Jason slept through the day. Exhausted from sucking cock all day and getting fucked all night, he had fitful dreams. He couldn't understand why his Father would subject him to this. Will his Father come up with the money and return his life to normal, or will he spend the rest of his life serving as a sex toy for black studs?

But isn't that where he belongs? Having black studs please themselves by using his mouth and ass is their right. He should be honored and humbled that they would even grant him the joy and privilege of serving their needs. Jason's mind was terribly confused. He tried not to think about it and just sleep.

When his trainer returned, many hours later, Jason immediately jumped off his cot and stood at slave rest, legs spread, his hands behind his back and his eyes on the ground.

His trainer was not wearing the usual uniform of jeans and tight white tee shirt. This time he was shirtless wearing a leather harness. His chest and arm muscles were bulging. In place of his jeans he had on leather trousers that hugged his waist and legs. The man exuded an aura of power and strength.

'Come', he commanded, unlocking Jason's cell door. Jason walked out the door and his trainer attached his leash. 'It's party time', the man exclaimed with a smile.

Jason was led back to the room where his virginity was sold to the highest bidder the previous night. Today, it was set up as a party room. Music was playing quietly in the back ground while the black Masters were milling about in conversation groups. Naked boys were carrying trays of appetizers and drinks. Some of the men had brought personal slaves with them, who were kneeling beside their Masters. Their Masters idly reaching down and stroking their heads like a pet. There were other boys on leashes like Jason; each one being held by a trainer dressed much the same as Jason's.

Jason and his trainer walked the circuit of the room. Jason kept his head bowed and his hands behind his back. As he walked past the men would sometimes reach out and twist a nipple, or squeeze his balls, or grab his ass. The trainer would always wait until the man had finished his inspection, sometimes engaging in small talk with the men before continuing on.

As they passed the two men who took such delight in turning him into a pussy boy last night, they didn't even look up or acknowledge him. They were busy with a boy on his knees swallowing their cocks.

In one corner, Jason noticed a leather sling hanging from the ceiling. A dark haired boy was strapped in with a man fucking him at both ends. In various corners of the room boys were sucking, being fucked, serving the needs of their black Masters.

Jason's trainer stopped his tour of the room and removed his leash. Jason stood at slave rest position and his trainer stepped away, yet always within range of the remote control for Jason's collar.

Men would walk up to Jason and feel his body, play with his ass, squeeze his cock and balls. One man walked up to him, roughly shoved him to his knees. Grabbing a handful of Jason's hair, he lifted Jason's head and shoved his cock down the boy's throat. Guiding Jason's head by the hair, the man fucked his mouth. When he shot, Jason swallowed every drop.

'Thank you, Master,' Jason said, 'for allowing me to suck your cock for you, Sir.'

The man just turned and walked away only to be replaced by another.

The next man walked up and said 'Come with me, slut'.

Jason followed the man to the middle of the room where he was bent over the back of a sofa. The man pulled his cock out and proceeded to fuck him with a good 9 or 10 inches of black cock.

Another man approached Jason from the front.

'Eat my fucking balls, you little white bitch,' he said.

Jason reached out with his mouth and started to lick and suck the man's balls for him. Running his tongue around the man's nuts, up under the sack. Gently he took one then the other of the man's balls into his mouth, caressing them with his mouth before letting them go.

'So,' the man at Jason's mouth asked the other, 'how's its pussy?'

'Slut's got a sweet pussy on it,' the stud replied. 'It took all 12 inches and feels like velvet wrapped around my cock. Wanna try some?'

'Why not,' the man in Jason's mouth replied, and they switched places. Jason was now sucking on the 12 inch cock that was fucking his ass a minute ago, and the man who's balls he was sucking now had his cock buried up his ass.

'You're right,' the man in his ass said. 'It has a nice tight pussy. Very fuckable.'

They went on like this for a good hour. They would fuck for a while, and then decide to switch places. Fuck some more and switch back. Eventually one man asked the other 'Are you about ready to bust a nut?'

'Let do it,' the other replied. The two men started picking up speed, thrusting fast and deep. Brutally raping the boy's ass and throat. First the man using his mouth started to grunt and a huge wad of cum shot down Jason's throat. Then the other man started to shoot.

When they pulled out, Jason stayed bent over the sofa, lowered his head and said 'Thank you, Sirs, for allowing me to serve you.'

'You're not a bad fuck, for a white boy.' The two men laughed and walked away.

As Jason started to stand up, he felt a hand on his back shove him roughly back over the sofa.

A gruff voice from behind him said, 'Where the fuck do you think your going, slut? Get your white ass bent back over that sofa now, bitch, and spread those pretty legs. I want some of that pussy.'

The man stepped between Jason's legs and slid the head of his cock into Jason's ass. Jason couldn't see the man or the cock, so he had no idea how big it was.

Jason groaned as he could feel inch after inch of the man's cock slide up inside him. He was thankful that the other men had already fucked him so he had something to loosen him up and lubricate his shaft.

As the stud mounted him, Jason could feel the man's cock stretching his ass ring. 'This man must be huge,' Jason thought to himself. 'His cock is tearing me apart'.

Jason cried out as the man's cock finally made it all the way in. Jason thought he was sitting on a telephone pole from the feelings in his ass.

'You like that whore?' the man asked. 'You like having a black man's big cock up your white ass, you slut?'

'Answer me, cunt!' the man yelled when Jason did not answer. 'You like being bent over and fucked up the ass by a black man with all these other men watching you? Do you enjoy being a white bitch and spreading your legs for us black studs? Tell me, do you love the feel of my black cock riding your white pussy?'

'Yes Master,' Jason answered. 'Your cock feels so good up my pussy, Sir. Please fuck my ass, Master. I want to be a good fuck for you, Sir. I love the feel of your cock using my pussy, Master. Your cock is so huge, Sir. It's stretching my pussy wide.'

Jason wiggled his hips, and clenched his ass muscles, milking the top stud's cock. 'Fuck me hard and deep, Sir. I want you to really enjoy your fuck. I want to be a good whore for you and make your cock feel really good.'

With a few more strokes, the man started to cum. When he finished, he pulled out and shoved Jason to his knees and put his cock in Jason's mouth. Jason got his first glimpse of the cock that just rode his ass. It was enormous! Had to be 13 inches and so fat Jason didn't think he could have gotten his hand around it. Looking up, Jason was shocked the see the man who had just brutally raped his ass and whose cock he was now sucking clean was his high school coach, Coach Johnson.

'Don't be late for practice, slut', Coach Johnson said, and walked away laughing.




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