It's been about a month since I first heard my song on the radio, and my life has been going great. I haven't become a celebrity or anything and Broadway still hasn't called, but I have been on multiple interviews. I have also performed at many local schools, and café's.

All of my success has been great, but the fact that Dylan has been there for me every step of the way has made it perfect. To repay him I've decided to go to the final round of his boxing tournament. I love and support him, but I've been afraid of how I'll react to seeing him get punched.

Tommy, Christy, Justin, Devlin, Jacob, and I all found seats on the bleachers while I nervously fidgeted around. Dylan is 10-0 so far, but that still does not stop me from worrying. Plus he is going up against last year's champion who put his last competitor in the hospital. Christy must have read my mind because she turned to me and said.

'Matt calm down everything is going to be okay, Dylan has trained for this.'

'Yeah, but I don't want him to get punched. Besides the other guy is like thirty pounds heavier, and like three inches taller.' I said biting my nails as the lights lowered.

'Take it from someone who's fought him, he'll be fine.' Jacob said putting me at ease a little. Dylan then came out with his coach and we cheered him as he made his way towards the ring. He spotted me and raised his arm at me and smiled. I was happy until his opponent stepped out. He was a beast of a teenager and I started to doubt that he was a teenager.

'I need to see a birth certificate!' I said to no one in particular.

Christy heard me and started to giggle. The boxer was introduced and apparently his name was Chris. As the bell rang the two didn't really punch a first they kind danced around the ring, and then as if on queue they were on each other. It was very hard to watch Dylan get punched, but for the first couple of rounds no one took any severe shots. I think it was round six when things started to go south.

They started off equal with Dylan actually winning by a bit, but Chris threw a wild punch to the stomach and I think it knocked the wind out of Dylan. Chris then threw a haymaker almost knocking Dylan off of his feet. It took everything I had to stay in my seat and not fly of the bleachers and land on Chris's back like a rabid spider monkey.

Dylan spent the rest of this round looking like a rag doll more or less, and I struggled to watch. Christy saw my pain and held my hand as I started grinding my teeth. I have never wanted to punch someone so bad, even though he could take me with one hand behind his back. At the end of the round Chris turned to me and blew a kiss enraging Dylan. I looked over at Dylan and saw something that I'd never seen before, and it turned me on.

What happened the next round had me on the edge of my seat, but for a different reason. I no longer wanted to pummel Chris, I wanted to jump on Dylan and take him in front of everyone. There was something in his eyes, kind of like he was in some sort of beast mode, and it was bringing the slut out of me. The next round can only be described as the complete destruction of Chris as Dylan rips him a new asshole. (Me like). Chris looked like he was barley conscious Dylan toyed with him as he was barely able to throw a punch.

Dylan finally threw the knockout punch and I jumped up and screamed so loud I sounded like the entire audience. Dylan's hand was raised and he looked towards me with that same fire in his eyes, and little did he know that once we got home he'd have a fight of a different kind.

Tommy had left for yet another date with Justin so I had the house to myself as I got everything ready for Dylan. Our love making has always been so peaceful and gentle, but I wanted that beast I saw on stage in our bed. The only items I needed were a blindfold, a pair of handcuffs, and a cup of ice. Dylan arrived to receive his prize which we agreed would be me if he won. It's not like we weren't going to have sex anyway, but this made it a little more exciting.

Our kissing started off as usual very soft and sensual. I decided to test him by biting his lip and he reacted a bit by squeezing me a little ruff, but he quickly recovered. I realized that if anything was going to happen I was going to have to start it. I pushed him on chair and reached into my back pocket and pulled out a silk blindfold and placed it over his eyes.

'Um...Matt, what are you doing?'

'Shhh just lay back and enjoy.' I said as I got off of his lap and quickly pulled his hands behind the chairs and placed the handcuffs on. I sat on his lap and aggressively pressed my lips against his as I grinded hard against on him. No matter how aggressive I became he still stayed very gentle and sweet, so I had to bring out the big guns. I knew Dylan's body was even more sensitive than mine so I grabbed an ice cube and gently rubbed it on his neck.

'Oooooooooooh aaaaaaaaaaah' he moaned as I gently slid the ice cube down from his neck and onto his chest. His body temperature was still very high from his boxing match so I knew the ice would drive him crazy. I continued traveling downward until I reached his erect nipples. He tossed his head back and continued to moan as the ice worked its magic on his skin.

