"Jim, there's the door bell,---Jim answer the door. Jack's here!"

"This guy had better be as damn hot as you said. I trust you, but man, this guy had better look like a mahogany God!" Jim rather quietly

'yelled' back toward Sammy as he left the living room and headed for the door.

As Jim answered the door, Sammy came running up behind him, and as the door came open, Sammy said, "Hi Jack! Jack, meet Jim, and Jim, ---meet Jack."

Jim dropped his jaw, he took a deep breath, and he attempted to extend his right hand out to offer a hand shake. Slowly, and breathlessly he managed a, "Hi! Hi, I'm Jim."

"Jim he knows you are Jim. I just introduced you to him. Jack, come on in. Jim close your mouth and take Jack into the living room while I get some snacks from the kitchen. OK? Hey---Jim---are you in there?"

Jim's statement of this guy had better be a,--- 'mahogany God,' had just been answered. He managed to step out of the way and let Jack enter the apartment, and then went with Jack into the living room. Sammy looked at his partner, laughed and shook his head. Then asked, "So, my man! Did I describe him correctly or not?"

Jim escorted Jack in to the living room, waited for Jack to be seated, stood there still with his mouth hanging rather open and said,

"Well, I've accused Sammy of lying to me for the last time! I sure can see that! Jack, I'm sorry that I am acting like such a fool, but I simply kept telling Sammy that his description of you had to be a little too much made up. When I agreed to his constant begging, that I meet you and see if maybe we could do a three-way together, I was just real sure he was kind of making you out to be something a little more than you really were."

Then turning toward the kitchen, Jim grinningly yelled, "Sammy, I'm sorry. I'm real sorry honey. From this time on I will always believe everything that you tell me." Turning back to Jack he continued, "See Jack, -once in awhile he kind of gets all excited about how hot some guy is, and then when I finally see that guy, he's not as hot as I had been told. So I'm sorry but I thought this was another one of those times.

Shit man, I was wrong! Jack, you are one hot looking guy! Now I understand why Sammy was all turned inside out with excitement that day you came over here to fix that light fixture. Man, when I got home that night he was a complete basket case. I kind of understand now why he was as flustered as he was. Shit man! If I'd been him, I'd probably been more flustered than he was."

Sammy carried some cheese, crackers and beers into the room, sat them down on the coffee table, looked at Jim, snickered, and said, "OK! I will accept the payment of your, ---'million dollar statement', any time you wish to write the check."

Jim looked at Jack and explained. "During his excited description of what you were like, I was kind of loosing my patience and told him that I bet a million dollars that you are not even half of what he was telling me. Got to admit man, that is one bet I would have lost!"

"What do you mean, would have lost?" Sammy injected. "You did loose it!"

"Well guys!" Jack responded. "Guys, I'm glad I'm OK with you guys, but hey, I'm just me. Sure I do try to show myself off when I can, but hey man, like they say, I still put my pants on one leg at a time like everybody else."

As Jim reached over to get some cheese and crackers, he added,

"Well from what Sammy has told me, those pants can come off pretty quickly too!"

Jack snickered, reached over for a beer and some cheese and crackers and then after sitting back in his chair, looked at Jim and said.

"Well Jim, I certainly did not have any reason to doubt Sammy's description about you, and from what I now see, he was really on target describing you.

You've obviously spent some time in the weight room too haven't you?"

"Yea." Jim replied. "Yea I have. Sure did not do for me what it did for you, but I do have to admit that I am sure I do look better than if I had not done the old weight room thing. When I was younger I needed to put weight on, but then after I got just a little older, the goals started working the other direction."

"Sammy said you are what-------34? Is that right?"

"Yea, I've got a birthday coming up shortly, but right now I'm still 34. You are what---28, 29? I'm not sure Sammy knew, for sure."

"I'm 29, a horny 29." "Well the horny part we already knew about!

But after what Sammy told me about the actions in our bathroom the other day, it kind of sounded like if you had not been on the horny side, you might have been raped anyway!"

