my anger in one gaze for the next thing I knew it was over. 

Sorry I said. 

You got nothing to be sorry for, I know it must be hard on you but it is hard for me to He replied. 

I looked at him and grabbed him placing my lips on his giving him a long kiss. We broke it off and continued drinking our wine and talking. 

Draco may I ask you something Raven said. 

Yes of course you may I answered.  

What did you mean with not wanting to be chosen last to Harry He said. 

I sighed and started talking about everything, and I mean everything. How he had rejected my friendship and how I saved his life, how he saved my life. I even told him about always feeling like a disappointment to my parents, the first hit of it came when I had not managed to get Harry's friendship. Not even gotten him to shake my hand. I somehow, in a strange way felt as though I was in his shadow always the second. Always last. 

It became quite again. 

He grabbed my hand and I looked at him and did not have time to react, as his lips kissed mine. I thought in a fast moment, did he just do this out of pity. Yet that thought left fast, I did not care because his lips felt so good against mine. 

I grabbed the back of his head and made the kiss deeper, pulling him towards me as I stood up on my knees. I could feel my cock getting hard and so did his, feeling our bulges meet. I let my emotions guide my hand and I touched it and in that moment hearing a moan in the back of Raven's throat. I laid him down and ended the kiss. 

Can I take it out I asked him

Y-y-y-ess He stuttered as a reply. 

I pulled up his long tank top and down his boxers letting his hard, throbbing cock out. I felt my mouth watering and I thought to myself, I want to suck it but that may be a bit to fast. I could not help it I grabbed his cock and went down. I kissed the head of his manhood and started playing with my tongue around it edge and shaft. This was not so bad I thought and licked it once more before I let my lips fall over his cock, this part was not bad but harder. To get all of what you want can be hard and difficult. I started moving my mouth up and down. 

OH Draco Raven moaned. 

I continued and heard his moans becoming more panting then moaning. I knew he was close, and I kept sucking. 

Draco I'm cumming He yelled out and I felt his semen shoot out and flow down my throat. 

I licked of the rest and looked up at him. He looked back but his gaze shifted as his breath came back, he was looking at my hard bulge. I looked down to see it, it almost ripped my pants. I felt a pair of hands on my chest and got a slight shove, to make me lean back. I saw his eye's so much lust and desire. 

It's my turn to please you Raven said and liked his lips. 

He was eager and pulled of my pants. My cock stood ready and pulsated like it had never done. At its head you could see glimmer, for a lot of pre-cum had leaked and that seemed to make Raven more lustful. He wet his lips and went straight to business. I moaned loudly and fell back. I felt I would come very fast and in that moment I screamed his name out loud. 

We both laid there on the grass panting. We looked at each other and smiled. 

Look the sun is coming up I said. 

Yes it sure is He replied and came closer to me and laid in my arms. 

There we feel asleep for just an hour, but I bet I got more then Harry, I got a whole night and even got to have Raven in my arms sleeping. I sure hope he chooses me. 

END of Chapter10

Hope you allenjoyed and if so please comment or email ( I work better and faster with some positive feedback). XOXO/ Rainsky 



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