Jack approached the door to apartment 234, hit the door bell and waited for somebody to answer the door. Mark did.

"Hi, I'm Jack Jensen, the maintenance man. Are you Mark Jenkins?"

Jack asked as he looked at his work-order.

As Mark stood there with his mouth not exactly clamed shut, he replied that "Yes, I'm Mark Jenkins."

"I've got a work-order here that you have some kind of a shower problem. Is this a convenient time for me to come in and check it out?"

Jack asked.

"Well actually," Mark replied. "I've got to take my wife to work she's got to be there by one, and then I can come back. Can you come back in, Oh,---maybe 15 or 20 minutes, and give me time to take her to work.

Then it would be OK,----is that OK? See, I've got to take her to work, and then I'll be back here. Is that OK?"

Jack realized that Mark did seem to be having some small problems of trying to get his mind all organized and in order, trying to explain that a little later would be better. Jack noticed that Mark was rather interested, or had lost control, in letting his eyes run rapidly up and back down the front of him, as he tried to get the words out, in somewhat of an organized manner.

"Yea, that will be OK." Jack said. "I've got some stuff that needs to be done that will only take me a few minutes anyway, so I'll go do that and then come back in about half an hour. OK?"

Jack left the door and immediately headed for apartment 117. He rang the door bell. Sammy answered the door.

"Sammy. You busy? You home by yourself?"

Sammy answered. "No Jack, I'm not busy. Yea, I'm home alone.

What's up man?" Sammy opened the door and allowed Jack to come in.

"Sammy can I take a real quick shower here? I feel like I am really dirty and stink, and I'd like to kind of freshen up if it's OK with you."

"Well yea of course you can Jack, but what in the hell is the deal.

You don't look dirty or smell funny. What is happening?"

"Sammy, what do you know about that Mark Jenkins guy up in apartment number 234? Do you know him?"

"No Jack, I have no idea of who he is. Why? What is going on here, man?"

"Sammy I got a job order for his apartment for a shower problem, and I just went over there to see if I could come in to fix it. Mark came to the door, and I'm telling you Sammy, he had trouble talking to me. His eyes went up and down on me the whole time I was standing there. He told me--well kind of--that he had to take his wife to work, and he asked me to come back in 15 or 20 minutes after he gets back. Sammy, I have been around enough guys to know that if his wife is not going to be home, the way he ate me up with those eyes, when I get in there, I've got a good chance of maybe getting me some good virgin male ass. Sammy, I'm serious.

I just know the way he was acting at that door, I've got a good chance for some fresh ass meat when I go back there. I want to make sure I'm all good and clean and not gross smelling, so can I use your shower?"

"Hell yes Jack. Shit yes! Tell me about this guy. Is he hot looking? Well--I kind of guess he must be as excited as you are about maybe getting to him."

"Yea Sammy. He is hot looking. Looks like he is in his mid twenties. He has a body! He had on a tight white sleeveless T-shirt, and a pair of levis. I did not get a chance to see the butt of those jeans, but from the looks of the front, I'm sure the back is going to be one hot picture. Sammy, I've got to see if I can roll with this guy. I've hardly ever gone for getting to some married guy, I usually go after the gay guys since I know they always want it, but Sammy, this guy is hot and I swear he is ready. Hey,--maybe he has played around before, I don't know, but I sure am going to see if I can lay him if at all possible."

Sammy gave Jack a towel to use, and of course made himself available to do the drying so that he was absolutely sure that Jack had gotten himself all good and dry, which was his 'reasoning' for insisting that he do the drying for Jack. Of course,---accidentally, letting his hand slip up between Jack's butt muscles, and of course down deep under the enormous stick and the bag of jewels, was a total mistake, as Sammy tried to convince Jack with a laugh in his voice.

As Jack finished drying and getting re-dressed, he told Sammy.

