Bill is still working as Lifeguard  Captain well into his thirtieth year on Mission Beach San Diego, California. It was a great late spring with Bill turn the half a century and got his fifth  award for top Lifeguard Captain for State of California. He was once again single after 30          years of playing both sizes of the fence on his sexuality and other issues he has. 

Tom has just turn 23 years old and finally made it onto Bill's lifeguard squad for his first time  for this year summer holidays season. Tom was a cub type stood around 5' 10 weigh just over 190 with huge biceps  and a trim shave hairy body from head to toe. He will fit very well on Bill's team since he has a thing for younger bear cub looking lifeguards. 

It was around the third week of June when Bill awarded Tom a gold life saving patch for  saving 3 laddies who were all in distress about 100 yards plus from the shoreline which made the news all though out the country. He always made sure he takes the person out for dinner after the award ceremony  which is held 2 times a years. 

The time was around 6 pm when Bill pick up Tom in his new Jeep he just bought and took him over to Jamie Oliver new Italian restaurant, They both order a variety of Italian food along with a bottle of wine for the 2 of them to share before they ended back up at Bill's Apartment for a night cap of Bill famous martini's.

Bill look at his watch and begin to ask Tom if he would like another Martini before he invited him into his bedroom for some fun. " Fuck Bill love a double Sir on some iced this time " It only took him a few seconds to get up and walk once over to where his bar was set up. They both down the Martini's fairly fast before they end up kissing on Bill 80's none motion waterbed. 

Tom loved watching Bill strip down to his new yellow Duluth Company sports briefs were the outline from his nice 7 plus cut cock show very well as his own dick started to get hard. They started to 69 each other while wearing their underwear as both of the cocks were pull through the front hole of the briefs. 

" Fuck Tom, Love your goatee lips rubbing up and down on my tool "

" Love your Dick Captain Bill "

" Deep throat all the way down dude "

They both took turns blowing one another as Tom begins to moan with great pleasure coming from Bill well trim greyish moustache as the pre cum started to pour out of him like a river by now. 

" Fuck I am close Sir "

" Fuck Captain almost their Sir "

" Give it to me Tom , Give it to me dude "

Bill hairy mouth flung open to take Tom bear cub load.

" Here it is Sir "

" Holy shitttttttttttt "

Bill then saw 2 huge load only seconds apart flew out of Tom cock before it flew down his open horny mouth as his own cock shot off from all of the excitement from Tom's massive orgasm he had.

" Fuck Tom that was so fucking hot dude "

" You made me came without me touching my own tool "

" Thank You Captain "

" How about you fuck my Cubby hole Sir "

" Love to eat your ass out first "

" Go for it Bill "

" Let me take a drink from my rum & coke to wash down the rest of your cub juice Tom "

" Go for it Bill "

 Bill got up and walk over to the night table a grip the tin of coke before he walk over to where Tom ass was perk up on 2 pillows.  Bill took a huge swig from the coke before he blew all into Tom's small nicely shave hole. 

" Holy shit Bill, thats feels great "

Tom was screaming from Bill mouth and tongue has he deeply felt his hole getting eating out   bye his new Daddy Bear Captain.

" How does that feel Cubby "

" Love it Sir '

" Eat my hole, Lick my click sir "

" Oh Fuck "

" Holy shit Capt. "

Tom began to scream as he shot off a huge load of ass juice that shot out of him all over Bills mouth and lips.

" That felt fucking great Sir "

" Holy shit Tom never tasted ass juice orgasm like that before "

" Good Sir, Now it is all ready for your big cock Bill "

Bill slowly got up and began to change positions by putting Tom head on two pillow at the side of the bed. He then took Tom's hairy legs and ankles and place them slowly over his hairy shoulders and chest before he guided his 7 inch plus into Cubby small clean hole. Tom began to gasp and moan while Bill shove his thick cock into his hole. They both waited around 20 seconds before he shoved it all the way inside his hole.

The fuck is well into 10 minutes now were Bill got more passionate and aggressive from each of his hard strokes during the Love Making session. Tom was amazed by watching his Boss greyish blue eyes and the smell from the Hugo Boss Cologne pouring out throughout his sweaty hairy 50 years old Lifeguard Captain body.

" Fuck Captain you feel great "

" You want harder "

" Yes Sir "

" Fuck me Billy "

" Fuck me Billy "

Bill then stop and pull out of Tom real fast and got up and walk over to the sports bag that was on the floor over by the closet. He reach down and pull out a speedo full of lifesaving badges and pull his thick 7 inch cock through a slit he had cut into it. 

Once again he began to walk over to where Tom was laying and slowly began to enter Tom bear cub hole. " Hole onto the waist band good and tight Cubby "  Tom ass was now getting sore as Bill cock was fucking his ass much harder and faster this time.

" Are you close yet Bill "

" Not yet dude "

" Love your dick Sir "

" Make me cum "

" Grab onto my speedo tighter and make my balls squeeze against my speedo "

" Fuck that is so hot Capt . "

" Pull it tighter Tom "

" Tighter Dude "

" Holy shit you got me close now dude "

" Fuck cubby almost there my friend "

" Give it Sir "

" Give it Sir "

" Oh My Gooooooooooood "

"One more real tight squeeze Cubby "

" Here it fucking cum's Tom "

" Holy shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiittttttttttttttttttttt "

Fuuuuck Bill body erupted as his head and sweaty chest bolted forward a few times as his cock was pour huge load of his juice all inside Tom's hole as they both began to scream out from the top of their lungs from the orgasm that Captain Bill just had before he pull out of him real slow.

" Hold shit Cubby that was the best fuck ever dude "

" Thank you Captain Bill "

" I felt like that my cock shot off 3 loads at once "

" You are right Sir "

" I felt your spray go inside of hole several times Capt. "

" OMG Really Tom "

" Yes Sir "

" I still have lots left on my dick, Come over and finished it all off "

" Love to Bill " 

Tom started to swallow the rest of Bills cum that was still left on his semi hard dick by now.

"Love you spray Sir "

" Suck it all off now Cubby '

" Little Harder dude "

" Harder Tom "

" Fuck here it cuts again Cubby "

" Holy shiiiiitttt  Tom "

" Take it dude "

The cum flew out once again this time all over Toms lips and mouth as Bill collapse onto the bed. 

" Were the shower Sir "

" Wait a minute Cubby we have a shower together '

The both took turns scrubbing each other down in the shower as Bill took the shower nozzle and spray off all of the soaps from there hairy bodies. Tom look down at his watch and notice that it was close to 1 30 am by now as he began to get dress, As for Bill he was over at his dresser drawers trying to find a clean pair of Bikini briefs to put on him before he walks Tom to the door. They both kiss one another deeply for the last time.

Bill called Tom into his office at the end of the season and told him that he is going to moved to another beach for next years tourist season, Tom deeply understand and shook his hand before he walk out of his office.

The End 




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