Oh I need to be going I said to Ron the following night of yet an other time of passionate lovemaking. The time he did not spend with Harry was a bit to much because not doing anything else, nor dealing with the facts he took it all out in sex. He wanted it everywhere and anytime. It had just been a bit over twenty four hours but still it was so much and seeing Harry this morning in the great hall just getting his plate then leaving, I was going to say this needed to stop but I did not have the strength for I knew it could make it worse. Sometimes it helped but I thought it best to let it play out on its own. Ron grabbed my waist as I tried getting up from the bed.

Ron I really need to be going I said.

What why ? He asked.

I have promised Raven to meet him at the court yard. I explained.

 Okay please come back as fast as you can. Ron said smiling naughty.

I got out from the bed and took a quick wash and changed clothes, I rushed through the school halls and down its stairs and out to the courtyard.

Hi Raven sorry if you had to wait I said and tried to find air after running so fast.

No worries, but I see you haven't brought your broom He replied.

Well I forgot, I answered and smiled.

I took forth my wand and with a swift movement and uttering the words ACCIO Firebolt. In just a few seconds my broom came to me, I could see Raven smiling and saw the same look that Harry used to have when he saw new things in magic. Raven must love the magic and this world a good thing he did, something to be happy about not knowing how you are.

So are you ready I asked.

Raven just smiled and I told him what to do. The first thing you should is getting your broom to know your in control and that it belongs to you, lay it on the ground and stand on it's right side with your left hand above it. I drifted back to the first grade as Madame Hooch taught us to ride a broom. Raven did it as fast as harry and before we know it we both flew in the sky.

Remember, you are the one in control. Deciding the speed and how high up you want to go.

But how actually He asked.

Well think it and let your body guide the broom I answered.

He was a natural, and learned everything quickly. Or so I thought as he suddenly took a dive into the dark forest, I quickly went after. There he was laying on the ground Luckily he did not have any scratches I knew we needed to move out from the forest quickly. He had trouble standing and I knew he must have hurt his ankle. I gave him support but stopped, I heard foot steps. I needed to think fast and we hid behind a tree, there I could see them three masked figure's they were death eaters, why the hell where they this close to Hogwarts. We know your there one of them said loudly.

I placed a hand on Ravens mouth, now listen Raven you use everything that Harry have thought you because we are going to have to run and that with speed. I know your hurt but this is a matter of life and death.

But our brooms? He whispered.

Leave them here I said, and put a simple invisibility charm on them. Now have your wand at the ready, 1,2,3 NOW. We ran and heard them speaking curses and lights flashed around us, Raven turned in his running and said a spell I had never heard.


I was shocked seeing the roots of the threes starting to move and lifted them self making the death eaters fall, I kept running but stopped as I saw that Raven was not keeping up. I turned to see that he had fallen, I ran to him as fast as I could. There face to face with a death eater, I wasn't sure what to do and out of the blue I heardHarry's voice.


Not just his voice but Ron's, the death eaters were tossed by the spell several yards away. They came running to our side. Harry grabbed Raven and placed his arm under his giving him support, we heard the death eaters coming back. We all decided to hid again this time behind a huge three that had fallen down, Harry muttered on a cloaking spell knowing we would be camouflaged.

One of them jumped up on the fallen tree and I had once more needed to place a hand on Raven'smouth.

I cant see them he said and jumped back down.

No but we know that we have to practice not only is he as strong as it's said, he is protected by the golden fucking boy. Another death eater said and they all vanished in black swirling smoke.

I looked at both Ron and Harry, why did they want Raven. What use did they have of him. We waited and they seemed to be going, but before they evaporate they uttered a spell that made my skin crawl.


We uncloaked us and started walking seeing the light of the dark mark, what was this all about. We all were lost in thoughts but as we heard Raven groan in pain and fell to the ground, seeing his arms had been cut open we had to hurry he had lost consciousness do to the lack of blood. We needed to get him to the Hospital wing fast...

Draco's PoV/

I saw them coming out from the dark forest and ran to them, seeing that Raven was unconscious I ran even faster.

What the hell happened I said as I took a hold on Raven's other side.

We will explain laterHarry replied.

Like you care at all Ron muttered.

Not that I care what you think weasel but I do.

I took Raven up in my arms and evaporated, the others I knew had not thought of it nor would they ever think of breaking this rule just because being so near the school. I ended up in the hospital wing were the headmistress was talking to nurse/madame Pomfrey, they both looked at Raven in my arms with shock.

O my havens, Mr Malfoy lay him here quickly.

