"Oh Jack, you taught him how, I assume, right?" Sammy asked.

"Yea, yea I sure did! He was one anxious boy. There sure wasn't too much learning or teaching going on that night, though! That ass was hot and ready! All I can say is that I think maybe he had been saying some stuff in front of those other football players that maybe was kind of leading them on. I really don't think Georgie really knew it himself, but I think he was wanting to get it in the ass, all along, and just did not know it. But, when in the locker room, and all the guys were bare assed and probably slapping each other's asses, I kind of think maybe Georgie was saying things that were getting those guys all hot and heavy for his ass."

"Jack did he take all of your dick right away?" Jim anxiously asked as he once again checked out the pillar of meat that Jack was supporting.

"Oh yea! Yea he did! He let out one little yell when I really punched it all the way in, but you know guys, when a hole is really ready and really hungry, the man under that hole is begging to get it all filled up fast. That was Georgie that night. He wanted it and he had finally found the way to get it. And what an ass it was! God man, what a hard, firm tight ass that was! I already said I thought I was more nervous about fucking him than he was about getting fucked, and let me tell you guys, once I was in there and pushing with all of my might, I sure as hell was glad he had the guts to tell me he wanted me to fuck him. Shit was he good!"

"Hey Jack, what happen for him that week-end with those other guys, do you know?" Sam inquired with interest.

"Oh yea, I got fully filled in, when he got home. The football players found out, I guess, that they now had something on their hands that they did not expect. Georgie told me that he really ended up being the one that called the shots after awhile. You know I already told you that he said one of the players had made some room changes so that they would be rooming together. Well if I remember right, that guy's name was Dale. He and some guy by the name of Butch thought they were going to have some real fun "taking" Georgie and using him like they wanted, but what they did not know was that Georgie apparently wanted them more than they wanted him.

They wanted to be the big mean guys that made the other guy do as they say and kind of embarrass him and make him feel like shit. Well, I guess it just kind of didn't work out that way."

"Why? What happened?" Sammy, Jim, and Greg, the three eager listeners, eagerly asked.

"Well, from what Georgie told me, the very first thing when the guys were alone by themselves, that Butch and Dale started in on Georgie and kept teasing him about how they were going to take his butt and use it and fuck him crazy. I guess Georgie just stood there and kept asking,

`Well when guys, when?' That completely shook those two guys. They did not expect that! They thought they were in control, to where they were going to make poor Georgie all shook and scared, but he just kept asking,

`Well when guys, when?' Georgie told me he knew he had already taken a dick up his ass a hell of a lot bigger than either one of those guys had, and he decided that he was not going to let them think they were scaring him any. From what Georgie told me, they played the game of undressing him, and he kind of tried to act like he didn't want them doing that, but then when they got him all undressed and threw him down on the bed, he looked back at both of them and after he looked at their dicks, asked if that was all they were going to use on him. He told both of them to do it, and then go find him a man that could give him a good hard fucking with a real dick! He said he had been told so many times, before the trip, how they were all going to fuck him and how he was going to really get it up the ass, and so now he wanted it. He told them he wanted to see if they would really do it. It kind of really put those two guys down and in their place when he, first, didn't act scared that they were going to fuck him, and then, when he asked them if there was anybody else that had a bigger dick that could give him a real good fucking, if he was really going to get fucked! I guess he told them that if he was really going to get fucked, then he wanted it to be good and something to remember."

"Oh shit man, I guess he kind of put them in their place then didn't he?" Asked Jim.

"Yea he said he thought he kind of did. He said that he got a lot more respect from them after that, and from some of the other guys too.

There were like six guys total that were into this, "We are going to fuck Georgie" thing, and all six of them eventually did him. Only problem was he was eager and ready, and they never got to have their fun of getting real mean and nasty with him, to make him do it. They all wanted to be part of forcing him to do it, and it kind of backfired on them. He said they all fucked him once except for that Butch guy, and he fucked him twice of maybe three times. Georgie said that Butch guy was really into it a lot more than the others. He thinks Butch was the one that got this all started, and he got it all started so that it would look like the gang bang was all set up by all of the guys, even though it was really just him that wanted to fuck Georgie originally. He just got the other guys involved so he was not the only one."

