Jack went into his maintenance office and immediately checked his messages, to see if there were any emergency repairs that needed to be done. One, --one that had just been called in about five minutes earlier from apartment 87. It was now, 7:30 AM, on this Saturday morning, so whoever had the problem, Jack decided, they apparently must have found it when they got up that morning. Jack's normal Saturday mornings were just normally doing some "catch-up" items that maybe needed to be finished, but of course any emergency items always got top priority.

After grabbing his address book of apartment residences and repair notes, Jack read: "Apartment 87 Barbara and Stan Hughes, two residents, no pet, move in date, September 3, 2004." There were no repair notes, so obviously no prior work had been required at that apartment since they had moved in, and as Jack stood there, he tried to remember if he had ever met this particular couple. As he read the line "Occupation" and the entry did say, "Bank Security Guard", he immediately did remember seeing Stan around the complex! The hot built muscle guy that wore his security uniform like it was special made for him! Jack kind of looked up toward the ceiling, and thought, maybe not a real tall guy, ---maybe five foot nine or ten, ---but what he didn't have in height, he sure as hell did make up for it, in bulk, solid bulk! Suddenly Jack had a much higher anxiety for taking care of this apartment call than he originally had, and especially, ---since the voice on the message was a man's voice, and not a lady's.

Jack dialed the apartment phone number and had a very short conversation with Stan, who's identity had been confirmed, and Jack asked if this was going to be a convenient time for him to come by, to make the repair. Stan assured him that it certainly would be, and in fact, since the toilet would not stop running on its own, fixing it as soon as possible would be appreciated.

When Jack knocked on the door at apartment 87, the door immediately came open, and Stan then opened the screen door, to let Jack come in.

"Good morning, I'm Jack Jensen."

Extending his hand out for a handshake, Stan replied, "Good morning, I'm Stan Hughes. Thanks for coming so soon. Didn't know if you'd be available today or not. Come on in, the bathroom's right down here, and the problem is a toilet that just doesn't want to stop running on its own.

Just started doing that, we didn't have any problems earlier."

As Jack shook Stan's hand, and admired the strength that Stan transposed through that hand, he tried to listen to what Stan was saying, but internally he had to admit that the sight he was confronted with was making it very hard to concentrate on words. "My God man, does he know what he's showing?" Jack kept thinking over and over as he tried to so slightly look up and down the body of muscle that was standing there in front of him, with only a pair of tight, very tight, white thigh length Calvin Klein boxer brief, under shorts on, and a dick of glory, laying sideways to the left. Stan made no mention of having almost nothing on, and acted as if this was his normal attire.

As Stan turned to walk down the hall, Jack took advantage of being behind Stan, and he took in every bit of looking and admiring that he could for the less than one half minute that it took to go to the bathroom. "My God man! What a tight ass that guy has got! Shit man, look at those legs!

I can't imagine some guy looking like that, and especially since he knew I was coming over right away! Wait! Wait-he knew I was gonna be coming over. He could have put on some shorts or something if he'd wanted to!"

Jack went into the bathroom and as he removed the top of the toilet tank, he knew that Stan had gone into the bedroom and was not standing beside him any longer. With a lot of wonderment in his mind about just why Stan had not put more clothes on before he came into the apartment, he decided that "maybe, just maybe" he needed to go to his maintenance shop to get "something," anything, just so he'd have a reason to maybe walk past and check out the bedroom, to see just what Stan was doing at that time.

"Hell man, he might be just getting dressed, and I'm getting myself all excited about nothing. Maybe the man just doesn't get all nervous and embarrassed to have another guy see him."

Following through with his little scheme of needing to go back for

"something" at the maintenance shop, Jack hollered out to Stan, "Hey Stan, I need to go to the maintenance room and get some washers, I'll be right back. OK?"

Stan stepped out into the hall and returned the comment with an,

"OK. Don't bother knocking at the door when you come back. It's just you and me here anyway, so just come on back in. Barbara's at work, so don't worry bout walking in on her, OK?"

