"Oh God Stan, that feels so fucking good! Good man, good! Hell man, if it's been some time since you've eaten some guy's rod, you sure as hell remember how to do it! Suck it man, suck it! Come on man, make me blow my wade, I wanna use that ass hole of yours like I use to use the knotholes in the fence. I ain't fucked some ass standing up for a long time, and I wanna do that today! Ya man, yea, suck on it! Swallow that pole! Yea man, yea, take it deep! Come on man, you're getting me close, you're really doing me! Yea, suck it , suck it! Come on make me flood your throat with my juice! Yea, oh yes Stan, you're doing it man, your doing it! Come on, ---suck hard, real hard! Yea, get ready for me, get ready! You'r gonna get a mouth full when it explodes, and it's getting close, ---it's getting close! Oh Stan, get ready man, get ready! Oh man---yea---yea ---here it comes,-here it comes-----------! Oh shit man!

Damn man! Oh crap man that was good! Oh Stan, suck it dry, suck it dry!

Oh man! Hey you are gonna be one good sucking cop man, one good sucking cop! Oh Stan,--yea man,--yea! Wow! Boy, oh boy! That sure as the hell took it out of me! Lick it clean man, can you lick it clean?"

Looking up at Jack, smiling and at the same time licking cum from his lips, the extra cum that just didn't fit into his mouth, Stan laid his head up against Jack's crotch and slightly licked the top of his dick and the fuzzy bush surrounding it. Slowly he lowered his face down and under Jack's bag of nuts, and lovingly, sucked Jack's left cum nut into his mouth.

"Oh yes man, oh yes!" Jack expounded with pleasure as he felt his nut slip and slide into Stan's mouth. "Oh man, suck it, --suck it, --suck it! Suck it hard! Yea man, that's good, that's good!"

As Jack was almost yelling for Stan to suck on his nut, Stan then opened his mouth up wider and sucked in the right nut. He had a mouth full, and had to be very careful that he did not bite one of the nuts, too strongly, all in accident.

"Oh Stan, that's good That's real good! Yea man, yea! Do that!

Yea, bite on `em, bite on `em! Oh Stan, I love that! Man, you sure as hell know how to make a man happy, especially if you ain't done this lately! Man, you must have been hungry for this, weren't you?"

Gently moving back, Stan continued to hug Jack's massive legs, but did allow Jack's nuts to slide out of his mouth, one at a time. He looked up at Jack and said, "I'm living the wrong life man, ---I am! I know I am!

Jack, I've forced myself to stay away from guys for years now, and I've wanted to feel some guy's dick pushed down in my throat and have him load me full, like you just did, ---for years now! Oh Jack, I should'a been doing this all along! Oh man, you are making me feel so fucking good!

Come on man, I gotta feel that telephone pole or yours going up in my ass!

I gotta take that man, I gotta take that! Freddie, one of my old Army buddies that I never got to do anything with, was hung like you are, and I've dreampt of wanting to get that one up in my ass for years now, and now I'm gonna get yours and take yours! Put that think up in me, ---but if I call you Freddie, I don't mean it, but I'll probably close my eyes and make believe it's his big black sausage that I'm finally, finally, getting.

I've gone to sleep dreaming about wanting his dick going up in my ass for so many years now, I just can't believe I'm finally getting one that looks like his did! Hey Jack, if I call you the wrong name, I'm sorry, but I've wanted Freddie's big dick up in my ass and for it to fuck my ass for so long now, I know I'm gonna think it's his dick going up in me! Do me man, do me! Ram my ass with this fucking big thing! I want it, I want it! Oh god it is so big and pretty! It's like a hunk of gold!"

As Stan finished begging for Jack to fuck his ass, he lowered his face down and kissed both sides of Jack big meat stick. Jack reached down and lifted Stan up by the arm pits, and told him. "Hey guy, stand up against the shower wall there. Lean on the wall. I've got me a small tube of KY lube in the bottom of my tool kit, and I'm gonna grab it and push some up in that tight ass of yours, so you can take my dick and make believe it's Freddie back here, drilling you a new ass hole with his big black rod!"

Turning his head slightly, Stan asked, "You've got KY lube in your tool box? You kidding man, you kidding?"

