A little over a week had almost past by,and still not as much as a hint of Raven's past could be found. It was as if he did not exist. Yet everything flew by as it always did. Harry went on and on about his date with Raven, Ron always asked for a fuck. That part was quite exhausting, like his hormones were running wild and there was no stopping its movement. I took a seat in the common-room and started reading a book. I heard someone coming down the stairs but did not bother to look who it was. 

Hi Hermione Raven said and took a seat next to me. 

I smiled and said hi back, and noticed that he wanted to tell me something. 

I think it is time to tell the headmistress about the room He said. 

I put the book down and told him that I had thought about that to, I asked him why I thought we needed to tell her and all was that he wanted to know who he is but also that he had found a way to reverse the spell on my parents. I lit up as he told me he had just last night found a book that had cures for everything. I listened intensely and I stood up in a rush. 

I think we should go now I said and Raven seconded the idea. 

We went out from our common-room and towards the rotating eagle in the courtyard. We took a quick look at the statue of Dumbledore and gave a light bow in respect. That was something most of the students here did now a days, he had been the greatest headmaster of this school and many wanted to show there respect and also honor his name. We stood by the statue. 

Do you remember the password Raven asked. 

All I know is that she  likes sour candy I replied. 

Then its probably the same Raven said and spoke the password 

Honey drops

The eagle started to rotate and we went forward placing our feet on the steps that took us up to the minor hallway to the door of Headmistress Mcgonagall's office. I felt a bit nervous and swallowed the lump in my throat. I thought it a good thing to tell this to her because then we could tell her about the passage that was written in the book about the first ones. 

I knocked and waited just a second as the door opened followed by the headmistress voice telling us to come in. we went inside and there by the desk she sat with pen and paper. She told us to wait, just a little time went by and she looked up. 

Oh hi miss Granger and Raven She said. 

God day Headmistress we both replied. 

So what can I do you for she asked. 

Raven took a step forward and started speaking, I still felt a bit nervous. He told her about what I had told him about the obliviate spell, she looked over at me with a gaze that made me understand that she knew it was something like this all along. When he started to talk about the hidden room her eye's seemed to fade yet almost flew out. She stood up. 

I would like to see this room at once She said and started to walk away from her desk and out from her office, we followed. 

Raven kept speaking about what he found in the book as we walked towards the library. The headmistress did not say anything she just listened and nodded form time to time. We came to the library and she told the librarian to ask all to leave. Once the library was empty and the doors closed behind us she spoke. 

Now show me the room She said. 

Raven walked to were the sigil was and placed my hand on it. It lit up and Mcgonagall's eye's seemed to sparkle of excitement. I still had now idea how to open it it always just happened somehow . 

Spit on it She said. 

Raven spit on it and the floor boards looked if they swirled around and created the huge hole in the floor. Raven was the first one in next was me and then the headmistress. I raised my wand and spoke towards were I knew a torch was placed. 


The room lit up and not just one but all torches lit up. Lighting one made all burst into flame. Mcgonagall looked around a few minutes but then went to the giant book that was on its own book stand. She opened the book and read the same passage that Raven and I had read. 

This must be Rowena Ravenclaw's hidden office, I always hoped it existed. She said and went to the desk and opened one of the drawers. There a leather bound book was found, she opened it and we stood behind to see. 

The Diary Of Rowena R. 

Mcgonagall flipped to the last two pages. Reading out load. 

We have decided to hide our things, our knowledge here, Salazar have made his chamber and is about to declare war against us. He is trying to steal our knowledge and in that way our magic and objects. I will seal this room, and to make it hard to find only one of the first will be able to find it. Only the ones that gave us this knowledge should have it. 

Godrick is planing on hiding the ancient dragon egg, and Helga have created the room of requirements. Salazar is planing to kill us all. We need to do something, as united and having our knowledge hidden he will never win. 

Year – 999 

You who is reading this should know we have stopped him but that cost us highly. He is still alive and we should all pray and hope he never wakes from his slumber. 

