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Young Bastards has been going strong since they updated from a pay-per-view ticket system to a full-membership site over a year and a half ago. They have been updating consistently and members get some nice bonuses. So let's head back and check things out.

The performers at Young Bastards are mostly guys in their early to late twenties, but there are a few who are older. The guys are sporting mostly smooth and slender or athletic bodies; some have more defined physiques, but none are what I'd really call muscular. The guys are Europeans from Britain, France, Germany, Eastern Europe, and perhaps a few from Spain, so your eyes will be feasting on lots of uncut dicks, and some are quite large.

The guys themselves are quite varied in their looks; you'll find sweet-faced lads alongside bad boys, skinheads, scallies, chavs, and other rough-looking types. Some of the videos come from a couple of other studios, and these are where you'll find the mature men in their thirties, many with hairy bodies. The cast is a mix of both first-timers and up-and-comers along with established performers including Skylar Blu, Jordan Fox, Kai Cruz, JP Dubois, Luke Pascoe, Moskito, Luke Desmond, and more. And 28 of these well-known performers have profile pages featuring a full range of stats including age, height and cock size in metric, position, occupation and location. Each model's page has links to all of his appearances.

You'd expect guys on a site called Young Bastards to be a little nasty, wouldn't you? And they are! The site's tagline is "Live Fast - Fuck Hard." There's a lot of rough action including two guys force-feeding a bottom their dicks before taking turns on his ass. Jordan Fox plays a prison guard who thinks the inmates are there for his pleasure, so he brings them to his private chamber for sessions involving immobilization, CBT, spitting, harsh nipple play, beating and whipping, and of course lots of dick sucking and fucking. I saw scenes with cock pumping, dildo sex and fisting, piss play, bondage, and gloryhole sex; some guys were forced to work out before servicing their masters, and there was some dirty foot play with guys worshiping sweaty socks, sneakers, and bare feet.

There's plenty of sucking and fucking here, and the sex is a mix of bareback and condom, although most of the older scenes tend to be with condoms. And while there are bedroom and livingroom scenes, most of the action happens in dirty basements, warehouses, abandoned buildings, dungeons, and playrooms. Some of the guys are restrained but many aren't, and there's a good mix of duos and threeways as well as a few small groups.

There are currently 207 DRM-free videos inside Young Bastards, and the site updates weekly. All the videos, both downloads and streaming, are offered in MP4 format. The newest scenes can be downloaded in three sizes: 640x360, 960x540 and an HD version at 1280x720. The older scenes come in two sizes at 640x480 and 960x720. These are full scenes and are usually good quality. You can also stream the videos at either 720x540 (older) or 960x540 (newer) in two or three resolutions; the higher versions will mean better picture quality. You can enlarge the videos to full screen, and unsurprisingly the newer and high-quality scenes fare best.

Most of the scenes include a picture gallery featuring either digital stills or screencaps, but I found a few that didn't have sets. The pics are sized at at 640x960 or 667x1000, and there may be other sizes as well. Each gallery offers anywhere from six to over 30 pictures, and you can download a zip file, save the pics individually by right-clicking the thumbnail, or enjoy them in a hands-free slideshow.

Not all of the videos here are produced by Young Bastards. I saw a good number of scenes from Kallamacka, which features many of the same types of guys, and Dark Cruising, which generally features older guys and hairy men, as well as Ridley Dovarez, who is a newish French producer. The scenes provide good descriptions and linked model names when they appear in multiple videos. And on the videos homepage there's a "Filter Videos" option where you can sort the videos using a few pre-selected categories like outdoor sex or barebacking and several others; you can also sort by types of guys like twinks or skinheads and punks or body types like skinny and hairy, but there's no free-form search.

Young Bastards offers an unlimited streaming membership that will let you watch as many videos as you like, but while this membership is less expensive, downloads aren't included. The other membership is unlimited streaming with unlimited downloads and this one also includes a bonus DVD download that you can select from the offers from seven European producers. While there are several dozen DVDs you choose from, you are entitled to one DVD download a month. Finally, I should mention that membership pricing has gone up $5 or more on various streaming and download options. The site was probably under-priced previously, and it's still quite affordable and offers good value.

Members get 12 third-party video feeds, which the site calls VOD Channels, and these are from well-known producers like Raging Stallion, Falcon, Jake Cruise, and others offering you content ranging from jocks to bears. Aside from that DVD download, you'll also get access to 108 videos from six other sites (each offers 18 videos) run by the same company including Spritzz and French Lads, both featuring many of the same types of guys as Young Bastards, as well as UK Naked Men, UK Hot Jocks, Raw Fuck, and Butch Dixon.

There aren't any real concerns; just be certain that you purchase the right kind of membership, i.e. streaming only or streaming with downloads.

Young Bastards is a good, solid site with lots of hot and nasty European guys sucking and fucking in all kinds of dirty or rough situations. The site has grown to over 200 videos to download, stream, and watch on your mobiles, and it continues to grow thanks to consistent weekly updates. The site has stayed on track with its theme featuring uncut Euro guys, skinheads and bad boys in rough sex and piss action. Young Bastards pads their offering with videos from two other kinky studios, and there are the bonus videos, VOD channels and monthly bonus DVD, giving you lots to watch.

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