"Hey, Sammy. Hi! Hey, is Jim home yet?" Jack asked as Sammy answered the phone.

"No Jack, but I expect him any minute now. Are you on your way?"

"No Sammy. I've got to stop by apartment 139 and fix a falling closet rod. A Greg and Susan, somebody, ---can remember their last name right now, live there. I can't find out anything about them other than that they've been there for about a year. Do you know them? You know anything about Greg that I might want to know before I get there?" Jack asked.

"Hey Jack. All I know is that I've seen them come and go a few times, and I've always been disappointed that she was always with him whenever I saw him. I'm sure he probably would have no interest in me, but I'd sure love to get a chance to know him. He's hot looking, well to me anyway."

"Oh really?" Jack replied. "How? What does he look like?"

"Oh I'd say he is probably about 24 or 25 years old, about 6 foot tall, real dark black flat top hair cut, and obviously a guy that belongs to a gym someplace. I've seen him without a shirt on, and he's got a great six pack gut. Nice butt, but that's about all I can tell you. One of those hot looking straight married guys, that get gay guys like me all turned on, and then they go off with their women and let me stand there all huffing and puffing wishing I could just reach out and grab ahold of him."

"Oh hey good! Hey, maybe fixing the closet rod will be more fun than I had expected. I didn't know anything about who they were and I couldn't find out anything from in the office file, well other than that they moved in here about a year ago. Hey Sammy, I'm going to run over there and take care of that, and then I will be over to your place. OK?"

"Yea Jack. Jim should be home right away, and I know damn well he will be here as soon as possible because he knows you won't have too much time available tonight and he wants to make the most of what time you do have. We'll be ready for you when you get here!"

"OK guy. I'll be there shortly. Get the ole grease can out and get your ass ready! I've been anxious for it all day! I'll see you guys shortly!"

Jack hung up the phone and headed for apartment number 139.

Jack knocked on the door. He waited for a moment and then was greeted by Susan. Entering the apartment he was then also greeted by Greg and immediately agreed with Sammy's statements about how hot this guy was.

After a few casual introductory comments, Greg then showed Jack to the main bedroom closet where the clothes rod had actually come loose from the wall and had fallen. All of the clothes that were supposed to be hanging there were neatly stacked on the floor.

"Oh great!" Jack exclaimed to Greg as he saw what had happened.

"Yea!" Greg replied. "Opened the door yesterday evening, and everything was on the floor. I guess it fell sometime while we were gone.

Made kind of a mess."

"Yea I sure could see where it might have." Jack said as he rather stood there and looked at where the rod was supposed to be, at the stack of clothes on the floor, and as he got a chance, at Greg's basket and his muscular chest that was very pronounced under his tight T-shirt. Greg saw him looking. Greg grinned, and Jack did the same. Jack definitely got the feeling that getting checked out was not a problem to Greg.

"So I guess you must work out in a gym someplace, right Greg. I mean man, you've done good for yourself."

"Yea Jack I do. I am the assistant manager of the Roosevelt Street Athletic Club. You obviously have worked out a hell of a lot too haven't you?"

Jack shook his head "Yes," and took another look at Greg. Greg appreciated it. He flexed his biceps in the same way that a little boy does when he wants to show off his arm muscles. Jack grinned, and following, what he was hoping was an invitation to do so, he reached up and placed his right hand on Greg's left tight biceps.

"Nice, real nice man!" Greg said. As he did, he once again looked over Greg's torso and again said, "Nice, real nice man!"

Greg replied, "Thanks, and coming from you, I really do mean a big thanks!" As he looked Jack over and then reached forward and felt one of Jack's upper arms, he continued, "I'd love to give you a free month's pass to come work out at the club. I think you would be good for business.

Fact is, I'll be right back! I'm going to get one and give it to you.

I'll get one and be right back." Greg left the bedroom and went back into the living room area. Jack opened his tool box and pulled out some tools and screws to start working on the closet rod. He heard Greg say to Susan,

"Hey honey, I'll be back here in the bedroom seeing if I can help this maintenance guy out any."

Greg returned and instead of handing Jack the gym pass, he slid it into Jack's hip pocket, and rather pushed it down in far enough to make sure it did not fall out. Jack realized that he had just been given a little more than a gym pass. As Greg pulled his hand out of Jack's pocket, Jack looked at him and let out a big grin. Greg replied with one of his own.

