Jason knelt by the bed for what seemed like hours. Eventually, the door opened and two black men came in.

They entered the room and continued their conversation. They didn't acknowledge Jason or treat him any differently than a lamp or other piece of furniture. One of them men fixed drinks from the in-room bar and they sat in the sitting room of the suite.

Jason knew better than say anything, he just stayed on his knees with his head bowed, waiting.

Finally, he heard on of the men say 'Lets check out my new toy'.

They walked into the bedroom and looked at Jason.

'Look at me, slut' one of the men commanded.

Jason looked up into the dark brown eyes of one of the men. He was average height, about 5'10', medium brown complexion, stocky, but not fat. His companion was about 6'4', broad shoulders, trim waist.

'You know what you are here for, slut?' his Master asked.

'Yes, Sir, I'm here for your use Sir. Any way that pleases you, Sir' Jason replied.

'More specifically, what did I pay $2,500 dollars for?' the man asked.

'You paid to be the first man to use my pussy Sir. To be the first cock to fuck me and teach me to use my pussy to please black men, Sir'.

'And when money is paid for sex, what is that person called?' the man asked.

'He's called a whore, Sir' Jason replied.

'Correct,' his master said. 'Then consider yourself one very high priced whore, bitch. My friend and I plan on getting every bit of our money's worth out of you. Now, open your mouth and get to work on my cock.'

Jason immediately leaned in and started to rub his face up against the man's cock. He used his lips to massage the cock through the man's pants. Jason reached up to unzip his pants and the man stepped away.

'Oh no you don't.' the man told him. 'It's not that easy. First you have to beg me for the privilege of sucking my cock.'

'Please let me suck your cock for you Sir. Please let me lick your balls and suck your cock. Please, Sir, shove your big, black cock down my throat.'

'See man,' he laughed at his friend, 'these white bitch boys can't wait to get at a big black cock.' He undid his belt, pulled down the zipper and dropped his pants to the floor. Taking his shirt off he lay back on the bed.

' Get that white ass up here and start with my balls, bitch,' the man commanded.

Jason wasted no time getting on the bed between the man's legs. Burying his face in the man's crotch, he started to lick and suck his balls for him.

Breathing deeply the scent of the man's cock and balls. Jason's own dick was standing up hard as a rock. Taking the man's balls gently in his mouth, Jason began to realize that the more time he spent servicing black cock, the more he started to enjoy it. He realized that his trainer was right. This is where he was meant to be. The plaything of a black stud.

Just as Jason was coming to this realization, he felt something wet at his hole. He had forgotten the man's friend. The friend had stripped down and now had his face up against Jason's ass. His tongue getting Jason's hole hot and wet.

'Ok, whore,' his Master said. 'Get that mouth to work on my cock. Get me good and wet.'

Jason went to work on the man's cock, swallowing it down to the base. This wasn't too difficult as the man was only about 7 ½ to 8 inches. Jason had certainly service much larger cocks during his time at the pool.

Jason sucked and licked at the man's cock like the pro he'd become. The other man had spread Jason's ass and was sending waves of pleasure up and down Jason's body as his tongue continued to invade his hole.

After about 20 minutes of sucking, the man who paid for it decided it was time to get what he paid for.

'On your back, slut' he said. ' I want to watch your face as I plunge into your pussy. I warn you. The first time is going to hurt. Go ahead and scream, no-one is going to come in until morning.'

Jason rolled over on the bed. The man lifted his legs onto his shoulders. Moving forward and bending Jason in half, he put the head of his cock up to Jason's hole.

The other man was standing beside the bed watching with a smile on his face, stroking his cock.

Jason's head was still muddled with the drugs he'd been given and the feelings he been experiencing tonight. Suddenly, he threw his head back and let out a scream as his owner took what he paid for. Plunging his cock up into Jason's ass, the man took Jason's virginity in one swift stroke.

'Oh, yeah', the man exclaimed. 'They were right. You are nice and tight.'

Arcing his back, Jason yelled out again as the man piston fucked his no longer virgin hole.

'Take that black dick you white whore!' the man exclaimed. 'Take that big dick up your pussy.'

As the man continued to fuck him, the other man stepped up to Jason and put his dick against Jason's lips. Opening his mouth, the man slid his cock inside and Jason started to suck. Focusing on servicing he stud using his mouth, Jason relaxed a little and that made the fucking a bit easier.

