Several hours later, a different black man brought another bowl of oatmeal for Jason. What Jason didn't know is that this bowl had been laced Viagra and other drugs to keep him hard and compliant all night.

The man walked up to the cell and pulled out his cock. He didn't even have to say anything to Jason, who immediately got on his knees and started to blow the man. Jason sucked and licked and ate the man's cock. He bobbed his head up and down, massaging the shaft of the man's cock with his lips. Finally, the man's cock started to shoot. Jason swallowed load after load of the man's cum. When the man pulled his cock from Jason's mouth, Jason looked down at the floor.

'Thank you, Sir, for allowing me to blow you.'

The man just grunted, put the bowl of food down and walked out of the room.

As Jason was finishing his meal, his trainer returned. 'Come on,' he said, 'time to get you cleaned up.'

He put the leash back on Jason's collar and took him to a shower room. The trainer removed the plug from Jason's ass and told him to go ahead and wash.

After getting himself cleaned up, the trainer told him to bend over and put his hands flat on the floor. When Jason did this, he felt the trainer insert a rubber hose up his ass.

'Gonna get this pussy nice and clean', he told Jason. Jason then felt warm water filling him up.

The trainer stepped in front of him and put his cock in Jason's mouth.

'You're going to blow me again. Keep all the water inside you until I cum and tell you to release it. If you don't, I still have the remote control for your collar and we'll have to do it over again.'

As Jason sucked, he could feel pressure begin to build up inside him. Just when he thought he couldn't keep it all in, the trainer started to cum in his mouth. Pulling out of Jason's mouth, he told him to sit on the toilet and release the water. When Jason was finished, the trainer had him stand with his legs spread while he dried him off.

Jason jumped when he felt the man stick a tube up his ass and something cold and slippery shot up inside him.

'Don't worry', the trainer told him, 'this is just something to help make you feel better.'

He then put the leash back on Jason's collar and led him from the room.

As Jason was lead into a large room full of people he started to become a bit groggy. His mind wouldn't focus. The drugs in his food were starting to kick in.

The first thing he saw was about 20 naked boys. Each one standing on a small raised platform with their legs spread and their hands behind their backs with a spotlight shining down on them. They all had their heads down, their eyes to the floor. Jason could see they were all good looking young men, well built without being muscle bound. Ages ranged from about 16 to 25 with varying hair color, but they were all white.

'Just do as I tell you and everything will be fine', his trainer told him. 'These boys are all being auctioned off tonight. Don't worry, you are not to be auctioned.'

'Yes Sir', replied Jason.

Once his eyes accustomed to the dim lighting, he noticed an audience seated at one end of the room. All the men who were around the pool earlier were now well-dressed and sitting at tables. Naked boys milled among them serving cocktails and small refreshments. Some were on their knees giving head. The Boss, who he met on his arrival, was standing up front dressed professionally in a business suit.

'Welcome Gentlemen,' the Boss began. 'Welcome to our auction. I want to remind you that all of the merchandise is certified healthy by our staff vets. They have been trained in obedience and subservience to their black masters.'

'As you know, we have a series of three auctions. Tomorrow we have our midrange line. Use them as house staff, put them in your factories, put them in your fields. These pieces have been trained to obedience. The next day is our final auction. These pieces are those we find unsuitable for anything other than a life of labor. Trained only to obey their masters and to work hard.'

'Tonight's auction is our premium stock. Each of these items has been specially selected based on their looks, their intelligence and their acceptance of their place in life. They would make excellent household servants, and each has been trained in multiple techniques as a bed slut.'

'But tonight', he continued, 'I have a special surprise.' He held out his hand and Jason's trainer brought him forward, into the light.

The Boss went on. 'We have recently acquired this lovely piece. Fine body, soft blond hair, crystal blue eyes, long legs and a firm round butt. A prime piece. Unfortunately, this one is not to be auctioned off tonight.'

'Quiet down,' he said to murmurs of disappointment from the crowd. 'He is being trained and learning his place serving our needs. However, this one is still a virgin. That's right. Some of you may have had him suck your cocks by the pool, but he has never been fucked.'

'Answer me slut, ' he said to Jason, 'Have you ever been fucked?'

'No, Sir, I've never been fucked, Sir' Jason replied.

Smiling out at the audience, the Boss continued his sales pitch. 'As a special treat to start our auctions off, I'm offering a once in a lifetime deal. Who would like to be the first to ram his cock up this white slut's boy pussy? How much would you pay to have your cock be the first to ride his ass and take his cherry? What is it worth to know that yours is the cock that taught him that his place is on his back with his legs open and a black cock riding his pussy? I start the bidding at $500.00'

Jason's drugged mind couldn't quite grasp what was happening. His trainer turned him around and had him bend over and spread his cheeks. He kept hearing numbers called out.




After a few minutes this trainer had him stand up.

'Sold!' the Boss cried out. 'Congratulations to bidder 57. $2,500.00 for the first fuck and the exclusive use of the merchandise the rest of the night. The merchandise will be waiting in your room at the end of tonight's auction. Enjoy him to your fullest, but please remember. There must not be any physical damage to the piece.'

Jason's trainer led him out of the room.

'Congratulations!' his trainer said.

'That's a good price for just the use of you for one night. I know your new Master for the night. He won't hurt you as long as you obey him completely. Remember, he'll have the control to your collar, so do whatever he says immediately. As long as you remember that you belong to him, and you are to offer your body any way he wants it, you will be fine. '

His trainer took him upstairs and into a suite of rooms. Leading him to the bedroom, he put Jason on his knees beside the bed and attached a chain to his collar. Then the trainer left him, on his knees, collared and chained, waiting for some stranger who just paid to have Jason as his sex slave for the night.




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