What has happen Mrs Mcgonagall asked.

Oh I don't know you have to ask, just as I was about to say there name's they came running into the wing. Them I ended.

Mr Potter, Weasley and Miss Granger what on earth has happened.

Hermione cleared her throat and started talking about what happened, which the headmistress seemed having a hard time to believe I walked to the window seeing the Dark mark in the sky, starting to sweat this cant be happening again I don't have the power for this once more.

Headmistress I don't think they are lying I said and pointed out the window.

She walked up to me and in horror she saw the mark in the sky and placed a hand on her mouth. She had to leave quickly, knowing her she needed to speak to the staff and the students and even call the ministry.

I did not leave Ravens side, but the others had gone to the dorm. I knew that they were off speaking about what was going on, and I had even started to wonder. I was really scared and all the feelings of pressure and being threatened to death if I did not follow orders came running in my mind. I was very glad that Harry had defeated Voldemort but the thought of him made me shiver. I sat down beside Raven and found it hard to stay awake. I drifted of, but not for long seeing the movements of Raven soon waking up. Rubbing his eye's to get the sleep out he looked around knowing that he was in the hospital wing.

What happened? Raven asked.

You don't remember I replied.

No I just remember that me and Hermione were off flying and that I crashed, after that everything becomes a blur.

Well I will fill you in tomorrow, just go back to sleep I said and waited until he fell asleep.

I rose from the chair and went to the dorm I had gotten used to the fact that all of us eight years that where teaching Raven were sharing the same dorm, but to no longer be a part of or belong in a house anymore, made me a bit sad, the only thing I did not stand was the decor. All the colors from all houses blended together, was to much for me. I was not used to all these colors in the same room, glad to have my own room I shook my head I had other things on my mind. I knocked on Harry's door and injust a minute it opened.

What do you want Malfoy? Harry said with annoyance in his voice.

We need to talk come down in five minute's I just replied and walked back down to the common room.

I did not need to wait for to long and Harry came down wrapped in a bathrobe.

What is it Harry said with a snooty tone and sat down in one of the chairs.

I need to know everything that happened in the wood.

Harry stood up and went back up stairs ignoring that I told him to stop, I heard him knock on someones door and he came back down with Hermione not far behind. She sat down on the sofa and told me everything, I just looked at her with shocked eye's.

What now Malfoy Harry asked.

O nothing I said.

I can see it is something now spill, or I'll hex you to oblivion Harry said annoyed and with a tense voice.

Well you know that we have magic that can spill out I said and saw Harry nodding.

Think if a person has it at great amount and can use magic without a wand, and even preform non verbal magic easy.

What is this supposed to mean? Harry asked.

Raven can do that or what I have seen, how was he in class? I replied.

Well he learned fast and now that I think of it he did very few time utter the words out loud.

Malfoy I think I knew what your saying Hermione suddenly said.

I still don't understand Harry replied to us both.

A person with high magic in there blood are rare and I think it's time for us to hit the books and try to find some answers. Not only is it in the best interest for Raven, but it is also in all of ours.

Well Malfoy I will help you tomorrow Hermione said.

I don't need help from amudb... You Granger I trailed of.

Well better two then one She said and went up to her room.

Excuse me but I still don't know anything Harry raised his voice.

Don't you get it you slow git I said almost yelling.

Call me a git again and you will regret it ferret, just spill it Harry replied yelling

If my speculations arecorrect Raven is more then what we think and if that is correct with the right kind of power they can do what ever they want maybe even bring a spirit back from the dead.

His eye's widened.

Your saying that the death eaters believe or may have found a way to resurrect Voldemort Harry said with a shaking voice.

Yes, but as I said it is just speculation, now tomorrow me and the mu... Granger will do research in the library. Now I will go sleep I said and started walking. Harry followed but did not say anything and went into his room, I locked my door even though that all here slept with unlocked doors. I took a quick shower and went to bed, I loved my room looking around it was dark and had the color of the Slytherin's deep greenwith silver details. Dark decor and deep deep green walls with circling silver stripes. I kept studying the room and soon drifted off...

Hermione PoV/

It was in the middle of the night and I knew I had to speak to Harry. This stone that I carriage needed to be lifted. I went out of bed and put on my pajamas, normally only sleeping in trousers. I went out my room and stood quite outside Harry's door, I breathed deeply and knocked.

What now Malfoy He said as he opened the door.

I looked at him and he at me.

Oh sorry Hermione I thought you where Draco He replied.

I need to ask you something I Said.

