Sam and Greg remained stretched out across the bed as Greg attempted to rather regroup himself, and slowly accept the true fact that he had just been completely blown by another man, in another man's bed, and now he was laying there hugging that man, feeling that man's bare skin up against his own bare skin, and was truly relishing in the joy of knowing that the same kind care and treatment was being returned back to him, from his --- he could not believe it, --- his male, ----sex-mate.

"Oh Sam! Sam, I never knew letting a cum load fly, could feel that damn good. Sam, I think I shot harder and stronger that time than I ever have in my entire life. Oh Man! What a great feeling that was!"

"Greg, I hope it was great for you because I know that no man ever forgets the very first time that he gets his rocks off in some other guy's mouth. I knew that I had just one chance to make your first blow job a winner right then, and I was trying to give you everything I could give you so that you would always remember this blow job with the greatest of memories and maybe always classify it as one of your very best!"

"Oh shit Sam, I kind of think it will always be way up there as one of the best! Damn man! How in the hell did you learn to suck some guy off like that? I'm sure you sure did not suck on some guy like that the very first time you did somebody, did you?"

"Oh hell no Greg. Shit no! A guy kind of lives and learns with each time. He just tries to make himself that much better each time he does it, and hey---like they say---practice makes perfect. And I love to practice!"

"God Sam, all I can say right now is that you sure have had your amount of practice then, because you sure as hell know how to suck a guy off! Sam, if I get into sucking on guys, do you think I will ever be able to do it like that, or have I kind of gone past my time when I could really learn how to do it that good?"

"Hey Greg my man! It's never too late! I'm sure some of the world's best cock suckers never got started until they were a little older, and shit man, you sure as hell are not an older guy yet. Just because you didn't start sucking cock when you were 10 or 12 sure as hell does not mean you will never learn how now."

Then as Sam finished that statement, he did notice that Greg was looking at Sam's hard rod with what looked like a rather strong amount of interest as if he was thinking about something.

Sam softly asked, "Greg, want to try it? It's there man, it's all up to you."

"Oh crap man!" Greg almost exploded. "Oh shit man! Sam,---- I know damn well in my heart that, yes I want to, I've wanted to for a hell of a long time now, but shit man, sucking on some other guy's cock?! Sam, I have always been taught that is just something that only the "funny kind of people" do. Sam, it has been beat into my head that doing something like that is really perverted and sick. God man! It felt so damn good when you were on me, and I've wanted to know for so damn long what it would be like to do something like that, but shit man, all that crap they teach you as a kid is really hard to get rid of. Shit man, oh Sam, yea---yea I want to, but what if I just can't do it? If I try and then freak out and can't suck on it, you won't be mad will you? I don't want to make you mad, but shit Sam, putting some guy's dick in my mouth is really, really kind of freaky!"

Sam calmly laid there and softly touched and rubbed Greg's chest and his upper leg. Every once in awhile, Sam would "allow" his hand to gently touch Greg's hard-on, just as a little jester to subconsciously keep Greg all hot and bothered inside, without him actually knowing that Sam was just silently keeping him all warm, anxious and excited to do the unthinkable thing!

Slowly Sam took Greg's left hand in his hand, and slowly placed it on his own hard-on so that Greg was making actual contact with Sam's stiff rod. Sam decided that one small step at a time was the cautious way that Greg needed right now. He knew in fact, Greg had said many times already that yes, he does want to suck a cock, but all of his childhood teachings were causing him some real mental problems. Sam decided to let Greg accept this act of passion, one small step at a time, and Sam was confident that if he let Greg do it his way, that Greg would finally do the "naughty".

Sam laid there and watched Greg keep looking at Sam's rod and watched Greg's tongue unconsciously slip out and wet his lip as Greg keep looking at Sam's cock, and tried to convince himself that putting his mouth down on it was doing the right thing.

Sam slowly maneuvered himself in the bed so that Greg's hand on his dick was very comfortable for Greg to reach, and also so that his dick was in a very acceptable position for when Greg did finally decided to put his face down on it.