"Hey man. I'm going to leave my briefs here. I want to go back with everything hanging loose. You don't mind do you. Tell Jim why they are here as soon as he gets home so that he knows you and I did not do the ole cave exploring thing again. If he finds them, he'll think we did some of the getting down deep into the hole thing again."

"Hey, Jack. Jim would not care, and besides he'd just be plain jealous if we did do it. He's already told me that I have his complete OK to get it with you just as often as I can, because he will be getting in your pants just as often as he can, too. We've pretty well agreed that if either one of us gets a chance with you, to just go for it. The three of us getting together is so hard to schedule, that we decided that whenever, just go for it. But, I will tell you, he is real anxious to play with you again, so if at all possible, try to save some time Friday afternoon since he will be home early that day. OK?"

"Yea, hell yea! Hey, anytime that you guys know ahead of time when one or both to you will be available, always let me know. Like I told you!

I've got to get my nuts off everyday, and I'm depending on you two to help me do that. Hey, Sammy, if I and this Mark guy do it, and we have some fun together, is it OK if I use you guys as a kind of a go between, if he wants to contact me? I don't think having him call my house is too good of an idea, and I know calling the apartment office too often would not work. Is it OK if I tell him to call you guys and have you two let me know when to stop by his place? Hey, this might turn out to be a good thing for you guys too. If that hunk starts playing around, maybe he would like to stop by here once in awhile too. Sammy, once you see him, you would be as hot to jump him into bed as I am right now. He is a hottie!"

Jack got the OK to give Mark their phone number if things worked out OK, and he then hit the door to head back toward Mark's apartment.

Jack knocked on the door, and Mark answered. Immediately Jack realized that Mark had found enough time to apparently, not only, take his wife to work, but to also change clothes, too. Mark now had on a tight, very tight red tank top, and a pair of black, short, butt hugging, gym shorts. Jack, rather returned the earlier up and down looking, but this time from him to Mark, and he did not mind if Mark noticed him doing the looking. Mark looked hot, and Jack could not accept any other thought than, "Mark did this to turn me on. And it is working! Big time!"

"So did you get your wife to work, OK?" Jack asked.

"Yea, sure did." Mark replied as he allowed Jack to enter, and then closed the front door, and---- although he could not see, since he was in front of Mark, Jack rather thought he heard the door lock click. He smiled, even with just the idea of that happening, even if it had not actually happened. He enjoyed the idea that perhaps, Mark would lock the door behind them, meaning they were now in a locked apartment, just the two of them. Just the two men. One man that was ready to jump the bones of the resident, and the resident that Jack still did not know for sure all about.

Hope and dreams, yes, but true knowledge, he did not know.

"Which shower? The hall bathroom, or the bedroom bath?" Jack asked.

"Oh, it's the bedroom bath. Drips all the time."

As Jack headed down the hall, he inquired. "You just moved in, right?"

"Yea, yes. We moved in about 2 weeks ago. Still trying to get everything all organized."

"Oh, OK!" Jack replied, and then wishing to continue the conversation so that Mark would stick close by, he continued. "So Mark.

What type of work do you do?" "Oh, I'm the new assistant coach over at Northside High. Haven't actually started working yet since school doesn't start till the 5th, but I finally got a coaching job. All the others have just been stuff like history and math teaching. Finally got what I've been wanting."

"Hey,---Great!" Jack exclaimed! "Congratulations man! I'm glad for you! That is great! What does your wife do? I guess she's got a job someplace already?"

"Yea. She was lucky. She got a job at Smith Lumber in the HR department. That's one of the reasons we decided on this apartment complex. It's close to he job, and like today, she could come home for lunch. Of course when I'm at school, she probably won't come home at noon so often, but for now it's kind of nice, and it saves some lunch money that way too."

Jack pondered the, "Mark took her back to work at 1:00 from lunch, that means she does not have her own transportation; Mark will need to pick her up from work; he took her back to work at 1:00, it is now no more than 10 after, and he got his clothes changed into some more tighter and sexy stuff since he got home, knowing that I would be here right away! Hmm!?

