It was well over 2 years since John heard from Daddy Arn once again, This time they meant in Arn hometown close to Atlanta,Georgia. John was down there for  IT convention for his new sporting goods company that he has been working for in only a few months. 

John had to share a room with a married man name Sonny who came from a well known crime boss family from the state of New Jersey. He was just over 5'11 weigh close to 180 pounds with deep browns eyes and built like a military or Policeman type. He was onto his third marriage and lived a very seductive sexual sex life.

They all got together for dinner and drinks at Ruby Tuesday a couple of blocks from the hotel that they were staying in. The time was after 8 pm when the three of them were feeling of know pain at all from all the drinks they had at Ruby"s Tuesday. John had just got change into his track pants that he likes wearing at nighttime, As for the other 2 they were both dress in slacks and a nice dress shirt along with cowboy boots they both like wearing. 

You can see the sexy passion coming from John as his cock started to get hard when glaring at both of them flirting with one another over on the couch by the window. John also loved the look of their hairy chest showing off very well from their wrangler cowboy style shirt.

" Hey  Sonny you like another beer "

" That well be great Arn "

" How about you John "

" Sure one more before bed "

The time was getting late when Sonny finally got his nerve up to make a move on Arn as he challenged him to a little wrestle match on the floor. John stood and stare as he watch them both strip down to their Under Armour and Duluth Company sports briefs that they loved wearing. They both started to get a massive hard on when there sweaty bodies got more intense from the wrestling match as John strip down to his briefs to join them both.

You can here there moans get louder as John had Sonny nice 7 inch cut dick all the way down his goatee mouth throat at the same time as Arn was shoving his dick down Sonny moustache mouth. 

" Fuck Arn love your dick dude "

" Suck Sonny , Suck it Sonny "

The pre cum started to fly out of all of their cocks by now as all 3 were very close in shooting. Arn was the first one that shot off a huge load that flew down the back of Sonny throat then it was Sonny turn as he scream out fairly loud before he shot his juice that hit the back of John throat. It never took long after that Arn and Sonny both took turns working on Johns cock and balls as he scream of passion just before he shot off over Sonny face and mouth.

" OMG John that was Hot "

" Thank you Sonny "

" Did you like that Arn " ?

" I sure did John "

" How about you both fuck my ass now ? "

" Got some new poppers to try "

" I never fuck a man's ass before "

" You like it Sonny "

" I can't wait to try it Arn "

John was now laying on the side of the bed as Arn help Sonny pour some heat active KY Gel all over his hard cock. All three of them took a huge shot of poppers before Sonny pull John ass close to his cock. Arn began to help Sonny place John's ankles and legs over his shoulders. Arn stood right behind Sonny as he watch with amazement Sonny cock slowly going up John hairy cub hole.

" Fuck this feel great John "

" I know you like it said Arn "

" Fuck me Sonny "

" Fuck me like a man "

"Pinch my tits Arn'

" Pinch them good and hard dude '

 Arn cock began to rub all over Sonny hairy ass cheeks as the fuck got more intense . All 3 of them now were screaming of sexual passion as the poppers began to take affect on them now. 

" Fuck Im close John "

" Play with my balls Arn "

" Squeeze them too Arn "

" Harder Arn , Harder Arn "

" Shot Sonny , Shot Sonny "

" Fuck I am real close guy's "

" Here it comes Johnny "

" Give it to me sir "

" Give it to me "

" Fuuuccccclcccck "

Sonny sweaty body shot off 2 huge loads at once all inside John juicy hole as both of their bodies shock from the orgasm that Sonny just had. Arn stood there smiling as he watch Sonny pull out his burning dick from John hole.  Arn began to help John roll onto his stomach as he was now getting to fuck him dog style as Sonny sat in the chair totally exhausted from the fuck.

" What this Sonny yell Arn "

Arn began to pour more of the KY Gel all over cubby juicy hole, He then began to enter John hole more aggressive as he push his shaft all the way up to his balls. The fuck is well into 15 minutes now and they fuck got deeply intense as Arn was pound the shit out John got and hard by now.

" Fuck Arn please cum "

" Give it to him scream Sonny "

" Fuck me Arn , Fuck me Sir"

" Love your hole Cubby, Love your hole "

" Fuck guy's this is so hot "

" You like Sonny " ?

" Love it Arnie "

" Come here Sonny play with nipples dude "

" Deeper Daddy Bear , Deeper Daddy Bear "

" Pinch my nipples "

" Harder Sonny "

" Fuck I am close "

" Fuck I am close "

" Sonny please go down and licks my balls now "

" Sure Arn "

" OMG that feels good "

" OMG I am close "

" Lick them harder Sonny "

" Lick my nuts harder dude "

" Holy shit here it comes "

" Her it is Cubby"

Arn scream through the top of his lungs as his cock belted out a huge load of bear spray all inside cubby hairy ass hole at the same time that Sonny mouth was clued to Arn hairy balls.Before he pull out of Cubby ass.

" That was great guys "

" It sure was Arn"

" I love it Arn "

" I knew you would Sonny "

All three all them shower off before they went to bed that night inside Johnny King size bed. The next morning they went down to the hotel breakfast room before they header on home. All 3 of them kept in touch and are planning a weekend getaway in Las Vegas in September. Arn then called Cubby a week later to thank him on his visit to Atlanta.

The End.




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