The next morning when Jason's trainer came to collect him, he found Jason a cum covered, sweaty mess. Jake was lying on the bed and Jason was impaling himself on his hard cock. The other man was watching from a chair holding the remote to Jason's collar yelling, 'Do it faster, slut! Pump that cock up that worthless pussy!'

The trainer waited and watched until Jake shot a final load. Jason hopped off the man's cock and quickly took it in his mouth to clean it.

After Jake pulled his dick out of Jason's mouth, Jason fell to his knees and said 'Thank you Masters for allowing me to serve you last night and showing me how to properly use my pussy to bring you enjoyment, Sirs.'

Jason's trainer collected the remote control, attached the leash to Jason's collar and took him from the room.

As they walked down the hall, the trainer smiled at Jason.

'You did very good. They seemed very happy with you. The Boss will be happy too. That man bought several new slaves last night. He is owner and CEO of a multi-billion dollar corporation in Europe. The Boss wants to keep him happy.'

'Thank you Master,' Jason replied meekly.

The trainer led Jason back to the shower room. This time, as Jason stepped under the shower spray, the trainer removed his clothes and got in with him.

He walked up behind Jason and wrapped his strong arms around him. Pulling Jason close he whispered in his ear. 'You're a beautiful boy. All that beautiful blond hair and blue eyes. And a perfect butt. I've wanted to get into that pussy of yours from the moment I saw you. Now that you've been broken in I can finally get some of that fine ass pussy.'

With one arm wrapped around Jason's chest, he reached down with the other hand and guided his cock into Jason's hole. After an entire night of being repeatedly fucked, the trainer had no problem getting his fat 8 inches in.

Slowly sliding his cock up Jason's ass he started to nibble Jason's ear, whispering to him how beautiful he is and what a wonderful fuck he was.

'I always liked the young blond sluts,' the man whispered. 'And you have such a hot, round little butt. So fuckable. I almost died not being able to slide my cock up that hole. Fuck you like a white whore should be fucked.'

Jason moaned and rotated his hips against the man's groin.

'Please fuck me Master. Your cock feels so good inside me. Let me please you, Sir.'

The trainer slid his hand across Jason's tight teen chest. Grabbing one of Jason's nipples between his fingers he started to pull and twist causing Jason to moan deeply.

'You like that, Slut?' the man asked. 'You enjoy having those tits played with while a real man's fucking you?'

'Yes Sir. I love feeling your cock using my ass. I need you inside me. I want you to really enjoy your fuck, Sir.'

'Don't worry, cunt' the trainer replied. 'I'm enjoying every thrust into that hot white hole of yours.'

Pushing Jason up against the shower wall, the trainer started to fuck faster and deeper. Attacking Jason's boy pussy with 8 inches of hot black iron.

Holding onto Jason's hips he started to cum, spraying the inside of Jason's pussy with his hot, creamy load.

Pulling out, he turned to Jason and told him 'Finish getting cleaned up and we'll take you back to your cell. You can get a couple of hours rest and then you have more fun in store for you.'

Taking Jason back to his cell, the boy was fast asleep the minute his head hit the cot.




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