It has been three days since Raven had told me and Draco that he would date both of us and I really hoped that he had made a decision on which day we would be going on our date. Our first date. I had been quite for these last day's since he told us of in the great hall, but if he did not tell us something soon I just knew I might explode. 

I had risen a few hours before the clock rang, now standing in the shower with all these emotions and thoughts running inside of me. The water of the hot shower always made me relax and getter my thoughts. As I got out the shower I  wrapped myself in a towel, I walked into my room, from the minor bathroom. Looking at the clock seeing it was still about an hour until breakfast would be served. I hoped he would tell us then, but he had not even made a suggestion on a time for the date not even mentioned it with not so much as a hint. 

I went trough my clothes trying to find something to make a good impression on Raven, I really seemed to like him even though I did not seem to know what these feelings meant, I guessed that they made me want to get Raven's approval. 

After I found the right attire I went down to the common-room. Still about fifteen minutes to breakfast, so I took a seat in the black sofa in front of the fireplace.  Hoping that Hermione would come down first but no it was Ron. It was time that I knew. 

Hi Ron we need to talk I said. 

Yeah I have been meaning to ask you the same thing He replied a bit upset. 

He sat down on the red velvet chair, and we started to talk it was hard at first. I told him I had not meant to upset him, and if I now was gay or bi it should not change anything. Ron said he would try to accept it, it was just such a shock when it all became clear that he thought I might have feelings for him or even had the hots for him. I told him that this is new to me and he smiled. I also knew he tried to act normal just because Hermione had said it to him and if I knew her right she probably even threaten to break up with him. 

I don't want to lose your friendship I said. 

I don't want that either, and I will try to accept this He replied. 

We hugged and said friends just at that moment Hermione came down and said finally. Now lets go to breakfast it will be served in a few minutes. We all hooked arms walking happily, the band was back together. 


The clock rang just a half hour before breakfast and something that seemed to happen a lot recently I had a hard on every time I woke up, thinking about Raven before I went to sleep and dreaming about him. He was also the first person or thing I thought of as I woke up. I had already picked out the clothes for today so I just took a quick shower then put on the clothing. A pair of lose pants well they were loser then I usually had on but still black, yet now a pair of jeans. I heard some girls preferred that on a man maybe Raven would even though he was a guy. Over it a white shirt  a bit buttoned up. I took a quick look in the mirror and then went down to the common room, just as I came down the gang of the golden boy was leaving in hooked arms. 

I sat down in the black sofa and sighed, I had no strength to go down now still trying to wrap things up in my mind and I would probably have to face Pansy. I tried to wait as long as I could but the hunger took hold of me and I went down to eat breakfast before they stopped serving it, I had a bad feeling about this. 

I stepped into the great hall and everything seemed as it always had so I took my place at the slytherin table, but just as I sat down she came. I just knew that she would. 

Hi Draco sweetie Pansy said. 

Hi Pansy and don't call me sweetie I answered.

She grabbed my arm. 

I know that you just said what you said before to make me leave you alone She said. 

I tried to tell her I was serious but she kept speaking about us being perfect for each other. I sighed and felt anger inside me grow as she kept calling me sweetie and honey. I felt it bubble and it exploded. I rose up in hast and slammed my hands in the table yelling at her, just not her everybody heard it. 


She looked scared as she stood up and ran away crying. I looked up from the table that my gaze was on and saw that everybody looked at me. I was about to leave but into the hall Raven came and all eye's went to him for a second and then everything went back to normal. Yet some glances was made over to my direction. 

Raven went and took a seat at the table amongst the golden boy's crew. I just wished that he sometime would sit here, come over here and sit next to me. I sighed and kept eating my dinner. 


I was asleep turning and moaning. The dream I had made it hard to get a good nights sleep. 

Oh Raven I have longed to have sex with you Harry said and kissed my lips. 

I felt hand coming from the back and a pair of lips on my neck two men for me to enjoy. 

I to have longed for it Draco said as I saw it was him. 

All of us stood naked and the whispered in my ears sweet things that made my cock stand hard and ready. They looked at each other then at my cock then kissed me again now Draco's lips on my lips and Harrys on my neck.  

