We researched for several hours and by the end of the time we had only found a few notes of information, this seemed as if it was going to be hard. Then I taught about it some more and it came to me, there were many books in the hidden room I had visited. Maybe the answer could be found there. 

Hermione I think we should go to bed I said. 

Yeah, at least we got some information She answered. 

I saw that she thought that they would never get the information they needed to help her parents, They where probably happy but she missed them that I could see very clearly now that she had told me what was going on. 

We left the books at there proper places and went to the common room and as always standing in front of the painting saying Sweet-candy cane to get it to let us in, to finally be a part of this sharing a common room and having my own room was really fun and made me feel more part of this school. We hugged each other and said good night she walking left and I walked right. Once up the stairs I waited a few hours in my room, then I sneaked out. 

I walked back to the library trying to remember by which shelve the entry way to the hidden room was, I Stopped thinking this must be it. I touched the floor and the mark appeared but how did I open it, last time it just happened somehow. I did not really understand the writing nor what the symbol meant. I rubber my forehead drying of the sweat and placed back on the floor, and not knowing how the floor opened like the first time making me fall down. 

Finally I said out loud to my self. 

Are you okay Raven I heard a voice saying

I looked up and there Hermione's head could be seen. 

What are you doing here I asked. 

I followed you, sorry about that She answered. 

She jumped down and looked around not really seeing anything she lifted her wand speaking thewords towards one of the torches on the wall. 


The room lit up as all the candles started to burn and Hermione looked as she had gotten to haven, new books to read and a mystery to solve. Even if she had lost her parents in the way that they could not remembered her, and the war had not so long ago ended. Yet she somehow seemed to miss it all, the look in her eye's said she somewhat loved the danger the mysteries and secrets of hidden things.

What is this She asked and turned around to look at me.

I told her about when I first found this room and that I had not gotten much of a chance to look in the books. She listened and in her gaze I saw more then I had before, more hope that as I thought this room held the book that could solve the situation.  

We both started to look in the shelves, she took the one to the left and I took the one to theright. We went trough many books but did not seem to find something. 

What about this one She said, and walked to the single book on a book stand. 

I walked up to her as she opened, gazing over her shoulders at the pages. I read along as she read the writing out loud.

Before The wizards and witches we know to day, there was the pure one's the old ones, the first one's. These were born from magic and it's race grew but one of them meet a human and from there union the first Wizard was born, he had magic abilities but he could not find full control of them. One of the first took a simple wooden stick and with a bit of magic infused it with power, and the first wand was made. Not much was told about them for several years. 

In the 300 era before the founding of this school, the first one's had all but a few vanished. The witches and wizards living now had wands and not that many could find there true heritage to use what we call wandless magic. 

I tried to find more and what I discovered was more then I had ever hoped for. The first ones needed no wand and if given a wand there power would not only double but triple and without a wand they had higher power then most with a wand today, even said to go beyond the power that is said to be within the mythical elder wand: the first need no words only thought when doing magic, instinct and sometime focus. The most interesting part was that some known as the first, where chosen brought here from different dimensions and different times. 

The cause for the first ones vanishing act was that, their blood had the power to return the dead to life. 

Signed RowenaRavenclaw. 

We looked at each other and I had some idea of who I might be, I may not even be from this world. Yet more questions came with the few given answers. We heard the door to the library above us open, we looked around as we peaked out from the hole in the floor. And almost simultaneously spoke. 

“Coast is clear” we said. 

We hurried to get up and once we did the hole sealed itself. We hid and once we thought it clear to get to our common room we left the library, in a fast speed and with rushed breath. We walked the last few steps to the painting, speaking. I had answers and more questions, Hermione had questionsand a lot thoughts. You could almost hear her mind bleeping like a machine.

“So I might be one of the first one's” I said. 

“It seems that way” Hermione replied. 

We came to our painting of the twins one with a smile the others in tears saying the password.

Sweet-candy cane. 