"So what happen after that trip. Everything go OK for Georgie after they got home and back in school and sutff?" Sam inquired out of interest for poor Georgie.

"Oh yea, everything was fine. Thank goodness Georgie never told any of them about he and I and his prior fucking, and and since Georgie had asked them to find some guy that had a `real dick' on him to come in and fuck him, none of the guys felt like they were in the position anymore to make fun of some other guy, since he could tell everybody they all had little dicks. Georgie started being more of the group than he had ever been before. He did tell me that some of the guys did keep wanting to use him when they couldn't get any from their girlfriends, and I told him, "Hey man. You've got something back there that they want, and unless you are real hungry for them and their dick, tell them that sure, they can fuck you, it will cost them a twenty."

"Oh shit man, did he start charging them?" Jim quickly asked.

"Yea, I guess some of the time. He told me that Butch, the one that originally got that whole thing set up was his most active top. He wanted it at least once a week, and Georgie told me that he only charged Butch part of the time. He said that when he needed cash, then he'd make Butch pay him."

"So Jack, did you and Georgie ever fuck around again?" Sammy inquired.

"Oh yea! Yea once he graduated, he and I started do each other quite often."

"Wait! Doing each other?" Sammy inquired! "Doing each other kind of sounds like maybe he was fucking you too, right? Did he fuck you?"

"Sure, yea! He asked me one night if he could do that since he had never fucked some guy,---just gotten fucked, and I told him sure! Why not?

I like a dick up my ass like everybody else does, I guess."

"So how long did you two do it? Did you guys do it for quite awhile?" Jim asked with some jealousy sounding in his voice.

"Oh Georgie and I fucked each other for about two years or a little more. We even got a three way set up with Butch once, but that turned out a little weird."

"Weird, what do you mean a little weird?" Sammy asked in earnest.

"Well Butch found out that Georgie and I were playing and he decided he wanted to be part of it. Well that was until I took my pants off and my 11 inches sprung out. Butch's ass got all up-tight and scared.

I never did get to fuck him. He watched me fuck the hell out of Georgie's ass, but he just never got the nerve to let me put it up in him. He just kept telling us how he had never even seen one that fucking big before, and hell no, it was not going up in his ass. So I never got to fuck Butch's hole. He sure as hell had a greater appreciation for what Georgie could take though! He kept telling Georgie, "Oh shit man, I can not believe it!

I can not believe you can take that much up in your ass like that! Damn I can not believe it!"

"Oh come on man, I've got to take it now man! Oh shit man you have got me so fucking turned on telling me that, come on, let me find out if I can take it or not! Come on please Jack, please show me I can take it!

Please, please fuck me!" Greg pleaded and begged.

"Ok man, I'm ready. Sorry, kind of guess was all kind of got carried away with my little story about doing Georgie and his ass, didn't we? Hey Greg, lay down there on your stomach and let me at that hot ass of yours. OK?"

AS Greg laid down, he started having second thoughts and said, "Oh fuck man, oh shit! Oh God now that I've begged for it, oh shit, now I'm getting scared. Oh crap man! Oh shit, should I be doing this?"

"Hey tell you what. Jim why don't you get up there by Greg's head so he can maybe grab a hold of you or maybe stick your dick in his mouth and you can rub his head or shoulders and assure him everything back here is going to be OK! OK?" Jack suggested.

"Sammy what you going to do while I break in this virgin ass?"

"Right now I'm just going to sit here and watch that damn big thing slide up into Greg's ass and kind of give him a minute to minute up-date of how it's going on this end, then after it's up and in him and he knows he's still got an ass, I think maybe I will slam my face up in that hot, tight, mahogany butt of yours and let you slam my face with it while you poke his ass."

"Oh shit man! That sounds great! I need a good tongue licking back there anyway. Hey Greg, I'm going to push some KY jelly up in your butt, so don't jump when you feel my fingers going up in there, OK?"

"Ok yea! Oh shit man, am I crazy for doing this? Oh God man maybe that Butch guy was right. Maybe I should be yelling, `No way in hell!' Oh man! Hey Jim, let me grab hold of you. Oh,- I've never had anybody put stuff up in my ass before, and now I think I'm going to be able to take that fucking pole? I'm crazy man, I fucking crazy! I've got to be!"