Jack once again looked at Stan, and all of his exposed muscles, and answered an, "OK. I'll be right back!"

"He's sure not getting dressed, I can see that!" Jack pondered as he then turned and headed for the door. "That damn dick of his is getting me so fucking turned on, me wanting it in my mouth, ---that I'm having some real problems keeping my mind on the job."

Just as Jack got back to his maintenance shop, he grabbed the phone and dialed Jim and Sammy's apartment 117. Jim answered the phone. "Jim, God Jim, you will not believe what in the hell is going on. Jim I am so fucking flustered I can't hardly handle myself!"

"Jack, what in the hell are you talking about man, what is going on?"

Jack quickly told Jim about Stan and how Stan was hardly dressed, showing his muscles and his big dick, and was very definite when he pointed out that Barbara was at work, and how he was instructed to just come back in when he went back to the apartment.

"Jack, right now all I can tell you is, ---go for it! If it's that bank security guy that I've seen coming and going in the parking lot, go for it! If he even slightly suggests something, go for it! I think he's trying to tell you something, and I think his firm statement about Barbara being at work, is a total statement of wanting you to make a move!

Seriously man, I think he's asking for it. Was his toilet really having a problem?"

"No Jim, no! That was another thing I wondered about. All he needed to do was bend one little metal piece just a little, and in fact, I wonder if maybe he bent it earlier, just so he could call for me to come over! Oh Jim, I think he wants it, and if so, I'm gonna do him. Thanks man, thanks, I'll let you know what happens! Bye, gotta go!"

"Bye Jack, and don't forget, if you need to or wanna get him again in the future, you can always use our place. Fact is, tell him to come over here anytime! Sam and I'll take care of him. Bye, let me know what happens!"

Jack grabbed a few washers so that he'd at least look like he needed them when he got back to the apartment, and he headed back for apartment 87. Remembering what Stan had said about not knocking, he opened the door, stepped in, and realized that he heard the shower running.

Stopping for a moment in the hallway, Jack then went on into the bathroom and much to his shock, amassment, but yet shear complete joy, he was confronted with the view of Stan, standing in the clear glass shower, showering and at the same time, --jerking himself off!

Looking out at Jack, now numbly standing there with his mouth hanging open, Stan yelled out, "Come on in, I wanna scrub you down!"

Shocked beyond belief, Jack continued to stand there as he attempted to regain control of his mind. The totally unexpected sight of Stan being fully naked, and now also in the hot process of jerking himself off, right there in front of him, was shocking, but yet totally exciting to Jack. He felt his heart step up about three beats and he also felt his dick getting bigger and bigger!

"Come on man, come on!" Stan again yelled out! "Hey guy, I've wanted you and me to shower together ever since I saw you last month working on the sign out front. Come on, I know you want to too, don't you?

Come on man, I'm about to let this thing fly and I want it on you! Come on, nobody's gonna know! Just you and me! Come on. Let me squirt on you!

It'll turn me on like you can't believe! Come on man, I wanna feel you and that damn big dick I'm sure you're hanging in there!"

Stan's words, and his excited actions on his dick were definitely making Jack hornier than he had been in weeks. As he licked his lips, rubbed his crotch, and took a very deep breath, he immediately started stripping everything off and getting himself ready to join Stan in the shower.

"Oh yea man, yea!" Stan exclaimed as he watched Jack strip everything off! "Oh shit men, God you've got the dick of death on you man, what a fucking rod! Oh come on man, let me at it, let me at it!"

Stan's excitement had completely overtaken Jack and his hesitation about if this was really the right thing to do or not! He knew he had lost all control over right or wrong. This man was horny, hot, built, and begging for him to get in the shower with him, and he was gonna do it!

As Jack approached the shower door, Stan opened it up and smiled as Jack stepped in. "Oh yea man, oh yea! Oh man, what a fucking body you got on you! Oh God man, I knew the first time I saw you I needed you! Jack, you are one fucking god! Oh shit man, when I saw you coming in from the parking lot this morning, I knew today had to be the day I finally got you!