After saying good night, we went immediately to our own bedrooms. I knew I had no way to get a restful sleep. I went to take a stroll, the castle was so nice to wander at night and I walked down the moving stairs even let them shift a few times, still not tired I moved on down to last floor before the front door and turned to the right. There just a few yards the great hall was found, the ceiling had changed from the magic view of levitating candles to a star filled night sky. I laid down on the floor, that did not work. I tried counting the stars and did not even hear the footsteps coming closer. 

Raven what are you doing”

I sat up and looked at Draco with a smile. 

“Nothing trying to sleep” I answered. 

“Here?” Draco replied.

“No but I cant seem to relax anywhere” I said. 

Come with me he said and offered his hand to me and I accepted it. I followed him and as I did I noticed that we were on the way outside the castle, We walked the grounds and went down to the lake where a perfect stone for sitting was. He sat down and I followed his example. 

“So this is where you use to go” I asked.

“Yes” He replied. 

“Why is that” I asked.

“Non of your business” He said in his rude tone.

“Exactly what is your problem, I just wanting to get to know you, see If you have any kind of emotions. Yet you are rude to me and behave as such a jerk sometimes”  I started yelling.

“Why do you want to get to know me? Nobody likes me I have been bad all my life and non have ever seen the real me” He replied also raising his voice. 

He stood up and screamed loudly. 

I rose and grabbed him, pulling him in for a hug. I felt him tense but just within seconds he grabbed his hands on my back and his head placed on my shoulder, He was tall so he had to hunch a bit. I heard him sobbing and before I could speak he spoke.

I have nothing left, my life is so confusing. I don't know if just being alive is enough, and why I don't show emotions is because I don't want to and I don't want others to get hurt, everybody around me seems to get hurt.

I lifted up his head and placed my lips on his and he pulled me closer almost making it hard to breath, When it ended I told him the truth. 

“I like you and want to be your friend, but you should know that there is one more that I like and I'm so confused about who I like the most” I said. 

I continued about all the things that scared me and that not knowing who, it made this all to much. He looked into my eye's and smiled and placed a gentle kiss on my lips. 

No need for that I understand, and I will try to let you in. 

We turned towards the dark forest to the left of us and the sound we just heard was more than abroken branch, it was rustling of leafs, Out came a hooded figure. Draco pulled forth his wand and I could not, being to much of a newbie I had left it by my bed. The hooded figure showed his face but a mask covered it. A death eater. 

“So you are the one needed” He said looking at me. 

“Run away now Raven” Draco said. 

“I would not do that if I where you” A new voice said and out the woods came two more deatheaters. 

They looked ready to do what ever they could to get me and I feared for my life but even more for Draco's, which I thought odd as I was the one without a wand. The thought came to me about what I had read in the big book about me being able to do wandless magic, but how. Yes I had preformed some lesser things without a wand but that just seemed to happen. I Looked at the front man in the middle and without thinking. 

Loquimini veritatem 

“Why are you after me” I asked. 

“Your the final piece of the puzzle” He said and growled.

“What puzzle?” Draco said. 

“You been spelled take the first one” The guy to the right screamed knowing what was going on.

A flick of green light flew past us and a red almost hit us, Run! Draco screamed. I did as he said and he followed but stopped sometimes turning to release a spell. As we came closer to school we saw both Hermione and headmistress Mcgonagall in a fast phase coming down the hill from the school grounds. Each of them with wands at the ready. The death eaters stopped for a second and we thought they would leave, but now three more of them appeared in the black smoke that seemed to come from now where. Draco stopped beside Hermione. 

“Theare after Raven” He said loudly. 

“Not if we can keep that from happening” 

Those words made the starting signal for battle, wands pointing, lights of spells flying through the air and all tried to duck from each others blows. I felt the surge inside me and I knew before it happen what I was about to do, I walked past the professor and my friends. They told me to stop, bit I could not I was moved by magic, by instinct.