"Jim!" Sammy snapped back rather humorously. "Jim, you make it sound like I was all over him!"

"Well, you did kind of keep looking at my crotch while I was trying to keep my mind on fixing that light!"

"Jack, dear Sir!" Sammy replied. "Sir,---I would have been a lot more calm about you being in my bathroom if you had not been half naked, had not flexed those 20 inch biceps in my face, had not shown me those tight thick pecs, and had kept your hand off of that damn telephone pole you were rubbing! Shit man---all of you that day was way too much for me to handle!"

"So Jack," Jim asked, "Sammy told me that he knew for sure, you sure do like to have your big, stiff, thick, rod sucked off good, but when he asked you what else you liked to do, you just told him something like, ---well,--- time will tell, but you guaranteed him that he would not be disappointed. What did you mean by that?"

"Yea, I know he was concerned about us doing a three-way and maybe me being only interested if I get sucked off. I'm not sure just what all you guys are into, but I'm sure I've done enough stuff that most of it's not going to be anything new to me. But, the longer we sit here and just talk about it, the longer it will be, in finding out just what I do like to do. Are we going to go play, or just sit here and talk?" With that remark and question, all three men immediately got up, and headed down the hall toward the bedroom. As they got into the bedroom, all three pulled their shirts off and Jack looked at Jim and remarked, "Shit man! Hey, you are really stacked aren't you? Jim told me you had a hot body, but shit man, he didn't tell me you were that hot. You have spent a lot of time in the gym haven't you?"

"Yea, I've spent my time there. Thanks for the complement, but I do have to admit I which I looked like you do."

Jack, Jim and Sammy all got fully undressed and after just a little confusion of just who was going to lay down where and beside who, they managed to stretch out together with Jack in the middle. Jim reached over and massaged Jack's right pec. As he massaged it, he then raised up and placed his lips on the nipple and slowly and gently started chewing and sucking on it. He rolled his tongue around in circle on it. Jack kept lowly saying, "Thank you man, thank you man!"

Jack reached down and grabbed ahold of Jim's stiff and thick 8" man tool. He jerked on it and made Jim moan and groan in pleasure as he sucked on Jack's nip.

As soon as they had gotten in position in bed, Sammy quickly positioned his mouth on Jack's large massive stick. It was already large, larger than most men's after theirs is completely hard, but he knew this one would get bigger yet. He had experienced it before, and he was eager for it again. This time, he managed to slam the entire length down into his throat much faster than he had done just a few days earlier. This time his mouth and the back of his throat were ready for it. He now knew how relaxed he needed to be to take the entire thing. As he pushed his face down onto Jack's crotch, and swallowed the entire length of this thick, black, dick, he took a deep breath of air through his nose, and then after coming back up and off of it, told Jim, "Man, you have got to do this!

This damn thing is so good! Oh Jim, you've got to eat this one."

With an extensive amount of feeling, licking, groping, hugging, chewing, and sucking, the three men completely enjoyed each other's bodies for an extended period of time.

After Sammy had choked himself completely a couple of times on Jack's big turned on and excited, stiff, man stick, he offered it to Jim, and told Jim he really did want to see just how much of it Jim could swallow on his first try. Jim took all of Jack's dick down his throat, but only with care and patience. Sammy had told him that to take it all,

"You've got to force that damn thing down your throat if you really what to take all of it. Jim, it's not going to go down your throat easily. It will make you gag! You've got to push your face on it! You will swear you have never had that much in your mouth all at once before!"

Jack laid back and offered his stick to the two lovers that he was now enjoying some bedroom time with. As Jim learned how to get his mouth completely down onto this enormous dick, Jack massaged the top of his head, and at the same time massaged all and any parts of Sammy's body that he could reach. Jack was being taken care of by his new lover friends, and he was enjoying every moment of it. He knew his body was being worshiped. He knew his body, his enormous dick, and all of his muscles had been worshiped many times before, but this act of being loved, and body handled by two men in love with each other, was especially exciting to Jack. He knew that neither one of them needed him for some good sex. They already had a very hot looking man at their respective disposal.