Interesting, and I think---damn---I hope,---is playing right in my direction. Got to play this right!"

"So I guess instead of calling you Mark, calling you "Coach" is now more appropriate, right?" Jack asked as he smiled and looked toward Mark.

"Hey, that sounds so good! Not hardly anybody has called me coach yet, so yea, if you don't mind, I'd appreciate that. Yea--Coach! Yea, I like that! Maybe once school gets started more people will be calling me coach, and then maybe I'll get used to it, but yea, today that does sound damn good to me. Thanks! Yea, if you will, call me Coach. I need to kind of get used to it!"

"OK Coach, what will you be coaching?"

"Oh just about everything. You know Northside High is not a very big school, so they don't have a very big coaching staff, so as the assistant, I will actually be assistant to just about everything. But, hey-what the hell---people can finally call me "Coach." I'll do this for a couple of years, and then try to find something more like a head coach's spot, but for now it's not history and math."

"And hey, besides all coaches need to do their time taking care of the shower rooms, and keeping those guys in order, don't they?" Jack rather smirkingly asked, as he looked toward "Coach" to see how he took that remark.

Coach grinned and simply said, "Yea, I guess," but as he said that, Jack saw him take one more quick glance down toward Jack's crotch. Jack wondered if Coach had noticed that his manhood was now showing a nice firm rounded shape extending down his left leg, as it had not been earlier, when he was at the front door.

Watching the Coach's expression as very closely as he could, Jack was certain that he did detect a change of expression as Coach glanced down. He was certain that Coach's eyes did open just a little wider as he focused in a little closer.

Jack proceeded into the shower with some tools in hand to correct this major dripping problem that he was now so happy was happening, and Coach stayed in the bedroom putting some things away that still had not yet been un-boxed from the recent move.

All of a sudden Coach heard the running of water in the shower, and he heard Jack rather let out a disgusted yell of, "Oh crap! Oh shit!" and immediately the water was turned off. Once again Coach heard Jack exclaim.

"Damn it! Crap!"

As Coach turned toward the bathroom, he saw Jack step out of the shower and rather shake his hands and his head. Coach went over to the bathroom to see what had happened. He knew from Jack's expressions that something had gone wrong.

"Shit man!" Jack said as Coach approached. "Damn man! Look at what in the hell I did! Damn it! I forgot that I had not turned the water supply off, and like a dumb shit, I turned the shower on. Coach, I am all wet. Hey, man. Would it be OK if I stripped down and used your dryer to dry these pants. Shit man, I can't go outside with them looking like this.

It looks like I pissed my pants. You've got an apartment with a dryer in it don't you?"

Realizing that nothing extremely bad had happened, Coach rather started finding some humor in the happenings, and he replied, "Yea, we've got a dryer, and yea you do look like you just pissed in your pants. Here, take them off and I'll put them in the dryer. Your shirt is wet too. Take the stuff out of your pockets and give them to me. I'll get you a towel to use."

Coach turned to retrieve a bath towel from the hall closet and as he did, Jack looked up, watched him leave the bathroom area and smiled. He unbuttoned the shirt, and he quickly slid off his pants. As Coach reentered with the towel, Jack stood there with no pants on, and his shirt completely unbuttoned. Coach, gasped! Jack looked at him, and asked, "You OK?"

"Oh yea--yea, I'm OK." Sorry, guess I was just kind of shocked when I came around the corner. Sorry!" he said as he handed Jack the towel.

"Shocked?" Jack asked. "Coach, what do you have to be shocked about? Didn't you expect me to be kind of naked here since I was taking off my shirt and pants? I mean, you did expect me to take them off, didn't you?"

"Yea Jack. Yea I did, but," he attempted to say as he looked at Jack's stripped body, "but, I'm sorry Jack, -Jack I don't know. I did not quite expect to see that, I guess."

