Tuesday morning arrived, as did Jack and then Greg, only about five minutes after Jack arrived.

"Hey Greg, come on in man." Jim invited, when he saw Greg approaching and as he opened the door for the now rather popular Apartment 117.

"Oh man! Got to tell you guys I'm really nervous about this!"

Greg said as he entered the apartment and joined the other three men at the coffee counter.

"Hey Hi Greg! Hey man, everything is going to be OK!" Jack encouraged. Come over here and get a roll. Sammy, is one great cook.

These are delicious!"

As Greg came around the edge of the counter to join Jack as he had suggested, suddenly Greg realized that although Jack still had a T-Shirt on, he was sitting at the counter completely bare assed. From the shirt bottom on down, it was all bare mahogany slick and lickable skin. A sudden sight that would take any person's breath away.

"Oh shit man!" Greg exclaimed as he saw the very unexpected view.

"Shit man! I just told you guys how nervous I am about doing this, and now I walk around the counter and find this big long thing hanging out there all bare and showing. Shit man! Do I really know what I am doing?"

"Hell yes you do man!" Jack encouraged as he reached out and placed his arm around Greg's shoulder and neck. "Greg, my man. The night I was over at your place, fixing those clothes rods, you were ready to jump me there and then, so just remember how excited you were that night, and I'm sure you will get over being nervous. None of us are going to do anything to you that makes you uncomfortable, so everything is going to be OK! OK?"

"Yea I know!" Greg answered. "I know when I started out from our place, to come down here, I told myself then, that I wanted to have some guy sex that night, that I have been wanting to have some good gay sex for years now, and that I needed to get rid of the nervous thing, since I've finally got a chance to do it."

Then looking over at Jack, and then down at Jack's now half hard dick, Greg pleaded, "Jack, please tell me that you won't do anything with that big thing that I don't think I can do. OK? Please, man, that dick of yours is so damn big, I really can't imagine anybody being able to get fucked by it."

"Hey Greg," Sammy entered. "Greg, don't worry! Seriously everything is going to be OK. We know today is your first time doing this, so whatever you want to do, or not want to do, is OK with us."

Greg again looked down toward Jack's massive rod and then asked.

"Hey guys. Can maybe I play with one that is a little smaller than that one until I get convinced that I can play with a bigger one? I mean man!

Shit, that pole is so damn big!"

As Greg talked about it, and kept looking at it, Jack's rod continued to get harder and harder.

"Shit man!" Greg strongly said. "God man! Jack make it stop getting bigger and bigger. My God man! The bigger it keeps getting the more scared I am of even being in the same room with it!"

"Hey Greg. Tell you what!" Sammy said. "After we get done in here and then head for the bedroom, why don't you and I start with each other, and we will let Jack and Jim screw around with each other. Then after you can kind of get into it a little more, then if you want to play around with Jack's dick, then you can. I kind of think that if you watch Jack play with Jim again, then you will remember how excited that was the other night when we watched Jim suck on him. Everything is going to be OK, and you are going to be real glad that you finally got a chance to do it with a guy. I sure can tell you that once I found out that you were going to be coming down here to our place, that sure turned me on. I've eyeballed you ever since you and your wife moved in, and I've been wanting to play with you ever since. So trust me, we are all going to have some fun. Good Fun, ---good gay fun!"

All four men enjoyed some additional conversation and the rest of the home make breakfast rolls when Jack stood up and taking hold of Jim's arm, he politely said, "Sorry guys,---but I did not come here just for some talking! I'm horny and I need some ass. And from that I heard earlier Jim, I kind of guess it is your ass that I get. Well, that I get first, anyway. Right?"

Jim immediately got up and followed Jack down the hall, slapping his bare ass with each step and chance that he got until they got to the master bedroom.

As they entered the bedroom, Jack finished getting undressed, and Jim of course immediately stripped nude. Looking at Jack's bod, Jim again took a very big sigh and said, "Man, I just have never seen a hotter, hot and tight body like yours before! Damn Jack, you are so damn hot! I am so glad Sammy and I got the chance to meet you, and better yet, get to play with you! Get that dick good and stiff, my ass has been yelling for that thing ever since you fucked me the other night! Damn, that big rod feels so damn good all the way up in me."

Jim laid down on the bed as he watched Jack pull his T-Shirt off over his head, and then reach down and give his "Jack-stick," (as Jim had found out Jack liked to call it) a few strokes, when Jim told him to get it good and stiff. Looking at Jim, Jack then asked, "Is that stiff enough man? You want this?"