Year – 1002 

We all looked at each other and we knew what we were saying without uttering the words. This must never come out but you should have reported to me as soon as you had found this room. This room must be kept a secret and all that is hidden within these walls. We left the room with only written down notes of the cure to the spell I had placed on my parents. As we arrived back at Mcgonagall's office we sat down. 

I have decided that you two will go tomorrow, but please bring Mr Malfoy with you Ron and Harry have classes to teach so they will be unable to join. In four days the Halloween feast is taking place so please be back before then. She said. 

I will try to find out as much information I can about the first one's and hope that this will help us find the links to all these Death-eaters making them self known again. She continued. 

She said a few other things then asked us to leave. We went back to the common room non of us speaking a word but thinking the same thing. Salazar Slytherin is still alive, how is this possible. We said goodnight to each other even though it was just evening, but we both went into our rooms and did not leave only waiting until tomorrow. The best thing about all this was that I would get my parents back. 


This was all to much yet I felt happy that I could now help Hermione get her parents back. I was about to sit down when I remembered that I needed to speak with Draco, I left my room and knocked on Draco's. He opened almost immediately. 

Hi Raven He said with a light smile and a extremely lustful and longing gaze.  

I said hi and told him just a little about what the headmistress had said and he accepted, not that he would have much of a choice. I said bye and went back into my room, but almost just as I had closed the doorI heard a knock. I opened and saw two faces. 

Hi what is it I asked. 

Well we decided to put our differences a side this evening Harry said. 

We thought you might like some company you looked down Draco followedsaying. 

I waved my hand inviting them both in. I sat down on the floor and they followed my example. But first they took some pillows of the bed and the couch. We laid on our sides in a circle and started speaking. It was quite tense at first. But as the hours passed we all spoke as we had known each other since we where born. Now a levitating piece of wood that had been lit with fire could be found in the middle of the circle. 

So Raven your birthday is coming up Harry said. 

I smiled and nodded. 

What do you wish for Draco followed. 

I told them, that they could never give me what I truly wanted and that was to know who I am but I told them to look inside there hearts when giving me something. What do you think I want, or to give me something that shows that they know me. I felt a bit sleepy and took my pillow and went to the bed, and heard Harry and Draco standing up, they went towards the door. 

Where do you think your going I said. 

They looked at each other strangely but came to lay down beside me on each side of me. Just minutes under the covers we had fallen asleep. I turned and woke up from a feeling, the feeling was Draco and Harry there hands had pulled down the covers and pulled off my undies. Draco's hands played with my balls, and Harry's stroked my cock.  

What are you doing I asked. 

Just enjoy they both replied. 

I moaned as I felt Draco's hand slide and let his finger tease my entrance. He wet his finger and played with it against my hole. My cock was hard and Harry rubbed it slowly, he and Draco kissing it from time to time. 

What about you two I moaned. 

This is only for you, we thought you needed it Harry said. 

They continued giving me attention one hand on my cock and a finger in my ass starting to go back and forwards. I laid my head back feeling their tongues on my cock their hands caressing my chest and sometimes feeling their lips kissing my stomach and nipples. I moaned louder as I felt a second finger entering me and Harry's grip around my throbbing cock tightened a bit. 

I felt the pre-cum leaking out my cock switching mouths sucking it out. I felt really happy in that moment and I felt so relaxed. I felt a twitch in my cock and knew I would soon cum. I felt the third finger going inside of me and I burst out in a loud moan. Breathing heavy and feeling the fingers leaving me and tongues licking on my body. Harry and Draco took all of my cum, swallowing it as they licked my body clean. 

They laid down beside me as they were done. 

I hope you had fun Draco said. 

Oh yes I did I replied still breathing a bit heavy. 

Good to know because this wont happen again Harry said. 

I felt myself drifting back into sleep as They both continued talking, telling me that they both would love to fuck me but that it would make it that more harder if I chose one over the other. It became quite and we all had fallen asleep. 

