Jason woke up confused. He was lying naked on a cot in an unfamiliar room. He didn't know how he got there or what was going on. Then it all came back to him. He was abducted on his way home from school. Evidently his Father owed someone a lot of money and he gave Jason to this man as collateral until he paid his debt. Jason also remembered being put on his knees and forced to suck the cock of man in charge.

The room Jason was in was small, more like a large closet than a room. There was just enough room for his cot and for him to stand next to it. At one end there were bars in place of a wall, like a jail cell. Jason peered through the bars and he could see that he was in one of many cells in a large room.

One of the guards approached his cell. He was a large black man about 6 feet tall, muscular build, light brown skin, bald head wearing jeans and a white tee shirt stretched tight across his chest. The guard put a bowl of oatmeal on a table just outside Jason's cell. 'Get over here and get on your knees boy'

'What are you going to do with me?' Jason asked.

'You just do what you're told slut, and when you speak to your superiors you call them Sir! Now get your ass over here and on your knees before you regret it'.

Jason walked over to the bars and knelt in front of them.

'Today begins your training' the guard told Jason. 'You have to learn your place in life, boy. I'm going to teach you.'

'First', he continued, ' You will refer to me and any other black man as Sir or Master. You will do what you are told, when you are told and obey any command by any black man instantly. If you don't, you will be punished.'

'I've arranged a little demonstration of what happens to sluts who don't obey their black masters'

A second guard came into view with another naked boy about Jason's age. The boy had his wrists bound together. The second guard attached the boy's wrists to a hook coming down from the ceiling.

Jason's guard told him 'This cunt did not properly thank us after his guard and I fucked him this morning. Let his punishment be a lesson for you.'

The second guard pulled a switch out of a closet. He approached the boy hanging from the ceiling. 'You need to learn proper respect for your betters, Bitch. When a black man fucks you and fills you full of his seed, you need to thank him and beg for the privilege of cleaning his cock with your mouth.'

Then he started to beat the boy with the switch. The boy cried out in pain as he felt it across his ass. Fifteen strokes later his ass was covered in red welts, blood flowing down his legs. The guard released him and he fell to the floor.

'Thank you, Master' the boy replied, ' for teaching me to show proper respect to my superiors, sir'.

'You can thank me by sucking my cock', the guard said, pulling his cock out and shoving it in the boy's mouth.

Jason's trainer pulled his cock from his jeans and put it through the bars of Jason's cell. Before last night, Jason would have thought it huge. At least 8 inches of hard cock pointed directly at Jason's mouth.

'Ok, bitch, you can start with licking my balls', the trainer instructed.

After seeing the result of disobeying, Jason quickly got his tongue out and started to work on the man's balls.

'That's it you little slut. Work those nuts. After a little training you're going to be a world-class cocksucker. What do you think of that?'

'Whatever pleases you, Sir' Jason replied and went back to work licking and sucking on the man's balls.

'You learn quick. You may just do all right. Now, get my dick in your mouth, bitch, I'm ready for a blowjob'.

Jason quickly took the man's cock in his mouth. Not wanting to experience the same punishment himself, he started to suck his trainer's big black dick. His head started bobbing up and down taking the man's cock in and out of his mouth. He's only had a couple of girls suck his cock before, but he tried everything he could remember to make his guard cum.

After a few minutes, Jason realized it wasn't so bad this time. The guard was just standing there letting Jason suck his dick. The man's cock was hard, but the shaft felt smooth and soft as satin as it slid across Jason's tongue. Jason closed his eyes and started to slide his tongue over the man's cock. Licking at the head and then sliding around the shaft as Jason took it in his mouth.

The trainer slid his hands through the bars and around the back of Jason's head.

'Oh yeah bitch! That's the way to suck a real man's cock! I knew when I first saw you that you were a natural cocksucker. But you're only taking half of it. When a black man gives you the privilege of sucking his dick you need to take it all the way down and bury your nose in his pubes.'

The trainer started to face fuck him. Slowly pulling his cock out until just the head is in Jason's mouth, then sliding it in until Jason started to choke on it. He held it there a minute, enjoying the feeling of Jason's throat muscles contract around his cock as he gasped for air, then pulled back out again.

'Relax your throat', he instructed. 'I'm not stopping until every last inch of my cock is in your fucking throat. Breath through your nose and relax your throat.'

He started to face fuck him again. Starting slowly, going deeper into Jason's throat with each thrust. Finally, Jason's lips were wrapped around the base of the man's cock and his nose pressed up against his stomach.

'There ya go! Now, suck on it and use your tongue.' The man held onto Jason's head and just enjoyed the feeling of a hot looking white teenager chowing down on his 8 inch black cock.

'Eat that cock white boy! Yeah, once you get trained, all you white boys love sucking black dick!'

His breathing started to get short, and he started moaning softly. He pulled Jason's head in close and let loose blast after blast of hot cum. Jason kept swallowing as fast as he could, but he couldn't eat it all. Cum started backing up over the man's cock, through Jason's nose and over his face.

'I may not be the biggest dick you'll ever suck,' the man said, ' but I always have a good size load.'

'Boss told me I couldn't use your pussy, but with a cocksucker like you we'll have plenty of fun!'

He handed Jason the bowl of oatmeal and a plastic spoon. 'Now, eat this and I'll be back in a few minutes for more training.'

With that, the guard stuffed his cock back in his jeans, turned and walked out of the room.




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