Fire Chief Tom is into his third year as the station 7 top man in the city of Orlando. He has been a firemen for well of 25 years and before he wrote his final exam to become a Firemen Platoon Captain. He stood well over 6'1 well wolf blue eyes along with dark and pepper slick back hair and a very well trim moustache to die for. As for the rest of him he was a solid 220 with huge biceps along with a muscle fatigue  throughout his body, Personal life he just got divorce after 22 years with a 20 year son who live with his grandparents in the Los Angeles area.

Stew just got a job as a photo journalist for the New York times and got his first major assignment  for Fire station 7 in Orlando. He had to meet with Capt. Tom around 2pm to go over his assignment and to sit down and see what Stew is all about. Stew was very good looking for a 22 years old, He graduate from Syracuse  College in Journalism  in 1977 and became very well know by his photos in upper state New York.

The meeting lasted a good hour with the Chief when they both decided to head out for a beer and some food at Lone Stars steak house not to far from were the station was. The restaurant was very empty when they Host sat them both down in a booth before Chief Tom order them both a Miller Lite beer. 

Tom was very please with Stew and his work for the Times as he became very comfortable in conversation on any issue that is happening in the world today. Stew was always interest how there is so much team work involved with the firemen and felt like they are a close net group of men. He also told Chief Tom his dislike with all of the Macho Bull grab and attitude lot of them had. 

Stew look at his watch and notice the time was well after 6 pm and got the nerve up to ask Tom for a lunch date on Saturday over at a pub close to his Hotel were he is staying at in Orlando. Saturday came by fairly fast as the 2 of them got together for some more beers and chickens wings as the temperature shot well over 94 that day. " Hey Capt. would you like to come back to my hotel for a swim Sir. Tom was shock a bit and told him he got some chores to finished off before he comes over. They both agree to meet back at Stew hotel around 4 pm.

The room was real hot since the air condition was not working well when he heard 3 knocks at the door before he got up from the bed to open it up. " Hello Capt. please come on in, I see your brought some trunks with you " Tom then went into the bathroom to change into his new mid cut style bathing suit that Daddy bears lifeguard love wearing in Coco Beach. Stew was totally amazed when he walk out of the bathroom with them on before they headed on down to the pool. The swim lasted a good hour as they 2 of them both end up in the hotel steam room they just but in.

The steam was getting so hot as Tom climb higher up onto the third tile bench in the room. Stew cock became  hard when he saw the outline of Capt. Tom dick in his red swimmers lifeguard trunks. " Fuck this is nice Capt. " It took a few seconds for him to reply back " You got that right Stew " It was a short time after that when the Capt. notice that Stew was rubbing himself in his USA Olympic Style suit as he became hard himself. Stew was a cross between a Cub or a Brown bear by his body type. He stood around 5'10 with short light brown hair and a somewhat hairy body. 

" Hey let get out of here and hit up to my room for a beer Sir " Capt. then got up fairly fast with a semi hard on hanging. Then both chatted for a period of time when Stew ask Capt. Tom if he was interested in getting a massaged " That will be nice Stew have not have one of those by a man in a long time " 

Stew hands began  rubbing Tom's upper thigh area the Capt. started to get a little semi on in his new Jim Palmer Jockey pouch brief . " Fuck Capt. love your briefs Sir " As more moans of pleasure came from Tom. " Thanks just bought them the other day over at JC Penny " Stew smile and told him that he must get a few pairs himself.

The clock on the wall was showing pass 5 pm now as the massaged got more aggressive as Stew made Capt. Tom cock full erected with his very oiled hands as the pre cum started to pour through the front of Capt. Tom briefs. " How about some head Stew " He smile as he started to plant his bushy goatee mouth onto Capt. Tom 7 inch prefect cock that had a lovely shaft and a very well trim med section.

" Fuck you suck great Stew "

" You like it Tom"

" Love it dude "

" Let me take you all the way down now Capt. "

" Fuck you good "

" Love to take your load sir "

" Hey Stew lets 69 a bit "

" I loved sucking cock to dude "

They both were deeply enjoying each other cock as they mouth were starting to fell up with all over the pre cum they were both shooting out. 

" Fuck I am close Capt."

" Same here dude "

Stew got right on top of Capt. Mouth and was pounding him good and hard as they were both kept deep throating one another.

" Give me your juice Capt.

" Let's come together Stew "

" OMG almost there "

" Same here Capt. "

" Holllyyyyyyyyyyy shit Sir '

" Fucccckkkkkkk Stew "

Both their cocks exploded with passion as the juice flew out of them both like a shot gun going off as their cum started to fill up both of their throat and mouths.

" Holy shit Capt. that was hot Sir "

" Fuck Stew it sure was "

" How about yout fuck my ass Sir "

" Don't know if I got any more juice left Stew "

" I am 55 not 22 Stew "

" You can do it Sir "

Stew ass was planted at the edge of the bed as Capt. Tom walk over to him and place his hairy legs around his huge broad hairy shoulders. Stew took a few deep breaths and yell a bit of pain as Capt. Tom cock started to go inside his tight hole. The room temperature was close to a 100 by now was they sweat pour out of them both like buckets of water.

" Fuck me Sir "

" Slap your balls against my ass "

" Love your ass Stew "

" Love your juicy hole "

The fuck got very intense has Capt. Balls were rubbing against Stew ass good and hard as they both are moaning with great sexual intensity as Capt put on his underwear to wear for the rest of the fuck. 

" Hang onto my waist band Stew good and tight "

" Yes Sir "

" Fuck it feels great Sir "

" Pull them harder Stew, Harder "

" Make me cum "

" Give me your firemen juice for my ass Sir "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Fuck Stew you got me close "

" Oh Fuck Stew "

" Here it comes "

" My fucking Jesus Stew "

" Fuuucccccckkkkkkkkkkk "

Capt. Tom body began to shake and vibrate as he was dumping 2 loads at once into Stew tight ass as Stew was watching his wolf eyes rolled back into his head like a great white shark.

" Fuck Stew that was fucking hot "

" You like it Sir "

" Yea, fucking hot "

" You underwear are soaking wet Sir"

" Please help me take them off before we grab a shower "

" Yes Sir, Loved to help you with them "

" I got to hit on home, Got my nephew  coming over to watch the ball game with me "

They both enjoy washing and scrubbing each other down in the shower before Stew sat their watching Capt. Tom get dress. " I have to go commando and I left my sweating underwear for you in the bathroom Stew' He then grin back before he told him. " Find with me Sir, that well be great to jerk off with later on " The both hug one another as Stew open the door for Capt. Tom to leave.

The End.  




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