Dylan's Pov

I'm so excited right now. Matt just called and said he loved me, and wants to go out to dinner tonight. I put on a white polo shirt, a pair of tight black denim jeans, and my white converse then rush out the door. When I arrive at the spa i see Matt talking to some odd looking woman. She seems crazy, but Matt doesn't look threatened. All of a sudden the woman puts a gun to his head, and shoots him. I immediately jump out of my car, and hold him in my arm's. He still has a pulse, but it's faint.

'No no no Matt, don't you fucking die on me! You hear me!' I said with tears streaming down my face. I look at the woman, and she just sits down looks up at the sky, and repeats.

'I want my son back, i want my son back.'

I look back down at Matts almost lifeless body, and i pull him close to me. He can't die, I need him to much. I hear the ambulance coming, and i scream as loud as i can for help. Come on Matt you know i can't live without you, I won't live without you.

Tommys Pov

Today has been dreadfully boring without Matt. I missed waking up to him singing, and dancing while cleaning. I missed waking up to homemade chocolate chip pancakes, with Turkey bacon, and fresh squeezed orange juice. Normally Matt cooks all of the meals, but he told me that he was going to suprise Dylan and take him to a restaurant, and confess his love to him. It hurts, because I love Matt as well, but I'd rather have him as a friend than not have him at all. Matt is one of those people you fall in love with instantly, and once you've met him, you cannot live without him. I finish washing the dishes, but I'm afraid to sleep by myself lately. I've been having this reoccurring dream where this masked person tracks me down, but kills Matt. He's been trying to get me to open up about it, but it's something i think would frighten him. I walk into my bedroom and my phone rings.


'M.....matt!' Dylan says through sobs.

'Matt what?'

'H....he..was shot!' At that moment my heart broke. I grab my keys and take off towards the hospital.

Christy's Pov

How could Matt do this to me? How can he be so fucking selfish? After all I've done for him, how can he just abandon me in my time of need? I've been sitting in my room all day by myself because my so called best friend needs some "Me time". I can't believe he'd do this to me. Oh great now Tommys calling me. He is the last person i want to talk to right now. This asshole took advantage of me when i was emotionally unstable.


'M...matts been shot!' I drop the phone out of my hands. This whole time I've been talking about him he's been in the hospital. I have to go and see him.

Jacobs Pov

Boring, boring, and boring. Damn there's nothing on t.v. tonight. Maybe I should call Becky, who am I kidding I only fucked her because I was drunk, and i only date her to try to make Matt jealous. Oh well news it is.

'This just in 42 year old Margaret Filer has been arrested, and is being questioned in the shooting of 17 year old Matthew Valentine. Oh my god, Matt I'm on my way don't you even think about dying.

Devlin's Pov

You know what i feel like going on a walk today. Things have been pretty ruff in my life lately, but thanks to Matt that's slowly starting to change. I ran into him at the supermarket and broke down in front of him, and to my suprise he comforted me. I decided to tell him what really happened that day with ashley and I. We had gotten into a heated argument when she broke up with me, and said i couldn't be in my child's life. She stormed out and I chased after her begging/pleading not to leave me, and then she slipped down the stairs. I swear I loved her, and I never wanted this to happen. After hearing my story Matts been helping clear my name. People still aren't talking to me, but the threats have stopped. Matt hss truly been my angel, and after all of the horrible things I've done to him he still helped me when I needed him. As i pass by the hospital i see Matt on a stretcher with blood everywhere, with dylan behind him crying hysterically. Lord please don't let my angel die.

3rd person Pov

Tommy was the last person to arrive to the hospital.

'Who shot him?'

'Some woman named Margaret Filer.' Jacob responded.

'That's my mom!' Tommy said falling to his knees and crying. Everyone went to comfort him, but Dylan. Dylan had become unresponsive since the doctors made him leave Matts side. After consoling Tommy Jacob noticed Dylan's state.

'I know it's hard, but Matt's a fighter he's gonna pull through.' Dylan slowly lifted his head and stared at jacob.

'Do not talk to me.' He said before putting his head back down.

'Look Dylan I know how you feel. You and Matt are like brothers and...' Christy started, but Dylan interrupted.

'You understand huh? You know what it's like to be around a person all of your life? To slowly fall in love with him. To finally watch as he reciprocates that love to you only to be shot right in front of you. You know what the biggest difference is? You get to go home to you family, and hold you baby sisters. You get to sing them lullabies, and tell them about how tomorrow's gonna be a better day. While i sit here alone....praying to God those monitors keep beeping!'

'Dylan..' Jacob tried.

'DON'T TALK TO ME!!!!!' At that moment the doctor arrived.

'The bullet pierced through his skull, but by some miracle he survived the operation.' Everyone was happy except Dylan.

'But?' He asked knowingly.

'But, the bullet did pierce through the front of his brain, and his fall fractured his spine. When Matt wakes up he will be blind and/or paralyzed.' With this Dylan collapsed.

Dylan awoke in the bed right next to Matts. His head was pounding, but he managed to walk over to him. Even in the hospital bed Dylan was captivated by his beauty.

'Matt you're not alone... I'm here please come back to me.' He whispered. He placed his hand on Matts, and to his suprise Matt grabbed it. Dylan sat there in awe with tears running down his face. The only sound in the room was the faint sounds of Matts pulse on the monitor.



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