Taking deep breaths and continuing to keep his eyes on Sam's cock, Greg kept telling himself that putting his mouth on Sam's cock was not going to the worst thing that has ever happened in his life, and that he knew he had been wanting to do this to some guy for years. He didn't say anything to Sam. Sam didn't say anything to Greg. Both men were completely silent for different reasons. Greg was totally silent due to the fact that his mind was completely overtaken with his mental war of telling him that it is totally wrong to put some guy's cock in his mouth, and it was even wrong to maybe give some other guy a kiss, and the other side of that war, that kept saying, "Yes do it! You want to do it, you've wanted to suck on some guy's cock for years now. You've looked a pictures of nude guys and have wanted to taste their dicks, but they were just pictures! This is a real man! This is a real dick and it is waiting on you to put your mouth on it! Now is your chance! You have a man here that is going to let you suck on him! You are in bed with him! His dick is right there, it is hard! It is standing right up in front of your face, you finally have a chance to do it, and to do it with a guy that is waiting for you to do it! Suck it man, suck on it!"

Suddenly, to Sam's surprise, Greg bent down and without saying anything, he put the tip of Sam's cock in his mouth. Just as soon as he did that, he pulled back off of it and said, "Oh God Sam, Oh shit, I think I did it! Oh Sam, I kind of did it!"

"Yes, Greg, yes you did. Not so bad was it? Your mouth didn't seal shut or your tongue fall out, did it? Are you glad you did that?"

"Oh yea Sam! Yea I am. Sam I'm going to do it again and try to put more of your dick in my mouth. Is that OK? Can I try? Oh Sam, I am so fucking nervous doing this! Sam, I never thought I'd ever get to do something like this with some guy. I knew other guys do it, but Sam, I really never expected me to get a chance to do it. Oh Sam, can I try and get more of you in my mouth? Oh Sam, I want to, can I?"

"Of course you can Greg. Hell yes man! That is why we are here!

I'll just lay here and you do it again and try to put as much in your mouth, as you can. Do whatever you want to man! I'm just laying here letting you do whatever you want. I know you've wanted to do something like this with some guy for a long time now, so just take you time and do whatever you want. I'm not going to tell you to stop. There's no rush Greg. Take your time! Just do whatever you want!"

Greg looked up at Sam and just said, "Thanks man." He then pointed Sam's stick up directly toward his face and again he opened his mouth and kind of slowly slid his mouth down and onto Sam's rod.

Sam did not say anything. He simply, gently and slowly, rubbed Greg's shoulder so that Greg knew everything he was doing was OK!

Greg took a big deep breath through his nose, as he slowly slid his mouth down onto Sam's man meat. Slowly he let his tongue slide around the shaft as he started to do some actual sucking on Sam's dick, and slowly kept pushing his face up closer and closer to Sam's body as he managed to take more and more of Sam's cock into his mouth.

Sam could tell that Greg was almost beyond words for nervousness in finally getting to do this, but he could also quickly tell that Greg's terrible fear of doing this was rapidly passing as Greg took more and more of his dick down into his throat and more freely started expressing his joy, of having Sam's dick pushed into the back of his throat. Sam could tell that Greg was now starting to really get into this dick sucking stuff, as Sam could feel Greg doing some pretty strong sucking on his dick. Greg was definitely loosing his fear of having some other guy's dick stuck in his mouth! And stuck in his mouth completely!

Greg continued to use Sam's stick to his new and profound pleasure.