“Stop this now” I yelled in a loud voice which made the ground shake. All fell to the ground, and I lifted my arms to the sky and in a throwing movement I directed my hands to the death eaters and within a second they all where thrown right into the lake, I snapped my fingers and all of us teleported into the great hall. 

“Raven that was, Raven what's wrong” Draco said. 

I turned and Hermione placed her hand on her mouth, Blood running from my nose and eye's. I smiled. 

“Are you all safe” I asked. 

All nodded and I smiled again just before I felt the darkness taking hold of me, I passed out feeling the nice bump against human skin as Draco ran to grab me. I lost consciousness.

Draco's PoV/

I walked back and forth in the hallway outside the hospital wing, this is so sick the third time Raven as had been brought to the nurse. I was actually worried about somebody, I knew I may have started to feel something towards Raven but what and would I ever be able to go past something more than standing a person. Of course it was more than just being able to stand him, I enjoyed kissing him. Raven made me feel something but still. 

The doors opened. 

“Is he awake” I asked as I rushed past the nurse. 

“Yes Mr Malfoy but he needs to rest” Madame Pomfrey said. 

I had already gotten to Raven's bed and so had Hermione, I sat down on his right side and she on his left. Shortly after even the weasel and Potter came in standing in front of the hospital bed. 

“Are you okay Raven” Harry asked. 

I looked at Harry's gaze of worry and saw something more, and I thoughtI might knew what it was. 

“Yes just a bit exhausted” Raven replied. 

“Are you sure?” Harry asked. 

“He said yes Potter” I replied in Ravens place. 

Harry looked at me with anger in his eye's but more then what he used to give me, it was something more behind that anger. The thought I had made more sense, I walked outside in a rush afraid I would do something I would regret. I stood outside for some time and just waited, the others was still with Raven for a few minutes. They all came out and I grabbed Potters arm. 

“Can I speak with you for a moment Potter” I asked. 

“What now Malfoy” Potter asked in a hard tone. 

“Alone please” I replied. 

Potter looked shocked, but yes I could be polite if I wanted to. 

“Fine, Ron, Hermione go a head” He said and they left, now it was just me and him. 

I had no idea how to ask nor how to say it. But I had to, he looked at me as I tried to get the words out from my mouth.   

“Have you kissed Raven” I blurted out. 

He looked angry and was about to say no but I continued saying that I had also kissed Raven and what he had told me. Potter looked a bit sad yet it seemed he became more understanding about it all, as he accepted it. He started phasing back and forth trying to find words. 

“I should get him” He said. 

“Why you Potter” I replied. 

We looked now angry at each other, non of us wanted to give up on a place in Ravens heart and life. This became more confusing, why did I care so much and why did Potter. I was about to wage a war but before I had the chance to speak Potter said, 

May the best man win.  

He reached out his hand and I grabbed it with mine. The first time we had shook hands over something, maybe all had been different between us if he had given me his hand when we first meet in diagonally.

Did he really think we would compete for Raven, but it was on. Yet I did not know why this meant so much to me, nor what my true feelings was. We parted ways and left in different direction to end up at the same destination, we said the password almost at the same time and headed for our bedrooms trying to get some sleep before the morning raysappeared. Only two hours before the sun would rise. 


I fell asleep again only to wake up to the now familiar voice of the headmistress. I opened my eye's and tried to sit up, still tired and feeling a bit weak. 

I see your feeling better She said and took a seat next to me, on the chair to the left of the bed. 

I started to think, and knew what was in my mind. 

Is something troubling you she asked. 

I bit my lip and breathed, I knew I should tell her about the hidden room but I did not want to unless it was really necessary. I needed to say something, I knew she knew that I had something to say so I asked the first thing that came to mind. 

“No, nothing is troubling me but do you know anything about the first one's” I asked. 

“I knew you would ask that, in time and no not much except that they can do wandless magic and are very strong some say more then a wand carrying wizard or witch” She answered. 

“I was wondering if I could skip classes for some time, I have already gotten through the first and fourth years study and managed it all” I said. 

“Why do you want to take a pause you have just had a lot of free time regarding all that as happened” She responded. 

