At the opposite end of the room, a pair of double doors opened and The Boss walked in followed by one of the trainers with a boy on a leash. The boy was about 18 or 19 years old, 5'6', small framed with long dark hair that hung down to his shoulders.

He had a pretty, round face with blue eyes and long lashes. A small, turned up nose and red lips that parted to reveal a row of even white teeth. He had what is called a 'swimmer's build', nicely developed, but not muscle bound, and a round bubble butt that begged to be fucked. There wasn't a hair on his body except for his head and between his legs. If it weren't for a six inch cock hanging between his legs

he could almost be taken for a girl.

'Gentlemen,' the Boss said. 'Please follow me to the next room. The entertainment is about to begin.' He turned and walked back into the next room.

The men and their slaves followed into a large gymnasium. Near the entrance to the room was a viewing area with tables and chairs and a bar in the corner. Beyond a half wall barrier was a huge empty space easily the size of the basketball court at Jason's school.

As the guests and their slaves proceeded to the gym, the trainer took the boy off to the side. Two other naked boys started to rub him down with oil from his head to his feet, making his entire body glisten in the reflected light.

The Boss held a bottle of champagne in the air. 'For those of you who brought personal slaves,' he began, ' I have a game for you. I call it the Slippery Slut. We will release the slut, covered in oil, and the contestants have to catch him. Whoever's slave can catch him and hold onto him is declared the winner. The prize for the slave owner is this bottle of Dom Perignon. For the slave who wins, his prize is fucking the slut. If they can't catch him in thirty minutes, I declare that the slut has won. Whose game?'

Within a few minutes there were a half dozen naked boys entering the ring. The slippery slut boy was led out into the middle of the room by his trainer and released from his leash.

'On your mark,' the Boss began. 'Get Set. GO!'

The boys all started running after the greased boy. He would dodge to the left, and then dodge to the right. Wherever he went, they followed. They grabbed him, and groped him and tried to pull him down and he would slide right out of their grasp. They grabbed his arms, but he'd pull free, they'd grabbed his legs, but again he'd slip free. One boy tackled him and they fell to the ground, but the young slut boy still managed to wiggle and slide out of his embrace.

They chased the boy around the gym with the viewers laughing and yelling encouragements from the sideline. Finally, one boy realized there was one part not greased up. Knocking the boy to the ground, he quickly wrapped his hand in the boy's long dark hair. Using it as a handle, he kept the boy pinned to the ground and slid his cock up the boy's ass. To the laughter and encouragement of the crowd, he spread open the boy's legs and started to fuck his prize.

His Master was well pleased that it was his slave that came out on top, and felt he earned the bonus of a good fuck. Once the boy shot his load and the onlookers walked away, his Master put him on his knees and face fucked him, just to remind him that his place is still on his knees worshiping his Master's black cock.

'Congratulations,' the Boss said to the winner. 'You have a very intelligent boy, there.'

'I should hope so,' the man replied. ' I bought him from you several years ago.'

'For the next contest,' the Boss continued, 'we have a test of skill. I need five of you men to volunteer. I have selected the best five cocksuckers from the stable. The prize goes to the man who holds out the longest. To ensure the sluts are doing their best, the first one to bring their man off will be rewarded, the others will be punished by their trainers'

Five of the guests got up and stood at the front of the group. Jason and four others were brought before the men and put on their knees with their hands tied behind their backs. The men unzipped and pulled out their cocks, already starting to harden with anticipation.

'When I say GO,' the Boss instructed, 'you may begin. We have bound the slut's hands so they can only use their mouths. You, of course, can use their mouths any way you please. On your mark. Get set. GO!'

Jason barely had time to open his mouth when the man standing in front of him rammed his cock down his throat. Grabbing a handful of Jason's blond hair and using it like reigns to hold his head close, the man started to pump in and out of Jason's mouth. Men gathered around the group and yelled encouragement to their friends.

'That's, it. Fuck that white boy's mouth.'

'Make the bitch eat that cock.'

'Suck that cock you fucking white slut!'

'Ram it down its throat!'

Jason sucked the man's cock using all he's learned the last several days to bring his stud to climax. He sucked with his throat muscles, massaging the man's shaft. He licked it, he sucked it, he tried everything he could to make the man cum.

The man next to Jason quickly pulled his cock out of his slut's mouth and started to shoot, spraying over the boy's face and hair.

Then another and another until it was just Jason and one other slut on their knees servicing a hot black cock with their mouth.

The man in Jason's mouth started to moan, and then yanked his cock from the boy's hot mouth. Shooting his cum over Jason's face, Jason kept his mouth open to catch what he could. When the man finished, Jason swallowed and thanked the man for the privilege of sucking his cock for him.

'I still lost, you stupid cunt', the man growled. Shoving Jason away from him, he zipped up and stormed off into the crowd.

The final contestant, a boy about Jason's age with short red hair, was still sucking his man's cock for all he was worth. The man pulled out and shot a load onto the boy's face, then shoved it back down the slut's throat to feed him the rest of the load.

'And we have a winner!' the Boss cried out.

'For our final event,' he continued, 'we've taken a page from ancient Rome, but with a twist. A chariot race!'

Slaves were wheeling 5 chariots out onto the field. The chariots consisted of a wheeled platform just large enough for a man to stand. A harness and reins in front for the draft animal. Each chariot had a number painted on the front.

'I need 5 more volunteers for drivers. The reminder of you may make wagers as you wish. Your horses are being brought to the chariots now. The first to complete two laps of the track is declared the winner.'

Five naked young men were being hooked up to the chariots. A harness strapped across their chests with reins going back to the driver. The Boss quickly got his five volunteers and the chariots were lined up at the starting line.

One more time the Boss cried out 'On your mark! Get set! GO!' and the slaves took off running. The crowd was yelling. 'Come on number five!' 'Run number three'. The drivers used the whips that came with the chariots to encourage more speed from their 'horses'. They ran around the track as fast as the young men could go.

They ran by the viewing stand to more encouragement from the onlookers. The drivers whipping their steeds. The slaves were running as fast as they could with the sweat pouring off them.

The Boss was calling the race, 'Number four in the lead, followed by number one, number 3, number two and number five. Number one pulling up neck and neck with number four. As we enter the second lap number five starting to pull forward. Number one and number four still neck to neck. Number three starting to edge up. And with a final burst of speed, it's number three the winner by a nose!'

'I hope you all enjoyed the evening's entertainment,' the Boss said. 'Now, please proceed to the dining room where dinner is being served. You may leave your slaves here and we will make sure they are fed and watered.'

With that, the men filed out of the room and the trainers gathered all the naked boys and escorted them from the room.




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