I walked into the kitchen nervous. French fries are my absolute favorite food, but i always over indulge.

'Hey guys i got bored so i decided to cook dinner hope you like fish and chips.' Tommy said smiling.

'Tommy, were did you get french fries?'

'Oh i made them with the potatoes you had, you don't like them. (I wish!). We sat down, and ate together. Suprisingly taking a year off from them stopped my gluteny. After dinner dylan gave

me a kiss and headed home. After cleaning up, and taking a shower i went to sleep. I was awaken by the sounds of crying. I looked at the foot of the bed and saw a woman staring at me. Tears running down her face. I was about to speak when she let out a blood boiling shreik and lunged at me. I sat straight up in my bed and came face to face with tommy. I screamed.

'Sorry.....sorry, I'm sorry i didn't mean to wake you.' He said. He looked scared.

'Its okay tommy, what's wrong?'

'I had a nightmare.' He said tears running down his face. I scooted over and motioned for him to get in bed. He got in and i put the cover over him, but before i got comfortable i texted dylan to let him know. I know i didn't have to, but if you have to question something its better to take precaution. He texted back ok and i placed my arms on tommys trembling body.

Time seemed to fly by, and before i knew it we were at the end of our junior year. Ashley had just gotten her diploma, and we were waiting for her to give our congradulations. When she came out she looked like she was going to pop. She's due anyday, but i still worry because she hasn't left devlin.

'Ashley hurry up, or you'll be walking!' Devlin spat.

'Please don't go.' Christy pleaded.

'I know you guys don't see it, but he loves me.'

'Ashley what kind of love leaves you with bruises?' I asked. She didn't respond she just walked away with him. Dylan, tommy, and i went home to hang out. Half way through the movie we were watching dylan gently grabs my crotch. This causes my body to shut down completely. I lay my

head on his chest and let out small moans. He tilts my head up, and keeps his fingers under my chin. He continues to grope my while looking directly into my eyes. He has me right were he wants me.

'You like that?' He asks with a devilish smirk and lust in his eyes.

'D...dylan...' is all i can say as his hands continue to explore my body. He leans down and we kiss. Well he kisses me i just kind of moan.

'So sexy' He says before exploring my mouth again. After regaining some control over my body i look over at tommy. He is staring intently.

'Can he join?'

'Whatever you want babe.' He said.

'Tommy get over here.' I didn't have to say it twice before he practically flew over to us. We engaged in a orgasmic threeway kiss. As we were starting to remove clothing my phone rang. Dylan and tommy tried to stop me, but when i saw it was christy i answered. She was hysterically crying and i could barely understand her. I got something about ashley in the hospital, and we quickly went. Once we'd arrived we saw christy with two people assumed to be ashleys parents. I thought she was giving birth, but by there faces this wasn't good news.

'Christy what's going on?'

'She......she got into it with devlin.....and she.....she fell down the stairs!' Christy said before sobbing furiously. I held her and we waited for hours until the doctor came out.

'Ashley suffered massive swelling to the brain, there was nothing we could do. I'm sorry, they didn't make it.' At that moment my world went black. This wasn't supposed to happen. She was supposed to survive like in the movies. And the baby, babies aren't supposed to die this isn't right. Everyone at this point was crying, but i think christy took it the hardest.

Although the seniors had graduated, us underclassmen still had two weeks left. The story of ashleys death got national coverage, but since devlin was only seventeen they had to keep his identity a secret. Footage came out from the apartment complex showing her running down the stairs from someone and tripping. Because she tripped they couldn't give devlin any prison time. Although the press kept his identity a secret the students didnt. He was quickly exposed and harrassed. It got so bad he didn't come back to school the remaining weeks, and his home had to be guarded. Ashley and linda (the baby) soon became the face of the fight against domestic violence.

On the last day of our junior year my feelings were conflicted. I was excited for my senior year, but graduation made me think of ashley. As we sat at our lunch table for the last time this school year i notice becky staring at jacob. Now her and i aren't the best of friends, but since the second semester started she's been acting weird. I look at jacob looking back at her from his table, and i light bulb clicks.

'You fucked him.'

'What?' She says suprised.

'At dylan and my party you were the one who fucked jacob!' I said angry. Do you know what this bitch did? She looked up at me devilishly and smirked. I back handed her, and she flipped over the table. Well okay i lied, but that's what i wanted to do.

'Took you long enough.'

'B..becky' dante said crying. They'd been dating since the first week he moved here. Before she could respond he charged jacob. This was proven to be a bad idea as he was beaten horribly. We seperated them and jacob walked off with becky. We helped dante to the nurse where he was tended to. Life was becoming way too stressful. After school dylan, christy, tommy, and i went to my place. With everyones emotions running haywire it didn't suprise me to see tommy and christ enter his room and have sex. Dylan and i stripped down quickly and started making out aggresively. But as dylan promised we didn't fuck, we made love. I stood up and placed my hands on the glass to the balcony and arched my

back tempting him. He took the bait, and slowly started to enter me. The pain was still horrible, but he kissed me the whole time. He slowly started a steady rhythm while brushing over my prostate. I moaned in pleasure as he continued to make love to me. I looked out the window and saw we had an audience from the aparments across the street. One man was applauding, while another was jerking off, and a woman was eating popcorn. I was amused until dylan reached forward and grabbed my cock.

'Uhhh dylan!' I said as he stroked me. Before i knew it i felt his cum in me, and that put me over the top as i climaxed all over the glass door. Dylan carried me to the shower, and we quickly feel asleep.

Life was getting pretty ruff for me. We've been on summer break a month, but I've felt no relaxtion really. Between taking care of tommy and his recurring nightmare, christy and her depression since ashleys death, having to play house with my parents so they maintain there job, and trying to be the best boyfriend i can to dylan I'm exhausted. Our relationship has been great, but with so many people dependent on me I've kind of lost myself so i decided to make some me time. I told everyone on next Saturday my only focus will be on me. Saturday has finally arrived and I'm so excited. I get up early and just take a walk. The warmth of the sun on my skin is truly amazing. I stop at a little diner, and order a bagel with cream cheese. After that i walk to the movie theatre and watch a romantic comedy. Throughout the movie i can't help but smile. I have my true love, and i know he'll never leave me. After the movie i head to a spa, and it was amazing. I spent who knows how long in there jacuzzi, and i got the best massage in the world. After leaving i realized it was dark outside, and i was quiet a distance away from my home so i called dylan.

'Hey babe you called, is everything okay?'

'Yeah I'm at the bus stop by the spa. Get dressed and come get me so we can go out to dinner.'

'Really?!' He said sounding like a kid who was just given the keys to a candy store.

'Yes i can think of no better way to end my day than with you.'

'Okay ill get there in a little bit i love you.'

'I love you too.' I said. My heart was fluttering that was the first time he'd said that. I sat there smiling until a woman walked up to me. She had a flat affect so i couldn't tell if i should be nervous. Then i remembered her, it was tommy's mom, and the woman from my dream. She looked at me and started crying.

'Where's my son?!' She screamed. Judging by her demeanor she had completely lost her marbles. I looked at her hands lying by her side. In her left hand a pistol. Normally i would be frightened, but for some reason i wasn't.

'He's at his home.' I calmly replied. She then held the gun up to my head, and pulled the trigger.



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