"Oh fuck yes I do man! Yes Jack, put some KY jelly on it and put it up in my butt! Please, fuck me real hard again!"

Jim laid down on his stomach and rather kept pumping his bare ass up and down as if to be begging with it for Jack to get that enormous rod of his up and in there as quickly as possible.

Jack lubed up his rod, and after carefully placing himself right above Jim's ass, he aimed his rod, placed the tip of it at the opening of Jim's ass, and then asked Jim if he wanted a nice slow entry, ---to get the ole asshole opened up slowly, or did Jim want to take it all at once.

"Oh Jack! Ram me! Jack I want to know that I can take that whole damn thing up in me as quickly as possible. I want you up in me, and I want you up in there all the way. All of you all at once man, yea I want to feel you go up in me!"

"OK man!" Jack replied. "Remember you told me you wanted it all at once, right? You still want me to just ram you?"

"Yea yea, please just ram me!"

"Hang on! Here I come!"

And with that final statement, Jack filled Jim's ass with every bit of dick that he had available. Length and width, it all went in, and it want in immediately.

Jim yelled in pain! "Oh my God Jack! Oh my God Jack, Oh My God That Hurts man! Oh shit man, Oh God my ass! Oh Jack! Oh Jack, my ass!"

Jack immediately stopped moving on Jim, and just laid himself down on Jim. "Hey Hon, you told me you wanted it like that! You OK? Jim, you OK? You told me to just ram you!"

"Oh yea I know Jack, I know! I know, I told you to do that, and I guess I forgot how damn big that thing is when it's up in me. I'm OK, I'll be OK, just lay there for a minute and let my ass quit hurting! Oh man!

Oh Jack, I get so damn anxious and so damn horny for you and that damn dick of yours, I forget how damn big that thing is. I'm OK Jack, just lay there a minute!"

As Jim and Jack were laying there, letting Jim recover, Greg and Sammy came into the room. Sammy looked at Jack and asked, "He told you to ram him all at once, didn't he?"

Jack looked at Sammy and answered that, "Yea he did. He told me that he wanted me to just get it all up in him as fast as possible, and that he just wanted me to ram him. I guess I've got to quit listening to him when he says that!"

"When I heard him let out that scream, I knew exactly what had happened. He told me earlier this morning that he wanted you to slam your rod up in him as fast as possible and I told him then that he had better think about that. I tried to remind him about how damn big that rod of yours is, but all he could say is that he knew it was big, but he wanted you to ram his ass as hard and as deep as you could the first time you go in. I swear, for a guy that hardly ever got it in the ass before, he sure goes crazy with rage when he get fucked by you, Jack. Shit man, I wonder just how much dick could he take up in there!'

Jim then turned his head to the side and looked at Sammy, said,

"But Hon, it feels so damn good once it is up in there! I know, I need to just have him work it up into me a little slower, but shit, when I know that dick is up there aimed at my butt, I want it, and I want it all at once. I know, I scream when it hurts, but it must be a good hurt, cause now it feels so good! Hey Jack, I'm OK, fuck me! Let me feel you up in me!"

Sammy turned and looking at Greg said, "Hey man. Don't let that scare you. Jim is just so damn anxious to get that whole big rod of his up in his as fast as he can, he takes it way too fast. I've been fucked by Jack and that pole of his, and believe me man, it feels good. If you let Jack, or for that matter, any guy go up in you kind of slow, and get your ass opened up a little slower, it feels good! Come on, let's you and me go in this other bedroom and start doing some good stuff and let those two go at it for awhile."

Sammy and Greg did go into the extra bedroom and started to undress.

"You OK?" Sammy asked of Greg as he thru his T-Shirt over on the chair and lowered his shorts to let his manhood fall free.

"Yea I'm OK, I guess. Just nervous as hell. Sam, I've wanted to do this with some guy for years and years now, but now that I'm getting all undressed, and you are standing there all bare and with a hard on, I'm nervous. I don't know how long you've been playing with guys, but were you this nervous the first time you did it?"

"Yes Greg, yes. I'm sure all guys are nervous the first time they finally get together with another guy. And to be honest, I do kind of think that the older you are when you finally get started, the more nervous you are. You're OK. I'll only do whatever you want, so you have complete control. OK?"

"Yea thanks Sam, I appreciate that!"