Jason understood that he had to make sure these men enjoyed using him. The man fucking him was obviously enjoying the ride. Fucking his cock in and out of Jason's ass, telling him what a whore he was.

By contrast, the other man simply fed Jason his cock. Slipping it into his mouth and down his throat, he let Jason do the work, using his tongue and throat muscles to bring the man off.

After about a half hour, the man in Jason's mouth put his hand behind Jason's head and held him close. The other man started pumping faster and breathing heavier. Then both men tilted their heads back and let loose. Jason felt cum shooting into him from both ends. He started squeezing his ass muscles to milk the cock inside him while he sucked and swallowed the last of the load the other man was feeding him.

The man using Jason's mouth pulled out, only to be replaced by the other man. 'Clean me.' He commanded.

Jason took the man's cock in his mouth and licked and sucked it clean. He pulled out of Jason's mouth and told him to lay on the bed. He then straddled Jason's head and told him to get his tongue working.

Jason reached up and spread the man's ass open. His tongue slid out and started licking at the man's hole. Pressing his lips up against the man's hole Jason started to suck and lick and slide his tongue deep into the man's ass.

'That's it white boy,' the man moaned. 'Eat that black ass. Oh yeah, bitch, work that tongue up my hole. Got me a pretty little white whore whose one hell of an ass kisser.'

For forty-five minutes Jason laid there on his back, eating his Master's ass, licking and sucking and burying his face deep. Jason felt his legs being lifted up. It was time for the taller of the two men to have his turn at Jason's ass.

Having sucked it off before, Jason knew the man had a big cock. About 12 inches long and as thick around as a silver dollar. The man didn't say anything, just lifted Jason's legs and slid the head of his cock in.

Content to let his friend to the talking, he started to fuck. Slide a few inches in, and then pull back. Slide a few more inches in, pull back. In and out, never going all the way. Taking Jason's pussy an inch at a time. Teasing Jason's ass, making him start to want it all. Inch after inch sliding into Jason's ass hole. Jason wiggled his butt, trying to get it all in. It took the stud a good 10 minutes before he finally had his whole cock buried deep inside Jason's boy pussy.

Watching Jason getting impaled on his friend's cock while Jason's tongue was buried in his own ass was really turning the other man on.

'That's it slut, take his big dick! You're a good little white fuck hole, aren't you? Eating my ass, getting that pussy pounded by a real black stud cock. Fuck him good, Jake, show this white slut who owns his ass.'

Jake just smiled and kept fucking Jason's ass pussy. Shoving all 12 inches in, then slowly pulling out to the head of his cock. A nice, long, leisurely fuck.

Jason laid there on the bed, his mind on overload from all the new sensations. He kept working his tongue and squeezing his ass muscles. His own cock was as hard as it's ever been. He had become nothing more than a hot mouth and a hot hole whose only purpose was to please these men.

The man riding Jason's face turned around and started to face fuck him.

'Good little cocksucker,' he said. 'Eat my dick you fucking whore.'

Jason sucked on the cock in his mouth while Jake pumped faster and deeper into his ass. One man's balls banging against his chin, while the other's were banging against his ass.

Jake finally pulled all the way out and with a deep moan thrust his cock balls deep into Jason's ass, shooting load after load of cum. When he was finished, Jake pulled out and went to the living room to make himself a drink.

The other man pulled out of Jason's mouth and put him on his knees on the bed. Ramming his cock into Jason's well fucked pussy, he leaned over and whispered into Jason's ear.

'Take my cock you fucking slut. This is where you belong white boy. Spreading your legs taking your Master's dick up your pussy or down your throat. White whore like you can't truly be happy unless he's serving the needs of a black stud. Look how hard your cock is. It knows. You're nothing but a fuck toy. A whore to be used by black cock. Put here on Earth to be used by black men. Now, tell me what you are. Tell me what you need, bitch.'

'Yes Sir,' Jason replied. 'I'm a whore and a slut. A toy created to please black studs. I need your cock in me, Sir. Please fuck me, Sir, fuck me hard! Shove your cock up my pussy. Make me your bitch!'

Jason arched his back, wiggled his butt, pushed backwards to take as much of the stud's cock as he could. His one goal to please this man and feel his cum shoot deep inside him.

The top rode him long and hard. Shoving his 8 inches in and out. All while telling Jason what a whore he was and how privileged he is to be used by two black studs.

Until the early hours of the morning Jason was used by these two studs for their own enjoyment.




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