Looks like our babe is ready Harry said. 

They both caressed my cock gently. 

Why are you both here I asked. 

If only one of you would get you we decided to share you Draco said and I felt his hard cock rubbing against my cock. 

Harry's cock rubbed against my buttocks and they lead me to the bed. Laid me down and started kissing my body, I moaned as I felt their tongues licking on my chest and on my nipples. Harry's hand on my cock and Draco's wet finger slowly starting to penetrate my ass. I moaned again. 

Harry stopped jerking me off but Draco kept his finger in me, moving it in and out. Both of them stopped liking my nipples and started liking my cock and within seconds took turns sucking it with deep motions. I moaned yet again. 

I'm about to come I moaned. 

Do it baby Harry said. 

Give us your cum Draco said. 

Just as I was about to cum in the dream I woke up. I looked at my cock hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum, This had been going on for the last three day's and it did not make it easier to make a decision about how I wanted the most. Hermione had told me it might get more confusing the longer I waited and it might string them along. True but how the hell was I now going to know which one of them I wanted the most. 

I took a shower and tried to figure out what to wear, I went with the outfit I had gotten when Draco and I had been to diagonally. I went down stairs and nobody was in the common room they must have all gone to the great hall, so I went out from the common-room and down the changing stairs. Smelling the breakfast from the hall. 

I heard somebody yelling as I came closer to the hall, and recognized the voice. It was Draco but I had not quite heard what he had said. I went into the hall and saw everybody's eyes shifting from looking at Draco to looking at me well for a second at least then everything turned to normal. 

I walked to Hermione and the others taking a seat, taking something to eat. I saw that Draco and Harry both looked at me, I tried to keep eating but it proved to be hard to do as they had stopped eating and just looked at me. I could not wait. I waved at Draco to come over. He smiled and did so. 

Once he had arrived I put my spoon down. 

I have decided that next week Friday and Saturday will be the time for our date's, but who will take me out first you to need to figure out I said and left the table taking a piece of bread with me. 


I should go first I said.

Why should you go first Draco replied. 

I knew he was going to say that, and as he had we started debating, not noticing that Hermione tried to speak. We babbled at each other non of us really heard what the other said. 

NOW SHUT UP! Hermione screamed. 

We both looked at her with eye's almost flying out but we had stopped talking well arguing. She had stood up and placed a galleon in my hand. I looked it and then at her again.  

Flip it you idiot She said. 

That's a good idea Granger Draco answered.

Now me and Ron where shocked, as we looked at them both. Had Draco just been polite to Hermione, what the hell was going on. I shook my head and turned to start flipping the coin. I did it and cached it and slammed my hand down on it, I knew that this was it. 

I choose gnome I said. 

Then dragon for me Draco replied. 

I shook a little and lifted my hand, there on the coin the gnome was found. I smiled a really big smile. Seeing the look on Draco's face I knew he felt bad but I did not care. I was going out with Raven first. Just when Draco was about to say something the bell rang, left in a hurry Teaching D.A.D.A to some sixth graders, then I would meet up with Raven and teach him. As I walked away I almost stopped because I just realized that Draco would have potions with him first. I turned a little seeing him smiling a wicked smile, as if he knew what I had just realized. 


I had left the great hall and now was on my way to the potion class room to meet Draco, I just knew this was going to be awkward. I saw him standing there outside the room waiting for me. 

Hi Raven He said. 

Hi Draco I replied. 

We went inside and I saw that he had made everything ready for this day's class but looking at everything it seemed as if he had made classes for a weeks time. We started and today we practiced making poly-juice potion and veritaserum. It was all so hard to do and the poly-juice brew would take almost a month to be finished.  We packed up for this day. Which was a good thing for it had become a bit stiff in the room, making it hard to speak about other things then the work we did. 

So what do you want to do Draco said as we packed up the stuff. 

What do you mean? I asked.

On our Date He replied. 

You have to decided but make it something you like, I want to get to know you I answered. 

We finished cleaning up and left the classroom, as we came up to the first floor we separated way's. I walked outside to meet up with Harry and Draco went upstairs. I walked down to the lake were Harry stood waiting, practicing on his own. He turned. 