He invited me in and I saw more clearly he had not yet gone to bed, his light by his desk still on and a book open. I took a seat in one of the chairs of leather, and sighed as he took the other seat.

So what is it Harry asked.

Well I asked if you fancied Raven, but I want to ask again is there any chance you might be gay? I said questioning.

Have Ron told you He said. 

"Yes that Raven kissed you but I just want to know are you I replied. 

He seemed not as shocked as when I had asked him in the diagon-alley, he took some time before answering and although I already knew the answer I needed to hear him say it. 

“I think I'm bisexual at least” He replied. 

That's what I thought I said standing up and started to walk to the door.

I turned around and looked at Harry.

I'm here if you ever want to speak about it and I love you.

Thanks Hermione and goodnight he said.

Goodnight Harry...

Raven's PoV/

I Woke up and felt completely healed and had the strength to get out of bed, it was pitch black outside and I knew that it would be at least three more hours before sunrise. The nurse were no were to be seen and I had nothing to do so I decided to take a walk around the castle.

I ended up in the library, so I grabbed a book and sat down to read. I was lucky to have taken a book on spells for defense, I waved my wand and tried to learn a few spells. That's when I heard it, a draft which had a voice carried init.

Hear I'm here.

I must be getting sleepy again I said and shook my head, but just within seconds the voice was heard again. I stood up placing the book on the small table besides the soft chair. I tried to follow the sound that had become a faint noise yet the draft had become more intense. I came to on of the bookshelves in the back and I tried finding were it come from touching all the book dragging them out but nothing. Just then a strange glow could be seen from the floor, I looked down and saw a sigil with writing in some ancient language I could not figure out. I tried everything I even used the spells I could to open things nothing. Just then as I was ready to give up a drop of sweat fell from my hand as I dragged it over my forehead, a scream left my lips and I fell.

Not did I fall far and I tried to look around but nothing, I couldn't see anything. I lifted my wand.


Like a lamp that had been lit a tiny but strong shining light was seen on the tip of my wand. I moved it around as I saw the small room i had landed in, it looked like an old study. On the end of the room a blocked door could be found and by each side torches that weren’t lit.


Sparks of fire came from my wand and the torches lit up and not just those, but as I lit one all the torches around me was lit even the candles in the candelabra on the small study table. That stood by the wall and on it's sides two bookshelves. On the opposite side a three seat sofa in dark blue was and on one side a table and the other a book that was on a singular standing book holder. I walked towards it after seeing that all the books in the shelves were written in other language, I hoped this one was in English and it was. On the cover one could read, the ancient once's, I heard a noise and made a quick escape. I looked at the hole in the floor and not knowing what to do I spit in frustration. The floor turned back to normal and I ran to the table I had sat by. I heard the foot steps coming closer.

Raven what are you doing up? And outside the hospital wing, Mrs Mcgonagall asked as she came forth.

Oh I woke up not being able to go back to sleep I replied.

Well you can take that book with you, but you need to go back to the hospital wing She said.

Okay but can I get the second volume I only have a chapter left

That's fine but then you need to go back.

Fine I said ending the conversation. I did as I was told, Mcgonagall was strict but had a good heart and really cared for her students and this school. I went back not being able to continue reading for I had become tired, falling into sleep, dreaming dreams of the room but not much else.

I woke up to the noise of a student in pain, I looked over at him after I had gotten the sleep from my eye's I sat up in the bed and tried to figure out what was going on at the other side of the curtain. I saw a broom and realized that he must have hurt himself after flying. I stepped out the bedand thought it best to leave, lucky it was Saturday no classes. I would spend my time reading and waiting to night fall before going back to the secret room.

In the library I found Hermione.

Hi Hermione

Hi Raven She said and smiled.

So your out from the hospital wing I thought you had to stay there until tomorrow She continued.

Well I fell fine so I left. I replied.

Okay, but just take it easy this weekend she said.

I will I promise.

We sat at the same table and I had trouble keeping my mouth shut, I had a hard time not telling my discovery to her. I knew she could keep a secret but I did not know if I wanted to show her or even tell her about this.

Raven is there something on your mind she asked.

No I have just tried to remember something from my life I answered lying.

I walked with her to the great hall and sat down for a snack, soon after Harry and Ron came in full Quidditch gear. My heart jumped a little as I saw Harry, his sweat glittering on his forehead and his wild black hair and deepgreen eye's, his tall figure and muscular build. He had been skinny that I could almost see and he was not as buff as Ron had become, and not as tall but still taller then I remembered.

Wait did I remember something? Had I seen Harry before ?