"Hey Greg. I'm having some trouble getting this thing to stay in place while I try and re-screw it to the wall. Would you mind getting in here and kind of holding it in place for me?"

"Sure, yea I can do that. What do you want me to do?"

"Here Greg, why don't you get in here, hold this in place and I'll reach over you to fix it."

Greg stepped into the closet as Jack moved to the side to allow him some room to move past him, and as he moved in, Jack then stepped back into place and allowed himself to rather lay up against Greg. Greg looked at Jack and grinned. Jack raised his eyebrows in a very playful and encouraging manner. He then said very softly, "Yea! Yea!" and wetting his lips, again grinned at Greg. He shook his head up and down softly.

Greg caught on! He looked down at Jack's crotch area, and Jack again said, "Yea, yea! If you want to, it's OK."

Greg took a big deep breath, looked at Jack's face and uttered a

"Wow! Can I? Really?" "Yea, you're hidden. I'll keep my eyes open. I want you to do it!"

Greg reached down and grabbed Jack's crotch. He pushed his body up against Jack's. Jack grabbed Greg's crotch and as he did he continued to make comments about trying to get the closet rod to stay in place as if he was still actively working on it, instead of working on Greg. Greg kept a very nervous eye open looking through the crack of the door hinge to make sure Susan was not walking into the bedroom. He looked up at Jack and silently smiled and then pulled his hand up so that he could rub Jack's chest. Very softly, very softly he said, "Oh shit man! Oh shit! I work at a gym, but I never get to do this there. Oh man! Shit this is fun!"

The two men continued their mutual feeling session as long as Jack felt they could safely get away with it. Greg was obviously very nervous.

Jack knew that Greg was very excited about being able to do this, but he also knew that Greg was scared shitless about the possibility of Susan walking in and seeing what was happening in their bedroom.

Jack then looked at Greg, put on a big grin, and rather loudly asked, "Greg, have you got anymore closet rods that you think might need to be fixed so that they don't fall?"

Greg replied. "Yea, I think maybe we need to look at this one in the other bedroom and fix it, if you have the time."

Shaking his head as if to say, "Good going man," Jack did reply,

"OK! Let's fix it too."

Greg and Jack went into the other bedroom and Greg removed everything from off of the closet rod. He placed it all on the bed. He then said, "I'll help you with this one too, if you want."

"Yea, if you will," Jack replied. Both men knew that everything they were saying was for the benefit of Susan, and to allow Greg the opportunity of getting in the closet's tight quarters, in the pretext of helping Jack, when of course, in reality, it was to feel Jack and let Jack feel him.

Just as Greg was getting finished in removing everything from the closet rod, he then yelled to Susan, "Hey, honey! I didn't stop at the mail box and get the mail today. Since I'm helping this maintenance guy with these closet rods, would you mind running up and getting the mail before it gets dark outside?"

Susan told Greg that she'd do that, and that she would be right back. She left the apartment, and as the door was heard snapping shut, Greg immediately turned to Jack and had him in his hands and was feeling all of Jack's strong, muscular, and tight, body.

"Oh Man! Oh Jack, I almost shit when I came in the room and saw you when you got here. Oh God Jack, I hope it's OK if I feel you! Jack is this OK? Oh Jack, I've wanted to do this to so many of the hot looking guys in the gym but of course you know I can't do it." "Yea Greg, yea man, it's OK. Greg you know damn well why I "needed" your help in the closet.

I thought maybe you needed a reason to get up close and tight, and I knew we couldn't be seen in there. How long will she be gone to get the mail?"

"Oh probably no more than 5 or 6 minutes if she comes right back. Oh Jack, I've never played with another guy, but man, of all of the guys that come to the gym, I've wanted to for so long! Oh shit man! I know damn well I should not be doing this, but man I guess I just couldn't help myself!

Jack, how can we get together someplace? I mean, you will play with me won't you? Jack, do you play with guys or am I making a complete stupid fool out of myself here?"

"Yea Greg, I play with guys, and no, ---hell no man, ---you are not making a fool out of yourself. You are one hot hunk of a guy! Yea, we will play. Greg, you know damn well us guys need to have all kinds of sex fun. We need to use each other whenever possible. You've worked on that body of yours and made it pretty great, so now it's time to let someone like me enjoy it. Greg, I'm married too, so we need to do some planning here. Jim and Sammy down at apartment 117 are some playmates of mine.

