Sam and Greg went into the master bedroom and found Jim fucking the hell out of Jack's ass.

"Shit man!" Sam expounded. "Hell man, I thought for sure we'd find Jim getting all of your big rod up in his ass, Jack, not you getting his up in you! This is kind of a surprising turn around!"

Jack turned, looked at Sam and Greg and replied, "Yea, I know! I'm usually the guy on top and in some other guy's ass, but Jim convinced me that I needed to feel a dick up my ass once in awhile, so anyway, he's pounding me for a change. Hey guys, how did it go in the other room?"

"Well, pretty damn well I'd say!" Replied Sam.

"Greg has now had his cock sucked, he like that, and he has now sucked cock, and he likes that too!"

"What? He sucked you? Hey Greg, congratulations man, congrads!"

Jack actively said, and was followed with Jim's "Hey great going man!"

"Yea he sucked and got sucked and now he is wanting to get fucked in the ole butt hole! And guess just who he wants to be the first guy up in there?!"

Jim looked over at Sam as he continued to pump Jack's ass and asked, "Well I thought you guys were going to go in there and let him have your dick Sam. I thought that was what you two were planning on doing was getting him fucked a little so he knew he could take it OK."

"Well yea-that was kind of the plan, but you know how thing can change. We did some good serious sucking, and Greg now knows that doing this stuff is OK, and he has decided that if it was OK with everybody he'd like to just always be able to remember that Jack was the first dick up in his ass. He knows that the idea of getting one that big up in there the very first time he gets fucked is exciting, and something that can never be changed, so I told him, that we'd come in here and let Jack know he has a very virgin ass needing some attention."

Jack watched and listened as Sam explained just what had happened, and what was going to happen, and he grinned very widely, and said, "Yea man! Yea! Greg, I will be more than happy to be the first dick up in that coach's ass. You having the idea of knowing that it was my dick up in there first is exciting, but let me tell you man, the idea that I get to be the first one to evade that little hole is exciting to me. Let our friend Jim get his rocks off in my butt here, and I will be more than glad to accommodate your hungry desires!"

As Jim continued to fuck Jacks strong muscular mahogany butt, Sam and Greg spread out on the other side of the bed, and managed to keep each others dicks rock hard with some nice gentle rubbing and massaging.

Sam looked at Jack and asked, "Has he been fucking you ever since you two came in here?"

"No no!" Jack replied. "No! Jim had to see if he could hold my dick down into his throat as far as it would go for five minutes without pulling off of it to get some breath. He did pretty well. He choked a couple of times, but he managed to stay on it, and I think maybe he hit his goal. He tried to pull off two or three times, but with my hands locked around his head, he found out pretty quickly that he needed to breath through his nose and not try to breath through his mouth. His mouth was pretty full, and I was not going to be the one blamed for him not getting his goal of five minutes. Didn't you guys hear him coughing and choking when he finally got me out of him? He sat here for another five minutes and tried to regain his breath!"

Without a work, Jack, Sam and Greg knew that Jim was in the process of doing one hot male climaxing and was loading Jack's ass with his little white boy cum. Jack could feel Jim's body tighten up, go rigid, Jim's rod being pushed down into his ass even farther than it had been, and Sam and Greg could tell from the expression on Jim's face that his dick was now in the process of doing it's manly thing, and that was letting the man juices fly!

Unconsciously Sam and Greg both encouraged by uttering, "Yea go man go!"

After Jim re-gained some composure, pulled his now exhausted cock from the confines of Jack's strong, tight, muscular ass, and wiped the sweat from his forehead, he then looked at Greg and asked, "Get fucked by Jack? Are you real sure you want to do that?"

Before Greg had any chance to answer, Sam jumped in, "Yea Jim, he does! We talked about it and he wants to always know that it was Jack's big rod that he took first. He knows he's in for a challenge, but I think right now that just might be part of it. He asked me if I'd help him get fucked by Jack. We know it might take some time, but once Greg got used to doing some sucking and getting sucked, he's realized that he has finally gotten himself involved in some activity that he has been wanting for a long time, so I think he's man enough to do it!"

Then looking at Jack, Sam continued, "Jack, he wants you and he knows it's going to hurt when you push it in, but he told me that he will suffer that just to know you fucked him first. That rod of yours and its size has really gotten him all turned on, so are you willing to take it good and slow until he gets you up in there?"

"Hey no problem", Jack reassured. "Hey Greg your ass is not the first ass that got started by using my dick up in it. A few of years ago when I was working at a high school on the night clean up crew, one of the senior boys was more excited about trying me than I was about trying him.

He took it, so I'm sure you can too!"