Greg forced as much dick down his throat as he possibly could, and Sam could feel him forcing his mouth down onto his dick as far as he possibly could go! Greg then pulled off of it, looked up at Sam and said, "Shit man! Damn Sam that thing feels so damn good stuck down in my throat as far as I can get it. It kind of chokes me some when I get it way down in there, but you know, I think that is part of the excitement of sucking on it. Sam, I am actually sucking on some other guy's cock! Oh Sam, I hate to tell you how many years I have dreamt about getting to do this with some guy! Sam, I am so damn mad at myself now, mad that I never did this with a guy a long time ago. You've got a damn nice dick, but now that I know I can suck dick, and I guess it's kind of obvious that I like sucking dick, now I'm getting real anxious to just see how much of Jack's dick I can get in my mouth. You've sucked him before, right? Is his fun? Sam, thanks damn it for letting me do this. I am so damn glad you guys let me come over here. Oh Sam, I can't believe that this is the very first time I've even played with some guy, and now I'm getting anxious to see how much of that great big black stick I can swallow! Sam, am I weird or something for admitting that I want to play with Jack and that rod of his, so soon after just getting started?"

"Hell no man! You sure are not weird! You are smart! You know what you want and you are smart enough to admit it! Greg, there are countless number of guys out there that want a chance to play with something like Jack is hanging, but they are not smart enough to admit it to themselves. So,--consequently they never get to. You've seen it, you want it, and just because it's going to happen on the very same day of your fist gay sex, sure does not mean that you should pass up a great opportunity. Let's face it man! That is why Jim and I have both you and Jack over here today! We are both anxious to watch you and Jack get it on together for the first time. Hey,-when you two do get together, it is OK if Jim and I are in the room,--right? I mean,--- I hope! We both want to be in there and maybe help walk you though that first time. I want to watch him fuck you!"

Greg looked up at Sam and just said, "Oh fuck shit man! Oh God Sam, his big dick up in my ass? Oh God Sam! Oh shit I don't know! It is so damn big!"

"Hey Greg, I know! But believe me, it's been up in my ass and if it didn't feel so damn good up in there, there is no way I would be encouraging you to get it! Greg, you've wanted something like that for a hell of a long time now! Don't let this opportunity slip by. Seriously man, you didn't think you could suck on some other guy's dick either, and now you are admitting that you like it, so getting a semi-truck driven up in your ass just might turn out the same!"

Then, just as suddenly as he came up off of Sam's dick, he immediately went back down on it and started sucking even stronger than he had been doing earlier. Sam was actually having some trouble believing that this was Greg's first time on a guy's dick. He knew that his comments about getting Jack's semi-truck driven up into his ass was getting Greg all excited and getting back down onto Sam's dick was his way of enjoying that excitement. Sam knew that as Greg was working on his dick, he was also imagining what it might be like, to be stretched out on the bed, having Jack positioned right up above him, right above his hungry ass, and so slowly, nice and slowly, starting his entry up into Greg's virgin ass. He felt that he could almost hear Greg thinking about getting it in the ass with that enormous rod!

"Shit man!" Sam said as encouragement but yet in some surprise to Greg. "Shit man! I guess when a guy doesn't start sucking dick until he's been thinking about it for a few years, then he gets a real automatic knowledge of how to suck it. Doesn't he? Greg, you keep that up for much longer and I am going to be shooting my whole load at you, so unless you think you are up for taking a mouth full of man cum juice in your gut, you had better be ready to pull off of that dick when I let out a scream that I'm getting real ready! And Greg, --- the way you are using my dick right now, the way you are going at it, it is going to be pretty damn soon, man,------ugh Greg, get ready man! Greg I'm getting real close to cumin man! Greg, I'm telling you man--------I'm getting real close!

Greg-----Greg----unless you want a mouthful, you better get off of my dick!"

Greg made no attempt to pull off of Sam. He grabbed Sam even that much tighter and pulled Sam into his face as strongly as he could. He was acting like a cock sucker that had been doing this for a long time! Sam was shocked at Greg's strength at pulling him up as tightly to his face as he was doing! Suddenly Sam knew that Greg was very well aware that he was just about to get a mouth full of man cum, and Sam knew that Greg was wanting it, and he was wanting it now, and he was wanting it forcefully!