As Sammy watched, his lover learned how to take all of Jack's dick, he offered encouragement and support and eventually turned himself around in the bed so that he was now laying with his feet up my Jack's head, and his bare butt sticking up in the air. As he encouraged Jim to, "Swallow deeper, swallow deeper," he felt Jack's hand start to slide in between the cheeks of his ass. He laid his head down and moaned, "Oh yea! Oh yea, please! Oh yea Jack please finger me!"

Jack followed instructions. His left hand was now exploring Sammy's firm and solid ass muscles. He grabbed it and squeezed it. Slowly one finger found the tight entrance into Sammy's insides. "Yea push! Yea push!" Sammy pleaded.

Jack pulled his hand back toward himself, spit on his fingers and once again went back to the tight little hole that Sammy was offering so eagerly. Jack reached down, entered one finger, ran it around in circles and then told Sammy, "Hey relax man. Relax your ass. I want to put more fingers up in there!"

Sammy tried to relax his ass and as he did, Jack let him have one more finger. "Yea relax man! Yea, relax," he told his buddy. He was now fingering with two rather large fingers. "Yea I like that!"

Slowly he inserted finger three, then finger four! Sammy wiggled and moved his ass slowly letting Jack know that he could feel all of the fingers and that although his rather full ass was kind of hurting, he was still wanting more of the actions that he was being given.

Suddenly Sammy realized that he could not see Jim's left hand anyplace, and after some rather stressing stretching and looking, he finally realized that while he was getting Jack's fingers stuck up into his ass, Jim was doing the same thing to Jack!

"Holy crap!" Sammy exclaimed. "Shit man! I didn't know you had your hand up in his ass! Shit man! Damn I did not know that!"

Jim could not answer more than a groan of something like a "Yea,"

since he had a mouth full of cock. Jack did respond. "Yea man he does and it feels damn good! He was sticking my ass hole before I started on yours.

Yea-----and it feels damn good!"

Jack laid there and got his ass fingered, he fingered Sammy's ass, Sammy reached over and got Jim to move over toward him so that he could suck on Jim's dick. Jim sucked on Jack's dick. All of it! All three men were in complete joy of having some good hot gay sex play with a couple of other hot guys.

"I want to fuck a hole!" Jack suddenly said. "I want some ass!"

That statement rather broke up all of the actives that were then happening. Jim looked at Sammy, Sammy looked at Jim, and Sammy finally was the one that said, "Oh shit man! Oh God, he wants to stick that damn big thing up in one of us."

Jim immediately replied, "Well let me tell you man, you are the one that found this guy, and so I figure it's up to you to see if a guy's ass can take that much dick. You lay your ass down here and I will be your cheering section. I'll watch you take it, and then if you can take it without getting ripped open from one end to the other, them maybe,-and I say---maybe--I will try it!"

Everything got stopped and everybody repositioned themselves for the upcoming fucking. Sammy asked Jack in what position he wanted him, and Jack told him to lay on his stomach and just relax. Jim sat down up by Sammy's head and spread his legs, one on each side of Sammy's face so that he could place his crotch right at Sammy's face, with the intent that as Sammy got it in the rear, he could suck Jim off at the same time.

Jack used some of the KY lube that Jim and Sammy had available, and he slowly positioned himself above Sammy's ass. He laid down on Sammy's back and let his enormous dick slide in between the cheeks of Sammy's ass.

He moved himself up and down a few times so that Sammy could feel the entire length of his dick rubbing along Sammy's skin. He anticipated, and correctly so, that doing that would get Sammy all anxious and excited, for getting it up in his ass. As he moved, he watched Sammy reach out and get ahold of his partners dick and place it in his mouth. That action was a good signal to Jack that Sammy was getting all sexy excited and was not particularly afraid of what was about to happen back in his ass.

Jack reached in-between Sammy's ass cheeks and inserted a finger.

