Arn and John meant once again this time at John new house that he just bought through inheritance from his Grandfather Joe. The house was located in the bush around 30 minutes north of Barrie, Ontario. It was build in the late 70's with 3 bedroom 2 bathroom with a huge kitchen, dining room along with a very nice family room that has a lovely wood fireplace in the corner of the room. He also built a very nice rap around wooden deck and of course a brand new $6,000  hot tub.

It was just after 2 pm that John pick Arn up at the airport that is just over hour plus from his new home. Arn was very impress on the hard work that John put into his new place along with the nice sling that he but in his bedroom.

" My God John that looks interesting "

" You like that Arn "

" I never fuck anyone in a sling before "

" You going to be the first one to try it all out "

" I have just spent the last day working on it before you came "

" That's nice of you "

" I hope you brought those fucking hot pair of underwear again "

" I brought a few pairs for the weekend dude "

" I evan bought you a nice pair that will fit you cub body very well "

" Thank you , can't wait to put them on "

" How about I get the BQ started I bought 4 nice 8 ounce sirloin,potatoes and veggies' from the Amish community were I grew up "

" Wow that sounds nice "

" Don't worry lots of home made Italian merlot wine and other alcohol to drink here "

" It is going to be a crazy weekend John "

" I hope you brought the new bottles of poppers from my last e-mail that I send you "

"  Lol I sure did these new ones  going to make us shot off like a rocket "

" You are the best Arn "

The steak went down great as the time was close to 7 pm bye now as the wine started to hit both of them very well. John then got up and went into his bedroom to put on his new track pants that he especially bought for this occasion. Arn was in the other bedroom butting on his white spandex type brief that he bought from the Pro Bass Hunters and camping store.

John was finished tiding up from dinner when he saw Arn approach him with a semi showing very well through the tight white briefs. They both began to kiss deeply as Arn started to pull down John pants to his ankles has he place him on the island that was in the middle of the kitchen. 

Arn once again started to go all the way down John hairy cub body with his tongue and lips licking up every ounce of passion before he got to his huge 8 plus cubby cock. The blow job lasted a good 10 minutes before John shot his first load of bear spray into Daddy bear Arn beard and sweaty chest.

" Holy shit John that was nice "

" You fucking right Arn "

" Those new poppers are wild "

" I knew you would like them "

" Let's go and take a break and have a beer "

They both walk over to the living room as John went outside to turn the hot tub on. " Isn't to hot for a hot tub Johnny " He smiled and told him he made sure that the heater was turn on very low. John was the first one to get change and waited a good 10 minutes until Arn show up still wearing his tight white briefs with the outline showing his semi cut cock off very well.

The beers were going down as it was Johnny turn to suck Arn cock as he sat at the side of the  tub with his legs wide open with his cock hanging out the side of the briefs. Now they both took a good shot of popper. You can here Arn moan very loudly as his semi foreskin was pull back and Johnny goatee wide mouth slurping up every once of bear juice spray that he was spurting off .

" OMG John that feels nice "

" I love your cock Sir "

" You'r a good cock sucker Cubby "

" Make me cum "

" Lick my nuts dude "

" Suck on them real good "

" Love you nuts Daddy "

" Lick them , Lick them

John stop to take a little rest and took a swig of beer and slurp it all over Arn hard erected sweaty nipple.

" Fuck Cubby that's fucking hot "

" Suck them harder dude "

" I know you like it Sir "

" Holy shit you going to make me cum "

" Get down there I am getting close Cubby "

" OMG "

" Oh shit I am so close "

" Give it to me Daddy '

" Give it to me Sir"

" Here it comesssssssssss  dude"

" Squeeze my balls noooowwwwww "

Daddy Bear scream through the top of his lungs has his whole body shook while he was exploding his huge load down Cubby Bear throat.

" OMG John "

" That was wild  Cubby "

" Love your cock Daddy bear "

John began to slurp up the rest of the cum that was hanging down from Arn foreskin cock before he took another huge swig of beer to wash the rest of it all down from his cum filled throat. 

The time was just showing pass 10 pm when they both went off to bed for the night as Arnie was still jet lag a bit and wore out from all of the booze and poppers they took. It was early in the morning they both got up to get clean up and have some breakfast before they went fishing in Johnny small power boat that his Uncle gave him for his Birthday. 

It has been a very long day for both of them as they got some nice lake trout for dinner that night along with some nice wild rice and bottle of white wine. " Hey Daddy Bear how about we try the new sling out " Arn was still tired a bit for all day in the sun. " Maybe a little bit later Johnny " You can see some disappointment now coming from Cubby.

Now it was getting late as both of them were now getting horny from the ball game that they were watching on the 60' inch Samsung TV. 

" I hate your Red Sox team Sir "

" I know you do Johnny "

" I guess that I lost the bet again "

" That mean your ass is the sling for me "

" I  want to use the new Heat Sensitive Altra thins condoms that I bought with me '

" It's going to make your hole tingle with great sensation "

" That sounds hot Arn "

Johnny then got up and waited in the sling with his Black Colt Jock strap that he like wear for softball. He also made sure that the beer and popper were on the table beside the sling. It was not long after that Daddy Bear Arn walk out in his white Jock strap that he use to wear under his wrestling trunks in his early days of wrestling.

Daddy Bear Arn took his time pulling back his foreskin as he put some spit on his cock before pull down his Jock strap over his huge set of balls. Johnny eyes was in amazement as he watch Arn roll the condom all the way his hard 7 plus shaft right to his nuts. He then took the bottle of KY Heat Lube and began to pour it all over his hard dick and started to slide up and down getting his cock good and hard. 

They both took a huge shot of poppers before Daddy Bear start to slide his cock into John Cubby ass. Once again they both scream of sexual pleasure as Arn cock was totally all the way up to Cubby bear G-spot. The fuck became really aggressive as John cub ass was getting pounding real hard and good from Arn nuts that were slapping right up against Cubby hole.

" Fuck it feel good Sir "

" Fuck me harder Sir "

" Yes dude "

" Love your cock Daddy "

" OMG my cock is now burning Cubby "

" Holy shit it feel that it is on fire dude "

" My ass is the same way Daddy Sir "

"  Hold still for a second , I am going to pull my jock strap up to my ball "

" Fuck that hot Sir "

" Now hang onto the side of the strap and pull them good and tight "

" I will Sir "

" Tighter Johnny "

" OMG tighter "

" Thats good now dude "

" Fuck my ass is burning Sir "

" Fuck it hurts now Sir "

" Fuck me Daddy , Fuck me Daddy "

"Holy shit , I am close "

" Fuck John almost dude '

" Holy Shit here it cummmmmms "

" Give it to me Daddy , Give it to me Sir "

Arn body jolted like a volcano going off as his ball shot 2 huge loads at once into the condom that he was wearing. They both collapse for a minutes before Daddy bear pull out of Cubby hole very slowly. Cubby was so impress seeing the 2 loads hanging down in the condom as Daddy bear just stood there sweaty from head to toe totally exhausted from the fuck.

Johnny they got up to let Daddy bear lay down on the sling as he let Cubby remove the condom from his burning dick. John took his time pulling off the condom before he pours a good half ounce of semen all over Daddy Bear chest and hard nipples. Once again he love licking up the sweet tasting beard spray from Arn. 

The both slept very well that night and got up early for John to drive Daddy bear back to the airport to catch his flight back home. John then gave Arnie one more blow job in the airport parking garage before he got out of his small Ford Ranger. Arn then reach down into his bag and give Johnny 2 bottles of poppers for the great weekend they had.

The End.




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