They don't mind if I kind of use them as a go-between when some guy wants to contact me, so I'll write their number on the back of the work order sheet that I leave with you, --so don't ask what that number is when I hand it to you. Their names are Jim and Sam. I told Sam that I had to come here to work on a rod and he told me that he has only seen you, never actually met you, but he told me that you are one hot hunk. I'm going over there right after I leave here, we've got ourselves a little play session planned for tonight, and I'll tell them what's happening. Maybe we can ask them if we can meet in their apartment sometime. They're good guys. They might be a good teacher for you too if you want."

"Oh God man! Oh shit!" Greg exclaimed. "I can't believe I'm doing this. I can't believe it, but damn it man, I've known for years now that I wanted something like this to happen. So what do I do? Just call that Jim and Sam and let them handle getting us together somehow?"

"Yea, I'll fill them in. If you can find any way possible, to get out of here for a few private minutes later after I leave, come to number 117 and we will be able to talk more. We had better get onto this rod before your wife comes back and realizes we haven't done anything since she left."

"Yea, but man, we did a hell of a lot more, since she left, than what you realize. Oh Jack, I'm so damn excited about finally getting close to getting with some guy. This will all be a big secret, right?"

"Oh hell yes Greg! Yea man! I'm married too! Yea, we have to keep it a secret, but Sam and Jim will help us. Just make sure you call them as soon as possible if you can't get out of here for a few minutes tonight. OK?"

"Yea, I will. I'll see if I can find a reason to get out of here after awhile though. They won't mind if I stop in there?"

"No they're cool. I'm sure they are going to be real glad to help both you and me out!"

Jack and Greg resumed their "in the closet" positions, and as Jack did put in a couple of new screws to re-enforce the closet rod, they continued to feel each other up as if the other man was his personal toy.

Silently they groped and rubbed. Greg slid his hand down along the shaft of meat that was hanging down Jack's left pants leg, and he reached around with both hands and squeezed Jack's butt muscles. When he felt the size of Jack's meat stick, he looked up at Jack and said, "Oh God man! Is that all you?" Jack just shook his head, "Yes."

Jack had his left hand on the back of Greg's neck, and his right hand on Greg's now, getting stiff, cock. He rubbed it, then told Greg that maybe he had better stop that or Greg would have to explain to Susan, when she got back, of why he was supporting a major boner. They heard the front door open, each man rather straightened himself up some, and Jack immediately, and rather loudly asked, "OK that one is fixed. Greg are there anymore that need to be fixed?"

"No, I think that should take care of all of them," Greg replied, as he grinned and winked at Jack. He reached over to Jack and squeezed his hand as he just mouthed, "Thank you man!"

Jack re-gathered his tools and Greg replaced the clothing that he had taken off of the closet rod. Jack took out his work order pad and wrote quick notes as to what type of work had been done, turned it over and wrote the number 117 and Jim and Sam's phone number on it, folded it and gave it to Greg, simply telling him that was his copy. "Just office paperwork. Just so we can keep track of what repairs I do, I guess!" Jack said as he handed the folded paper to Greg.

Greg put the paper in his shirt pocket.

Jack picked up his tool box, Greg extended his thank-you's for doing the repairs and followed Jack to the door. Jack told Susan,

"Good-bye", turned to Greg and told him to call the office if there was anything else that he needed done. He then shook Greg's hand and as he went out the door, he said, "See you later!" Greg slowly shut the door.

Jack arrived at Sammy and Jim's apartment, and as he entered he carried a very large grin.

"OK man! What's up?" Sammy asked as he looked at the big grin on Jack's face. "What happened man?"

Jack told Sammy and Jim about his episode with Greg and how turned on it got him. He told them in great detail about how Greg has never been with a guy before, but as the assistant manager at the health cub how he has wanted to play with a guy, but never could. Jack told them that he had given Greg their name, apartment number and their phone number so that they would have some way to staying in contact with each other. He told them about Greg's body. He let them know that from what he had felt, Greg was swinging a pretty good sized rod of his own. They laughed about what had been going on in Greg and Susan's bedroom closet while Susan was still there. They then agreed on how chancy gay guys will get, whenever they get it in their heads that they simply have to do some fun stuff with another guy.

As the three talked about Greg's new experiences, they realized that this whole conversation definitely did have a very humorous twist to it, since it all happened over a "rod in a closet".