"No you're not Greg!" Jim quicky reassured him. "Jack told you other guys have take his dick for their first fucking, and I know damn well you can too. Remember earlier how set you were in making sure Jack's rod was the first one you took? Lay there and relax. Here, lay your head in my lab and grab hold of my waist. Yea-there! Better?"

"Oh God man I guess but I'm getting real scared now that my ass is going to hurt like hell when he puts that up in me! Oh man, I swear I'm fucking crazy for doing this! I swear I must be!"

"No you are OK!" Sammy reassured him. "Greg you are OK and in about a minute or two you will be so glad you did this you'll wish you had been doing this for years. There, feel Jack's fingers putting that KY up in you? Hey Jack, rub the inside of his ass for a minute to get it all excited about getting something up in there. Yea-there feel that Greg?

Like that?"

"Oh yea I can feel that! Yea that feels kind of good, but really feels a lot different than anything I've felt back there before. Hey, Sam, how many fingers he got up in me? Has he got his whole hand up in there?"

"No, no, ---not hardly Greg! Not hardly! Right now he's only got two fingers in you. Feel like a lot more?"

"Oh hell yea! Oh God man if he's only got two fingers up in me right now, -----oh shit man what in the hell is it going to feel like when he puts that fucking big dick of his up in me? Oh man! Oh shit man, --can I really do this?"

"Hey cool down man, cool down!" Sam again reassured Greg.

"Seriously Greg your ass will open up a hell of a lot quicker than what you might think. Just lay there and grab hold of Jim. Hey, put your face in his lap and maybe lick on his dick for a minute. Jack's not going to hurt you any. Besides, remember how excited you were to get it? Well hang in there man, pretty soon you'll be able to say you took it!"

"Hey Greg, I'm going to kind of get my dick all aimed up here, but don't panic I will go real slow! I'm serious man, I'll go slow so this feels good, OK?"

"Yea OK! Yea I guess. Oh shit man I've got to be one fucking crazy guy to let you do me! Oh Jim, hang on to me!"

"Hey Greg, lay still and hang onto Jim. Jacks got you all greased up and has kind of gotten your ass opened some with his fingers, so just lay there and let him do this and enjoy it! OK?' Sammy asked.

"Oh God yea I guess it's OK. I was the one that said I wanted it, but shit man, now I'm wondering! Oh God,! Oh shit! He's starting in isn't he Sam? Oh shit man, he's starting to put that up in me isn't he?

Oh God man can I take it? Oh shit man I'm scared! He said it's eleven inches long didn't he? Oh God man! If it goes all the way in, will I be able to walk, later? Oh crap man, oh shit! It's going up in my ass isn't it?"

"Just a little, Greg, just a little. Lay there and let your ass relax. Yea, relax it man, relax it!"

"Oh shit man, that's easy for you to say! Sam its not your ass that's about ready to get a steam roller slammed up in it. Oh God he's pushing more up in me isn't he? Oh I can feel him pushing it up in me! Oh I can feel it moving! Oh I can feel it up in me!"

"Yea Greg, yea he is, but he's going slow. He's taking your ass real slow."

"Ouch, --oh shit, --oh shit, --oh shit! Oh man that stung! Oh God man that stung for a second there! Oh Sam was that supposed to hurt like that?"

"Yea Greg, when he opened up the tight little ring up inside it does for a second, but he's got it open now. He's got his dick in that ring now! That was just kind of like pushing open a tight rubber band.

He's got it stretched open now! Now man, it's all good and fun from here on out, or maybe I should say from here on in! Lay still, all Jack needs to do now is lay there on your butt and just push it on in. Greg, this is going to feel great! In just a minute you are going to feel that rod all the way up in you and you are going to be so fucking glad you did this!

Grab Jimmy there and love on his crotch while Jack makes you a real man!"

"Oh Greg your ass feels good, so good!" Jack stated as he continued to fill Greg's virgin hole. "Lay still man, I'm making progress back here and in just a minute, you and I are going to be one man. All of my dick is going to be up inside of you and we're going to be feeling like we are just one guy stuck together! You OK? You feeling this up in you?

