'You always have your guard up. You make jokes to change the subject when your comfortable. You are purposely aggressive to people to keep your heart safe. Even with the people you care about the most you don't completely trust them. To everyone else you seem to have it all together, but i know better. I know you put on a facade to protect yourself from ever being hurt again, but all you really want is to love and be loved.' I felt my defensive wall crumbling, and we both knew this time it would stay down.

'Damnit dylan!' I screamed at him as i started crying. I fell to the ground and held myself as i sobbed. Dylan sat behind me and removed my arms and wrapped his arms around me.

'I promise that you will never be alone again matt valentine.' I placed my head on his chest as i continued sobbing. I felt tears falling on my shirt, and i knew at that moment i knew he meant every word he said.

'D......dylan......I'm.......tired.' i said while trying to stop crying. I was tired if having to always be so strong. I was tired of having to put my guard up, or pick specific words when i talk to people. I was tired of feeling alone. Laying in dylans arms was making me feel so much better. I curled up and continued to give him a year worth of my tears. He just held me and told me everything was going to be okay. I cried for a good thirty minutes before i just lay in his arms on the floor. At that moment i realized that i did have someone who loved me unconditionally. I looked up at dylan and kissed him on the lips.

'Make love to me dylan sky.' I whispered.

Chapter 2

Dylan carried me into my bedroom where he slowly stripped me down while leaving me small kisses. After i was naked he slowly stripped himself. I admired his beautiful body. He was completely hair and his six pack left a defined v shape leading to his nine inch cock. He slowly started kissing me as he lay on top of me and starting grinding his body against mine. I ran my fingers through his hair as his hands explored my body. I moaned as his hand brushed past my erected nipples. He capitolized on this as he started pinching them causing me to moan louder. His hands left my nipples and grasped my face as our kiss became more passionate. His tongue explored every part of my mouth as his lips devoured mine while He continued grinding on

me. Our lips parted and he slowly started licking and sucking on my neck. He continued to work his way down my body spending extra time on my nipples. He slowly licked around them causing me to moan and gasp.

'Mmm i love that your body is so sensitive.' He continued to work his way down until he reached my erect cut seven incher. He licked it from the base to the head. He slowly engulfed it sending my body to a new high. I felt my body develope goosebumps. My body started to tense and i knew i was close. Dylan must have sensed this sense he smirked and realesed my member and shook his head no. Then he gently rolled me over and before i could think i felt something warm and wet on my anus. I immediately started moaning and gasping as i felt his tongue enter sacred territory. I caught myself grinding into the bed while raising my body to accept more of his tongue. All of a sudden his tongue touched something that had not been touched before. It felt so good i couldn't see straight. (My god i feel so helpless). All i could do was lay there and whimper as his tongue continued to torture me.

'Dylan........uhhhhhhh........what are you doing to me?!' He didn't respond he just kept dominating me with his tongue. After the fifth time he hit that spot i was almost at the point of no return.

'D... dy.......you have to stop....if you want to fuck me.' He quickly flipped me on my back and lay on top of me so that we were face to face. He did it so quickly it scared me. He looked hurt, and kind of angry.

'Matt please don't call this a fuck. I want this to be special, and i hope its being as fufilling to you as it has for me. I will never ever fuck you i will make love to you.' He said with his beautiful eyes taking a glassy look.

'Im sorry you're right. Make love to me.' He smiled at me.

'Wheres the lube?'

'Dont have any. Aloe scented lotion will have to do.' He poured excessive amounts of lotion on his cock and my anus. He leaned over and kissed me and his head entered me. I winced and let out a whine into dylans mouth. I opened my eyes to look directly into his beautiful grey eyes. He looked as if he was going to cry.

'Im so sorry that i hurt you. Do you want me to pull out.' I wanted to comfort him, but i couldn't speak so i shook my head no. He leaned over and kissed me.

'Ok tell me when you're ready.'

After a minute or so i nodded and he pushed a few more inches in as i whimpered and he held me

close and kissed me. We continued this until all nine inches were in me. He slowly started to develope a steady rhythm as i moaned. We seemed to go at it for hours before i felt myself about to explode. All of a sudden i felt dylans body tighten as he moaned loudly as i felt his seed in me. At the same time i erupted harder than id ever had. He lay on me and we just stared at each other panting.

'Wow you're a pro!' I said. He blushed furiously at this.

'Actually this was my first time.'

'Damn you're a natural. This was my first with a guy, but i had sex with christy once.' He smiled and leaned down and kissed me. While making out with him i looked over at the time and gasped.

'Dylan its six in the morning we made love for ten hours!' He looked at the clock and smiled.

'Next time let's go for fifteen.' He pushed his lips on mine as we slowly drifted off to sleep. I awoke to a sleeping dylan lying on top of me. I smiled and gave him a small peck as i tried to get from under him. I let out a loud moan as i realized he never pulled out last night. This woke him up with a start and as he shifted i moaned louder.

'D...dylan you're still......in me!' I managed to say. He smirked at seeing the position i was in. He slowly started moving inside of me as his cock extended.

'Mmm i think you look kinda sexy when your helpless like this.' I wanted to say something rude, but he thrusted deeper in me causing me to moan.

'D...dylan....stop messing with me!' He laughed as he knew i was in no position to call the shots.

'Say please.' (Not on your life)

'No!' He pulled back and thrust in me again causing me to moan louder. He continued doing this until i relented.

'Okay okay dylan please!'

'Mmm that's what i like to hear, who's boss?' He said thrusting into me.

'Uhhhhhhhhhh yoooooooooou!' It pained me to say it.

'Good boy, now give daddy a kiss.' I leaned up and our lips connected. After our lips parted he pulled out and we took a shower and got ready for the gym. Once we arrived i planned on heading for the treadmill, but dylan called me over to the boxing ring.

'Spar with me.'

'Youre kidding me?' I said getting nervous.


'Dylan i couldn't even beat you before you started boxing!'

'Calm down i won't hurt you.' I relented and put on my boxing gear. I choose the white gloves because they matched my outfit, and i got nervous again when dylan handed me a mouth guard.

'Um dylan i don't know about this.'

'Oh come on don't be such a punk'

'Excuse me?'

'I thought you were supposed to be tough?' He was trying to piss me off and it was working.

'I am tough!'

'Yeah whatever' he said smirking, and walking away. I charged him and caught him in the back of the head. He got up and turned around as he got into a stance. I was ready to rumble when all of a sudden all of my adrenaline had left me. He started to punch and i just covered my face and let out a whimper. I heard him laugh as he picked me up and spun me around.

'Youre too cute you know that?'

'I won't be if you keep trying to beat me up.'

'Matt i would never hurt you.' He said while giving me a kiss. After we left the gym dylan and i headed to my house. As i walked through the front door i was confronted by the one thing that single handedly kept me fat for sixteen years. (French Fries).



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