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Butch Dixon launched close to nine years ago with a crew of sexy and hairy European men and muscle bears. The site was in the middle of a video remastering project when we last reviewed it that involved resizing all of the videos into four uniform sizes. That is now complete and it's been nearly two years since our last look, so let's head back and see how this hairy-man favorite is doing.

Butch Dixon men are masculine, usually hairy, and they range from their mid-twenties to forties. You'll find lots of facial hair, furry bodies and quite a few tattoos on well-built men with gym-built physiques. The bulk of the men are European, although the odd American flies over to film, so you'll be treated to heaps of uncut cocks. Most of the latest scenes feature Spanish men and Eastern European hunks, porn regulars like Dani Robles, Max Duro, Antonio Miracle, Martin Mazza, Koldo Goran, Max Born, Zach Hood and plenty of other lesser-known hunks. In the early videos you'll find lots of porn performers who have left the business, men like Harley Everett, Issac Jones, Carlo Cox and Samuel Colt. But Butch Dixon also introduces us to newcomers who are just breaking into the business or simply fulfilling a fantasy of making a gay porn video. The site also commissions scenes from an Eastern European production company, so you can also expect to see Czech and Hungarian men popping up occasionally, as well the site consign scenes from Montreal, Canada, so you'll see the odd French-Canadian stud, who are usually known performers in the business.

The site still films jack-off videos, but not as many as they used to. Still, you can expect to see a new hunk spilling his cum for the cameras every few weeks, sometimes with the help of a sex toy. There's been one solo in the past 18 releases and these usually come with a chat session where we learn a bit about the performer and what turns him on. But the bulk of the videos are duos that feature men kissing, sucking, rimming and fucking, both bareback and with condoms. The newer videos generally jump right into the action, but older sessions often have a brief storyline to get us into the action like a sex toy store owner catching a customer trying to steal a dildo or an office worker accidentally texting his boss a picture of his ass. So nothing complicated, just a bit of fun to get us into the main event. Most of the action happens in homelike settings, but Butch Dixon does sometimes venture out to bars, sex clubs, store rooms and warehouses. There are a number of threesomes, too.

Butch Dixon now offers 500 videos, an increase of 75 scenes since our last review 20 months ago, so that works out to nearly one every week. As I mentioned at the top, the site had been undergoing a remastering project that now seems to be complete, so all of the videos are offered in MP4 format at good amateur quality and come in four sizes; 640x360 and 960x540 as well as two HD versions at 1280x720 and 1920x1080. You can also stream the videos in three different speeds and play at a uniform size of 960x540. They're generally well lit, look good and play smoothly, and even in full-screen mode they look pretty decent. Older videos hold up pretty well in full-screen mode, too.
The site also offers 1,088 photo galleries (806 solo and 242 action) featuring good quality digital stills and average to good quality screencaps shown between 675x1200 and 900x1200. These are good-sized galleries featuring 50 to over 200 pics per set. You can browse the pics in the galleries or enjoy them as hands-free slideshows. And when you find a set you like, you can download the entire thing as a zip file. You can save pictures individually, too.

Members get access to an assortment of 12 gay porn feeds, each with 20 videos, featuring twink sex, bears, hunks, bareback sex and more. Butch Dixon also offers bonus videos from its six partner sites: UK Hot Jocks, Young Bastards, Spritzz, French Lads, UK Naked Men, and Raw Fuck. They used to offer three videos from each producer, but now they give you 18 streaming videos from each sites and a new one swaps in every day. You'll also get a monthly DVD download from one of these studios - French Lads is not included but another studio called Euro Boy XXX is.

While the site is easy to use, be aware of is that there are two offers on the billing page that will sign you up to other sites, and one of these is pre-checked. They're also near the bottom of the page and look like banners, so be careful because they're easy to miss. The site has a download limit for members - 10 gig every 12 hours - so this may affect power users. Also the billing page offers a "Huge Bonus Program", and while they've increased the number of bonus videos, I wouldn't call 108 scenes a huge amount.

During the re-mastering project, we saw a few older videos popping up in the new-release time line as updates. While it's always good to have better quality videos and uniform formats, the fact remains that these older scenes weren't new. But this is been happening less and less as the project draws to a close, the last two remastered scenes appeared in July and November 2017.

Butch Dixon focuses on hairy men, muscle bears and furry daddies, and you'll find lots of  masculine porn stars and uncut cocks. With the remastering project complete, there are 500 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles, and they come in uniform sizes and formats. There's a selection of 12 third-party video plugins each offering another 20 videos, and you'll get 108 streaming videos offered from six partner sites, as well as a monthly DVD download from one of seven producers. Butch Dixon's main strength has always been its sexy, hairy men, and you'll want to head over and check them out.

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