After rubbing it around some, he then inserted finger number two, then three and then finger four. He spread his fingers apart as far as possible to start spreading open Sammy's rectum. As he played with his fingers, he watched Sammy's actions on Jim's dick, and also watched Jim's expressions to give himself a good indication of how Sammy was reacting to the fingering and the spreading that was happening in his butt. He knew that if anything was hurting, his reaction on Jim's cock would change, and Jim's expression would follow suit. Nothing was going wrong! All actions were on track. Jack was spreading Sammy's ass hole as far as his fingers could manage, and Sammy was completely involved in sucking on Jim's stiff dick.

Jack withdrew his fingers and as he did, he looked up at Jim. Jim grinned. He knew what was about to happen and he was letting Jack know that he was "instep" with what was happening. Sammy was anxiously sucking on the dick that he had so completely rammed into the back of his throat.

Jack raised his torso up high enough to get his dick out from in-between Sammy's ass muscles, and he took ahold of it enough to aim it toward Sammy's, now anxious and hungry ass. He placed the tip at the rose point opening,---that had already started to close itself back up. Jack allowed the tip of his cock, to touch its target. He pushed! He slid his hands around Sammy's chest. He squeezed. He allowed more of his dick to push into the small opening ever so slightly. He laid his head down on the bed beside Sammy's face. He laid there for a moment listening to Sammy suck on Jim's dick. He could not only hear the sucking but he could also feel the actions since his head was immediately beside it. He enjoyed his position, and his closeness, to one man sucking off his loving partner. He felt privileged to be so close to such personal and loving actions.

Jack lowered his torso down. He allowed his dick to punch in.

Sammy jerked and groaned. Jack looked up at Jim, and quickly got an understanding that everything was OK. Jim shook his head in a "Yes" motion so to tell Jack that everything was still OK, and to keep pushing. Jack did. He thrust his torso so that another 3 or 4 inches of his railroad tank-car sized dick would go on into Sammy's, "shit shoot". Just as quickly as he mentally phrased that term, the "shit shoot," he regretted that he ever though of Sammy's ass in that type of a term. He had thought of other guy's asses in that term, but he did not like thinking of Sammy's ass that way.

He was unhappy that he could even think of that nice, tight, white, firm ass, in such a negative way. He was actually making love to it. It was making him feel very good and very, very, manly, so how could he be so negative as to even think of it in such a negative term. He immediately decided that instead of looking at it as a "shit shoot," he much preferred referring to it as a nice, warm, moist, cock glove. He did know that Sammy did use it as his "shit shoot", but right now it was being shared with him as a very exciting cock glove. And a very firm fitting cock glove. One cock glove that felt like a leather glove, turned inside out, and Sammy was letting him slide his excited, stiff dick into the tight leather compartment of that glove.

Jim took ahold of Sammy's head and pulled him forward, as much as possible. Actually, since Sammy was completely up and on Jim's lower stomach, Jim's pulling on his head did not actually move him any, but it definitely did lock him in place. Jim knew that Jack was just about ready to give Sammy's ass the rest of that oversized mahogany meat and he knew Sammy would be reacting whenever that thing hit its extent. He knew Sammy would try to pull off of his dick and let out some kind of a scream. He looked at Jack, and motioned an "OK". Jack rammed! He slammed his body down onto Sammy's ass. He squeezed Sammy's chest as he pushed. He groaned as if he was the person getting it up in the ass.

Sammy jerked! He attempted to pull off of Jim's dick, but Jim held him tight! He tried to yell,---he could not--he had a mouth full of Jim, and Jim was pulling on him tightly! He turned and twisted his body. He attempted to flip and twist and turn! He continued to attempt some yelling, but nothing happened. Jack pushed in farther! Well, anyway, Jack pushed strongly, so as to make sure he was staying completely embedded into the depths of Sammy's ass hole. Embedded to its fullest! He completely and very strongly controlled all of Sammy's attempted movement. He made Sammy his capture! He simply knew that if he and Jim could manage to control Sammy for only about 30 or 35 seconds, the sharp pain would diminish and Sammy would then be begging for more dick up his ass. Jack had enough prior experiences, with other tight sweet ass holes, to simply know that if he can keep his bottom boy under a complete control, and not allow that ass to escape, or to even make an attempt to come off of his rod, that within only a few seconds the ass not only quits hurting, but it will immediately feel as if it is only partly filled and will be much more anxious now, for more dick, a lot more dick, than the bottom boy had even been anxious for, before he started getting any painful feelings.