"No I'm not kidding. I've got it! Hey, like I told you earlier, the reason I'm working here at this complex is the number of hungry ass holes that're walking around here, and a good maintenance man always comes prepared."

As Stan was getting his ass plugged with a good supply of KY he asked, "You serious man? There a lot of guys around here that play with each other?"

Leaning into Stan, and sliding some KY up into his ass, using two fingers so he could also slightly start to open Stan's chute, Jack replied!

"Well man, on my list of playmates, you're gonna make the baker's dozen.

In the short time I've been here, I've already got personal notes on twelve guys, and so you are gonna make number thirteen, the baker's dozen! If you're gonna be a gay friendly active cop, you sure are living in the right apartment complex. I'm kind of thinking there's more gay guys living in this complex than the rest of the town's got all over, anywhere else. And if you're not aware of it yet, I'm sure every gay guy around here has wet the front of his jeans by just watching you walking through, with your tight uniform pants on, and the ass of those pants kissing that tight ass of yours and the front hugging and kissing that big dick that shows so well. Hell man, when I told Jim that the security guy was making moves for me, he knew immediately which guy I was talking about. He wants you, and he wants you badly! You're gonna have to play with Jimmy and Sammy.

They'll eat you up! They're both hot and fun! I think it's kinda funny that all you guys were living around each other and none of you knew about the other guy, until I came along, and now everybody's finding out about all the other players that they could have been doing, if they had only known."

"Oh Jack, I can feel your fingers up in there! Oh man, that is feeling so good! Yea man, move `em around up in there! Yea man, put another finger up in there! Poke my hole with your fingers, yea! Yea-push up in there! Yea man, I like that, that feels good! Oh yea, ---poke me man, yea poke me!"

"Hang tight man, hand tight! Think maybe my fingers have done what I wanted! Here comes the little hot dog you've been begging for! Ready?

Ready to close your eyes and make believe your ole Army buddy Freddie is moving in on you? Just think, it's gonna be just like ole Freddie doing you and your tight ass!"

"Oh yea, yea! But it sure as hell can't be called some little hot dog! More like a fucking steer dick on some fucking ragging bull! Oh man, do it! Do me! Yea, I've gotta take this and I want this! Oh man, feed me, --feed me! Poke my hole! Push it up in me! Yea, yea! Oh Jack---oh Jack! Yea man-yea! Oh god all mighty man, ---that is feeling so fucking good! Oh I feel like my ass is so fucking full! Oh yea rip my ass and make me feel it! Do it man, do it! Yea-push it in me, push it up in me!

Oh Jack, this is great, this is fucking great! Oh Jack, put all of it in me! Push it in me hard! Yea-slam my ass, slam my ass! Oh fill me up, fill me up! Oh Jack, I love this! I love this! Oh shit man, this is great, this is great! Oh shit I wish I could have talked old Freddie onto doing this to me back when I was in the Army! I wanted him to fuck me so badly, I did! Oh man, this is great! Yea-oh yea! Oh yea ---poke my hole ---poke my hole ---poke my hole!! Slam my ass! Drill me man, drill me!

Oh Jack, --Jack this is better than anything that I've ever done! Oh man, oh Jack, --- poke me, ---poke me! Hard!"

"Stan my man, I'm doing everything back here I can do! I swear man, I think I've even gotten my dick to stretch out about another inch or more trying to give you everything you want! You took that pole without so much as a whimper. Man your ass has been needing this for a hell of a long time, I can tell. I've never gone up and in some guy's ass that fast, that far before! Especially an ass that's not been fucked recently. Shit man, that ass of yours was standing open like the sewer line out on the street!

Why in the hell did I ever think you needed some lube up in there? Hell man, I could have stuck my head up in there and I'm sure it would have fit!

Man, your ass was on its hands and knees begging for that! Stan, did you know you were that fucking anxious to get rammed that hard and that deep back here?"

