I awoke to a warm sensation. The feeling was dylan giving me warm kisses on my neck while holding me tight. I opened my eyes looking into the eyes of the most amazing person on earth. I couldn't believe that i spent years hoping to find the love of my life and he was right in front of me. He must have known what i was thinking because he kissed me and said.

'Im glad you've finally noticed me.' I smiled and got out of bed. He looked at me funny, and gave me a nervous smile.


'Matt....you look really sexy in that.' I looked down at myself. I had my dreads in a ponytail, and i was wearing a jersey a few sizes too big. I don't own any underwear so it left little to the imagination. I smiled, and turned around to pick something off the floor. Of course i took my time to give him a good view, but not enough to expose everything. I turned around to see him turn ten shades of red. I also noticed there was a rise in the covers. From what i could see he was huge. He rose from the bed in only these silky black underwear, and it took everything i had to contain myself.

After breakfast dylan had boxing class. I took a shower, and got dressed. I went into tommys room and he was writing in a black book.

'What's that?' Tommy almost jumped out of his skin.

'Noneya!' He said quickly closing it.


'Noneya business!' He said giggling. He put the book up and we headed for the couch to watch a movie. As soon as he sat down i darted in his room and grabbed the book. I went to open it put he tackled me. We wrestled around for it and i grabbed the book, but he had my legs.

'Give it back!'

'Let me go!' I said kicking him off and running into the living room laughing. I stopped and opened the book, but he jumped on my back. I lost my footing, and we crashed onto the couch. I held my legs up to keep him at bay as i read. On each page there was a drawing, and on the other side a detailed description of it. They were all of tommy, dylan, and i having a threesome. His pictures were very detailed, and well sexy. I put my legs down, and he snatched the book. I knew tommy was gay, but i didn't know he liked us that way. We talked about it for a little while and he showed me his favorite one. It was tommy lying on his back with his legs over his head while i was making love to him. Our lips were locked, and dylan was behind me kissing my neck while making love to me. I got a funny in my stomach as my face got warm.

'Matt are you blushing?' Tommy asked giggling.

'No......i can't blush!' I lied. I knew i could, but i thought my skin was too dark to notice.

'Well you might wanna tell your face that!' He said poking my sides. Before i could respond my front door swung open.

'You're dead!'

'C...christy?' I said jumping up.

'How could you not tell me!'

'Tell you what?' Before i could blink she was in front of me and slapped me in the back of the head repeatedly. I yelped and. Grabbed her.

'How come i had to read about your relationship on facebook like those regular people!' She said while pulling out her phone. Dylans status was changed from single to in a relationship.

'Why do you think its with me?' I asked. She slapped me again.

'Because i just do, and you better thank your lucky stars i have to go to work!' She stormed away.

'I want my key back!' I yelled rubbing the back of my head. Tommy looked like he was gonna burst out laughing.

'Not a word!' He put his hand up, but couldn't help but laugh.

The next day of school was like the first day except it was dylan and i this time. Suprisingly most everyone congradulated us. I think jacob was the most infuriated.

'Hey dylan how are my leftovers!' He called out.

'From what i heard you never got a taste!' Dylan spat. They had stopped being friends after jacob and i split. Everyone started laughing as jacob grew angrier. Jacob is in karate so i knew ifcthey were to fight it would end horribly. I pulled dylan away while jacob kept up with his comments. Truth be told jacob and i remained friends up until now.

I had just got out of fourth period with christy and tommy when dante and the triplets came over to us.

'You just missed the most epic fight!' Dante said excitedly.

'Dylan and jacob tore it up. Jacob got in some good shots, but dylan has some hands on him.' I was pissed that they fought, but wad relieved that dylan won. I left our table and headed towards the discpline area. They were being repremanded by the principle. Dylan was really red and looked a little swollen. Jacon had black marks on his face, and a cut on his lip. I cut the principle off.