"Expect to see, ---what? My dick? Coach, we are both men. You knew I had a dick, didn't you? I mean, you are a coach, you know guys have those things!" Jack rather laughingly asked, as he looked rather slyly at Coach's crotch and noticed that his gym shorts were now tighter fitting than they had been when he entered the apartment..

"Yea, Jack, yea. I guess I expected you to have some shorts on, I guess. I'm sorry, I just got kind of shocked when I came around that corner. I did not expect to see you all naked there. And shit man! I've been around a lot of naked guys before, but shit man, I've never seen on like that! My God Jack, that damn thing is enormous!"

"OK so you saw me, well see me, all naked now. Am I OK? You are a coach, you probably should be able to tell if a guy is built right or not---right?"

Taking a big deep breath, Coach managed to say, "Yea, yea--you are built right! God Jack. You are -what should I say, you are built more

"right" than any other guy I've ever seen. Shit Jack, I'm sorry, but that damn thing really is shocking when you don't expect it! Jack you are one damn hot built man! Oh shit Jack, I'm starting to say stuff that I probably should not be saying. Jack, you have got one God of a body!

Jack, I'm sorry, I hope I'm not making too much of a fool out of myself, but man-----oh Jack! I've never told another guy he is hot, or ever said anything about his dick, but shit man, when I saw you at the front door earlier today, I damn near fell over. And that was before I saw that thing! Jack, you are one hot and well built man! Oh shit man-I'm making a fool out of myself!"

"OK, so you say you have never told another guy he is hot, but I'll bet some guy has told you before that you are hot, hasn't he? Come on Coach, some guy has told you before that you are a hottie, hasn't he?"

"Well yea, once. Yea a guy did once, but I kind of told him to go find a girl."

"Did you find him kind of hot, or was he all bad? How did it feel to be told you are a hottie?"

Jack, I'm not gay. That guy was wanting to feel me. Yea, he was nice, but he was trying to grab ahold of me. We were in the YMCA shower, taking a shower."

"So did he grab you?" Jack asked, as he noticed that without him even being aware of it, Coach was getting a pretty good boner. He realized that as tight as Coach's shorts already were, that if he got any stiffer, there was no way in hell that Coach could avoid knowing it much longer.

The boner was secretly giving Jack the unspoken, 'go- ahead,' that he was so damn glad to see.

"Yea, he did for a second or two. I moved away from him, though."

"So what did it feel like to have him holding you? Did it feel OK to you?"

As Jack was asking Coach about being handled, Coach looked down and after seeing that Jack's rod was standing out stiff, he took a very deep breath, kept his eyes on Jack's mahogany stick and said very quietly, "Yea, it felt good! Yea, Jack, I liked him grabbing it, but I knew he was not supposed to be doing that. I made him let loose, but I knew I really didn't want him to! I was kind of mad at me later, for making him let loose."

"Coach, I like to be grabbed, too. You are looking at it, ----grab it for me,---please. Take ahold of if, please!"

Without so much as a word, Coach reached out with his left hand and put it on top of Jack's cock. He grabbed ahold of it, attempting to wrap his hand around it. Continuing to watch what he was doing with Jack's cock, he then reached up and placed his right hand on Jack's left pec.

Slowly he leaned toward Jack. He squeezed the black rod, and he rubbed tenderly the chest muscle. He leaned forward toward Jack and placed his lips on Jack's chest. He rested his head against the mass of chest muscles. He quietly asked, "Oh God Jack! Oh God what am I doing? Oh Jack, Oh shit! You feel so good to me! OH Jack, is this OK that I feel you? Oh Jack, please don't be mad at me for feeling you. Oh Jack, I don't know you, but Oh Jack,-- I love you! Oh man! I've wanted to feel somebody like you for so long now. Oh Jack is this OK if I feel you?"

Without saying anything, Jack moved Coach back about three steps and laid him down backwards on the bed.

"Oh Jack, Jack, I'm married. Jack I can't do this, I'm married!

"So am I!" Jack softly and quietly said, as he laid across Coach.

