Jason and the others were led into the shower room where the trainers were essentially just hosing down the slave boys. When finished being cleaned up, they went into the training area.

While the Boss and his associates were having dinner served to them, the Boss had provided a keg for the trainers and gave them the night for a little fun and relaxation for themselves.

Jason looked on as the pretty boy from the 'slippery slut' contest was put in a sling. Swinging back and forth between two of the trainers, he was being alternately impaled in his mouth and his pussy by two hard black cocks.

In another corner, two trainers had a boy in his mid twenties strung up from the ceiling. His hands were pulled high above his head with his legs dangling, just barely able to reach the floor. The more senior of the trainers was showing the newer one the best way to use the whips on a slut without damaging the product.

A small group of the trainers were sitting around laughing and watching a boy about 19 dancing in front of them. As Jason got closer, he saw the boy wasn't actually dancing. They had wrapped an electric slave collar around the boy's balls and were taking turns hitting the remote control.

Scattered around the room trainers and slaves were engaged in different activities. Some were simply giving their trainer a massage; others were sucking their cocks or being mounted by one or more of the trainers.

One of the trainers approached Jason's and asked, 'So this is the slut with the $2,500.00 pussy?'

Jason's trainer laughed and replied 'He may be an expensive piece of ass, but I got it free.'

'Well, share, brother, share,' his friend replied.

Jason's trainer put his hand on Jason's head and shoved him roughly to his knees. 'Suck it you little slut'.

Jason wrapped his mouth around the man's cock. He tried to make it as wet as he could because he knew it was eventually going up his pussy.

The stud pulled his cock from Jason's mouth, turned him around and bent him over. Shoving his entire length up Jason's ass, the man let out a contented sigh.

'The bitch does have a sweet pussy on it. Don't know as if I'd pay $2500 for it, but it's sweet as velvet.'

'Talk to me you little whore. Tell me how much you love being fucked by a real man with a real cock.'

'Oh fuck me, Master,' Jason cried out. 'Please shove your cock up my pussy. Your cock is so big. It feels like you're stretching my hole open wide with your black dick. It feels so good having a big black cock pumping my pussy. I want to be your whore, Master. I need to feel your cock using my pussy. Please Master. Please fuck your worthless white slut, Sir. Fuck me hard all night long! Shove your cock up my ass and ride me hard, Please Master!'

All that talk and watching his friend using Jason's cunt made Jason's trainer all the more horny.

'Enough talk,' he said, 'suck my black dick you worthless piece of white slut!'

Opening his mouth, Jason gave his trainer the best blowjob he could. Sucking and swallowing and bobbing his head up and down on the cock. Lost in the sensation of servicing the two cocks using his mouth and his pussy, Jason didn't realize his own cock was once again standing at a full 7 inches.

The man fucking him pulled out of his ass and moved to his mouth.

'Blow me you little white faggot. Suck that black cock down your fucking throat you no good white trash whore!'

Jason's trainer laughed as another man started to use Jason's pussy. Loosened us he was, Jason still felt every inch slide up inside him. This one started to fuck him hard and fast. Slamming his cock into Jason's cunt as hard as he could. It wasn't long before Jason felt the man shoot up inside him. As soon as he pulled out, another stud cock replaced him.

Jason couldn't even see who was fucking him because of the man face fucking his mouth.

As Jason was being fucked from both ends, a young black man approached Jason's trainer and told him the Boss wants to see them as soon as they clean the cunt up.




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