Jason was lead to a pool area behind the house. The patio was covered in men. There were men in the pool, men in swim suits in chairs beside the pool, men wearing suits in conversation at the tables. They were all black and of varying heights, coloring, and body types. At each entrance to the patio area were two guards dressed the same as Jason's trainer, in jeans and a tight white tee shirt that shows off their muscular chests.

Wandering among the men were servants with trays of drinks and snacks. All of the servants were young, white males in their late teens or early 20's, and they were all naked like Jason. Scattered around the pool area were three white boys on their knees chained to posts in the ground. Jason was lead up to an empty post and told to get on his knees.

Jason's trainer attached a short chain from the post to his collar and tied his hands behind his back. 'Listen up' he told Jason, 'These are all guests of the Boss. He provides you white sluts for their enjoyment. It's their right to use your mouth however they wish. Remember, you were born for this purpose, to service the needs of horny black studs. Now be good and do as you are told and I won't have to punish you.'

With those instructions his trainer left him chained naked on his knees. It wasn't long before two black men walked up to him. They didn't say a word to him, or even look at him. They just kept up their conversation. One of the men unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. He grabbed Jason's head and pulled him onto his dick. Jason began to suck and lick the man's cock, taking it as far down his throat as he could. After a few minutes, the man told his companion to hold on for a minute. He held Jason's head and started to fuck his mouth. Long, deep strokes. He pulled his cock out until just the head was in Jason's mouth, and then shoved it all the way down Jason's throat. It didn't take much of this before the man started shooting his load into Jason's mouth.

When he pulled out of Jason's mouth, Jason swallowed his cum and said 'Thank you for allowing me to suck you, Sir'. The man just patted him on the head and asked his companion if he wanted some. The second man declined and they just wandered off back in their conversation.

A tall, thin black man in a Speedo swimsuit quickly replaced them. The man pulled down the front of his swimsuit and put his dick in Jason's mouth. Jason started to suck, but the man told him to stop and just let his dick sit there. After a minute Jason could feel liquid gush out of the man's cock and taste an acrid taste.

'Swallow' the man commanded. Jason did as ordered and drank the man's piss. When he was finished, the man pulled out, shook the last drops into Jason's face and went back to the pool.

The afternoon dragged on for hours. Jason spent the day on his knees sucking and swallowing and rimming the men. Some just used him as an available hole and walked away, others told him what a good cocksucker he is and how good he looks with a black cock in his mouth. They ran their hands over his body, laughed as how small his hard cock was and used his mouth to get themselves off. Jason's cock stayed hard the whole time he was out there servicing them.

Towards the end of the afternoon the pool area started to clear out. Jason's trainer came and took him back to his cell.

'OK,' he told Jason, 'you did very well. Now, lay on your back on your cot. Your tongue felt so good earlier, I thought I'd give you the chance to show me how much you appreciate the privilege of serving the needs of your black masters.'

Jason lay on his cot and his trainer lowered himself over Jason's face. Jason used his hands to spread open the man's ass and started to lick at his hole.

'Oh, yeah, that's good bitch. Eat your Master's hole,' the trainer told him. 'Show me what a good slut you are and how much you want to please your black Masters.'

'Now, because you were so good I have a reward for you. Your cock is so hard. You can jack it off while you rim me.'

Jason reached down and grabbed his cock. With his tongue working his way in and out of his trainer's hole, his hand flew on his cock. It wasn't more than a few minutes until his load came shooting out of his dick.

His trainer stood up and walked out of the cell and locked the door. 'See how good it can be when you accept that your place is serving the needs of black men? Do not remove the dildo, but you can rest until I come back.'

With that, he left Jason alone in his cell.




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