Jack said, "Yea, come to think about it, there was more than one rod involved, and Greg was more physically in the closet than just figuratively speaking. Well, maybe that little closet session will help him out of the closet!"

Jack told the two that Greg said he was going to "try" and come by the apartment, if possible, so they decided that they needed to do their playing around is such a manner so that if the door bell rang, one of them would be able to quickly grab a pair of pants and go answer the door.

The men moved themselves to the bedroom, undressed, and each played with, and licked and rubbed the nicely exposed parts of body that were not normally displayed while clothed. Jim and Sammy definitely took advantage of having Jack standing completely nude in their bedroom.

Jim kneeled down in front of Jack, and acted as if Jack's entire body was covered with honey that needed to be licked off. He grabbed ahold of Jack's legs and slowly and deliberately ran his mouth and tongue up one side of one leg and back down that leg before he then repeated the same process on the other leg. Crossing from one leg over to the other, he lifted Jack's hanging ball sack with the top of his head, and with his head pushing up in the crotch of Jack's hot black body, he reached out with his tongue and slightly licked the super soft skin between Jack's sweet ass hole, and his "family jewelry" bag.

Sammy stood behind Jack, and reaching up as far as he could since Jack was quite taller than he was, he licked the muscular back, up one side of it, down the other and then slowly and very lovingly up the middle of Jack's back, so that he could feel Jack's thick back muscles touch the sides of his face as he slowly moved up toward Jack's neck. Reaching the base of his neck, Sammy then moved his tongue along Jack's right shoulder and continued down the entire length of his right arm. Reaching his finger tips, Sammy slowly took each finger into his mouth and sucked on it. After completing each finger, and the love made to it, Sammy then moved himself back up Jack's right arm, across his shoulders and then proceeded down his left arm. Once again, as he got to Jack's hand, he worshipped each finger with his mouth and then returned up the length of his arm, licking the underside of Jack's arm as he went.

As Jack was being worshipped from the front and from the back, he stood there as if he was the dessert of the day, to be eaten and enjoyed by any person that was lucky enough to get some of that delicious dessert placed on his plate. Without interrupting either man and his actions, Jack would softly place his hand on some part of Jim or Sammy's body to let them each of them know that he was in complete glory, being treated in this manner. He realized that he had become the common item of attention between two lovers, and that he just happened to be the item of choice for them to share as an increasing part of their personal relationship with each other. He did not look at this as so much as a sex session for himself, but rather as allowing himself to be used by these two lovers, and being used as their common goal for the day. Silently as he stood there and allowed the complete exploring and sharing of his body, he realized that at that moment he was not actually a human being, but was actually much more like a tall dark doggie that the two owners were sharing their love for. At one moment he even, without actually intending to do it, let out a small groan, as if he was a puppy getting some very warm loving and petting from his two owners.

As he groaned, Jim looked up at him in question. He knew something was happening but he did not know what. He wanted to be sure that everything was OK with Jack, and that neither one of them was doing anything wrong. Jack realized that he had made that verbal sound, and he just looked back down at Jim and mouthed, "Wow" to let him understand the groan was a good groan, not a bad feeling.

As Jack looked down and indicated that everything was OK, Jim pulled his head back from being so close to Jack's legs and placed his mouth on the tip of the 11 inch rod sticking out in front, at such an attention. He placed both hands on the cock and steadied it so that he could attempt to put as much of it in his mouth as possible.

Just as he opened his mouth, pulled on Jack's cock to join the two together, the front doorbell rang.

Sammy immediately jumped up and said, "I'll get it. Keep it up guys!"

Sammy grabbed a bathrobe that was laying across a bedroom chair and headed for the front door. Shortly he returned, with Greg beside him, and they watched for a few moments as Jim forced himself onto the outer one half of Jack's rod.

Jack looked over toward Greg and Sammy and nodded a "Hello." He then grinned at Greg as he looked down at Jim sucking on his dick, and then looked back at Greg as if to ask, "Want some of this?"

"Keep it up men!" Sammy said. "Greg, the one with the mouthful is Jim, my other half. Of course you already know Jack, but maybe you are now getting a chance to meet more of Jack than you did earlier."

"Oh God!" Greg exclaimed. "Oh my God Sammy! Oh shit man! I did not know his dick was that damn big! Oh shit man! Shit man! Do you guys actually suck on that whole thing?"

