Tommy and Justin stayed in that position longer then I expected. Dylan and I just watched so happy for Tommy. Tommy realized what was going on and quickly recovered, but Justin seemed reluctant to let him go.

'Yes he will' I said.

'W..what?' Justin asked.

'Yes he will go on a date with you.' Tommy shot me a look, but started to smile when he saw Justin smile.

'Dylan and I are going to see a movie Friday night. We could double date if you two want?'

'That sounds great!' Justin beamed, and Tommy tried to pout, but couldn't stop smiling.

'Now what did you want Justin?'

'Oh...erm I work for Good morning Boston and we wanted to get an exclusive interview with you.' I looked at Tommy wanting to see his reaction and surprisingly he nodded in encouragement.

'This could get you one step closer to Broadway! Can he perform?' Dylan asked excitedly.

'Well I'm only an intern, but I can ask my boss. I'm pretty sure he'll say yes though, he really wants to be the first to interview you. We have a slot open for tomorrow morning if you want it.'

'I...uh...yeah' I said a little thrown off by how fast this was happening.

'Okay see you tomorrow at seven.' Justin then turned to Tommy and kissed him on the cheek.

'I can't wait for Friday night.' And with that he left. Tommy stood in the doorway holding his cheek and blushing.

'Hey Tommy where were you in a rush to anyway.'

'Shoot I forgot! I was meeting with the president of Massachusetts University of the arts. I can't be late!' He yelled sprinting to the elevator.

'Is it just me or did they look at each other the same way we do?' Dylan asked.

'I was thinking the same thing. Tommy has found his soul mate.' I said feeling like a parent watching their child grow up. It was then I remembered Dylan had been holding me the entire time.

'Aren't your arms tired?' I asked worried.

'Nope you're light as a feather he said gently tossing me in the air and catching me.' The rest of the day went by fairly quickly and before I knew it Dylan and I were off to sleep. I awoke to my alarm clock and reluctantly got ready. We arrived around seven and I was immediately grabbed and being prepped for my interview. Before I knew it I was introduced and had to walk out in front of a huge audience. They all stood up and applauded long after I'd made it to my seat. One woman holding a baby was crying and calling me an angel. It took about ten minutes, but the audience finally settled down.

'So Matt how does it feel to get an applause like that?'

'Honestly it feels like i'm dreaming. Never in a million year did I expect this.' With that the audience applauded again. As the interview continued I answered all of the questions openly and honestly. Almost everytime I spoke the audience would cheer and applaud. By the end of the interview I felt very overwhelmed, but they had another suprise for me.

'Matt we've gotten word that you're a singer and we'd love to hear you perform. Wouldn't we audience?' They roared once again and before I could respond I was handed a microphone.

'You're friend in the back told us you're not only a singer, but a songwriter so we've gotten you a guitar.' What happened next was a big blur. I opened my I to everyone jumping and cheering. I honestly didn't remember playing, it was as if my mind checked out.

'Matt what was your inspiration to write that amazing song?' I didn't know what song I'd sing, but my inspiration was always the same person.

'My inspiration for all of my music is my fiance Dylan.' I immediately regretted saying that on television, but surprisingly everyone once again cheered and chanted his name until he came on the stage. We were asked a few more questions, and we were prepared to leave when the audience started chanting for us to kiss. Dylan looked at me to make sure I was on board and I was only too happy to oblige. I sprung into his lap and we started a very passionate kiss. We continued kissing as he carried me off the stage with the audience cheering the entire time.

We returned home happy at how well the interview went. I'd left my cellphone at home and when I'd opened it I was absolutely shocked. I'd been called and congratulated by all my friends. There were requests for me to be interviewed all over the place. I read a text from Christy to type in my name on YouTube. My performance was the first thing to arise and in a matter of hours it managed to go viral. Dylan and I decided to go out to dinner and celebrate. I called Tommy, but he was on a date with Justin so Dylan and I went to my favorite restaurant called the melting pot. As we settled in our seats I noticed Christy having dinner with this older gentleman who looked oddly familiar. I wanted to speak, but they looked serious and I didn't want to disrupt them.

'What are you looking at?' Dylan asked

'Oh it's nothing.' I said and started to focus on my date. Dylan and I had a great time on our date and we returned home. We were getting ready for an intense round of love making when I heard something familiar on the radio and I turned up the volume. As the words clicked in my head I jumped in Dylan's arms and started to cry tears of joy. They were playing my song on the radio.



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