Arnie and Joe  have arrive at there fishing lodge in Lake Placid , New York the last week of January to do some iced fishing and hope to catch some nice 3 to 5 pound lake trout. The sun is now setting in west as the wicked winds started to pick up shortly after 4.30 pm. It was a good 15 minuted Ski Do ride back to the log cabin that was set in a very well secluded area of the fishing lodge own by the Best Western Hotel chain.

Ranger Stan Henley well be on patrol for the next week during Arnie and Joe stay at the Lodge. He has been a Park Ranger for well of 25 years and just turn 52 on Boxing Day, He was a very good looking as he stood  5'11 weigh a solid 180 with Salt & Pepper short dark hair along with his well kept trim beard. 

Arn and Joe are now sitting out side in the Hot Tub just outside the back door of the cabin when they both heard a snow mobile approaching them. " Holy shit Arn, I think it is the Park Rangers I heard so much about" Ranger Stan had a reputation of being pretty strict when dealing with fishermen who use the lodge yearly. The front desk Manager both worn Arn & Joe that he will be patrolling the area a few times a day. 

Ranger Stan slowly got off his sled as he walk over to check on Arn & Joe who were deeply enjoying the Hot Tub. " Hi guy's my name is Stan and I will be on patrol this week since their have been reported of a few cabins that wore broken into over the last week.  Joe started to notice that Ranger Stan were staring at both of them as they set on the edge of the Hot Tub just wearing their underwear. " How about stopping by later for a beer Stan  " He nodded his head as he walk back to his sled. " Fuck Arnie he is strange a bit " as the both open up another can of beer. 

The time was well after 10 pm when they heard the snow mobile once again getting close to their cabin. " I think it looks like Ranger Stan Arn " It took a good minute until they heard the knock on the door. " Come on in Stan " Shouted Arn as he was cleaning up the trout they caught that day. The 3 of them were onto their third beer when Stan decided to take some of his clothes off since the cabin was heated by a huge 4 by 4 feet fire place. Arn then got up and went into the bedroom to put on his track suit that he like to rest in during the night.

Joe and Ranger Stan had a good conversation about life and general when Joe ask Stan if he would like a massaged. " Sure that will be great  Joe " Ranger Stan then stripe down to his navy blue Jockey briefs and lay on top of the huge sold pine wood kitchen table. " Hey Arn can you bring me out some of the wrestling oil dude" Joe was now standing  at the side of Stan as he lay on his back before the massaged started.

Arn quick took off his track pants and came out of the room just wearing his brown spandex bikini briefs along with his white Hanes T-shirt. Ranger Stan was now deeply enjoying as both Arn and Joe massaged his sore muscle hairy body as their cover oil hands were working around his groin area. " Holy fuck guy's this is hot " As his cock began to get a huge semi on as Joe and Arn both took turns licking the crotch of Ranger Stan. 

Stan then began to move his head over the end of the table as Arn pull down his briefs just below his balls before he slid his cock into Ranger Stan hairy mouth hole. Joe was now in full motion and sucking the pre cum that was shooting out of Stan 8 cut dick. 

" How about some poppers Joe "

" Did you bring them Arn "

" I got some in my uniform shirt  guy's "

" I get them Arn "

" Take a good snort Stan "

" Oh fuck this feel great Arn suck me deep "

" Fuck you cock is huge dude "

" Help me Joe, and see if you can deep throat him "

Arn was working and licking Stan juicy balls as Joe took all of Stan huge cock right down to his busy goatee as his pre cum was making Joe choke a bit. The cocking sucking is going on for a good 20 minutes bye now as all 3 of them were getting close in shooting off there juice.

" Fuck I am close Stan yell "

" You want my pussy spray Stan "

" I love your Pussy spray Arn "

" Oh Fuck I am close "

" Of Fuck I am close "

" Same here Stan "

" Here it comes guy's

" Holyyyyyyyy Shiiiiitttttttttttttt "

All 3 of them scream as their cocks shot off a huge load all down the back of Joe and Ken throat as they bodies were shaking from the orgasm all 3 of them had. Ranger Stan gave both Joe and Arn a huge smile as Joe stated to wipe of the white cum load that was left on his goatee and lips, As for Arn he was totally  exhausted from all of the poppers and his orgasm he just had.

The time was well after midnight when Ranger Stan started to fuck Joe ass Missionary style as Arn was licking Stan hairy balls as his cock were sliding in and out of Joe sweaty,juicy hairy tight hole.  Joe was enjoy great sexual pleasure as Stan got more aggressive during the fuck.

" Fuck me Stan "

" Fuck me Stan '

" Fuck you tight Joe "

" Love you tight ass "

" Pinch his tits Arn "

" Squeeze then tight "

" Oh Fuck it feels great "

" Fuck I am close now "

" Fuck I am close "

Arn then got down and started lick Ranger Stan juicy sweating balls again as Stan goran much louder.

" You want it Joe "

" Give it to me Stan "

" Here it comes "

" OMG "

Stan quick pull out of Joe and turn around and shot his huge load all over Arn beard and face as Joe was still vibrating on the table from Ranger Stan cock. Joe slowly got off the table and throw over a towel for Arn so he can wipe Ranger Stan load off his face.

Ranger Stan took his time on putting his uniform back on as Joe and Arn sat there watching it all go down. First thing he put on was his navy Blue Hanes briefs then it was his green yellow stripe pants, white undershirt, dark black wool socks, utility belt and then his Ranger Hat as Arn slowly open the door for him. " Thank you guy's that felt great hope to see you next time you guy's back here fishing " The door now slam shut as they heard the snow mobile engine roar onto the distance.

" Holy shit Arn that was fuck hot "

" You got that right "

" I am still horny Joe "

" Same here Arnie "

" Can you ass take another pounding Joe "

" Make sure you have lots of lube "

" I got some new Trojan Altar thin condom I'll like to try Joe "

" Sure Arn I always love seeing someone fuck me with a condom on "

Joe began helping Arn roll up his condom all the ways to his ball as he made very tight around the bottom of his shaft. Joe and Arnie bodies were completely soaking of sweat as the fuck got more intense as Arnie was in motion fucking Joe's sore ass by now.

" Please come Arn "

" Please give it to me Arn "

" Almost their dude "

" Give it to me sir "

" Here it comes Joe "

" Fucccckkkkkkk "

Arn body jolted back and forth as the cum flew into the condom like a rocket before he pull out of Joe sore ass once again.

" It looks like a good half ounce in their Joe "

" Fuck that is fucking hot Arn "

" Please dump it all over my cock "

" Here is Joey "

Arn began to pour it all over Joe hard cock before the started to jerk Joe off with it. 

" Fuck love your warm juice on my cock Arnie "

" I know you will like it this way "

Joe took a few deep breaths and shot off his load all over Arn blonde beard and mouth . Arn then began to suck up the rest of Joe cum before he went into the bathroom to grab a shower to get clean up before he went to bed.

The rest of the week was all about fishing and drinking  as they never heard back from Ranger Stan at all. It was a good 3 weeks later that Joe got a letter in the mail and a ticket from Ranger Stan for not providing a proper fishing licensed and had a court date of May 1 to plead his case.

The End




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