"Uh, Jack! High school senior? You did a high school senior?"

Jim asked in interest.

"Yea, but he was legal! He had failed a couple of time when he was in grade school, so he was already 18 by the time he finally got to be a senior. I knew that or I would never have done him."

In Jim's inquisitive state of mind, he continued to ask, "Uh Jack, what happened? How did this all come down if that guy was more interested in you than you were in him? I always figured you were the guy that made the initial moves to get some guy!"

"Well I was working as the cleaning boss, supervising eight guys cleaning the old high school over at Jonestown. We of course worked at night. We went in at six and worked until about three in the morning.

Anyway, Georgie, the guy that wanted screwed was not one of the cleaning crew, but he did hang out at the school at night a lot. I always figured he really didn't have much of any place else to be, so I let him hang with me and the crew as much as he wanted. I figured, better there than out on the street getting into trouble."

Again in his inquisitive tone, Jim asked, "And,----and what happened. Come on Jack, you prior experiences always turn me on, how did that kid let you know he wanted to get fucked by you? Come on man, tell us!"

"Easy Jimmy boy, you're getting all excited here man! I'm not sure it was such a big deal anyway. Well I kind of guess at the time, it was.

I know it was for him, and now that I think back on it, I guess maybe it was for me too."

All three men, Sam, Jim and Greg were all engrossed with this new detail of Jack and his outrageous dick's experience with the high school senior, and they were all in complete attention to Jack's description of that event.

"Well Georgie usually hung out at the school until after I and the other guys had taken what we called our supper break. It was like at about 10 or 11 when we usually got back together in the gym locker room to have our break. The guys had decided that they wanted to use the locker room area for their suppers sine they could use the lockers in there for their stuff and besides it had all of the necessary facilities to use. Lavatory, toilet and stuff! Anyway, one night one of the guys noticed that a locker had been left open and not closed. It was a locker used by one of the students, not one that the cleaning crew used. Well as he started to close it, he noticed something that I'm quite sure was not really supposed to be on campus. It was a very pronounced gay mag, with some very straight forward sex action happening in the shots. Of course Tom, the guy that found it, could not just close the door and let it be, he decided that we all needed to see it. Supper that night was rather different!"

"Tom took the mag out of the locker and of course started making comments about what he had found, and started showing it to everybody.

Five or six of the guys could not keep their eyes off of it, and the other three just acted kind of embarrassed about it. Little Georgie, well I call him, "little Georgie", but he was one of the football players during football season, so he really wasn't so little. Georgie was one of the guys that could not keep his eyes off of it, and he was really interested in seeing as much as he could. Of course the whole conversation that night turned into a sexual discussion and kind of a comparing dicks with those in the mag. Three of the guys actually took their dicks out and put them on display for the other guys to see, since they were pretty well convinced that they probably had the biggest dicks in the room. No guys---No! No, no I did not take my dick out! I was in a lot of the conversations about their dicks and the ones in the magazine pictures, but I did not think it was quite the right thing to do to pull mine out! After all I was the boss!"

"So? So? So?", inquired Sam. How did that end up with you fucking that Georgie guy? I'm sure there is a connection, but what in the hell happened, man?

"A lot of comments were made about how I probably had the biggest rod, if I'd show them, but I refused. I guess some of the guys, especially the three that took their dicks out, were more than just a little anxious to see what I was carrying, but I kept my composure and did not pull it out. All of the guys kept making remark about us black men and how we are always supposed to be so well hung, and they kept trying to use that as a reason for me to pull mine out and let it fly. One of my cleaning guys was a black guy too, and yea---of course he was one of the three that pulled his out. Supporting the theory about black cocks being bigger than the white ones, was standing very true that night! Of course Dorran's dick ended up being probably three inches longer than the others, and when the guys saw that, of course then they all insisted that I show them what I had. I finally managed to get them all calmed back down, got the magazine back into the locker where it was found, got that door closed and the guys back to work! And no---- I never took my dick out. Hey guys, you know I like dick, and I like ass, but I am still smart enough to know when to hold it and when to fold it, and that night I kept it folded."

"But Jack---the Georgie guy? Jack----how and when did you screw him? Come on man, you are getting me all excited and all confused here!"

Jim excitedly said.