Hey Greg, we do as much as we can! I've been fucked by it, and I think Jim is going to try and take it tonight. Right Jim? You are going to try and take it up your little ole tight ass hole, aren't you?" Without removing himself from the rod, Jim looked over toward Sammy and kind of shook his head, "Yea". Then he uttered a mumbled, "I hope!"

Greg and Sammy stood there for a few more moments and watched Jim attempt another three or four more inches into his mouth, when Greg told the others that he only had a couple of minutes before he had to leave, but he sure did want to figure out how he could get together with them before he had to get back to his place.

"I told Susan that I wanted to drive past the gym to see how many cars were there to see how busy they were, while she was working on some sewing that she was involved in. I hope nobody saw me get in the car, drive around to this other parking lot and then get back out again. I had to move the car in fear that she could come out for some reason and see it sitting there. Then when I got over here, I could not find your number 117. Damn, the numbering of these apartments are a mess. I finally found it, obviously, but I was getting really worried that I couldn't."

The sucking stopped for a few minutes, Jim and Greg met, and more comments were exchanged about the bodies that both Jack and Greg had, and could so proudly show off, and they discussed the necessity of secrecy, about knowing each other, since both Jack and Greg were married guys, and the additional fact that Greg lived in the apartment complex.

Since Greg worked mostly night hours at the club, as the assistant manager he explained, that is the joy of being the assistant, he said that if at all possible trying to get together some morning before noon would work best for him. Susan worked at a retail store as a buyer and she was always gone in the mornings. Sammy explained that since he was a teacher and school was still out for the summer, he could make it anytime. Jim said that since he was off on Monday's and Tuesday's, one of those mornings would work for him. Then he looked at Jack and asked, "Jack, can you do a morning somehow?"

"Yea I can. I've got to work some night hours shortly so that I can work on that leak in the laundry room when nobody is using it, so let's decide what day will work for you guys, and I will tell the office that I'm going to be working at night, on that day."

After slightly more discussion, and of course some crotch grabbing, especially from Greg, the one that had never grabbed a man's cock before, they decided that Tuesday morning at 9AM would work for everybody. The plans were made for Greg and Jack to show up, back there, at apartment 117, bright and early at 9AM on Tuesday morning, and Jim and Sammy would have some homemade breakfast rolls ready for all of them to dive into.

Jim and Sammy also agreed that they would have the "extra room" all set for some good actions, as Jim put it, "Just in-case we decide that two beds are better than one!"

Greg complained rather vocally about how pissed he was that he had to go, how he was really horny and was really wanting to get started then, and not have to wait until Tuesday, but he was glad that they had been able to get plans set up. He told everybody to have fun, as he looked down at Jack's big boner again, shook his head in disbelief, and then left.

"Hey, one hot guy!" Jim pronounced as Greg left the apartment.

"So, he has never done anything with a guy before?" He asked as he looked at Jack.

"Hey he told me this evening that he has always wanted to, and he has known for quite awhile now that he was wanting to play with a guy, but he said he never has. He got all excited when we were playing with each other in the closet. I really do think he is totally new to this.

Anxious, but new! I think I know why he is working at the club. He got that job because he knew, or maybe subconsciously knew, that he would be around hot and sometimes naked guys. You know people do that stuff without actually knowing why they are doing it. He's admitted that he's been wanting something like this to happen for a long time now. He told me today that when I came into his apartment, he knew he was going to loose it! And I kind of guess he did! He's the one that stuck his hand down in my back pocket and gave my ass a grope and a feel, by putting that gym pass in there. When he did that, I knew he was asking for it! Hey, -----like I always say, ---if you are hot, you don't have to ask twice!"

"OK, then." Jim said. "I've only got enough guts to ask for it once. Are you going to try and get in my ass?"

"Try!?" Jack rather quickly and excitedly asked. "Try,---hell no!

I'm not going to "try", I am going to fuck you all the way, and you are going to beg for more! Get in there and get your ass ready, my dick is hungry for some good ole tight ass muscles to grab ahold of it!"

With that comment, the three men returned to the bedroom, and Jim laid down on his stomach, ass in the air, and asked Sammy to sit up by his head so that he could put his face in Sammy's crotch, while he, as he put it, "Loose my ass. Shit man, I have to be completely out of my mind to agree to this!"