“I thought I might practice wandless magic” I replied. 

She stod up and was about to walk out from the hospital wing but turned. 

“That sounds like a good idea, and then your teachers can help some of the other students who are behind but they might not be pleased” She said and left. 

The time passed and it was a new day and time for breakfast once more. This day was going to be a hard one, not only for me but also for the others. I had to start practice wandless magic and Hermione was giving extra lessons in charms and transfiguration, Harry thought DADA to those who where behind. Ron had the job of giving lessons to those how wanted to learn more about flying and even divination, Draco was going to give lessons in potions but I had heard no student wanted to do extra or even needed it. So for now he was free to do what he wanted a early vacation.

I went and took my place at the table.


I can't believe that Raven had kissed Draco, and then had the nerve to kiss me. I realized walking back and forth in my room that I was jealous, I was jealous of Draco. I needed to get Raven first, and I was not planning on losing. I went to bed and managed to get to sleep. 

Two days passed and I was sitting in the grand hall eating breakfast I sat there with a gazeover to Draco we both stared daggers at each others, you could almost see real once flying across the room. We both stopped as Raven came in the hall and sat down opposite me, next to Hermione. 

Hi Raven I see that your out from the hospital wing I said. 

Yeah He just answered. 

“Raven what are you going to do to day?” Hermione asked. 

“Didn't Headmistress Mcgonagall tell you?” I answered. 

“No all she said was that you needed time for yourself” Harry replied. 

“That's why I asked” Hermione said. 

“Well I'm going to start practice wandless magic” I replied. 

Hermione leaned in and seemed really curious. She listened as I tried to make something up to tell Harry and Ron, I was not really sure if it was time to tell them about the Hidden room below the library. 

“I think we should” Hermione said. 

I sighed and looked to both Ron and Harry, as there questioning gaze made them seem eager to hear what they had missed. I told them everything even what I had read, they had the look of shock and interest in there eye's. I told them to meet me in the library after bedtime and not to tell a single soul, or I would use a unforgivable curse. 

I rose after I had taken a few more bites from my snack of chicken toast, I walked to the library needing to find information about wandless magic. It took me almost an hour before I even found a book and another two hours before I had gathered three books on the subjects. No time to find a good spot to work and train, I didn't really think about the spot but ended up by the lake.

I took forth my books from my new spelled bag, and now it was time to study, knowing I had to read everything I could. 

Even If these books was written by wand using wizards and witches, they made a lot of sense. 

When practicing wandless magic a good start is to find once source,
in meditation and through the help of visualization find once center
the place where emotions meets magic. 

I kept reading and find it that each type or class of magic had a different emotion tied to it. But to not let them rule was going to be the hard part, charms was tied to happiness and joy but should be able to be used in states of anger and sorrow. That was the hard part. This was going to take long. I sat down and continued reading, I did not even hear the footsteps from behind.

“Hi Raven” A familiar voice said. 

I jumped and screamed a bit and turned my head. 

“Oh Draco it's you, you scared me” I said. 

“Sorry about that, what are you doing” He asked. 

I told him what I had told the headmistress, and he sat down beside me. Looking over the books, noticing they were very old and yet seemed new, not many had read them nor had the chance or power to be able to preform anything in them.  

“So Why do you think you one of the first one's” He suddenly asked. 

I knew I had to tell him, so I told him everything. Even that he should meet us at the library this evening. He smiled and continued looking at the books. 

“So do you mind if I practice with you” He asked. 

“What? You want to learn wandless magic” I replied. 

“Yes and it says here that pure-bloods have the best change to perform it” He said grinning a bit. 

I just nodded and we both took one of the books and started reading, speaking in between when we found something interesting. Making notes but not much conversation otherwise, I glanced over to see by every page I turned, his eye's meeting mine and I blushed. He grinned his cocky smile and I felt a tumble in my stomach feeling as I did when I kissed him, just by looking at him. 

“Raven can I ask you something?” Draco said out of the blue.