"Oh yea-little Georgie! Well he stayed pretty close to me the rest of the time he was there that night. He kept asking questions about that magazine and some of the stuff in it. I tried not to be all up-tight about the subject and I answered most of his questions the best I could. He finally asked me how I knew that much stuff, about stuff like that. Now you've got to remember, Georgie had his academic problems in grade school, and he never really ever shook them off completely. When he got older, they wanted him on the football team, so he got a lot of "C's" and "D's"

that most kids would never have seen. In other words, some of his questions should have been pretty obvious, but I guess he just had never had anybody to talk to about this kind of stuff. His Dad had left when Georgie was quite small, I was told. Already knowing Georgie, I certainly did not need to ask him if he had ever fucked some gal or not. Being with Georgie in a group setting was OK for the gals, but after being with him for about 15 minutes all alone, even the not so smart ones found out he was no conversationalist. So anyway, I was sure he had never had that type of an experience before. But----that magazine did show some guys getting fucked in the rear, and they turned Georgie on. He told me that he had never seen any pictures like that before. I had to be pretty careful in how I discussed this with him, so that he did not get the wrong idea that fucking some guy in the ass was a publicly acceptable thing to do."

"After about two hours of this type of conversation while I was still trying to get my work done, all of a sudden Georgie said it was time for him to leave, and he just all of a sudden, left."

"Jack-Oh Jack-- the fucking, man, the fucking?" Jim once again inquired! "You still have not told us about fucking the guy, yet! I thought you fucked him?"

"Oh yea I did! Yea----I did! I finished up my night, and faster, once Georgie was not there begging for me to give him all the details of sex that I could give him. I and the crew got done, and started to leave the school campus. All the other guys got in their cars and left, and I got into my van. Surprise------guess just who was hiding in the back of my van? I never locked the van since I had never had any reasons to think that I should, and beside there wasn't anything of value in it anyway! So, how long he had been in there, I do not know, but Georgie was in there when I got in. I do know, he did not get in my van right after he left the building. He had actually gone home and gotten some Crisco and some paper towels! I guess that magazine was a little more educational for Georgie than I had given it credit for. I remembered that he had asked about the can of Crisco that was sitting on the bed where one guy was getting fucked, and I had explained that if a guy gets fucked in the ass like that, then he usually needs something like KY jelly or Crisco so that he can get the other guy's dick up in his ass. I guess there are some things that Georgie can learn more quickly than others!"

"When I got in the van, it shocked the hell out of me, but I pretty quickly realized that it was just Georgie. I asked him what in the hell he was doing in there and he was very straight forward and told me that he wanted to do what the guys in the pictures had done. He told me that he wanted to be the guy that got fucked. Then he showed me the Crisco and the paper towel that he had gotten. Well that pretty well convinced me that he really did want to do it, and he was not just goofing around. I tried to tell him that it really was not a good thing for us to even think about doing that, and for about 20 or 25 minutes we sat there in the parking lot and I tried to convince him that since I worked for the school district and he was still a student, that I just really should not do it. Got to admit to you guys right now though, that he was getting my juices flowing as he begged and begged."

"He just kept begging me and telling me that I was the first and only person that he had ever found that he could talk to about stuff like this, and he really needed to do it and find out about it because of some kind of a problem he had. I kept asking him what he was talking about "the problem" and he didn't want to tell me. Because of the way he kept mentioning it, I finally managed to get him to tell me that some of the other football players had been telling him that they wanted his ass, and they planned on fucking his ass the very first chance they got, and this coming week-end, the whole football team was making an overnight trip to see an NFL game, and he just knew that a couple of the guys already had gotten the room assignments changed, and one of the guys that he was now supposed to room with, was one of the guys that had told him about ten times already how he wanted to fuck that ass and how he was going to, just as soon as he got the chance. So Georgie just knew that he was going to get it, and he just knew he needed to know how to do it so that he did not look stupid to those guys."

"Oh shit man! You're kidding, he wanted to learn how to get fucked so he could get fucked by those other football players and not look stupid?" Sam quickly asked.

"That's it guys! He sure did! He knew that since he was not quite as smart and as quick as the other guys, that's why they were picking on him, but he didn't want to act like he was totally stupid, so he wanted me to fuck him so that he would know what to expect. He knew he was going to get fucked, and he knew there was no way out of it, so he was smart enough to know to act like a Boy Scout and "Be Prepared". I think what Georgie really did not quite understand though was that he thought it was all because he was not quite as smart nor as quick as the other guys was the reason they were picking on him, but I really do think the reason was he was two years older than they were, and since he never had a car and had ridden his ten-speed bike everywhere for years and years. He really did have the hottest ass on campus. It showed even when he had loose slacks on. Damn man it was one hot ass! In tight Levi's, I even saw some teachers looking a couple of times. Male and female! Georgie was a hunk!"

"Once I started to understand his situation, I started to get a little more sympathetic and realized that he was actually playing the smart roll. He knew he was getting set up, and he wanted to show those guys that he was not a wimp and that he could take whatever they dished out. He wanted to be ready!"

