Dylan flipped me onto my back so quick it scared me. Before I could react he pressed his lips onto mine. Our kiss was very passionate and seemed to last hours, but that wasn't long enough for me as I reluctantly let go of his lips as he broke our liplock. Dylan looked me in the eyes.

'Thank you' was all he said before wrapping his arms around me and crying. We held each other in that embrace until we fell asleep. I awoke to a loud banging on the my front door. I look over at my alarm clock and it says six. (who the hell is at the door at six in the morning!).

'Tommy get the door!'


'Free loader!'

'Shut up!' I shook Dylan, but the loud snore that he emitted let me know he wasn't going to wake up anytime soon. I tried to get up, but Dylan wouldn't let me go. I started wriggling in his arms, but he wouldn't let go. After squeezing a pillow in between us he finally let me go, and I stormed toward the front door. I swung the door open wildly ready to give someone a piece of my mind, but stopped in my tracks.

'M...Mrs.Sky!' she didn't respond to me she just looked at me shocked, mouth hanging ajar. I followed her gaze and looked down. (Holy Shit i'm naked!). I turn around ready to run, but she grabbed my left my wrist. She looked at my wedding ring, and then glared at me. Before either of us could speak Dylan groggily walked out looking for me, also nude.

'Matt, baby you aren't supposed to be walking...mom!'

'What the hell is going on?!' Mrs.Sky asked pacing. I knew she was really upset because she never swore. She'd allowed us to run in our rooms and make ourselves decent.

'um...how did you know we were here?' I asked sheepishly.

'I heard about you getting shot so Lawrence and I came back from our business trip early. We went to your house, and you so called parents had no answer as to where you were so they gave me your address. Now someone need to answer my question. What is going on, and what is that on your finger?' I opened my mouth to answer her, but Dylan spoke first.

'Mom, Matt and I have been dating since valentine's day. Once he was shot and i'd thought I might lose him it made me realize just how much I loved him, so I proposed as soon as he awoke. I love you mom, but i'm in love with matt. I hope you and dad can accept that, but if you can't i'm still going to marry him.' When he said this I couldn't help but smile a little. Mrs.Sky came up to him and gave him a hug, and a big kiss on a cheek.

'Dylan i've known you were in love with Matt for years. As long as you're happy, your father and I are happy.' They hugged and cried as I sat back and watched. I was so happy his parents accepted him, but it hurt knowing that my parents never would. Mrs.Sky must've sensed something was wrong since she turned to me and said that my parents agreed to come over nd make things right. I happily agreed and she got on the phone and called them over.

'What's with all of the noise!' Tommy sasked while pouting a little.

'Oh goodness, somebody want to explain who he is?'

After we got them acquainted we waited for my parents arrival. It seemed like years before my parents, and Mr.Sky arrived. They all looked around my apartment for the first tme and seemed suprised. My apartment was kind of dull until Tommy moved in. I let him have free range and he made my apartment come to life. After everyone got comfortable we sat down at my large kitchen table to talk. Tommy tried to excuse himself, but I told him since he was a part of the family he should stay.

'Matt the way we reacted was completely immature and childish. We love ou so much I hope you can forgive us.' my mom said.

'Of course I can mom I love you guys.' I thought that everything was okay, but she continued speaking.

'And to prove to you how accepting we are, we even want to be in your life while you satisfy your curiousities. I know as a teenager in this day and age you guys like to experiement and...' Before she ould finish I cut her off.

'Mom i'm not satisfying a curiousity, or doing a little experiment this is my life. I'm in love with Dylan and we're getting married.' I finished my statement by showing them my ring. Mr and Mrs Sky nodded their heads in approval, but my parent looked disqusted. The words that came out of my fathers mouth next killed me.

'As of now Matt you are dead to us. We've tried our best as parents, but we will not sit back and watch our child send himself straight to hell.' With that they got up and left without saying another word. I went numb. I heard everyone around me talking, but I couldn't make out what they were saying. After a little while Dylans parents left, but I was still out of it. I didn't come to until Dylan leaned down and kissed me. I didn't really kissed back, but it got me out of my mind at least temporarily. He carried me back into my bed and held me close as we fell asleep.

I awoke around noon to find Dylan still asleep lying on top of me. For some reason I wasn't feeling sad, but horny. I used all of my strength to roll us over so that I was on top of him. I slowly stuck my tongue in his mouth and started to kiss him. He awoke shortly and groggily kissed back. After I released the kiss he quickly drifted off to sleep. I looked down at his erect member and for the first time I had the urge to suck it. This suprised even me seeing as though I thought giving blow jobs would be absolutely disqusting even though Dylan had given me many. I slowly licked the head of it as precum flowed from it. Suprisingly I loved the taste of it and I engulfed his cock to the root. He immediately awoke and moaned very loudly as I sucked as much precum out of him as I could. I started to think that he wasn't enjoying it until I heard him moan and saw him squirming. He looked down at me with his beautiful gray eyes and he winked at me. Little did he know that wink set would set off a sexual war for the ages.



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