Hearing that, Coach immediately grabbed ahold of Jack and buried his face in the nap of Jack's neck. He slightly kissed him. "Oh Jack, I'm so fucking scared shitless, but Jack I want to do this! Squeeze me please!"

Quietly without talking, Jack and Coach silently slid around on each other, feeling each other's skin and gently kissing each other in all manner of ways and in all manner of places. Jack allowed Coach to remain clothed, but did not let the shorts nor the tank top from keeping him from feeling all of the body parts that he wanted to get his hands on. Although it was still confined inside of the gym shorts, Jack could tell that Coach possessed the appropriate type of a cock shaft that every coach should have. He could tell that as the years went on, once one of them got a chance to see it, his athletes would find good opportunities to talk about how well their coach was hung. He knew that Coach was going to be a coach talked about whenever the student athletes needed something sexy and exciting to talk about. He knew that a lot of students have fantasizes about having sex with their coach, and Mark was going to be the subject of many dreams.

Finally, Coach quietly whispered, "Oh Jack. Jack, I can't believe this is actually happening. Jack, I have never played with a guy before, nor had a guy hug me like this and I've wanted this for years. Jack, I've never been loved like this before! Jack, get me naked so I can feel all of you with my whole body. Please take my clothes off of me, please!"

With those instructions and requests, Jack removed Coach's tank top and his gym shorts and his black, sexy jock strap. It was not a school issue jock strap! It was a special, mail order, type. A type not usually available in local stores. Much more of a type used for photo sessions, by hot, sexy, models! He leaned his face down toward the now escaped dick, and he kissed it. He felt it jump as Coach felt his lips touch it.

"You like that?" Jack asked. "Did your dick like getting kissed?"

Coach grabbed ahold of Jack tighter, and kind of muttered a, "Yes."

Both men were tightly in the hold of the other man, but neither seemed to have much attention directed toward the two stiff dicks that they constantly needed to reach down and slightly move out of the way so that they could continue their licking and kissing. Each man knew this was really turning out to be more of a loving session, rather than just a man on man sex session.

"Oh Jack, I've never felt this before. Jack, let me feel you all over me. Jack you are so hot man, you are so damn hot!"

"Coach, you are hot too. I knew when I was here before you took your wife to work, that I just had to get you. I knew then I wanted to feel you. I love your dick. Coach, you are going to be one hot coach, man! Coach, ----I kind of guess you have never fucked some guy's ass before,--right?"

"Oh Jack, No-No,---I've never fucked a guy's ass. Jack until right now, I've never even laid down with a guy before, but I've known for a long time that I really did want to, and when I saw you at the door, I knew I would probably loose my control today. Jack you are so damn hot, and yes,---- I will admit it, whenever I dreamt about getting together with some guy, someday, I always had this dream that it would be some hot looking muscular black man, and when I saw you, I knew I was finally going to live my dream. Jack, if you had not wanted to do this, I would have cried for days. I want to try and see if I can put your dick in my mouth.

Oh God! Oh shit! I've been trying to say that ever since we laid down here. Oh shit! I can't believe I finally said that! Jack, I can't believe how much guts it took to just say that! I mean, I'm here in bed with you, and I was so damn scared to just say that! Oh Jack, I've wanted to do this for so long. Oh shit, man, let me see if I can put my mouth on it!"

Jack moved himself and Coach both so that Coach was in a good position to try and see if he actually had enough nerve to try and suck on Jack's dick. Thinking that maybe Coach needed some encouragement to actually do it, Jack reached down, grabbed ahold of Coach's dick and immediately went down on it completely.