Raven Hi he said. 

I smiled and he smiled back. Today we would be working on the book I had suggested that we take lessons from, this will be fun I thought. Even he had not done all the stuff in the book and that made it clear to both him and me that we now knew the same things in D.A.D.A he smiled at the thought and so I laughed. We started our training. I looked at the spells and so did he, I then did them one by one always reading about a new one before I tried it. 

Oh this I need to try I said and walked a bit away. 

Harry was still reading about the spell it was called Impetuigni turbedimoi. I walked a great distance as I knew this was going to be a dangerous and a large spell. I lifted my wand, making the motions slowly first without speaking and then it happened. I did not need to utter the words. From my wand fire was conjured that once I swirled the wand around me it created a raging firestorm, a wall of fire. 

Just as the sparks left my wand Harry shouted NO, but was to late. This was wonderful, but how did I get it to stop. I found it so marvelous and this feeling joyful, I really loved magic. I said something I cant recall and the fire turned to smoke. As it cleared I saw not just Harry standing there but so did almost the entire school, standing next to Harry the headmistress Mcgonagall. Next thing I knew both me and Harry sat in her office. 

Well Raven that was impressive magic you showed She said and sat down sighing.  

Thanks I just said and smiled a crocked smile. 

However, that book you learned it from is from the restricted section and I would like to know how you got it. She asked. 

I told her I had found it in the normal section of the library and if I had known that the book did not belong there I would have never touched it. I also explained that I had learned everything that Harry could teach me and that D.A.D.A knowledge was absorbed by me like a sponge. Harry nodded as the headmistress looked at him, he just agreed. The headmistress dismissed us for dinner time and as we walked down we both started to laugh, and ran to the grand hall. 

We took our seats opposite sides from Ron and Hermione, we ate but I was cut off as Draco came to our table and looked at me questioning. 

Hi Draco what's up I asked smiling to him as I said it. 

He looked down and mumbled something. 

What was that, I did not hear Draco I said again. 

Can I sit with you He then asked a little louder 

Just as Harry and Ron was about to protest, Hermione stood up and offered a seat next to her. 

He took the seat and smiled at her, but who did not smile nor did they look angry was Harry and Ron. They both just looked if they were in some kind of shock. 

Draco ate quite, but I saw him looking at me. I had also noticed the looks from some of the people at the Slytherin table giving me angry or weird looks. What had I done now, or was it something Draco had done, maybe what I had heard this morning. Something he had yelled. 

Well we all ate up and went out, Draco on the other hand went to the common room. Hermione stopped. 

I feel bad I should return to Ron She said and left. Harry followed. 

I smiled, thinking. I cant believe that Ron could eat that much, he must be on his third plate by now.

I took a short strol laround the school grounds before I went to the common room.  


I left and Harry followed.

He told me he was going up to the common room, I smiled and we separated. I was just about to enter the grand hall but I felt a hand on my shoulder turning I saw Mcgonagall standing behind me. 

Hi headmistress I said. 

Good day Miss Granger, would you mind following me to my office She said. 

I smiled and told her I would be glad to join her but before I took a fast look still seeing Ron eating I followed the headmistress. As we walked towards her office entrance, I found out he had an altering agenda. 

So I have been told that you have not once been home since the war ended She said. 

I did not really know how to respond and it turned out I did not have to. 

I knew that somethings is up and if you ever need help you can just ask She continued. 

But that's not why I asked you to join me on this walk, I have a mission for you She said. 

I was intrigued as she continued and explained the mission. She told me I had been given the task to figure out Raven's past and start from the bottom. Every detail and try to get some of his identity in cheek. I accepted the mission but also told her the time might come when I need to tell Raven about this, he was a friend and I did not like to keep things from friends if not necessary.

We parted way's as she went up the rotating magic stairs to her office, that once had been Dumbledore‚Äôs. I went to see if Ron was left in the grand hall buthe had left, probably had gone to the common room. I went up all thestairs and stood in front of the painting of the twins. One giggling and one crying both speaking at the same time asking for the password. 

Sweet Candy-Cane I said and the painting opened to revel the entrance to the common-room.

END Chapter 8

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End chapter 8

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