Completely dumb-struck, Jim, Sam and Greg ate every word that Jack was telling them about "little Georgie," who they had now found out was not such a little guy, after all. A little on the hot side maybe, but not a little guy.

"Once I heard of Georgie's situation and circumstances, I could not help remembering the day in Junior High when somebody came into the locker room after gym class and told the coach that he was needed out on the field. When he left, it was all a set up. Four guys, all a year older than I was, grabbed me from in the shower and actually threw me on the floor and all four guys sucked on me. Three held me down and the fourth one sucked on me. They kept telling me how they had seen this dick before and they decided they wanted to see just how a dick like that feels like in the back of their throat! That was the very first time that any guy, or gal too, had ever touched my dick, and I was really wishing I had done that before so that I would have known what to expect. I know I acted stupid when they did that, I probably said stupid stuff, and I really do wish I could have just acted like,---"Oh hey guys, this happens all the time, go for it!" But since I did not know what to expect, I acted stupid. I was laying there on the shower room floor, four guys, all bare assed naked above me, my dick getting bigger and bigger as the seconds went by and I was acting like some little lost boy, out in the night! I decided I did not want Georgie to feel like he was acting stupid, so I agreed. This was before I got married, so I told him that we had to go to my apartment, and I made him swear on a 'stack of bibles' that he would never tell anybody about this. I told him that I'd do it, but just so that he could learn from it and know what to expect. His face lit up like a full moon! He knew what he was asking for, and I was finally agreeing to do it. We headed for my place, and I really think I was probably more nervous about doing this than Georgie was. I was a school district employee and he was still a student. Yea-an older one-right,-but still a student."

"We got to my apartment building, and I parked in one of the darker spots. I kept my eyes wide open watching for anybody that might be seeing me and Georgie get out of the van together. Of course, If I had found someone, I really don't know what I would have said or done! We got into the apartment without anybody seeing us-as far as I know. After I closed the blinds, I turned the living room light on and realized that Georgie was already starting to get undressed. Damn he was anxious! Got to admit though, I just stood there and watched in amazement as one of the hottest young bodies disrobed, that I had ever seen. Right then I sure in the hell did not blame any of those football players for wanting to do this one!

Eighteen years old, and one golden boy! Damn his bike riding and his football workouts had done wonders for this guy! I was awe struck. I knew he looked good in his clothes, but shit man,-I never really expected, what he was now showing me! I just stood there and watched him completely undress. Now I was saying my Thank You's Dear Lord for finding myself in this situation. Up until that time, I had actually never seen another guy, regardless of age, fully naked that was as hot as Georgie was. I got hard immediately. He did not seem to be embarrassed to just stand there completely naked, and letting me look him over. He acted like he had done this many times, but when I asked him over and over if he had ever played with some other guy before, he kept denying that he ever had. He kept telling me that was the reason he wanted us to get together so that he kind of knew what to expect."

Jim, Sam and Greg had become spellbound with Jack's dialogue of Georgie's first time and his learning experiences. Their own personal sex session had come to a temporary halt as they listened to every word of Jack and Georgie's session, and managed to excite themselves even more as they each stroked and pulled on their respective dicks, as they mentally imagined the actions that had taken place, that night, in Jack's former apartment.

"George just stood there and rather presented himself for my inspection. He started to get somewhat of a hard-on, until I slightly touched it, and then it exploded to full size! He looked at me and asked if I was going to take my clothes off. I told him yea-I sure was, and I shed everything as fast as I could! Now it was my turn to stand there in the complete nude and be inspected. Georgie just kept saying Wow! When he reached up and touched my left tit, my dick went hard and fast! He looked down at it and said something like, "Yea, they were right!"

"Being confused, I asked him what he had said. He repeated it again. 'Yea, they were right!' Once again I asked him what he meant and then he told me that some of the cleaning guys had told him once that they thought I probably had a big dick, but none of them had ever gotten to see it. Then he told me that magazine thing in the shower room that night, was a set up by some of my crew. They thought that if I had something like that to look at, that maybe I would pull my dick out! They though maybe I'd do that just to show the guys that my dick was bigger than those guys in the magazine. Then he told me that he was not part of that magazine set up, but once it got going, the conversation finally gave him the opportunity to talk about sex with me, like had been wanting to do for months. The team trip that upcoming week-end was for real, and since the locker room situation had happened, he decided to really use it to his advantage, since he had been trying to figure out how to set something like this up. He told me that although he had not been part of setting up the magazine thing, that he was real glad it had happened since it kind of set things up for him. Then he smiled right at my face and proudly said, "I finally did it, and now I want it! Please Jack, teach me how to get fucked."


Wade Wright

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