What the hell! I just woke up after being out for a week since some psycho shot me and he decides now is the time to propose. This is wrong it's not supposed to happen this way. My heartbeat must have increased dramatically, because before I could respond to Dylan the doctor barged in and saw Dylan on one knee.

'What do you think you're doing?! He just got out woke up, he can't have any stress right now!' Dylan looked a little sad, but I was relieved not give him an answer. Something about it didn't seem right. The doctor then turned his attention to me.

'How are you feeling?'

'Really stiff and sore, but i'm okay'

'How's your vision?' I thought this was a weird question.

'A little blurry at first, but perfectly fine now.' He then sighed.

'Matt when you fell you spine landed on the curb and was fractured. You may be paralysed.' At this I giggled a little.

'Um doctor i've been wiggling my toes the whole time you were talking!' I said giggling harder. He pulled up the bottom of the blanket and saw my toes moving. Dylan looked at me concerned.

'Don't worry we gave him some medicine while he was asleep to reduce the pain. He awoke sooner than expected so this is one of it's side effects. Well mr.Valentine you are truly remarkable can you move any other part of your legs?' I lifted my left leg, and the pain was so intense that I started crying. Dylan rushed by my side and held me while I sobbed on his chest. The doctor just nodded and wrote into his notebook.

'Matt we can't get you anymore medicine right now, but you are not paralysed. Do not attempt moving your legs at all until your spine is finished healing, or you'll be in serious pain.' (Well no shit Sherlock!). Dylan stayed by my side and held even after I'd stopped crying. I love these moments when the two of us are like this, even if i'm on a hospital bed. (Maybe I should reconsider my answer... no we are too young for marriage). Dylan and I just laid on the bed in silence cherishing the moment. He didn't bring up the ring again and I was thankful. A nurse came in with some jello like soup she called food and told me it was all I could have. It tasted like diarrhea, but I was hungry so I reluctantly ate it. Dylan didn't leave my side once, and I was thankful. The doctor told me that I could leave after a week. My legs had started to work much better, but I could only walk so far before I had to sit down. Surprisingly as I was leaving the hospital I was surrounded by news reporters. Dylan shielded me as we headed towards his car. As he was starting his car a news reporter ran up to the window holding a newspaper and asked.

'How does it feel to be America's angel?' I snatched the paper out of her hand and sure enough there was a photo of me with the title teen gets within a inch of his life, but comes out victorious. I continued reading as Dylan pulled off. We headed to my apartment and Dylan carried me when my legs started to hurt. He opened the door, and I nearly jumped out of his arms when everyone yelled 'SUPRISE!'. After I realized what was going on I put my head on Dylan's chest and cried. (I know i'm such a baby!). He just held me closer and sat down with me still in his arms. I looked around and saw everyone a lot of people I didn't recognize. Among the large crowd of people I spotted Tommy, Christy, Jacob, Devlin, Dante, the triplets, and their parents. I kept looking and honestly I was disappointed not to see my parents. After about ten minutes I got off of Dylan's lap and started socializing. Surprisingly I had a great time, and when I checked my phone I saw that several morning shows had called to have me interviewed. I didn't think that there was much to say I got shot, I almost died, and then I woke up end of story. Besides I didn't feel comfortable talking negatively about Tommys mom, even though she shot me. The party went by pretty quickly, and surprisingly everyone helped clean up. Once everything was cleaned, which Dylan did not let me help at all, he carried me into the bathroom. He sat me on the counter, and started the bath water. While the tub was filling up he slowly started to undress kissing every part of my body along the way. He then slowly undressed himself and turned the water off. He lifted me up once again and sat down in the bathtub as I melted into his arms. I wanted to lay there in his arms forever. I lifted my head to see his piercing gray eyes staring at me. He was looking at me the way he did on the first day of school, and I've finally figured out what that look was. It was love, Dylan loves me. I leaned forward and gently pressed my lips against his. He responded, but not with his usual eagerness. This kiss was different this was not a kiss of passion, or lust this kiss was of pure love. We kissed for what seemed like hours neither of us wanting it to ever end. Once we finally pulled away he drained the water and turned the shower on. We bathed and dried each other, then he carried me to bed. No words were spoken we just lay there looking at each other and smiling. After about ten minutes Dylan broke the silence.

'I'm so glad you're okay.' he said playing with one of my locks. I leaned forward and kissed him on the nose, and then placed my head on his chest.

'Me too. It sucks though I had some very sexy plans for us that night. But just you wait, when my legs are better you are in trouble.' He just laughed and pecked me on the lips. Again we fell silent just enjoying the warmth of our bodies together. I was slowly started to fall asleep when I noticed the box containing my ring in it. I'd totally forgotten, how could I forget! (Ok matt get your shit together!). You know what I don't care what anyone else thinks we're soul mates. He's been here for me through everything, and has once tried to pressure me to answer him. This is my life and i'm going to live it the way I want, and I want to live it with Dylan.


'Yes what?' I rolled over so that I was now on top of him.

'Yes Dylan Sky I will marry you.'

The end

Authors note: just joking i have plenty more to write as long as you guys are interested. I was planning on changing the name again, but some people got confused so i'm not sure. I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

Love always




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