Jim had complete control of Sammy's head, and Jack had complete control of the rest of Sammy's body. They looked at each other, and as they were, Sammy became very calm. He allowed his total body to totally relax and he rested all of himself on the bed.

Jim released his grip on Sammy's head. Jack pushed his dick in again, just to make sure he was in the full way. He loosened his grip around Sammy's body. He asked, "You OK? You OK?"

Sammy took his mouth off of Jim's dick and managed a low volume,

"Yea! Oh shit man! Oh shit, that hurt for a moment. God Jack, is that just your dick, or did you put something else up in there too? Is that just you dick or is part of your hand up in there?"

"Hey man, that is just my dick. You told me the other day when I was here that you liked the looks of it and wondered what it would feel like up in your ass, well tell me, what does it feel like? It's up in your ass now!"

"Oh shit, OK I guess. I need to rest a little and then I will let you know. Shit man, when you pushed the rest of it up in me, how much did you push in me then. Was that the whole thing. I thought you already had some of it in me, but shit man, that felt like you must have rammed the entire thing up in there."

"No! I already had about half of it up in you. You just took the second half of it when I pushed."

Sammy then looked at Jim's dick and asked, "Are there any teeth marks on your dick Honey? I know damn well that when he punched the rest of that rod up in me, I bit your dick hard. I remember having that pain hit inside of my ass, and how it just went right up through my body and that's when I clamped my mouth shut on your dick and tried to yell. Is your dick OK? Did I bite your dick any?"

"Yea Honey, my dick is OK! I knew you were about ready to get it back there, so when it hit and then you bit, I wasn't surprised. I expected it. Jack had looked at me with kind of a look of, OK, Here goes!

So I knew things were going to happen. Are you OK? Is your ass OK, or does it still hurt?"

"Hell no it does not hurt now! It is fine. Everybody has always said that if you get it up in the ass by some dick that is really kind of too big, that once you have it up in you for a little while, that then you don't even feel full anymore, and you start begging for more. I kind of guess that must be true, because right now that dick of Jack's feels so damn good up in there, and I'm hopeing that he's got more to give me. My ass feels real good and hungrier now than it was before." Then, turning to try and look at Jack, he continued, "Jack, you do have more to put up in me don't you? Jack, please tell me you are only about halfway up in me!"

"Sorry,-- hungry little ass boy! You have all of me up in you right now, but what will help you out some is for me to do some hot hard fucking. Ever since I got it up in you, I've just laid here nice and still so that you and your cute little white ass could get used to it. Now that you know your ass hole is OK and it's not going to get all ripped open, now it's time for me to get myself all cock excited and get myself ready to load your ass with some home grown lube. You about ready to see how much ass fucking you can take? I want to fuck you harder than any ass I've ever fucked before!" Jim grinned and said, "Yea Jack, he's ready! You are ready aren't you Sammy? Do it Jack! He's been anxious for that dick of yours ever since he saw it the other day, and I know he is really begging for it mentally right now!"

"Yea fuck me! Yea--fuck me please Jack! Oh Jim, hold me please.

Jim don't let him get too rough on my ass, please!" Sammy pleaded.

Without further comments, Jack immediately started using his rod the way he liked to use it the most. He started in on Sammy's ass and used it to the fullest. He was hopeing for a rougher fuck on Sammy than any other guy had ever allowed him to do. He felt comfortable with going for the roughest ever since he also had Jim there and taking care of Sammy, and Sammy's ass. He kept watching Jim for any input that he needed to be aware of. He knew that if he was getting too rough on Sammy, that Jim would know and would give him the hint to kind of ease up. As he fucked, cock punched and cock slammed Sammy's ass, he got no indications that he needed to change his actions. The exciting input, was hearing Sammy utter, "Yea, man! Yea!" He knew from hearing that, Sammy was OK, and was really enjoying getting his ass fucked probably harder, faster and deeper, than he had ever had before. He knew he had found himself a good active ass to play with. One that was deep enough, and hungry enough, to be anxious for this action again, as soon as possible and as often as possible.