With Sammy in place under Jim's face, Jim belly down on the bed, and Jack now poised above him, dick in hand, he smeared some grease on his one third of a yard long dick, and a good amount up into Jim's ass.

"I put some grease up in your ass man, but I really did that just so I could feel up in your butt." Jack said. "I can tell your ass is not going to be nearly as tight on my dick as you have been saying it would be.

You are used to getting stuff stuck up in there aren't you?" Jack asked.

"No, not really." Jim answered. "Yea, I get fucked once in awhile, but nothing like your dick. Why, does my ass feel open or something?"

"Well, let's just say, it sure is anxious for something to go up in there. I almost had my whole hand up in you while I was greasing you up. Your ass is hungry man! Real hungry!"

With that statement, Jack aimed the tip of his enormous rod right at the opening of Jim's back side, and slowly, but firmly guided it in.

Jim jerked. He bit Sammy's crotch hair. He rather slightly let out a yell of, "Ouch!"

Sammy asked him if he was OK. He shook his head "Yes".

Jim grabbed ahold of Sammy's waist and pulled himself forward and buried his face farther into Sammy's crotch. He said, "Sammy, tell him to push in a little more."

Sammy looked at Jack to see if he had heard the comment, and Jack indicated that he had. He lowered his torso, and part of the big 11 inch dick, down into Jim a little farther. Jim moaned and indicated that everything was OK. He then uttered, "Yea, more! Do it again!"

Jack again lowered himself down and pushed more of his mahogany rod on into Jim's ass, some more. He pushed his rod into Jim's ass as he listened to hear anything that Jim might say. All he heard was the repeated, "Yea, more! Yea, more!"

Jack looked up at Sammy and said, "He is really taking it. He is getting an ass full pretty damn quickly back here. I said his ass was hungry! Man, I'm going in him faster than I did with you. I thought you were supposed to be the one with the hungry ass. His ass is eating my dick as fast as I can give it to him!"

"Good!" Sammy replied.

Jim laid there taking more dick, both in length and in girth, than he had ever taken up into his ass before, and he was listening to what sounded like a radio report on how this guy was getting it in the ass, and how fast he was taking it. With Jack's report to Sammy, he felt as if maybe he was not expected to hear what was being said, but was to just lay there and be the subject of attention. He grinned. He thought his mental process was really kind of funny. My ass, he is in my ass, he is laying on top of me, all of his body is touching me, inside and out, but at the same time, he is talking as if I'm not even here. I'm a "piece of meat"! I am a "piece of meat" to him right now! This is what they always talk about being a "piece of meat!"

Jim did not mind his feelings, ---like he was only a "piece of meat". He rather liked it. This was turing him on! He knew he was being used, and he was being used by one very hot, handsome, built, strong muscle man, that just also happened to have an 11 inch, very thick and meaty dick on him, that was now all the way up inside of himself! He smiled! He knew he was being used like some animal out in a field, getting a rough fucking by another wild animal. He felt wild, and he liked it! He was another

"piece of meat"! He did not feel like he belonged to himself any longer.

He felt like he now completely belonged to the man that had so completely taken over his entire being, by putting so much of himself up inside of his body. He felt that his body had been totally overtaken by this other human being! He felt that they had become "one". He then loudly, forcefully and almost yelling, said, "Fuck me,---Fuck me! Fucccccck me!"

Sammy and Jack both were quite surprised at Jim's very vocal instructions to fuck him. They both understood immediately that Jim did not mean,---"kind of fuck me", they both knew he truly meant that he wanted it in the ass like he had never had it back there before.

"Yea man! Fuck my ass! Let me feel you up in there! Fuck me!

Fuck me! Fuck me hard!" Jim was almost yelling his instructions to fuck him, and to fuck him hard!

Sammy looked at Jack, Jack looked at Sammy, and he then truly went to work on Jim's ass. Jack was in complete surprise that Jim wanted it that roughly. Sammy was in shock! Jim was yelling, "Fuck me! Fuck me!

Fuck me hard man! Fuck me hard man!" Jack was fucking his ass as hard as he possibly could! He was slamming it! He was exhausting himself trying to fuck Jim as roughly and as forcefully as he was asking for!