“Yes of course” I replied. 

“Is Harry the other guy?” He said after a long silence.

I did not know what to say nor did I know if I could reply, but I nodded and saw him turn his head. He looked back at me and grabbed my face with his hands and pressed his lips against mine, I followed his lead and kissed him back with the same passion as he gave me. The kiss ended and I gasped for air, even Draco breathed heavily. 

“I hope you chose me, I cant be second to Potter all my life” He said and continued reading. 

I had no idea what he meant but I smiled and also kept reading, after an hour we closed our books and I heard the clock struck five, now classes where over and only a few hours left before we all would meet in the library. I stood up and walked closer to the lake. I thought to my self this cant be so hard minor things I must be able to do, I had already done things unconsciously, so minor stuff should work with a bit of focus. Draco had rose from the ground and looked at me as I lifted my hand with palm up and fingers clutching like a claw. I visualized a light in my hand and spoke the words. 


An orb of light became reality and Draco came closer. 

“Wow you did it” He said. 

“Yeah I know, I wonder...” I replied. 

“Wonder what ?” He asked. 

I looked at the orb of light and lifted it a bit higher and spoke.  

Lumos Maxima

the orb became three times the size and shined even more then before, Draco smiled and even though his face seemed bored and as steely as ever he clapped his hands, and did smile. I Closed my eye's saying NOX and when I opened my eye's the orb was gone. 

We decided that we should continue tomorrow, but Draco said that I should teach him how to do a Lumos spell without a wand. I laughed and said deal, we even took a bet on if he could do it or not. If he couldn't he would by me dinner and if he could I would by him dinner. I packed the books down my bag and we walked slowly to the castle, I knew I had to ask him but how. Did he even feel he could trust me to speak, or did he even want to open him self up a bit more to me. 

“So what did you mean, when you said next to Harry” I asked not thinking. 

He stopped and made a grin that looked as he was bout to get angry. 

“I don't want to talk about it” He replied and started walking.

I walked after and knew that I had made him a bit upset I placed my arm hooked around his and placed my head on his shoulders. No words was uttered, but I could see that tears started to form in the corner of his eye's. We kept walking. We stopped seeing a black blur landing in front of us and as it settled a death eater stood in front of us. 

What the hell cant you leave us alone I said. 

He just smiled and said two birds in one stone, with that two more deatheaters came forth. I had no time to think and as I pulled out my wand the fight had begun, the one on my right uttered the killing curse. I blocked it but as I turned I saw Draco on the ground, I screamed and in a flash of anger I felt the power raise within me. I looked to one of the three death eaters and as I did he turned to stone. 

Let's go A death eater said. 

The two vanished in the black smoke like blurs, I looked up and a flash from one of the blurs was seen and within seconds the dark mark had been conjured on the sky. I fell to Draco who to my happiness was not dead, yet badly hurt. I did not know how to move him nor how to contact someone to help us, I lifted my wand and a red glow was shoot out and like a firework it exploded in the sky. It had been seen and not only Harry, Hermione and Ron came running towards us, Mrs Mcgonagall and Madame Pomfrey came with. 

“What happened” The headmistress asked. 

“There where three death eaters” I stuttered out. 

With a wave of her wand The headmistress made Draco to levitate and moved him in fast phase to the hospital wing. I fell to my knees and Harry came to give me a hand, he helped me stand and we started walking back to the school. 

Now what happened. Harry Asked. 

Not now, need to get to the library quick I replied. 

They helped me all the way.

Harry's PoV/

He seemed to be on the brink of fainting, had he been hit by something I wondered. I held him up and we walked fast for he needed to get tothe library fast. He stopped as we came to the last bookshelf andin a rushed and exsausted state spit on the floor, I thought he was nuts but as it landed the floor made a round hole seen and he let go of my grip. He jumped down and we followed, He had already lit all the lights as we rose from the floor and looked around, I was shocked and looked over at Hermione. Raven moved to the pedestal where a single book laid, he read out loud. 

