It was a hot mid July when John decided to go for a walk through the woods about 20 minutes from his home. It was a good 25 minutes into his walk when he decided to stop and take a break to have his lunch beside the river in a secluded area that hunters know about. He then took of his t-shirt and began to rub sun screen all over his Cub bear body, John has just turn 19 years old in May. 

The sounds from the river along with the rushing water made John more comfortable when he took a nap on his blanket that was inside his Knapsack that he brought with him. He also brought his new  black speedo swimsuit that his former Swim Coach came him for his 18 birthday. He quickly took off his Columbia shorts and put on his speedo to grab a few rays of the suns. 

John quickly awoke when he heard someone come up very close to where he was laying on his blanket. " Hi can I help you with something Sir " There stood was Arn the beer sales manger wearing his dark green Army pants, white v-neck t-shirt and his black army boots from his days in military . " Hello son I am Arnie and just out for my midday walk " John was stun a bit before he invited him to sit down and have a chat with him. 

Arn t-shirt was cover in sweat before he decided to take it off and though at the end of John blanket as they are deep into conversation about the army and world politics. John was a huge wrestling fan in his teens years and knew right away who his new friend Arn is. It took only a few minutes when John explain to Arnie that he was a huge fan of his while growing up. They chat for another 10 minutes when Arn took out some sun screen to rub all over his chest before he ask John if it is okay to take off his military pants. " Know problem with men Arn,You can do what ever you like Sir " 

Arn then began to unbuckle his belt and started to open the top button on his pants when John started to get a little semi on in his speedo. Arn knew what was happening as he lay back on the blanket just in his new Duluth Trading Company  Powder Blue Spandex briefs that he just bought. He heard that all they hunters lover wearing them instead of the same old Under Armour products that they come out with year after year.

" Fuck John the sun's feel great "

" I love it to Arn "

" Can I ask you something John "

" Go for it Sir "

" Are you open minded "

" In some ways Sir "

" When was the last time you got laid "

" Wow, That's some question "

" I only got laid once by a girl Sir "

" How about yourself Arn "

" Over a year ago "

" Who with Sir "

" I pick her up in a bar on a business trip "

" Was she good Sir "

" She did not know how to suck a cock "

" You got that right laddies can't suck dick "

" Have you ever had a man suck you John "

" Last year we both blow one another off "

" Who was that "

" My former high school baseball coach " 

" Tell me more about it John "

" We just went back to his place when his wife  went out shopping and I blew him while watching the Steeler game. " 

" How big was he "

" He only had just over 5 inches "

" How big can you get Arnie "

" You have to find out for yourself "

John then got up and move over and started to lick Arn smelling crotch as he got more harder himself. He then pull Arn brief down to his ankles and began sucking his huge 7 inch semi cut dick. The pre cum started to flow out of his penis hole like a river as Johnny was deeply enjoying sucking it all up. Now it was Arn turn to suck John huge 8 plus Bear Cub dick as he had trouble taking it all down his throat. It was a good 10 minutes later that they were 69ing one another on the blanket has the hot sun beats down on their sweaty bear body's.

" Fuck Arn how about eating my cub hole dude "

" Turn over John. I show you the best pussy and ass hole eater"

Arn then pull off Johnny swim suit and began to spread his legs open before he put his tongue up John virgin hole.  John began to gasp with great sexual pleasure as his ass juice began to cover  Arn beard and mouth. 

" Fuck Sir it feel good "

" Eat me Sir "

" I love your ass Cubby "

" Love your juice "

" Fuck you got me so hard "

" How about you eat me now Cubby "

Arn roll over onto his stomach has he wipe off the ass juice over his beard and mouth with the towel that John brought with him. 

" How about some Dr Peppers Sir "

" That well be nice "

" I brought a few cans with me "

They both took a huge zip of the pop as Cubby began to spread Arnie legs and ass checks apart. He then began to open Arnie hole with his fingers and took a zip of the pop before he slurp it into his hairy Grizzly Bear hole. They both scream with excitement from the tingly sensation from the Dr. Pepper. It took a good 10 minutes until Cubby suck up all the Arn ass juice before he got off him for a rest.

" How was that Sir "

" Holy fuck Cubby , That was the best "

" You want to be my first to break me open over on the tree stub Arnie "

" That well be nice dude , It well be my first time also fucking a man's hole "

" You mean a Cub's hole. 

Arn then took John hands and lead him over to the huge thick Maple leaf tree branch and bend him over very slowly. He put a huge amount of spit onto his hands so he use as lube for the fuck. 

" You ready Cubby "

" Yes Arnie "

" Please go real slow Sir "

" Just relax and be a man "

Arnie began to guide his huge erected cock into Cubby Virgin hole as John started to scream of pain a bit. It took a good 30 seconds until he started to push it in even further.

" Fuck Sir it feels great "

" You okay cubby "

" Fuck me Sir, Fuck me Sir "

The fuck is well into 20 minutes as both of their bodies were cover with sweet smelly sweat of Arnie Calvin Klein cologne that was pouring out through his pours. They are now enjoying each other fuck session as Arnie got more aggressive as his dick is pounding cubby hole much faster and harder.

" Fuck John I am close "

" Fuck me Arn , Fuck me Sir "

" You want it Cubby "

" Yea Sir what your bear spray "

" Here it comes John "

" Holy shit sir "

" Fuuuuckkkkkkkkkkk "

Arn pull out very fast as they both scream through the top of their lungs as the Bear spray flew over all of cubby hairy hole and cheeks. Arn was totally exhausted by now as he watch his cock drip more of his spray onto the ground.

" Fuck that was great Cubby "

" You got that right Sir"

" I never had orgasm like that before "

" Not evan your X wife "

" Nope Johnny "

John then began to lean against the other side of the tree branch before Arn got onto his knees to take his load. The blow job just lasted a few minutes until Cubby shot off 2 loads at all down  Arnie throat before he grab for Dr. Pepper to wash it all down. 

They both got dress and walk down the train tracks were they climb into Arn new F1-pick up truck as he drove John back to his place.  " Here is my number called me if you up for another fuck Cubby " John then grab they paper from Arnie hands and open the truck door up and smile before he said goodbye.

The End




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