I lifted my head to see Draco sitting at the table on the other side of the great hall, he looked so lonely nobody talking to him nor did he seem to have many friends.

Raven! Hermione said raising her voice.

What ? I asked.

We wondered if you would like to give Flying a new go Harry said.

I just nodded and stood up, they looked at me as if they thought I had became nuts. For I walked over to Draco and sat down.

Hi I said and smiled.

Hi Raven, what do you want? He replied in a brute tone.

I thought you might like some company I answered.

Fine whatever He replied.

I had to get him to show some sort of emotion towards me when in public, Hermione had told me about the war and that Draco had a really tough time and a lot of pressure on him that was to much. I was very determined & thought for some time about the right way to see if I could get a good reaction from him. That's when I figured it out.

I would love to kiss you again I said a bit lower towards his ear.

He started to cough and almost chocked on his food, He turned to look at me but turned away immediately. I stood up and left in a hurry, I smiled at him as he took one final look and I went back to Harry and the others.

Why did you go over to Draco Harry asked.

He looked lonely I answered.

We did not say much else and kept eating, I noticed that Harry often looked at me and I wondered if I had done something wrong. What was it he looked at did I have dirt in my face or something between my teeth, that's when I realized he was jealous. But why he could not possibly know I kissed Draco or that he had kissed me, and I was not even sure if I had feelings for them or who I had the most feelings for. I leaned towards Harry's ear.

I would love to make out again I said.

He did not respond but chocked a bit on his pumpkin juice, that was a good answer to me anyhow. I smiled and saw that he blushed a bit and seemed annoyed at Ron for laughing. Hermione looked at me and I turned my gaze down to the table and she started laughing to.

It's not funny Harry said loudly.

Yes it is Ron answered chuckling.

And do you think its funny to Hermione Harry asked.

I'm not laughing at you, I just thought of something funny she answered.

I smiled again and walked from the table, Hermione followed and walked with me to the library. I could get used to this life, but I was abit afraid still not knowing what kind of life I once had. I stopped and as if a flash inside my memory I saw a room, I came back and shook it of. We continued walking talking about most stuff.


Monday again and soon time for me to meet Harry outside and practice DADA (defense against the dark arts). even though i had two days more to recover on the headmistress demand they all wanted to get started so fast and seemed to enjoy teaching more then the studying. But first a quick snack in the greathall and in company for a short time by Hermione.

So Raven have you found out which guy you like Hermione asked.

No it is now even more confusing, I will need some time I answered.

Okay but don't lead them on to far She replied.

I just nodded and we walked into the library, and I walked immediately to the shelve were I had found the book I wanted to read next. Already had I read through advanced Spells of different forms now I had my eye's set on a book named close dueling, mastering protection against the dark. I checked it out and walked off, I had to run I knew that I was about to be late. There on the field near the Quidditch pitch Harry stood and waited, He smiled as I came running.

Hi harry, sorry I'm late I said.

No worries it was just a minute He answered.

What will you teach me today I asked.

Well, we need to keep practicing your Patronus He replied.

We practiced for an half hour and I even found the only happy memory I could think of and conjured my Patronus charm but only for a mere minute. Harry looked shocked seeing I had a Patronus in the image of a phoenix, he looked at all my movements with intensity. We practiced some new stuff and went over the old spells, he knew that we had to go beyond this soon as he said I learned quickly. 

I have some ideas I said as the lesson ended.

Okay let's hear it He replied.

I took forth the book and handed it to him. He went through it for sometime, and closed it. He looked at me as if I were crazy, but I smiled and took the book back.

This is really advanced stuff He said. In his mind thinking there are things even he did not know in this book.

Yeah but I would like to learn I answered.

I will think about it. So what will you do now. It's an hour until your potion class Harry asked.

How about this I replied and placed my lips on his.

He did not resist and placed his hands around me, I felt his tongue eagerly wanting to get inside my mouth and I let it in. Our tongues playing and our hands touching each others backs, I broke of the kiss and went up towards the castle. I had felt his manhood raise against my thigh and I thought it best to end it before he or I lost control, I turned my head around and smiled. He came up towards me and smiled. We walked back to the castle in silence, but then Harry stopped.

What is it I asked.

I was just wondering are we a couple now Harry said.

Maybe soon, not sure yet. I replied and started walking again.

He seemed very confused by that answer and shook his head a few times. I just tried to ignore his gaze and walked of in the opposite direction to go towards potion class, I wanted to ask Draco a question and of course I had an urge to kiss him again. The kiss with harry hand been soft yet filled with passion and I clearly felt something but I still wasn't sure of what it might be.