As Stan continued to stand there, leaning on the shower wall with his hands up toward the ceiling, and his ass pushing back, continuing to beg for more stiff, thick, muscular, action, he replied, "Jack, I knew before I called the office that I wanted to do some playing around with you, well obviously since I kinda set this whole thing up, but after I started to remembering Freddie and how I had prayed and prayed for years of wishing he would have poked me, then I just lost it man, I lost it! My ass could have taken an eighteen wheeler up in there right then. I've wished for years and years that Freddie would have fucked me, and today, I finally got it, and actually I think I got it from a bigger cock than Freddie had!

One hell of a lot thicker, I know that for damn sure! Your dick is like a big fat zucchini squash! Damn man it felt good! Fucking good!"

"Well let me tell you something young man, ---your ass can take it!

Right now I think if I had a baseball bat handy, you'd be begging for that up in there! How you feeling? Feeling OK?"

"Yea, I'm okay, but I want some more! Hey, can we like lay down out there on the hallway floor and pump me some more? I wanna feel you laying down on me! I wanna feel all of you laying on top of me and feel all your muscles rubbing on me. I wanna feel your body all over me! Can we, please, do you mind?"

"Hell yea we can man. If that's what you want to do, of course, yes we can! Here, let's take these towels and spread `em out so we don't get the floor too wet, and come on, --let's do it!"

Stand and Jack grabbed a couple of towels, slightly dried themselves, then spread the towels out on the floor in the hallway, and Stan immediately laid down and spread his legs, showing once again that he was anxious and hungry to feel Jack's thick, long, stiff male shaft going back up inside of himself.

"Hey man, ready? Ready to take this thing again?" Jack asked as he laid down on Stan's back and gently and lovingly started to slip his eleven incher up, and into Stan's ass. He slowly laid himself down and drove himself up into Stan, as he once again took possession of that tight little white ass that he had just so feverously rammed the hell out of while standing in the shower. After the slow and loving entry, and his hugging Stan around his chest, so that Stand could feel all of his muscles laying on his back like he had asked for and said he wanted, Jack then actually started ramming his rod up and into Stan, without waiting for an answer to his question of if he was ready or not. Jack knew that as hungry and anxious as Stan was for his dick, he was ready! He was ready, he was anxious, he wanted it, and he wanted it badly!"

"Oh Jack, do me, do me! Oh man your dick up in there is so fucking good! Oh man, ram my ass, ram me! Give me your dick! Give it to me, make me know I've got all of you up in me! Oh Jack, oh man, we gotta do this all the time! I'm serious man, I'm gonna need this all the time! I love this!"

"Hey Stan my man, you are gonna get it all the time! I'm gonna make sure you do man, I'm gonna make sure you do! I'm gonna be the man that gets to take your new policeman uniform off of you and fuck your ass while you lay there and bury your face in those policeman pants, aren't I?

I'm gonna be the man that gets to fuck you the night you become a full fledged policeman, right? You gonna let me do that man? Do I get to fuck my cop that night?"

"Oh yes man oh yes! Oh Jack that sounds so fucking hot to me man, oh yes you can! Oh yea, I'll lay there and put my nose in the crotch of my police pants and let you put your dick up in me while I lay there and sniff my own pants! Oh Jack, oh god man, that sounds so fucking hot to me, yea-we gotta do that!"

"Oh tell you what Stan man, tell you what!" Jack whispered into Stan's ear as he pounded his ass and at the same time made mad passionate love to all of Stan's body, not only his ass. "Tell you what I think we ought to do. I think Jimmy, Sammy and I should come to your academy graduation ceremony, and just sit there as if we were long time friends, and let you look at us, knowing that later that night after all the celebrating, we're all gonna be fucking you and your new policeman's ass!

Hey, what do you think about that? Like that? Wanna stand up there and look out at us knowing that before the night is over, all three of us guys are gonna take care of that new cop ass? Like that?"

"Oh my god Jack, oh shit! Oh Jack that is turning me on man, that is so fucking hot! Jack, I'd be up there, on the stage with everybody sitting there, watching me graduate and I'd know that you three guys were all gonna be fucking my ass yet that same night! Oh Jack, --Barbara and both of my parents are gonna be there too, and we'd have this big, big secret of what's really gonna happen to me and my ass later that night! Oh Jack fuck my ass, fuck me hard! That idea has got me just about crazy, just thinking about it! Oh man, I'd just wanna stand up there and yell out, `Those three guys are gonna fuck me when this is over!' Oh Jack, you think Jimmy and Sammy would do that? We could use their place, right? Oh god man, that is turning me on like shit! Oh god man, I wish that was today! Oh man, that is so fucking hot to just think about!"