Once the ice cube melted to a decent size I lifted it from his chest and rubbed it across his lips. He opened his mouth and held the ice cube between his lips as I connected our lips.

We kissed each other passionately as the ice cube sent chills between us. I ran my hand feverishly through his blonde hair and gently tugged it. His kiss had started to becomes aggressive and I knew he was almost there. I removed the blindfold and stared intently into his beautiful grey eyes. I parted our lips and seductively whispered in his ear.

'Take me' I whispered and that was all it took for Dylan to turn into the beast.

He burst through the handcuffs, scooped me up and headed towards our bedroom as he stripped us both naked in five seconds flat. He tossed me on the bed and was on top of me before I landed on my pillow. He kissed me feverishly as his hand grabbed my hands with much force, and I loved every minute of it.

He reached into my dresser drawer and pulled out some lube while never parting his lips from mine. He lubed up himself up, and then lubed me up as well. He firmly wrapped his arms around the small of my back and pressed my body against his as our kiss became much more passionate. He slowly entered me, and allowed me to adjust before continuing.

Once he was completely in me we made love like never before. He started pounding away at me, and I loved every minute of it. I was moaning so loud that he stuck two fingers in my mouth and I instinctively started sucking on them. He started licking and sucking on my neck as he continued to pound away.

Dylan and I came to a roaring climax at the same time. He lied on top of me as we recovered from our hot round of love making. When we were able to catch our breath he leaned down and gently kissed me. I was surprised at how fast he went back to his loving, gentle side.

'That was amazing!' I said excitedly.

'Agreed, but I'd much rather we go slower.'


'Because I love you, and I want to show you that in every way possible. You are so fragile and I love protecting you. When we make love I want to take my time and make sure that you are completely satisfied. Whether I'm satisfied or not is irrelevant, my entire goal is to make you happy. Matt I love you more than life itself and I want to make sure you know that.'

I have no clue what made him get so sentimental, but as if on queue my eyes started to water. He rolled onto his side and pulled me into an embrace. I placed my face on his chest as tears started flowing from my eyes. He held me tightly and rocked me back and forth. I don't know why, but he had the ability to mix my emotions up like a pot of soup. We stayed in our embrace long after I had stopped crying while just enjoying each other.



'When we get married, can we have an actual wedding?' He asked sheepishly. I was surprised by his question.

'Of course whenever you're happy, I'm happy. Why do you want a wedding, if you don't mind me asking?'

'Like I said when you were in the hospital, we only live once so I want us to experience as much as we can while we're alive.'

'Okay, Dylan what made you fall in love with me? When we started our junior year I saw something different in you. Something I hadn't seen before.' He squeezed me tighter and exhaled deeply.

'Matt I've loved you for as long as I could remember. When I was younger I didn't know what my feelings were. Around middle school I went into denial about it. Once we got to high school I tried to suppress my feelings, but it didn't work. Once you came out to me on our sixteenth birthday I couldn't believe it. I didn't know how to control my emotions so I hit you, and did all of those other horrible things to you. I still didn't know that I loved you until we went into summer break. I went two months without seeing you once and it killed me. Even when I treated you so horribly in school, I was okay because I still got to be around you. I was so miserable, until school started again and all I could think about was you. I was cleaning my room one day and I came across a picture of us smiling and I immediately felt happy, and warm inside. That's when I realized that I love you, and always have. I knew that I had to do whatever it would take to get you back. I realized that you are my soul mate.' (Damnit Dylan! No Matt you aren't going to cry again. Man up and pull yourself together!).

' I didn't know that. Now that I think about it I've always loved you as well. I knew that I was bisexual since middle school, but I refused to look at you as anything more then a friend. I never wanted to hurt our friendship, so I kept my feelings for you at bay, and thought that everything I felt for you was completely friendly. Now that I think about it I didn't just love you, I was in love with you.'

Nothing else was said as we continued to lay with each other. He gently kissed me on my forehead and gently gave me a squeeze. I always feel so safe and comfortable in his arms, it's like he takes all of my pain and stress away. As he held me I started humming contently as he rocked me back and forth.

'Why do you do that?' He asked.

'Do what?'

'Hum, whenever I hold you.'

'Because that's when I'm the happiest. I love it when you hold me.'

'Mmm like this?' He asked as he gave me another squeeze and kissed me on my neck. I smiled and enjoyed the feeling of his warm breath on my neck.

'Yes just like that.' I said almost like I was singing. He chuckled a little and we continued to lie there content in each others presence.



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