Oh shit man, you are fucking hot!"

As Stan told Jack how hot he was for getting to play with Jack, he continued, but yet even faster, continued to jerk on his own hunk of meat, and at the same time lean over toward Jack and take his left tit into his mouth and suck on it!

"Yea man, yea! Suck on it man, suck on it!" Jack encouraged as Stan continued to jerk his meat and slightly nibble on Jack's tit! "Oh yes man, oh yes! Yea, that feels good! Bite it man, bite it!"

Stan's left hand was engaged in his jerking off, and his right hand was now in the process of finding Jack's crack, back on the back side, right in between the two slabs of firm, tight, black, ass cheeks. Jack was now fully in the process of presenting himself completely to Stan, for whatever actions Stan desired and wanted. He had fully overcome his earlier questions about if he should be doing this or not. Stan had successfully accomplished getting Jack, not only into the mood, but also fully into the actions. Stan continued to jerk on his rod, as he now switched from Jack's left tit, over to his right tit. Jack threw his chest forward, encouraging all of the sucking and biting, and nibbling, that Stan was doing on both of the tits. As he encouraged Stan's actions, ---actions that were getting Jack more and more excited, Jack grabbed ahold of his own dick and started his own jerking action. He did not need to work it into a hard state of being, it had already accomplished that as he stepped into the shower.

Suddenly Stan pulled off of Jack's tits and knelt down on his knees in front of the 11 inch rod that was now directly in front of his face.

"Oh my God man, can I take this? Oh Jack, can I take this? Do guys get all of this down their throats? Oh shit man, oh man, I gotta see what I can do!"

And with that statement and exclamation of desire, want and excitement, Stan opened his mouth as widely as possible and actually threw his head onto Jack's ragging hard on! Jack grabbed the back of his head and pulled him forward as much as possible! Inch by inch, his thick stiff rod disappeared down into Stan's mouth. Struggling and forcing it with every bit of excitement he had, Stan managed to open up his throat wider than he had ever been forced to do before!

"Suck me man, suck me! Suck me! Suck me!! Suck me!!!" Jack actually yelled as Stan managed to get more and more of the big dark mahogany rod down into his throat! "Yea yea yea! Yea, make me feel you suck on me man! Suck on me! Oh Stan, do me man, do me!"

As Jack was yelling for Stan to suck on him, and to suck on him hard, he realized that as he was looking down watching Stan work on his dick, Stan was in the process of letting all of his jaz juices go flying.

That sight turned Jack on even that much higher and he once again grabbed Stan by the back of his head and actually locked himself inside of Stan's mouth. Suddenly realizing that Stan was now pushing against him, and rather slapping his legs, Jack realized that he was suffocating Stan by holding him so tightly up against himself, and he let loose of Stan's head.

"Wow, oh shit!" Stan uttered as he attempted to regain some oxygen. "Shit man, you've got too much dick to let a man breath. Wow, what a fucking throat full!" Then looking up at Jack, he asked, "Jack, have you ever been sucked on before? Have you ever let other guys at this thing?"

Looking down at Stan, still on his knees and right in front of the dick of conversation, Jack replied, "Oh yea man! Oh yea! Down their throats and up their light little asses! Yea, you sure ain't the first guy on that dick! Hell man, it's been sucked on so much, I'm surprised they ain't sucked the color out of it already! From the way you took it, I sure do know that ain't the first dick you've ever sucked on before is it?"

"Not the first dick, but sure as hell the first dick that size! My god man, that thing is enormous. Love it, love it! After that one, I'm afraid some small one's not gonna make it for me anymore! Beautiful, beautiful!"

"Beautiful and still full! You shot your load, I saw it flying to the flood, that's what made me grab you so damn tight, but my dick's still got about a quart of cum up in there! You want it? Ready to take it man, ready? Every eaten some hot cum for a big long black dick before?"

"I've eaten some cum before, but no, ---never out of a black dick.