"Yea man, just think! You standing up there on the stage, being the center of attention, you in your nice new tight fitting policeman pants, and when you look out and see us three with our anxious dicks looking up at you, your ole boner starts showing right through those cop pants! Oh man, I'd love to see that happen, I'd love that! I can see the newspaper the next day, ---headlines say, "New cop shows the city he's got a big dick, right there on the graduation stage!" Yea, I want you to have a hard on when you graduate man, I do! I wanna sit out there in the audience and watch your dick get hard in those tight pants! Oh shit man, I hope that happens! I hope like hell it does! Oh god man, I gotta take a camera with me so I can take a picture of you standing there, showing the whole world your big stiff cop hard on!"

"Oh fuck me, fuck me! Jack, pound me hard! If you have to man, take your dick off and leave it up inside of me! Make me have it man, make me have it! You've got me so fucking hot, I won't be able to do anything until that day except think about that happening! Oh Jack, you sure Jimmy and that Sammy will do that? Oh man, just thinking I'll be standing there with Barbara and my Mom and Dad looking at me, and I'll be knowing that you three guys are there, in the same room, and you're gonna be fucking my ass like crazy in just a little while! Oh man, what in the hell will I do if I do get a hard on? What in the hell would I do? I know damn well it will show through those pants if I get hard! Oh man, what in the hell am I gonna do if I do get hard? Oh man, oh shit, I never thought I'd ever be thinking about something like that! Oh shit man, I can't wait! You sure those two guys will do that? Just knowing that I've got three guys, sitting there, watching the graduation, and you're in there waiting on me, so you can take me home and fuck my ass! What a fucking turn on that is!

Oh shit man, what a fucking turn on! You sure those two guys will do that?"

"Oh yea, oh yea! Oh hell yea man, hell yea! Hey, Jimmy already told me this morning how he wanted me to tell you to just go find apartment number 117 whenever you needed some action, so hell yes, I know they will!

They like to play with guys and you'll like playing with them! We'll fuck the hell out of you that night so that you know you can take whatever those other cops wanta give you some night, ---when you're out on late night patrol! Cops love to fuck other cops, and man, with the tight little muscle body on you, and this tight little ass I'm pounding the hell out of right now, you are gonna be good hunk of meat for them guys! You just gotta remember that whenever you find out which of your buddies is game, you gotta get me with `em. I love cop ass and I ain't had any for way too long! I need to know I've got me a couple of the city's finest available to me! You're gonna be a big help to me man, a big help! White cops love black asses and black dicks, so you gotta help me let `em know I'm their man whenever they get hungry for black!"

"Oh Jack, why in the hell would I let them know about you when I know damn well I'm gonna need this all the time myself! Oh Jack, make me feel your dick way up in my throat! Jack push that thing up in me so it comes out of my throat! Oh fuck me, ---fuck me, ---fuck me!!!"

"Hey hon, I am, and from the way I'm starting to feel right now, you're just about to get another load up in you! You ready to to get bred again man, you ready, I'm getting damn close. Oh Stan, I'm gonna do you man, I'm gonna do you! Hang on, hang on! Oh Stan----oh Stan here it comes, I'm cumin man, I'm cumin man! Oh shit your ass feels so fucknig good! Damn you've got a good ass! Oh Stan your ass is unbelievable man, ---totally unbelievable, ---totally unbelievable! Oh shit, what a fucking ass! Damn man, god, hope I can get some work done today! Oh Stan, I love fucking this ass! Hey man, just think--------I'm gonna fuck it on your graduation night, right? Right? I get to be the first guy to fuck the new cop, right, --right?"

"Oh yea man , Oh yes! Oh that idea has got me so fucking hot, ---so fucking hot! Hey Jack, let me roll over and you suck my dick some, OK? My dick's wanting to cum and I need to watch you going down on it!

Would you?"