Three forms of blood.
A gem called hand of death.
As ilver goblet from a muggle's heirlooms.
Fleshfrom a unicorn 
Spit from a giant and scale of a dragon when air born. 

The three forms of blood/
One type from a traitor's son.
Onef rom a arch enemy.  
And blood of the first so life will be whole again. 

We listened but our eye's moved around, to see what could be found. 

Hermione Why did you not tell us about this before I asked. 

“I had promised Raven not to She replied.

We looked at the books and researched the desk drawers. I found a bunch of letters and put them in my pocket, they barely fit. I looked over at Raven. Raven! I screamed and i moved to him in great speed, he had fallen to the floor and not a sound was heard from him. He had lost consciousness. 

“Ron Help me” I said in a raised voice of panic. 

We managed to get him out the hole and we rushed with him carrying him in our arms. We came to the Hospital wing and placed him on one of the empty beds. There were many over at the bed Draco laid at, he must be really hurt. Madame Pomfrey came over in a rush and asked for us to move and others came as she noticed Raven was bleeding. 

“Now you must all leave” She said and waved us out from the room.

All we could do is to stand outside waiting. 

“Think if he don't make it” I said out loud. 

Don't worry he will be fine Hermione replied. 

Why did I feel this way, I hated it sometimes. I sat down and lifted my head as I heard footsteps, the headmistress came towards us. I stood up once again.

“Where have you been” She asked. 

Hermione started to speak just as i was about to tell her about the hidden room, I thought for a second. It might be best to wait.

I sighed and sat down again. Hermione came sitting down besides me after she had spoken to Mcgonnagall and gave me a light hug. I looked at her and she smiled, I tried to smileback. I cant believe this is all happening again and on top of that Idon't know my own feelings, not sure if I can trust them. I usually just follow my feelings but all this especially what feelings I might have for Raven was new to me. Did you feel the same for a man as for a girl, when in love. All these hard questions circulated in my mind.

Harry it's getting late, we should go to bed Hermione said softly.

I looked up and saw that it was dark outside. I felt weak and Ron came to my aid as I was about the feel when I tried to stand. I smiled and he smiled back. This all somehow made me and Ronald to start being friends again, but far off from what we had been a few days ago. We came to the dorm and all of us went to bed, I drifted of in a haze of bad dreams. 

Draco's PoV/

I slowly opened my eye's, my sight was blurry and it took some time before it had settled. I was in the hospital wing, It had been years since I had been here the last time. I Struggled when trying to sit up, and looked out seeing that it was dark. I turned my head seeing Raven laying in the bed next to me, I in a instance forgot my pain and wondered how Raven was feeling. This is the third time I have known him to be here, it must be hard and really boring. 

Raven turned and started to wake up.

Raven how are you, and how did you end up here I asked as he had opened his eye's.

“I don't know, don’t remember much just that I had been hit and bleed Raven answered.

I sighed and tried to get out of bed but it hurt to much and was left sitting on the edge of the hospital bed. He also tried sitting and we looked at eachother, and smiled a bit. 

Do you think we will be out tomorrow Raven asked. 

I hope so, I have never liked being here to long I answered. 

It was quite for some time and non of us knew what to say, I tried to search my mind for something to say. I tried really hard, not had Iever been at a loss for words. 

So I heard your birthday is coming up soon I said. 

Yes, about three weeks He replied. 

After that we had no more words, we could have talked about many things but I think we both were just to tired and the pain was still intense. We both laid back and drifted off to sleep, only to wake up by a pillow being thrown in my face. I removed the pillow and sat up, now only I slight pinching feeling of pain. I looked over to Ravens bed seeing him standing getting dressed, I blushed a bit and shook my head. Why did I blush, yes I think I like him. Really like him but to blush, I was not a eleven year old boy any more. 

Rise and shine sleepy head He said smiling. 

I smiled back and got out of bed. He seemed to be in a rush and I rushed as a result seeing him. 

why are you rushing I asked.