I walked to the potion class, I hated walking down in the dungeons and potions was to make it all that more scarier and darker deepest and the furthest away. There in front of the potion class door Draco stood waiting, He seemed a bit annoyed.

Hi Draco what's up I asked as I walked up to him.

We have to cancel for today, there is an extra potion class today He replied.

You waited for me to tell me that I asked blushing a bit.

Yeah, so I'm of He said starting to walk.

Draco wait I yelled.

He stopped and turned around.

What He asked in a stern voice a bit rude.

I thought we could do something else I said smiling.

He asked me what I had in mind, and I had a urge to visit diagon-alley. He looked at me as if it was a bad idea, but he did not reply. I begged and begged.

I think I know something that will change you mind I said.

What can that be he asked.

I pressed my lips against his and like a animal he shoved me up the dungeon wall and forced his tongue inside my mouth, I ended the kiss and whispered in his ear.


Okay, but we must travel by floo-powder then, He replied a bit numb.

I walked alongside him and even he now looked a bit confused, but he did not say anything. We walked to the dorm and he took forth a hidden floo-powder bag and went to the fireplace, I looked at him as if he were crazy standing in the fireplace. He reached out his handand I grabbed it.

Hold onto me and hold closely he said.

He lifted much powder and said loudly diagon-alley. The green flames ate us and within seconds we came fort from a fireplace right in the center of diagonally. I stepped out and turned to Draco.

I don't have any money with me I said.

You can put it on my tab for now Draco answered.

I smiled and put my arm around his, we walked around and I found what I was looking for a bag and saw that the store had more then bags and decided to wait with the bag. Clothes I needed clothes, he smiled and opened the door I walked inside and saw all the beautiful colors and clothing. I looked at it all but nothing I found was to my liking. Draco grabbed my hand.

Come here He said.

He took me to a small room on the right of the store main room and there stood a raised round part of the floor, he made me stand there. I looked at him and had no idea why I was just standing there.

Close you eye's and imagine what clothes you would like to wear he said and laughed a bit.

I did as he had told me and I felt slight tickle on my body, as if feathers and tread slowly trailed over my skin. I opened my eye's and saw a whole new outfit, a tight tank top a bit above my knees. Underthat and up to my knee's elven like boots in a deep green were found. The tank top had a mark on the chest of the school crest, on top ofthe tank top I wore a thin coat like jumper, shorter in the back andlonger in the front. I twirled around and saw a slight smile on Draco's lips. We shopped a bit more and the bag I so wanted, I could now place my books in there instead of holding them all the time, the best part was that it had an enchantment on it so it was big as a normal sized bedroom inside like a black hole in portable size. 

We came back to the school's train station deciding we should take the train back. As we started walking up to the school, it was quite fora long time. He looked at me sometimes but did not say anything, I stopped and turned to him.

“What is it, you have been quite and I have a feeling I have done something” I said with a little bit of anger as I spoke.

“No it has nothing to do with you” Draco answered.

“Then what?” I asked.

“I don't wanna talk about it!” Draco yelled and left up to the school with furious steps.

I decided it was best to let him be alone and I started walking in a nice steady phase. I took a walk around the school and once I had almost gotten to the entry gate again I heard the sounds of someone crying, I listened closely and found Hermione close to the stone wall of the castle hidden within one of its corners.

Hermione whats wrong I asked.

Oh nothing I don't want to burden you She said sobbing.

Come on I said and reached out my hand, lets go inside.

She smiled and rubbed the tears away from her eye's and cheeks. On our slow walk into the school yard she told me she had not yet found a way to reverse the oblivious spell placed on her parents. I felt sad for her, I had read those spell where really hard to brake and that even the potion for it could take years to make. I grabbed her hand and gave it a slight squeeze, she did so back and leaned her hand against my shoulder. I said I would help her to do research, and that there was always hope. I gave her a hug and we went back into school. I cant believe that she had gone through this, and she who always seemed to hold everything together, no wonder she cracked sometimes.

“By the way I saw you with Malfoy, were have you two been” She asked.

“We ditched class and went to diagon-alley” I replied.

She looked at me with a strange look and smiled, she asked if something happened and I sad no we just went shopping. I did not want to say anything else. We where on the way to our dorm, but I still saw the sadness in Hermione'seye's.

Let's go to the library and start our research now I said hooking my arm to hers. She dried away the tears and smiled a bigger smile, as we walked towards the library. I just knew we could do this.

To Be Continued.....

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