Jack suddenly found out that he had a man, under him, that was one hell of a lot more of an excited, hungry assed guy, than he expected to be fucking that night. He gave Jim everything that he asked for. Jack looked up at Sammy and in-between humps and ass slamming rams, he told Sammy, "I feel like some wild fucking bull out in the field! Man, I had no idea your Jim was this damn wild! Shit man, I have not been yelled at to fuck some guy's ass like he's been doing,--for a hell of a long time! Shit man! I really don't remember ever having been yelled at like that to fuck some guy's ass! Especially when it was his own ass and not some other guy's ass!"

Jim rather jokingly said, "Shut the hell up, and fuck me! Fuck me!" Then he actually did yell out, "Fuck me!"

Sammy looked at Jack and rather laughed, but at the same time had somewhat of a look of confusion on his face. He had never heard Jim get that vocal about getting it in the ass.

Jack looked at Sammy and laughed back, and then attempted to ram all of himself into Jim's ass. "Shit man! He wants more than just my dick up in there, I sure can see that!" Jack said to Sammy as he fucked Jim's butt hole faster and rougher than any hole he had been in for a long time.

"Shit man, I hope like hell he can walk tomorrow. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to!"

Suddenly as he was commenting on the possibility of not being able to walk tomorrow, Jack got a funny look on his face and grabbed ahold of Jim's body and started yelling that he was getting real ready to cum.

"Oh shit man! Oh shit,-------I'm cumin! Oh man, I'm cumin! Jim, I'm going to load you man! Oh hell man, here it comes! I'm cumin, I'm cumin!"

Jim grabbed ahold of Sammy and squeezed him. Jim moaned and again grabbed ahold of his lover. "Oh shit man! Oh Sammy he's loading my ass with juices. Sammy I can feel all of his cum up in me! Oh Sammy he just fucked the hell out of me didn't he, Sammy? Sammy, Honey, -----I took his dick. I took all of it didn't I? I got all of his dick up in me, didn't I? Sammy he fucked me didn't he?"

"Uhhh, yea Honey, he fucked you! Yea, you got fucked! You got fucked big time man! Honey, you kept yelling at him to fuck you! You OK?

Honey, you really kept wanting more and more and more! You OK?"

"Oh yea, I'm OK" Jim rather exhaustedly answered. "Oh shit man, I'm tired. Oh Honey, he fucked me with all of his dick, didn't he? He had it all up in me, didn't he? Did he have all of it up in me?"

"Yea Honey, yes, he had all of it up in you. You kept begging for more, and you kept yelling to fuck you harder! Jim, Honey, you do remember yelling to fuck you harder, don't you?"

Jim rather rolled over as far as he could, since Jack was still plugged into his ass, looked up at Sammy and he very exhaustedly asked, "I did? I kept yelling for him to fuck me harder? Sammy did I really do that?" With every concern in his voice that a person can have, Sammy answered, "Yea Honey. Yes you did! Don't you remember telling him to put more up in you and to fuck you harder? Jim, don't you remember telling him to do that? Honey, don't you remember telling him to shut up and fuck you?"

"Oh Honey, no I don't. No, I don't! Honey I got so excited once he got it up in me, I just don't remember too much Honey, I just remember that I did want to feel it farther up in me, and then I do remember getting all excited, but I don't remember yelling to fuck me or telling him to push it in farther, or anything about shutting up and fucking me. Oh Honey! It felt so good up in there that I guess I just got all too excited. I'm OK, but I guess I just got too excited and did not really know what I was yelling for! Hey, Honey, don't worry, I'm OK. I feel good. I'm OK. I don't hurt. I'm really OK!"

"Shit man! Shit man!" Was just about all Jack could manage to say. "Jim, you mean to tell me that all the time you kept yelling at me to fuck you harder, to fuck you harder, you really did not know you were begging for it? Shit man, I've had a hell of a lot of guys beg for me to get it out of them, but I do have to admit that you are the first guy that yelled for more of it and he didn't even know he was begging for it! And to think that just a few minutes ago, you were all scared shitless that I was going to hurt you if I stuck it up in you. Hell man,---I've never had this happen before! Jim, you did something tonight that I have never had happen before. Man, all I can say is you are one madman when you get fucked! When I told you your ass was hungry, I sure as the hell did not know I meant that damn hungry. All I can say right now is that the next time I fuck you, I will make sure I have taken a good long nap and rested up before I get on you again! Shit man! I'm usually the one that wears the other guys out! Tonight, you whipped the hell out of me! What a fuck you are! What a fuck!"


Wade Wright

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