"Oh God! Oh God! Oh God that feels so damn good!" Coach almost screamed! Jack sucked and made sure that Coach could get a good strong feeling of what getting a good manly blow job felt like. He pulled Coach up tight to his face. He swallowed all of Coach's dick. He estimated that Coach was swinging about 8 and a half or nine inches of a nice, very nicely thick dick. As Jack ate more and more of Coach's dick, Coach slowly and very nervously placed the tip of Jack's strong dick at the edge of his lips. Jack watched, but decided to let Coach take it at his own pace. He did not want to scare him out of taking it. Coach slid his lips over the tip. He tried to force his mouth down on it farther. He took deep breaths through his nose. Jack knew that Coach was doing something that he had dreamt about doing for years, but even though he now had the chance to do it, he was about to have a heart attack from the fear of actually putting some guy's dick in his mouth. Jack slowly put his hands on Coach's head and softly encouraged him to attempt as much cock into his mouth as possible. Coach could only manage about one half of the length.

"Shit man!" Coach exclaimed as he pulled off of it. "Damn man! I knew you had a big dick when I saw you the first thing earlier but shit man, I had no idea you had that much. You have got one hell of a big dick.

I can not believe that now that I actually have a man's dick in my mouth, that it is one this big. Shit, I should have started with a smaller one.

Jack, I'm sorry I can't take all of it. The way you have been sucking on my dick and taking all of it feels so good, I wish I could take all of yours that way. I'm sorry I just can't get that much in my mouth. Hell, once I thought it was going to make me throw up! Jack, you have got one hell of dick! Jack, God man! Did that dick just grow that way, or did you do something to it to make it that big?"

"Hey man! For being the first time, you did one hell of a good job! You took quite a bit of it. Got to tell you, most guys don't take that much. You suck good. Real good for your first time too. You'll get used to it. We'll keep working on it!"

"Jack, how often do you get with some guy? You said most guys can't take it very well. Do you play with guys a lot?"

Jack explained about how he needs to do some good gay sex almost everyday, and so yea,--he plays with as many guys as possible, and how he was hopeing that Coach could become one of his regulars.

After the explanation, Jack immediately slammed his face back down on Coach's dick, and very quickly sucked him to a very high excitement. He let Coach have some dick action that was completely new to him. As Jack pumped on and off of Coach's dick, he sucked on it probably with a little more suck than he has used on any guy lately. He knew that when Coach let it fly, that cum would be his first with a guy on his mouth, and he wanted Coach to be damn glad he had done it, and maybe regret that it had taken him so long to finally get a good male sucking. As Jack worked it, he heard Coach getting excited. Jack was handling Coach all over. He wanted Coach to feel the complete and total experience of having a man on him, and eager to take part of him. As he sucked, he kept grunting "Yea man!, Yea man!" He knew Coach was about ready to let it fly, and he knew that he had to be ready. He could tell that if he did not have his face firmly planted on that dick, that as excited as Coach was getting, when he climaxed, the cum would fly completely across the room and make spots on the wall. He knew he had to be the dam to catch the flow.

Suddenly Coach started yelling, "I'm going to cum! I'm going to cum! Oh shit Jack, I'm going to cum!"

Jack uttered back at him, "OK, OK" and attempted to rather shake his head "yes" to encourage Coach to let it fly. "Yea, Yea" Jack muttered and he grabbed ahold of Coach and pulled him up tight against his face.

It hit! It flew! Jack got a mouth full! Coach grabbed ahold of Jack's head and locked himself to it. He pushed and forced his entire dick into Jack's mouth as firmly as he could. He kept fucking Jack's face, although he was not actually getting any motion other than forcing his dick and Jack's head back and forth.

"Oh shit man! Oh Jack, Oh God Jack, I came! Oh shit man,--I think I drained all of me in you. Oh God Jack, was I supposed to cum in your mouth? I did not know that I was going to cum. I don't know if I was supposed to cum in your mouth.

As Jack continued to lick his lips and make sure that he was swallowing all of Coach's cum, and not letting any of it escape, he told Coach that he had done exactly what he was supposed to do. He filled his mouth and throat with his warm man juices, and that is what Jack had wanted. Jack and Coach both collapsed and hugged each other.

Jack had gotten a good mouth full, but his nuts needed to be relieved, and he was still supporting an enormous hard-on.