As Jack was sweating profusely from his forehead, he suddenly started yelling out that he was getting close. "I'm getting close guys!

I'm getting close! Hey---man! I'm getting real ready! Sammy, I'm getting real, real close! Men, I'm about to shoot! I'm getting real close to cumin! Hey guys, I'm going to shoot! I'm cumin! I'm cumin! I'm cumin!"

Suddenly Jack's whole body went rigid! He thrust his crotch forward into Sammy, forcing his rod to go into Sammy as deeply as possible.

He pulled on Sammy's body! Every muscle tightened up! He laid there on, and in, Sammy's ass without saying anything and his entire being, once again, went as rigid as a marble statue. Sammy could feel his ass being filled with Jack's warm cream fluids. He realized how similar this was to the day that Jack shot off down his throat; how Jack had made the exclaimed statement about getting really close, and then how completely his body went totally rigid as his natural actions and reactions, took over and his body released the sexual fluids that he had been building up as he either pumped Sammy's face, or today, as he force fed his ass with every bit of force that he cold offer with his beautiful black dick.

Sammy collapsed onto Jim's lap, and Jack completely collapsed on Sammy's back. Everybody took deep breathes attempting to rather re-group after the most fierce fuck session that any of the three men had ever been involved in.

Sam finally uttered, "Oh shit Jim, I think I just got fucked! Oh shit Jim, I think my insides are all messed up. Oh shit man, I've never been fucked like that before. Jim, I always thought you got pretty rough on me, but shit man, we just found ourselves a real rough fucker. Jim, you've got to get fucked by him, oh shit man! What a great feeling!"

"Sammy, my dick is starting to get soft. I'm going to pull it out." Jack said.

"Oh Jack, push it back up in me as much as you can before you pullout,----please! I want to feel it up in there as far as you can go again, please."

Jack pushed his body toward Sammy's ass as far as he could, and then pulled back and let his dick escape from what he had earlier referred to as the cock glove. As it came out, Jack leaned down and gave Sammy's shoulder blades a kiss, and then reached up and gave Jim a good long and meaningful full lip kiss.

"Men!" He said so very quietly. "Men, I have never had sex like this before. I love being in bed with both of you two. Men, this is way too exciting to even try and explain how I feel. Sammy, ---your ass OK?"

"Oh yea, my ass is OK, --just feels kind of empty right now, though! Yea Jack, I know I sure enjoyed this! Jim didn't get it in the ass like I did, but the next time, you fuck him OK? I want to watch you fuck him! I want to be in a position where I can watch that dick go up in his ass."

The men all got up, they each took quick showers, (to their regret, the apartment shower was not large enough for all three men at the same time), and as they were re-dressing, Jack then said, "Well men. I sure do hope I've got some sex left in me after that session. My little wifey will be home from work shortly, and if I don't act horny when she gets there, then I will be in for about an hour of questions about how I spent my day and evening. Can't do that! So, guess I will just have to look at this session as a warm up for some good ole straight sex at home. Hey, next Friday about the same time? Right? Is that what we agreed? Hell, my head was still going in circles from that much fucking when we talked about it, so I had better be sure I know what we decided."

"Yea next Friday and about 7:00." Jim replied.

"OK. And Mr. Jim,--- from what your partner has indicated, it will be my dick up in your ass, that time! OK?"

"Well,---we will see!" Jim answered. "I know what Sammy went through getting that damn telephone pole of yours up in his ass, and he is a hell of a lot more used to getting fucked than I am, so I will have to think about that!"

"OK, you decide. If you want it, I'll go easy on you, but if you decide against it, then maybe you two will double fuck me, instead! OK?"


Wade Wright



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