Jack, that was one of the reasons I made a pact with myself that day I saw you up on that ladder working on that sign out front. I walked past you, looked up at you, saw that crotch sticking out of the front of you, and that day, I told myself I was gonna get you, I wanted you. I knew by just getting to look up at you from down below, you had to have the biggest fucking dick this side of the Mississippi, and I guess I must have been right! Damn man, I've wanted something like this in my mouth ever since I was in the Army and looking at all the big thick dicks in the barracks! I did it with some of the white guys, but I never got to do one of the black studs, and you are the man like I've dreamed about sucking on, for years now! I think in the Army, all the black guys stuck together and did each other. I sure tried a number of times to let some of `em know I was game!

But I never got any of `em, so now I really want you! I want that down my throat again, and then I wanna feel it up in my ass. I've never been fucked before, and I want you to do me. Will you? You fuck guys?"

"Hell yea I fuck guys! That's why I'm working here at this complex. It's got more hungry holes living here than any other apartment complex in the city."

"But, ---the ring? You're wearing a wedding ring! You married I assume?"

"Yea, I'm married, and so are you, ---right? Barbara's not some live in girlfriend, right?"

"Yea, I'm married. No she's not a live in, she my wife."

"So just how often do you use some guy instead of her?"

"Well, not too much anymore. Well that was till I saw you and saw that bulge sticking out the front of you! It's been a couple of years, till this morning, that is! Now, after getting to suck on this, and hopefully after getting to feel it up inside of my ole ass hole, I'll probably be back to trying to get it as often as I can. You're married, I'm married, guess that kinda screws up our getting together very often don't it?"

"Why you say that? Meaning, nowhere to meet and screw each other?"

"Well yea! I sure can't let Barbara know I'm doing this stuff, and I guess you don't let you wife know either, right?"

"Yea right, but we've always got apartment 117 available to us."

"What? What do you mean, apartment 117? Is it an empty apartment or something?"

"No, not an empty apartment, but Sam and Jim let me use it whenever I've got me a man I need to either get it from, or give it to. When I ran back over to the maintenance shop to get these rather needless washers, I called Jim and told him what was going on over here. See, I kinda knew you were wanta play, and he told me to send you over to them, whenever you need action. He knows who you are, cause of your security unifom, and he said he'd love to do you. We can meet there whenever we need to, or want to.

Hey guy, we could get ourselves a good four way going with those two guys!

They know how to do the gay stuff! There good!"

Still kneeling down in front of Jack, and of course stil right in front of Jack's big dick, Stan was looking up at Jack and listening to what he was saying. He then interjected. "Hey, you gotta tell those guys to quit watching for the security uniform now. I won't be wearing it anymore!"

"Why? Looks damn good on that hot muscle body of yours man. You change jobs, or something?"

"Yea, finally! Tell `em to start watching for a cop's uniform! I finally got accepted into the city police force. I'm in training right now, and I'll be a full blown cop shortly. I'll be wearing a policeman's uniform now."

"Well congratulations man, congrads! Good going! But, wait!

Moment ago, you said you're gonna be a full blown cop! I think maybe then it's my responsibility right now to make sure your term, full blown, is right! Come on man, stand up here and let me down there and suck you off again, so you can really tell all your cop buddies you really are a full blown cop! Jerking off ain't really getting full blown, so come on, we need to graduate you to full blown status!"

Jack grabbed Stan by the arm pits and pulled him up, and he then immediately knelt down and took the future cop's dick into his mouth!

Grabbing Stan by the hips, Jack pulled him forward and ate all of his dick, immediately. Slamming his face forward and also pulling Stan's hips back and forth, did not give Stan any chance of holding off on another climax.

"Oh man, oh man, I'm gonna cum Jack!! I'm gonna cum! Oh shit man, I didn't think I'd cum this fucking fast again, oh man, here I cummmm man, ---I'm cummmmmm!!! Oh shit man, that was good, oh yea, I liked that! Oh Jack it's been years since I shot off in some guy's mouth! Oh man, that was good! Oh shit man, I forgot how hot a guy's mouth can be! Oh shit man, thanks! Thanks, ---god that was good, -------oh, fucking good!"

