About half an hour later, Jason's trainer came back. He walked up to the cell, pulled his cock out, snapped his fingers and pointed to the ground.

Jason, of course, knew what he wanted and immediately knelt in front of him and started sucking his cock.

'Good boy,' the man said. 'You're learning where you belong. See, it's not so bad once you white boys realize your place is servicing the needs of us black men.'

While Jason sucked, his trainer attached a collar around Jason's neck. He stepped back and pulled his dick from Jason's mouth.

'This is something the Boss invented. It's like those dog collars that give out an electric shock to keep the dog from barking. The Boss modified it so it works off this remote control.'

Jason screamed out as the man pressed a button on the remote. 'It's a wonderful device', he said. 'It doesn't leave any visible marks on the product, but it's a great motivator. Now, follow me.'

The trainer unlocked the cell, snapped a leash onto the collar and took Jason out of the room down a hallway and into another room. This room was larger than Jason's cell, but still small. There was a chair against one wall, a cabinet on a side wall with a long, thin table underneath. A florescent light overhead was the only light as there was no window.

The trainer locked the door and removed Jason's leash.

'This is a training room. I need to be sure you understand your place and how to give proper respect to your superiors. When you stand, stand with your legs spread, your eyes on the floor at your feet, and your hands clasped behind your back. Do it!'

Jason quickly followed his command. His trainer walked around him looking him over. His hands started to wander over Jason's body. Over his chest, across his stomach, around to his ass. 'Good stock, nice ass, firm body,' the man commented.

The trainer then proceeded to take his clothes off. Jason let his eyes roam over the man's body. His caramel brown skin seemed to accent his muscled chest and arms. He had a roaring tiger tattooed on one shoulder, but other than that his body was smooth and perfect. His cock seemed huge hanging between his legs. This man's cock soft was bigger and thicker than Jason's was hard.

The guard layed back in the chair, opened his legs and without a word just looked at Jason, snapped his fingers and pointed to his cock. Jason walked over, got on his knees and wrapped his lips around the man's dick.

'OK, slut, start licking my balls' the guard instructed.

Jason pulled off the man's cock and started licking his balls. Licking up and down, sliding his tongue over and around the sac. After a few minutes Jason felt the man's hand on his head, pushing him lower. He started licking and sucking him right at the base of his balls, causing the guard to start moaning softly.

'That's it, slut. Get that tongue working.' 'Now, move lower and start your tongue working my hole.'

'No way!' Jason replied in disgust. Then he cried out in pain as he felt an electric shock go through his body from the collar.

'You've forgotten the rules. You never say no to anything a black man orders you to do. You exist to pleasure us, not the other way around. Don't ever forget that! Now apologize for forgetting your place and beg me for the honor of licking my hole.'

'I'm sorry sir can I lick your hole?' Jason mumbled.

Another wave of electricity shot through his body.

'Not good enough! Make me believe you understand that you were wrong to refuse me and that you need to please me by burying your tongue up my ass more than anything!'

'Please Sir', Jason begged, 'I'm truly sorry for refusing you. Please let me lick your ass for you, sir!'

'Tell me what you are,' the guard told him.

Jason quickly replied, ' I'm a slut, Sir. A white whore for your use, Sir. I'm a cocksucker born to suck black cocks, Sir!'

The trainer smiled. 'I think you're learning, but we still have a ways to go. Now, lay down on your back.'

Jason quickly layed on the floor. The trainer straddled the boy's body with his knees on either side of his head. He slowly lowered himself over Jason's mouth. 'Get to work, cunt' was all he said.

Jason did as instructed. His tongue sliding down the crack of the man's ass till it found the hole.

'There you go. Now, slip the tongue up in the hole like you are French kissing it.' 'That's it baby. Work that tongue up that hole bitch. That's good.'

'Now, reach down between your legs and start fingering your pussy,' the stud said with a smile. 'The Boss said I can't fuck you, but we can still have some fun.'

Jason's hand slid down between his legs. He spread open his cheeks and started to finger his ass. Rubbing across the hole, sliding a finger inside him. Jason relaxed a little after hearing the man say he wasn't allowed to fuck him.

'See how nice it can be when you know your place in life?' his trainer asked. 'Your little cock has gotten all hard.'

Sure enough, Jason's cock had risen to it's full 6 and a half inches, making Jason think to himself, 'I can't be enjoying this, am I?'

Jason continued to lick and suck his trainer's ass, fingering his own ass, listening to the man tell him this is where he belongs and how happy he'll be once he accepts his place.

The trainer told Jason to get up on his knees and start sucking his dick. Once Jason was bent over with the man's cock deep down his throat, the trainer reached down beside the chair and pulled out a black dildo about 8 inches long. Placing a hand on Jason's head to keep him sucking, he started to rub the head of the plastic cock across Jason's hole.

'Oh yeah,' the trainer moaned, 'How I'd love to shove my cock up that pussy. I bet you're a great fuck. But, the Boss said no fucking. He must have something special planned for you.'

Jason mind was whirling. Yesterday he was an average teen. Twenty-four hours later, here he is on his knees serving the needs of a black stud being stuffed from both ends. The trainer was pistoning his cock in and out of Jason's throat as he was sliding the dildo in and out of his ass. Before long the man was ramming his cock as far as he could down Jason's throat and Jason was swallowing his second load of black cum for the day.

The trainer pulled his now soft cock from Jason's mouth. 'When a black man gives you the privilege of sucking his cock, you need to thank him for the honor.'

'Thank you, Sir' replied Jason, 'for the privilege of sucking your cock, Sir'.

'Very good. Now, turn around slut, and stick your cunt up' the guard told him. Coating the dildo with lubricant, he slid it up the boy's ass, fucking him with it a few times before wrapping straps around him and attaching it firmly in the boy's tight ass.

'The Boss said no fucking. This will be your 'chastity belt'. I'm taking you outside now. Remember, you exist for the use of black cocks. Using your mouth is the right of any black man who wants to. It's your privilege to service them and take care of their needs. Don't forget to thank them properly for their use of you. And don't forget, I still have the remote control for your collar. Don't make me use it.'




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