"Hell yea man, roll over! Let me have that dick! I love sucking on that dick! Oh yea, I'm gonna suck on a new cop's dick! Yea, I want this thing man, give it to me!"

"Oh Jack, yea! Yea suck me man, suck me! Oh Jack, I can feel your cum running out of my ass! Oh man, I can feel it! I can feel it!"

Jack pulled off of Stan's rod just long enough to look up at him and say, "Hey man, good thing we put those towels down then man, good thing!" He immediately took Stan's meat back into his mouth and sucked hard and strong!

"Oh Jack, I'm gonna cum man, I'm gonna cum! Here it comes man, I'm cumin, ---I'm cummmmin! Oh suck me, my dick feel likes it's about twice the size it really is! Oh man, it feels so fucking big! Oh thanks man, thanks! Not only for this cum shot but for everything man, everything! I said earlier I'm living the wrong life, and I know now, damn well, I am!

Oh man, I've needed this for a hell of a long time! Oh Jack, please tell me we will be doing this all the time! Please promise me this will only be the first of a lot of times! Oh I love feeling you and having you up inside of me! Jack, ---thanks man, thanks! You're my fucker man, you're my fucker! I love this! Oh Jack, I wish Freddie would have done this to me years ago! I wish he had. My whole life would be different right now, I know damn well it would've been!"

"Well Stan. Did Freddie play with any guys that you know of? Did he play around with guys?"

"You know, I don't know! I really don't! He was such a hot stud, he could have, whenever he wanted to, and with any guy or gal he wanted to, but I was a puny little guy back then, and I know I sure didn't turn him on any, so I just don't know. I saw him and some of the other big hunky guys goofing around with each other, but just like grabbing or wrestling with each other, but I never saw him having any kind of sex with `em. I tried every way I could think of to get him to do me, but I guess I sure wasn't the right one for him! The whole time we were on the same base, I wanted him to just grab me, if nothing else! I wanted him to feel me, so I could feel him. I just wanted to feel his hands on me someplace, anyplace! I just wanted to know he had touched me, someplace! It's all cause of Freddie that I spent the thousand and thousand of hours working out in the weight room so that I could finally get me a playmate and have sex with a man like him, ---well, like you! Jack, I've had a hard on for you, ever since that first day I saw you! Today was finally my payoff day, and damn it, it was worth it man, totally worth it!"

"Stan. If you're built like you are all because of that Freddie guy, you owe him a lot! You are one hot tight muscle man, and you look good! Maybe it's better that Freddie never did you! If he'd had done you, you would never have built yourself up to be the little god you are!

Today, you can get any guy you want, and you are gonna be one hot looking cop. You're gonna be what all the gay guys are wanting, so just decided that whenever you want it or need it, you're gonna have a line of guys wanting it, and wanting it from you, like you wanted from Freddie! You're hot, man, real hot!"

"Thanks man, thanks! That's good coming from someone that's built like you, and of course hung like you! Come on, let's shower down and get cleaned up. It's just about nine o'clock, and I want you to call that Jimmy and Sammy and see if maybe you and I can stop in their place today sometime so I can meet `em. Will you? Can you? Oh yea, maybe we can ask them if they'll come to the graduation ceremony and kinda make sure that's all gonna work out, ---OK?"

"Yea, sounds like a good idea. Hey, tell you what. I'll call Jimmy and just tell him you and I wanna come over there for lunch! He'll be more than glad to feed us lunch, and anything else that happens to, ---come up!"

"Oh Jack, that sounds good, that's great! I'm anxious to meet

`em." And with a very big grin on his face, Stan added, "Oh yea, also, thanks for fixing the toilet! I hope it breaks again! I've never met a maintenance man just quite like you! Hell man, I don't think that are any others quite like you! You got one hell of a fucking tool just hanging on you! What a fucking muscle man you are. You're the first guy I've done anything with in years, my first muscle guy, and of course my first black man. What a prize man, what a prize! And of course you damn well know that's the first time I've even seen an eleven inch dick! What a fucker, ---what a fucker you are! Down my throat and up my ass, both! Damn man, ---thanks, ---you are good! You sure as the hell have changed my life for me! And I'm sure I'm not the first one, and sure as hell won't be the last one, either! Right?"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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