You like it?"

"Oh yea man-oh yea I can feel it! God O mighty it feels big! Shit man, how much you got in me now?"

"He's got just bout half of it in right now Greg. Lay still and let him feed you the rest!"

"Half of it!? He's only got half of it in me so far? Oh God can I take the rest? Oh shit man, I feel full already!"

"Hey relax man, relax! Jack's going real slow and easy and you are doing just fine! Seriously Greg, once he gets the whole thing up in there, that's when your ass is going to start jumping and you are going to be begging for him to pound it as hard as he can." Sam again reassured Greg.

"Hey Sam!" Jack said. "Why don't you get yourself up there by Jim and kind of stand over him and Greg and let me suck on your dick while I do Greg here. You can stand there and let me have your dick in my mouth and let your man lick on your butt for a little while. OK?"

"Oh hell yes!" Sammy immediately responded. With Sam in the new position everybody was involved in the action. Greg was face down on the bed, and of course with Jack and his railroad car dick sliding up into the depths of his ass, his face was laying on Jim's crotch, with his tongue every once in awhile licking on Jim's meat, ---when he wasn't expressing his concerns about if he could really take the rest of Jack's rod, and of course Sam was positioned so that he could fuck Jack's mouth and at the same time get his ass licked and sucked on by his lover, Jim. Everybody was enjoying the multiple person activity and rather keeping Greg's mind off of the action still going on in his ass.

"Oh man! Oh yea!" All of a sudden Jack let out. "Oh man, I'm in!

I'm in all the way Greg! You have me! You've got all of it! It's all up in you man! How you feeling? You OK? How you doing man?"

"Oh Jack push on my butt! Oh yea,-oh yea! Oh man that is good! Oh I can't believe you have all of that up in me! Jack you sure it's all the way in?"

"Yea man, yea! I'm pushing on your tight ass as hard as I can and it is all up in there! See, that wasn't so bad now was it? See how easy it is to take it?"

"Oh Jack I can't believe you have all of it up in me! Oh man, that does feel food! Yea, man, it does feel good! Oh shit I thought it was going to hurt when you put it all the way up in me. Man, that's better than when you first started. Oh Jack, yea, pump me man, pump me! Oh yea man! Oh yes! Yea, you guys were right! It does feel good! Oh how in the hell can that much dick, stuck up in your ass, feel so good? Oh my God, I'm glad I had you fuck me! Oh yea this is good! Yea, I like this! Oh shit man, this is great! Yea Jack, now fuck the hell out of me! Yea man, yea! That is good! Oh my God man, don't ever get out of my ass!"

Hearing that excitement Sammy immediately changed positions and said, "Jack I've got to suck on your ass while you fuck him. I've got to put my face up in there and feel you fucking him from back there!"

Sam positioned himself so that his face was tucked in-between the solid black ass muscles that Jack was flexing, as he pumped the "new boy's"


Sam was ass sucking, Jack was ass fucking, Jim was getting sucked on and Greg, well he was in total heaven getting it up the ass about half way to his throat and at the same time getting Jim's dick stuck down his throat from the other direction.

All four men took advantage of the activity for at least 15 or 20 minutes when all of a sudden, Jack yelled, "Oh man, oh man, I'm going to cum! I'm gonna do it guys, I'm about ready to cum!"

Jack immediately pulled his entire length out of Greg's ass and without time to say anything else, he let fly.

Looking around Jack's torso, Sammy watched the juices fly and he exclaimed, "Oh my God Jack! Oh shit man, ---look at what you just let loose! Oh shit man, ---haven't you shot off for a week or something?"

As Greg was laying there, all of a sudden he felt the warm juices hit his back. "Oh man! Oh man is that all cum? Man that is warm! Jack did you pee on me or is that all cum I feel on my back?"

"Hey young tight ass, ---that is all cum! You and your tight ass made me shoot like I have not shot for a long time! Man, that ass of yours is good! Oh Greg, thank you for letting me be the first guy up in there!

Wow man! What a fuck! Shit, -- I'm exhausted!"


Wade Wright

[email protected]


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