Greg! I'mmmmm -----cuminnnnnnnn man!! Oh shit Greg! Greg, I shot all my load in you! You OK? I sure as the hell never expected you to take my load man! Shit Greg, most guys just don't do that on their first dick. God man! That shocked the hell out of me that you grabbed me and pulled my into your mouth like that! Greg, you completely locked us together. Shit man, there was no way of pulling out of your mouth! Shit man, you clamped onto me totally! God Greg! Man, I don't know if I've ever been with another guy that took all my cum the very first time he sucked on a dick! Shit man! What a shock! You OK?"

"Yea I'm OK." Greg managed to get out as he continued to swallow Sam's cum that was still in his mouth! "Yea, Oh shit Sam, I did not expect to do that. Hell I was so damn afraid to even put your dick in my mouth when we started, and now I've got so damn much of your cum down in my gut that if guys could have kids, I'd be carrying around one of yours. Oh shit man! It feels like you dumped a gallon of juice in me. Oh Sam, no way in hell did I ever think that I would get so damn excited that I wouldn't be able to pull off of you when I knew you were getting ready! Oh man!

Hey---what a fucking trip man, what a fucking trip! Sam--you have just turned me into what I guess I would call a true cock sucker! Sam, while I was sucking on you, I just couldn't forget what you told me about me getting my ass fucked by that damn big rod in there! I just kept getting hotter and hotter just thinking about that happening! Sam, I've got to get fucked by Jack! Is it OK if I let him be the first guy up in my butt?

Sam, I just have to know that his dick was the first dick I've ever taken up in me! Sam, I'm really getting all funny over this stuff. I've dreamt about getting to do something like this for years now, and I'm finally getting to do it, and I almost feel like I can't stop! Oh Sam, I want to suck on you and get fucked by Jack all at the same time! Oh Sam I want you in my mouth and him in my ass all at the same time! Oh Sam I want to know whenever I see Jack around the apartment complex that I've had his dick up in my ass. Oh Sam, just imagine me and Susan talking to Jack sometime, and while she's standing there with me, me knowing that I got fucked by that guy. Oh shit man! Can you imagine us standing there and I can't tell her that Jack, that great big muscular guy has fucked my ass with his great big black rod! Oh man,--just the idea of standing there and being right in front of that great big crotch and not being able to tell Susan that he's got one fucking big enormous cock hidden in those pants, and he's fucked my ass with it, the same way I fuck her! Oh man, just knowing he'll be standing there, fully knowing what it feels like to fuck my little ass with that big cock, pushing that damn thing up in me as far as it will go, and not be able to say anything about it. Oh Sam,---I've never been this fucking horny before! Oh God Sam, tell Jack I really do want to get it up in the ass with his dick! Oh shit man, I hope like hell I don't regret this! It's going to hurt like hell, isn't it? I know it's got to hurt to put something that damn big up in your ass! Doesn't it? It's got to, doesn't it? Oh shit Sam, I'm so fucking hot and horny! I know it's got to hurt, but Sam, I really do want to know I got fucked by him! I've dreamt of something like this happening to me for way too long! Oh Sam, how many nights have I gone to sleep dreaming about something like this actually happening. Oh Sam, I never thought I'd ever get to do it! I want to know Jack has fucked me! Every time I see him I want to know he's used me and he's used my ass! I want to know he was the first guy to fuck my ass! I want to know he's had all of it up inside of me! I know it's going to hurt when he does it, but I guess I'll suffer that just to know he's fucked me.

Once it's done, then I'll always be able to know he did me at least once.

I want to be able to just watch him while he works and just know his great big black dick was the first dick I ever took up in my ass! Sam, let's go in there with them so Jack can fuck my ass. I want to suck on you while he is fucking me! OK? You'll help me get fucked by him, won't you? You'll hold me while he fucks me won't you? Oh Sam, I can't believe this! Oh man, I'm finally going to get my ass fucked! Oh yea Sam, I need this! Oh God, I've wanted this for years! I want to know I got fucked! And Sam, I know now I want to get fucked big time! Oh yea, I want that big dick up in me! I want every story I've ever read about some guy getting fucked in the ass to become me today! I want to be that guy that really gets fucked and fucked hard!"


Wade Wright

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