As I woke up they bed where empty and the early light of the sun glimpsed into my window. I thought it best to take a shower I had a lot to think about. 


Last night had been so hot even if Draco had been there, it was so freeing somehow. Fun and exiting. I had just gotten out from the shower still horny from last night I had jerked off two times in the shower. I was so hot for Raven yet still a bit confused about my feelings but I knew I really liked Raven. I was still lost in the images of last night as I took out what I should be wearing today, and also thinking about what kind of gift I should give to Raven only three day's left until Halloween and his birthday. 

I dressed myself and went to my students, as I walked down the stairs that this morning I managed to go past before they decided to move. I figured out what I should give to him and I knew it would make him happy. 


I had a good wank as soon as I left Raven's room and now just out from the shower, it was just a few hours left before we would be going. I knew that Granger would be coming along and even though she was a muggle she was okay but I would never say that. Now not only Potter had saved my life, she had. I shook of the thought of me drowning, of me wanting it all to end. 

Now I did not want it but still afraid of being rejected. I had just a day after our date, gotten a letter from my mother. She had told me that the ministry had decided that no punishment was to let a former deatheater of to easily, yet I was protected under the schooling law. Yes I was of age being over the age of seventeen but still going to school then seen as a child. That I was thankful for but the things I would have to do was just to much, having to stay at Hogwarts during the summer holidays. I had been given some sort of community service.

I went to the wardrobe and grabbed something simple, not needing to dress up when we had to leave. I went out and meet both Raven and Hermione as we clocked our timing for leaving our rooms. We went to the court yard as Hermione stopped. 

I forgot we have to fly She said. 

Have you lost your mind, we cant fly to Australia I responded. 

I'm afraid we have to there is no working floo-powder connection in Australia at the moment and non of us have been in Australia so we cant apparate there she answered. 

I have no problem with flying Raven said and lifted his wand 

Accio firebolt!

Both me and Hermione followed his example. He was fast up in the air and we followed, he really loved to fly. I told him to save his energy it would take us about eight to ten hours to get to Australia. Yet we did get there faster then we would have with a muggle plane. We flew and flew, playing along the way. Speaking and actually laughing. Raven flew a bit in front of me and Granger.

Do you like him Hermione asked. 

What I replied. 

She repeated her question and I fell silent, how should I answer and what did I want to answer. I knew what I felt and I knew what I wanted tosay yet I did not. 

I like him I answered. 

She smiled back and flew faster. I followed and now the three of us were side by side, and we raised the speed up even more. Almost eight hours had past and  the sun still high in the sky, as if we followed the sun. we would be arriving during day time and only to think that once we land it would be night time back at Hogwarts. There in the distance we saw land and coming closer we saw buildings starting to form, flaying past the opera house and landing. 

So do you know where they live I asked. 

Yeah She just responds. 

We decided to walk a short stroll but took to our brooms after a few minutes. When we landed again, we landed in front of a house. A light yellow house, simple and cozy. Hermione went to one of the windows and I heard her speaking the words. 

Petrificus forma totalus

Now we can go inside and as we do I see her parents frozen in time and holding a child, a young child probably only one year old. Hermione holds a hand on her mouth as she is about to scream and cry at the same time but she surprises me. 

Lets do this She says and asks Raven to take forth the notes. 

We all look over and noticed that it is a quite complicated spell, and that I should work if we all did it at the same time. We all nod and stands around her parents. 

Once i unfreeze them we must be fast She said and speak.  


Her parents starts to move a bit stiffly, and we get started right away. Lifting our wands then circle it only to in a swift motion slung it to the ground and make one more circle. Her parents are fully back to normal. 

Who the hell are you all Her father says. 

Redeatmemoria erant 

We speak and make the last circle in front of them. A greyish light comes from the wands to circle around them to be dragged in to them and as it did they shook there heads. We looked around seeing photos that once had Hermione in them now once more she was there. We smiled and as her parents looked back and towards Hermione they rushed to her and hugged her. They remembered everything but also they had memories of the last year and a half. They cried, Hermione cried but they where happy. 