Licking his lips as he stood back up and pulled Stan up against himself, Jack asked, "So, been some time since you did this stuff right?

My crotch got you all hot and bothered, uh? Liked the looks of it, I guess, ---right?"

"Oh yea man, hell yes! Barbara and I were together when I saw that and I think she saw me looking up at it! She made some remark and I just brushed it off as wondering who was working on the sign. I don't think I covered my tracks very good though. I've watched for you every day since then! I've seen you a number of times, but never when I could talk to you.

Course, I knew damn well I was really taking my chances if I said the wrong thing, but this morning, I just had to have you, I did!"

"You bent that piece in the toilet, didn't you? It didn't leak before you saw me this morning did it?"

"No, hell no! I did that, and I knew for a couple of weeks what I was gonna do when I got the chance. I've been planning this little session for some time now. I just needed to find the right time, and when I saw you coming down the walk from the parking lot, I knew the time had come. I swear your crotch was standing out farther this morning than it was that day up on the ladder."

But Stan, what if my attitude had been a little different when I came in and you were purposely jerking off for me? What if I'd gotten all pissed off?"

"Then I'd have just asked you why in the hell did you need to go get washers, when I knew damn well the toilet didn't need washers! Hell man, you didn't need washers. All you wanted was to find out if it was just you and me here today, and you wanted to give me a chance to either hit the bed, all stretched out naked and hard, or maybe what I did, and that was hit the shower. I mean after all, you'd be in the bathroom, and so would I! And me, ---all nice and naked! Gotta be honest with you though! I didn't think about the jerking off part, till I heard you opening up the front door, and all of a sudden, I thought, ---hey man!

Jerk off in front of him, then he'll automatically know I'm game and I'm anxious game! Worked, didn't it?"

"Hell yea man, sure as shit did! Gotta admit that!"

"I didn't have any idea if you'd accept the idea of us doing something or not, ---or maybe beat hell out of me, whenever I approached you, but after I let you in the front door this morning, I knew I had a chance! I saw you looking down at my crotch, and you never so much as attempted any change of expression, but I saw a real slight grin! I knew damn well right then, that I had a chance. And don't try and tell me you didn't see that full hard on I had when I stepped out in the hallway to tell you to just come on in when you get back. I wanted you to see that, and I saw you looking! You smiled when you saw it. Hell man, I could have just yelled to you from the bedroom. I didn't really need to come out in the hall! I had a boner for you, and you damn well knew it! Come on man, give me some more of that fucking telephone pole that you call your dick!

Fuck my mouth again! Let me have it. Give all of it to men, and give me your juices too! I can't go on the police force and know I've never tasted a black man's cum. Fuck my face!"

"OK, but how much time you got? I wanna fuck that tight little ass of yours before we're done."

"Hey I want you to, too, but how much time have you got? Is the office gonna wonder where you are?"

They don't open till nine on Saturdays, so I've got about 45 minutes yet. Then I'll have to get back to work, so come on, suck on me for a minute, make me shoot my wad in you, and then turn around there and let me drill you like I did when I was a kid and I was working on the knothole of some fence!"

"Oh god man, you gonna fuck me standing up? Can you do that?"

"Well, I know damn well I can do that, but the question might be, can you take it that way. Come on, suck me off, then we'll find out!"

"Jack, Jack did you really fuck knotholes when you were a kid? Did you really do that or was that a joke?"

"Not a joke man, ---not a joke! But, ---had to be big knotholes!

Big holes! Think your hole's big enough?"

"Oh god I don't know, but I've gotta find out! Jack, I've gotta know I can take you up in there!"

"Ok then! Suck me off so we can find out just how much you can take up in there! You're gonna be a cop! You need to know you can take any fucking, any guy down at the station wants to give you! Come on, suck me off! We've got work to do!"


Wade Wright

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