Hi !

I love writing and reading about gay stories.

My age is 52 live on the East Coast of Canada.

My stats is 5'11 220 short hair with goatee.

Stories by THEBEAR

  • Home Repairs Part 2

    Jon get his men once again.

  • Home Repairs

    no description available for this story.

  • The Jobber

    I just turn 22 with a twink frame body and baby face and arrive at the TV Studio were the wrestling matches were filmed to take place for the mid-Atlantic wrestling territory back in the early 80's.

  • Hunter First 3 Some

    Hunter was sitting on his outside patio and began to notice Mr. Lankowski laying on his lounge chair naked beside his pool. He suddenly began to get a massive hard-on

  • Capitol Theatre

    Once again I began to slide down a bit in my chair hoping for that burley older man to show up to suck my cock again.

  • At The Hilton

    I had two huge men slug it out as one of them fell right on top of me, I notice a huge rip in his crotch as it landed did smack on my face. Steve Rice finally got him pulled off of me before I got up from my fa

  • The Dry Cleaners

    Bill starts to sort through his wash and got turn on when he began to notice a huge amount of cum stains on a few pairs of his white Jockey Pouch Sports Briefs.

  • Softball

    Eric was pretty relaxed when he made his first move onto Jay by asking if he could wrestle with him. Jay was nervous as hell before they both strip down to their underwear before the match. Jay did wrestle in H

  • Mr. Walker

    I began to lay flat on the bench as Mac stood directly behind spotting me. My heart pounded when I see his huge package jingling all around during the time of my lefts. I also got the feeling that he was stari

  • Curling USA

    Colter Rougeau just signs a new contract to help train the new team for the USA Olympic team.

  • Bulges

    Growing up enjoying and playing sports for most of my life, I never stop enjoying watching huge bulges from flopping, Either if it's in the locker room, sports field, swimming pool, ice rink, ski hill and even on TV.

  • Freemount High

    Danny was now in his final year of high school and was very excited about getting a scholarship for Marystown College in September.

  • Cowboy Colt Lane

    The lovemaking got more intense as Colt cock started to fuck him with more aggression and sexual pleasure. Both their body is soaking wet from the massage oil and sweat pouring all out through them both.

  • Ski Vacation

    Mike and John finally just got done making love as they body were trembling with excitement from their very first gay sexual experience, As for John he wishes finally happen as he was now giving oral to Mike while he was wearing his powder blue jockey pouch sports briefs.

  • Easy Rider

    He then notices Jack was setting all alone on the bar stool and decided to go over to see what this new person in town might be all about. Jack had the perfect biker type figure, he stood just pass 5'11 weigh a solid 160 with a muscle tone body from head to toe.

  • Roller Games

    Never screw around with the leading jammer.

  • Golf Stroke

    Billy got really turn on seeing Stephen stand in front of the mirror as he began shaving his face and chest hairs and was truly surprise watching him pull down his underwear so he can trim his thick dark pubic hair that he always likes to keep it trim and neat.


    Joe cook is on his third time trying out for the Rugger's rugby team. He just had his best practice ever scoring 3 try's before he was called into Coach Bob Office. Bob King is one of the best coaches in the 10 team rugby league, he comes from a very strict military upbringing

  • Uncle Mike

    The time was well past midnight when I just heard my Uncle get up to use the bathroom before I notice that he had a massive hard-on from his huge 9-inch dick, I could clearly see that he just got done fuck fucking my Aunt Helen.

  • Summer Dream Home

    Stan Rogers and Danny were enjoying the steam room when Marty showed up to join them for a got steam. He had just closed and lock the door and made sure that there were no other people there.

  • Dad Boss Part 2

    My God the autumn fresh and cool air feels great as were are now in the middle of Rice lake working on our 3rd beer when I have just caught my fourth nice size rainbow trout. My cock started to get hard once again while Britt was bending over the side of the boat, He was wearing a Colt type ...

  • Dads Boss

    After our very short wrestling match that I notice that he has torn a fair side hole into his crotch of his dress pants. I was truly amazed to see him wearing red color sports briefs. It was also a short time later that I got a little crotch smell from him when he planted his bulge onto my face.

  • The Giant

    Tom began to knock on the door as Andy got up slowly from the chair to walk over to open up his room door. Once again Tom was truly amazed by seeing Andy standing there in his tight whites sports briefs that he gets made especially for him.

  • At The Rink

    Sam as just turn 25 is now on his fourth years working at the Ice Palace Arena in the suburbs of Chicago. It was a very cold February that Sam had to close the rink after the last game of the Construction workers of Chicago hockey league.

  • Fire Station 7

    The time was around 2 am that John had to get up and take a piss and notice a Firemen drying off from taking a shower from his Bathroom widow that look over the Station. John was a closet Bi male who had just turn 25, and was well into his third year as a Welder over at a small welding fabrication ...

  • Wrestler Mentor

    I was into my third year at the wrestling academy, when I was call into to head trainer Bill Witts office to go onto the road as a jobber for Arnie Kelly. He was into his 20 years of his career in Professional Wrestling, My matches with him were know more then 7 to minutes 3 to four days a week.

  • Mr. Smith

    Hockey Coach

  • Bushwhackers

    Colt began to tied carl waist around the tree which made him get massive hard on he his small frame body. Brute can see that Carl was totally excited as he can see the outline of Carl cock showing in his camouflage pants. He began slowly walking up and began to rip his t-shirt of his lightly cover ...

  • Baseball Coach Daddy

    Max Smith was Clark first semi pro Baseball Coach in the Minor leagues he had just turn 22 and has sign a 2 year contract for the Hershey Torpedo's. It was well into the third game of the season as the team was on a 7 game road trip when Clark was called into Coach Smith Hotel room for a special ...

  • Helton Hardware Store

    Brad first full time job