"OK Greg, your instructions! What do you want me to do? You tell me what you want."

"Oh God Sam, I don't know. Can maybe we get started with you kind of playing with my dick? Maybe jerk on me or something?"

"Oh course we can do that Greg, you stand there and just put your hands on my shoulders. You just let me play with your dick, OK?"

Greg stood there with his stiff rod sticking straight out, and Sam knelt down in front of it. Greg put his hands on Sam's shoulders as Sam had suggested, and after putting his hand around it for only a moment or two, Sam then leaned forward and after opening his mouth wide, he slid his mouth onto Greg's dick.

"Oh My God!" Greg let out. "Oh MY God! Oh God Sam, you have my cock in your mouth! Oh Sam, I never thought this would happen to me! Oh God Sam, suck on me! Yea, let me feel you on my dick! Oh God Sam, that feels so good! Oh Sam, I have wanted some guy to do this to me ever since I was in junior high and saw it happen to another guy. Oh Sam, yea----please suck me man!"

Sam turned Greg sideways and gently lowered him back down onto the bed so that Greg was now laying down, and Sam was on top of him, with Greg's entire dick stuffed down his mouth.

After just resting there for a moment or two without moving any, Sam then started some true action on Greg's cock rod, and started Greg's first, true cock sucking. Sam was going on and off of that stick with all of the gusto that he could manage!

"Oh my God Sam! Oh Sam that feels so good! Oh you are making me so hard. Oh Sam my sick is getting so hard it almost hurts. Sam I'm not sure it's ever been that hard before."

Sam used his experience level to give Greg an unbelievable sucking that Sam simply wanted to know that Greg would look back at with very fond and enjoyable memories.

Greg quickly caught on that to grab hold of Sam's head and to use it as a jerk off tool gave him some control over being able to push his dick as far down into Sam's throat as possible. Sam had Greg's dick in his mouth, and his balls in his hand. As he played with the dick in his mouth, he also played with the balls in his hand. Greg was truly being given a physical treatment that he had never experienced before.

Each time that Sam went down onto Greg's rod, he grabbed hold of his bag a little stronger and then each time he came back off of it some, he loosened the grip. He could tell from Greg's reaction that Greg was truly enjoying both the mouth action, and the grip action. He kept letting out moans and groans of acceptance. He kept slightly saying, "Oh thanks, Oh thanks!"

Sam was not even sure that Greg was aware that he was uttering the thank you's. Listening very closely, Sam decided that Greg was just barely on the edge of reality and the most of him was off in to some other outer zone of bliss and pleasure!

As Sam continued to work on Greg's rod, grabbed his bag of balls, he also ran his hand up between the cheeks of Greg's butt, and up toward Greg's sweet little ass hole. Greg let out an almost scream that, "Oh Sam, I'm about to cum! Sam, I'm going to cum! Oh Sam, please, I'm about to cum!"

Sam understood that Greg thought that Sam would want to pull his dick out of his mouth when he knew that Greg was ready to shoot his load, but Sam tried to let Greg know that he did not want to take his mouth off of Greg's rod, that he wanted to take Greg's cum load down his throat as it flew, and that Sam wanted to be hugging Greg as firmly as he could as Greg shot his wad!

"Oh God Sam, I'm cumin man, I'm cumin! I'm about to cum!"

Suddenly Greg raised the mid section of his body, let it get totally stiff and rigid and then really yelled out, "Oh God Sam, I'm cumin man, Oh God man, I'm cumin!"

Greg's body and his dick got extremely stiff! No part of him moved, except for the flow of cum that he shot out of the end of his dick.

Sam pulled Greg up as close and as tightly to his mouth as he could so that he did not loose any of Greg's first time gay load. He felt Greg expel his man juices, four strong and powerful times. Each time, Greg let out a very loud, "Owe Man! Owe Man!" And then a final, "Oh shit man, Oh God that felt so damn good! Oh man! Oh God that felt good!"

Sam continued to keep his mouth tightly sealed onto Greg's dick, and continued to suck the very last drop of the man cream out of Greg's dick before he then slowly slid off of the dick, looked up at Greg, smiled and then asked, "You OK man! You OK?"

Greg laid there completely exhausted, looked down at Sam and tried to confirm that he was OK, but he was breathless and could hardly talk. He managed to smile and utter something like, "Yea, I'm OK, I'm great! Thanks man! Thanks!"


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