"Hey Coach, I've got to let my load fly. I've got to let my nuts get some relief. I'm going to jack myself off, and you can help if you want.

Coach reached over and took ahold of the big rod that he had tried to get in his mouth. He jerked on it with one hand, then he grabbed ahold of it with both hands and gave it a great time. Rather quickly Jack reached down and rather breathlessly said, "Oh, Coach. Let me do it, I'm getting close! Oh yea! Oh let me spray you. Can I spray you?"

Moving without waiting for an answer, Jack quickly rose up and positioned himself above Coach's chest and let fly. If Coach had not wanted a chest full of man sperm, it was way to fast for him to complain.

Jack raised up, and all of a sudden the cum was coming. Five big strong loads, loads largest enough to match the size of the cock they were flying out of, and Coach had been baptized with his first spraying of another man's juices.

Jack rolled over on his back and apologized to Coach. "I'm sorry.

Maybe I should not have done that to you. I hope that was OK. I should have asked you if I could cum on you. You OK?"

"Yea, hell yes! I'm OK!" Coach replied. "Shit man, what a fucking load. Hell man, when I cum, it would take me probably four of five climaxes to unload that much juice. Jack, I can see why you have to get your load off every day. Hell if you didn't, your bag would be the size of a basketball!"

Jack then told him, that maybe not this day, since they had already been playing around for quite some time, and they had now both just cum, but soon, very soon, he wanted to see if he could fuck Coach's ass, and would the coach let him do that? "Coach, I want to shoot a load up in you so that I know you and I are really connected together. Can I try to fuck your ass sometime, real soon?"

Expressing his absolute fear, Coach did admit that the idea of getting a dick up in his ass, has been one of the dreams that he was dreamed about for yours, but he had some really big doubts about getting that much stick up in his ass. He told Jack that he had some real fears about getting that much meat stuck up in his ass, but after watching him shoot his big hot load all over his chest, the idea of getting that shot up in his ass was getting him all excited. He said that until just then, he had never thought about getting a hot load shot up in him, but now he had something new to dream about. He knew he wanted to feel a hot load hit up inside of him, but he was real scared about how that much dick up in his ass would feel. He reminded Jack that he had not even been fucked with a little dick yet. A big one like he has?? Scary! Damn scary!

Jack reassured him that it was completely possible, and told him to talk to Sam in apartment 117 if he wanted to talk to someone that has already taken it, to just find out from a taker, how it feels once it is up in there. He told Coach that he knew Sam would give him a good straight, honest, and probably an excited, answer.

Coach wanted to hear more about this Sam guy, and as they laid there and re-cooped, Jack told him about how he was new at the apartment complex, how he had met Sam and then later Jim, and how Sam had told him that they would be the go-between if Jack and Coach needed some vehicle of contact since they were both married guys, and could not be calling each other directly. Jack also told him, that he thought perhaps Sammy and Jim might be some additional good partners for him, if he had decided that he might like some additional action.

Coach expressed his rather warm feeling toward that idea, and admitted that now that he has had his first gay experience, he was anxious to meet Sam and Jim. He admitted that now that he had finally broken though the big barrier, he knew he was going to be want to find other playmates. When Jack told him that if he wants to meet more gays, he had moved into the right complex. He then told Coach that was the reason he took this job when it finally came open. He told Coach that this complex had more gays living in it than any other apartment complex in the area.

And, he continued, "Once the word gets around that you are a coach, watch out! A lot of guys will be wanting to meet you!"

All of a sudden, the two men realized that Jack's wet shirt and pants had never been put in the dryer. Coach grabbed them up, and headed for the washer and dryer.

After Coach returned from putting them in the dryer, he asked Jack what he was going to do about the shower leak, since that little project had gotten interrupted.

Jack explained, "It actually had not been interrupted. The faucet had been completely fixed before I turned the water on myself, making it look like that had been a big stupid mistake. I actually did that on purpose, so that I would have a good, wet, reason to take my pants off. My little act worked, didn't it?"


Wade Wright

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