Oh sorry, we have been called to the headmistress office He replied. 

SuddenlyI rushed more then Raven and he laughed seeing me fumble with my pants. I looked at him with a little bit of anger but he kep tlaughing. I couldn't help but smile a bit and once we where dressed we almost ran to the court yard, around a corner and standing infront of the eagle statue. I heard not only my heart jumping nervously, but also Ravens. I turned my head to my right seeing him breathing as if he was having a anxiety attack, I sighed and took one step closer. 

Honey drops He said.

The eagle moved and turned in clockwise order and moved upwards revealing a staircase. I hear Raven sigh again and then walked up the stairs, I followed him not far behind. We came to a very short hallway and thento a massive door, just as Raven was about to knock the door opened.  

Raven and Mr Malfoy nice of you to come Mcgonagall said as we entered the office. 

We took place in the chairs in front of the big desk, I looked around seeing that not much had changed since the war here. Must of the stuff was Dumbledore's old things, just a few trinkets that where new. I looked over on the left wall a painting covered with a blanket was hung, it must be Dumbledore's portrait. I knew that whit a simple spell the painting would animate and in a way make him to live again ,but that spell one could not cast first after ten years of the persons death. I could imagine him sitting in the portrait lifeless and pale, like he was sleeping. That was a hard thing with the magical worlds paintings they often reflected the person painted on the canvas, there feelings and state of health. 

All I have to say is that I have talk to the proper channels and we have made a decision. that from now on Raven should never be left alone. I have already spoken to Mr Potter, Mr Wesley and Granger, we have decided that you Raven will at all time have supervision and that Harry and Draco here is going to share that responsibility.

I stiffened a bit and blushed again, but tried to relax. What did this mean.

The last I want to say is that ministry have been put on high alert and that Potter have the first week of guard duty. 

She continued speaking for It looked as if Raven was about to cry she explained that this is for his own security, I grabbed Raven's hand without thinking and he squeezed it slightly. He nodded that he understand and we were excused. As we walked down that stairs backout to the court yard I realized something, this meant we needed to share his room and not just that but Potter was going to be the first to do so. I felt anger inside but tried to remain calm for the sake of Raven who still sniffed a bit. 

We walked towards the hall of enchanted stairs and meet the dynamic trio, I really had hoped for some time before the golden boy would turn up and start his guard duty. 

“Hi nice to see you two are feeling better Hermione greeted us.

I nodded a faint nod, still having a hard time not to call her a freaking mud-blood. Harry stood there not saying much he asked Raven how he felt and nodded quickly at me, but I could see a hint of enjoyment as for the fact that he would be the first to be all alone with Raven. It really made my blood boil of anger and a bit of jealousy and that shocked me, but I could no longer deny that I in some degree had feelings for Raven. Then it suddenly hit me, did this mean I was a puff. I shook my head once more, to much was happening at once. 

Well I think I will head to the dorm I said and started walking. 

I turned seeing Raven smiling at me and I waved as  Raven went whit the trio to the great hall. I went up the first stairs and it moved making me stand there waiting for it to go back to place. This wasn't that good for standing still seemed to make all thoughts coming rushing into my mind. Bloody stairs start moving now, and just as I said it the stairs moved. I hurried and managed to avoid the stairs movement and came to the twin picture. I spoke the password and almost ran to my room. All the thoughts as If they had formed voices made me crazy, the realisation that I might be a puff scared me. Ye sI had kissed Raven and yes I liked him, but to be more than that to know more than that made me nervous and terrified.

I jumped into my private shower and took a long cold shower, only to notice that I had been in there for almost three hours. Fingers looking like raisins, and skin feeling dryer then before. One thing that I noticed was my cock, it was hard and I knew why. 

That night that came I tried thinking about girls and what I had done with some of them, but just second of each minute and the girl transformed into Raven, I had pleasured myself feeling confused and scared yet I had never felt so much joy and passion in my entire life. And after drifted of to sleep of dreams as wet as my shower had been.

END Chapter 6 

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