Joe meet Arnie Daddy Bear at the Holiday Inn in Montreal , Canada late October. Joe was there on business for John Deer Construction equipment as for Arnie he was there doing sale promotions for Coor's Brewery. Arnie was a former Pro wrestler who had to reitre early do to  a back injury that he suffer in one of his matches. Arnie stood  6'1 weigh a soild 220 and just turn 63 years old, As for Joe he is just around 5'9 a solid 170 and just had his 30 th birthday a few weeks before.

It was just after 9 pm when Joe got the nerve to ask Arnie back up to his room for a drink of scotch whiskey that he just bought. Joe room was located on the 14 floor over looking the downtown of Montreal as the 2 of them were feeling pretty good by now from the whiskey.

Joe was also feeling of know pain when Arnie decided to make a move on him by showing him some wrestling moves from the past. Joe love Arnie sweating body against his as the 2 of them are wrestling in their underwear that they had on. Arnie always like wearing a spandex powder blues bikini breifs as for Joe it was plain and simple white FOTL breifs.

Joe love feeling the pre cum that was pouring through the front of Arnie underwear as he has him in the head scissor hold with his mouth glued against his crotch. The match  ended up on Joe bed as Arnie  was on top of Joe bubble ass butt rubbish his dick against it. Arnie then pull down Joe briefs and started to eat out Joe's hairy ass hole as he started to moan with great sexual pleasure, This went on for a period of time until Arnie end up fucking his ass.

Arn then place a pillow underneath Joe ass and to prep him up before he guided his cock inside him. Arn then got on top of Joe hairy bear cub butt and guided his nice 7 plus semi cure cut into his tight hole. It took a good minute plus until he was all the way inside of Joe.

" Fuck I love your tight hole Joe "

" Thank you Sir "

" Fuck me Arn , Fuck me Arn "

Arn then began to fuck his ass much harder and faster before they change into a different position, This time Joe legs were place over Arn hairy shoulder as he enter him missionary  style this time. 

" Oh fuck this feel great Arn "

" You like it dude "

" Love it dude "

" Fuck me like the same way you pound your wife Arnie "

" Oh Yea "

" You ass is much tight then her snatch Joe "

Arn started to slap his hairy balls up against Joe juicy sweating hole by now as the fuck became more intense for the both of them. Joe loved pinching Arnie hard erected sweaty nipples as he was pounding much harder and faster. The two of them were moaning and groaning very loud as the sweat pour out of there bodies. Joe ass was getting sore as his ass juice and Arn pre cum were soaking up the bed sheet by now. 

" You close Arn '

" Yes dude "

" Fuck me Arnie "

" Deep cock my hole Arn "

" I love your hole dude '

" Fuck me deep dude "

" Almost there Joey "

" yes Sir "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Yea dude "

" Oh fuck Joe "

" Oh fuck Joe "

" Give me your spray Arnie "

" Give it to me Sir "

" Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit Joey "

" Holy fuuuuuuuckkkkkkkkk dude "

" Here it comes "

" Oh my fucking Jesus Joey "

Arn body jilted forward as has cock started to erupted like a volcano as it shot off inside Joe tight ass. Arn and Joe where both exhausted by now before Arn pull out of Joe nice and easy before they got up to grab a shower. The shower was good and hot as Joe got on his knees to lick off the rest of cum that was still hanging down from Arn dick, This made Arn cock good and hard once again and it was shortly after that he shot off 2 loads at once this time all over Joe goatee and hairy wet nipples.

Joe began to look over at the clock and it was showing well pass 11 pm by now, As for Arnie he was on his cell phone invited his friend  Rick who use to wrestle with him has a tag team back in their hay day. Rick was also a daddy bear who was the same age of Arn and retire from wrestling for breaking his back in 2 places. 

Rick made it to Joe room shortly after 12 am now as the three of them got into the beers that Rick brought with him. It only took a good 30 minutes until Rick started to fuck the shit out of Joey ass as Arn stood behind Rick and play with his hard hairy nipples while his huge 9 inch cock was pounding the shit out of Joe. 

Rick and Arn both took turns 69ing with Joe until Joe shot off his huge load all over Rick goatee  mouth while Arn shot off his spray onto the floor while Rick was shooting into Arn mouth. The rest of the night was all about fucking and sucking each other until they all woke up in Joe's king size bed next morning.

Joe love watching them both get dress next morning and jerk off at the same time they were both putting on their underwear as they stood there posing for Joe. It was around 2 months later that Joe got e-mail from Arn and asking him if he would like to join him and a few other for a fishing trip in Lake Placid , New York. 




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