'Really you guys really..... you couldn't even make it to lunch!' They both opened there mouths to protest, but i silenced them.

'You two have a months detention!' The principle said.

'A month!' They said in unison.

'Yes!' I said.

'But that's not fa...' dylan started but i interrupted.

'Woah woah woah! That's not what?! I dare you to say it!' At this point even the principle and other adminstrators were silent. I was fuming.

'Let me tell you two something the next word that come out of your mouth better not rhyme with their, care, share, bear, hair, or THERE!' Everyone was looking at me wide eyed.

'Dismissed' i said rubbing my head, because of my migrane i just received. Jacob stormed out, but dylan sat there and chuclked. I almost punched him in the face.


'I won' he said laughing. I couldn't help but laugh with him.

Friday came around and i decided to have a small party. It was basically going to be dylan, tommy, christy, the tripletts, possibly ashley, dante, and i. I told them to pack what they needed if they were staying over. At about eight we ordered six pizzas and popped some popcorn and picked A few scary movies. The doorbell rang, and i went to get the pizza. I opened it and it was jacob. He had things packed to stay over. Dylan joined me at the door. I was going to tell him no, but dylan insisted so i reluctantly agreed. We continued to have a good time and around three everyone had passed out somewhere.

I awoke the next morning in his arms. I quietly got up, and got my things for a shower. I turned the water on and just enjoyed the warmth hitting my skin washing off the soap. I leaned back letting the water flow through my hair. I heared the door open and close. I opened my eyes and saw jacob threw my basically see through glass door.

'What are you doing?'

'Taken a piss'

'You couldn't wait!'

'Calm down I'm not trying to start

anything with you and your little boyfriend.'

'Just hurry up.' I said turning the water off and reaching for my towel. I opened the door a little to see him with my towel.

'Stop playing and give me the towel!'

'Not until you come out. I never got to fuck you, but i can at least dry you off right?'

'Jacob give me my towel!' I said stepling out of the shower. All of a sudden the door opened and christy stood there with dylan. Christy snatched the towel and

made jacob leave while dylan started packing up his things. I quickly got dressed and tried to explain.

'Dylan its not what you think he came in there without my consent.' He didn't say anything.

'Dylan please you have to believe me!' He grabbed his things and was about to walk out of my bedroom door. For the first time since my sixteenth birthday i fell to my knees and cried. I was crying so hard my body started trembling, and i couldn't breath. Dylan dropped his things and ran by my side. He wrapped his arms around me and kept telling me its okay. I tried to calm down, but i wasn't just crying from today i was crying from everything i held in my heart.

'Please dylan please don't leave me please!'

'Im here matt i won't leave, but you have to breath.' After a while i calmed down and fell asleep exhausted in his arms.

I awoke that evening feeling a little better. I looked around and saw that everyone had left. Tommy left me a note letting me know he would be home later. My heart sank when i realised dylan wasn't there. I needed something, anything to get my mind off of this. I turned on my ipod to adele someone like you and started dancing. I had a specific dance prepared for this song, but this time i just felt the music. Around the climax of the song i started spinning. I wanted everything to go away so i just kept spinning. I started feeling tears fall down my face and i wrapped my arms around myself as i spunt harder. As the song ended i slowly stopped and was facing the front door. I saw that it was locked, and the chain was up. (But if I'm alone how did they lock the chain).

'That was amazing matt.' I quickly spun around and saw dylan.

'I was on the balcony waiting for you to wake up, i heard adele so i came in and saw you dancing. I've never seen something so beautiful in my life.' I wanted to cry again, but i already felt weak breaking down once.

'Yeah these socks really help when it comes to spinning.'

'You don't have to do that matt.'

'Do what?'

'Matt you know i know everything about you. You cant hide you feelings from me.'

'You don't know everything about me.'

'You always have your guard up. You make jokes to change the subject when your uncomfortable. You are purposely aggressive to people to keel you heart safe. Even with the people you care about y





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