I immediately engulf his cock to the root s he let's out a loud gasp. He threw his head back and started moaning loudly. He really liked it when I swirled my tongue over his cock head. After a while I felt his body stiffen, but I pulled off right before he could release.

'Aw fuck...matt why'd you stop'

'Because I love watching you squirm' I said before engulfing him again. I was surprised that I didn't gag seeing as though this was my first time, and Dylan was well hung. Dylan was gasping and moaning so loud I'm sure everyone in the building heard him. I brought Dylan to the brink of another climax just to stop and I continued this for at least ten more times before he was begging me.

'Matt...please aw fuck....please' was all he could stutter out between his moans.

'Who's the boss?' I asked removing my lips from his cock, and stroking him slowly. I was turned on by his look of helplessness and lust.

'y...you' he answered while squirming under my grasp.

'Good boy' I replied. I decided to put him out of his misery and engulfed his cock once again. Almost immediately he released in my mouth, and surprisingly I didn't like it as much as the precum. After he shot what had to be at least nine strings his body relaxed and he laid spread eagle as I lay on top of him.

'You thought I forgot about that little stunt you pulled on me after our first time. Well now we're even.' I said leaning down and kissing him. He didn't really kiss back because he was still trying to recover. I laid my head on his chest enjoying the sound of his heartbeat, and the movement of his chest. We laid there for about ten minutes before I got up and headed towards the bathroom. Dylan quickly scooped me up and gave me a very stern look.

'Matt you know that you're supposed to stay off of your feet!' he yelled. I wasn't use to him yelling at me so I just placed my head on his chest and fought back tears. He held me tight, and kissed me on the forehead.

'Matt I'm so sorry, but the doctor said you could really hurt yourself if you don't minimize your walking. You talked me out of putting you in a wheelchair, but you said you'd stay in bed unless I carried you.' I didn't respond I just buried my face in his chest.

'Matt please say something.'

'Is this considered our first fight as a couple?' I felt his chest rise up and down as he laughed.

'Yes our first and last' he said as he carried me into the bathroom. He sat me down on the counter and started running our bath water. He then lifted me up and placed us in the water. I exhaled deeply letting my muscles relax in the warm water. My relaxation didn't last long as I felt Dylan start kissing my neck and pinching my nipples. I tossed my head back and started moaning. When I felt his hand grip my cock I knew I was in trouble. Before I could protest he started stroking me and I gasped. I closed my eyes; he and I both knew I was helpless. I melted into his arms and just soaked in all of the pleasures I was receiving. Dylan was sucking and nibbling on my neck, pinching my nipples with one hand, and stroking me off with the other. The feeling was too good and I knew that I wouldn't last long. Just as I thought I was at the point of no return Dylan stop stroking me.

'w...why'd you stop?' I asked whimpering. He didn't respond he just resumed stroking me. He brought me to a brink of climax only to stop leaving me whimpering and begging just as I did to him.

'Dylan please'

'Who's the boss?'

'You, Dylan...please!' He finally stroked me off and I laid on him panting. After I came off of my sexual high Dylan kissed me on the lips.

'Looks like it's a tie.' He said as he lifted me out of the bath tub. We dried each other off and he carried me back to the bed. He sat down with me in his arms and we rocked gently while holding each other. I started humming as I normally do when I'm happy and he seemed to enjoy it as he held me tighter and sighed heavily. Normally I would relish this moment, but I had a competition to win. My humming slowly turned into me singing as I we made eye contact. I started to lean in and kiss him, but stopped just before our lips touched. He tried to close in the distance between us but I pulled back just enough to stop him. I pushed him back so that I was lying on top of him and gently kissed him. We kissed savagely as I started to gently tug on his blond hair and just as I was about to completely seduce him there was a knock at the door. (Damnit!). Dylan and I quickly dressed and he carried me to the front door.

When we opened the door we saw a kid who looked about our age standing at the door.

'Hi my name's Justin and I...' He stopped and stared intently on something behind us. I looked back and saw Tommy sprinting and rushing towards the door. He had his head down looking into his phone.

' Hey matt I have to go i'll talk to you la...' He ran into justin and started to fall, but Justin caught him. They froze as if it were a picture as they stared at each other in awe. (hmm it smells like love).



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