This was a joy to see, but all they things Hermione had to say was hard to hear. I felt for her to be able to make such a hard decision must have been awful, I needed air. I went outside and sat myself on the porch steps, I looked back hearing the door open. 

May I join you Draco asked. 

Sure I replied. 

We did not say anything, but as I felt the tears falling from my eye's I felt Draco's arm pulling me closer in an attempt to comfort me. I spoke telling him that I hate not knowing who I am. Then he told me something that I will never forget. 

Make a new you, create what you want and don't think so much about the past go forwards. 


We all had to leave I hugged my parents and we lifted off. They waved and I waved back. They would be returning to England, with my new adoptive little brother Henry. I was happy, being told that they had not sold the apartment they had in England only that they had rented it out. We flew onwards and on our way back to Hogwarts. Just as we passed the opera house a flash came towards us which we all managed to dodge. There they came Death eaters, flying their brooms and some coming in there black smoke like teleportation magic. A new flash came and went past me, but as I heard Raven scream I knew he was hit. I looked back and Raven fell with Draco flying to catch him. Which he did just in time. 

Raven was unconscious, a wound on his stomach that dripped with blood. Draco decided to land and I came after. We stood ready as five death eaters landed a few steps from us, we looked at them and one lifted his wand. Making a gust of wind sweep us back. Draco still holding onto Raven. They walked slowly forwards, and then stopped were we had just stood. One of them scooped up the blood that Raven had spilled. 

As he did he lifted the vial that now had Ravens blood in it. 

Now he will awake and soon he will raise, Two who failed shall together succeed He said. 

He turned his gaze towards us. 

We should take him with us he said and pointed at Raven. The others walked past the one holding the vial and came closer to us. In that moment I realized. 

Draco take my hand I said in a loud tone. 

Just as he grabbed my hand we disappear in a swoosh. Only to land out side the hospital wing. I had in that moment of chaos remembered that I could now apparate and that thought came just in time. 

I stood up and opened the Hospital wings doors and screamed help. The nurse came quickly as she was just about to leave, so I screamed in her face. She rushed out seeing the blood and Raven laying unconciousin Draco's arms. 

Please Mr Malfoy place him on a empty bed She said. 

I turned and just as I was about to leave Draco spoke. 

Where are you going He asked. 

I needto speak with the headmistress I replied. 

He nodded and I left. 


I opened my eyes not seeing much only a faint light from a candle bythe bed I now laid in. I looked to my right sensing a weight in my legs. There his head laid and arms crossed. Draco had fallen asleep. I sighed. This was just bound to happen to me, I really need to learn to do combat or this will end in death I thought. Just a second after my thought Draco woke. 

Your awake He said. 

Yes and you to I answered smiling. 

He laughed a little and replied with a yes. I told him he could get beside me if he wanted to sleep more and he did not reject. He fell asleep almost at once and I sighed once more. The sun would soon come up, and I really needed to get some sleep. I lifted the covers and saw that the wound had almost healed. What amazing things magic could do I smiled thinking. I fell asleep only to be woken up three hours later by the nurse. 

I opened my eye's seeing Mcgonagall standing there and Hermione, Harry, Ron and Draco. The headmistress started to speak, as if there was no time to waste. 

They have all been informed about the hidden room and about the knowledge we have gotten. We might also know what the death eaters goals are. She continued speaking. Just as you had left I got some information about the first once and all I can say this don't not bode well. The one to be awakened we think is Salazar Slytherin and the one to rise is without a doubt Voldemort. They all looked scared and also tired. The first one's have the power to raise the dead and even use magic without a wand, but also much much more. She did not seem to stop talking but as she did she left almost at once. 

Good to see your feeling better and Happy Birthday She said and left. 

I shook my head wait had I been asleep for two days. I did not try to ask or count, I looked at the Nurse that told me it was okay for me to leave today I sighed in relief. So it was Halloween and the Halloween feast would be held this evening but I feel that this birthday will not be such a good one after all that seems to happen. 


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