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Raw Fuck features horny European guys sucking and fucking bareback in duos, threeways and groups. You'll find a variety of performers: British, Spanish, Eastern European, and French, so there's lots of foreskin. The guys are in their twenties, and you'll find a good selection of twink types, chavs, sporty lads, and athletic guys, as well as jocks sporting more ripped and defined bodies. Most of the models are cute, smooth and tend to be tattoo free; lots of them are packing big, juicy uncut cocks as well. I've seen many of these models on other porn sites, but there are also heaps of fresh faces.

The sex is all bareback; there's plenty of cock sucking and guys taking raw dicks up their asses, but there's also some variety when it comes to the action. There's plenty of sex indoors in locations like bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms, and there's also a fair bit of outdoor sex as well as guys getting off together in workshops, warehouses, stairwells, gyms, or school dormitories, and lots of other places, too. And Raw Fuck likes to mix things up, so don't be surprised if you stumble across some piss play, fisting, rough sex, and guys in uniforms playing cop or soldier - there's even two "firemen" getting it on against the fire truck.

And the cum flies just about anywhere; on well-fucked assholes, inside hungry mouths, all over smooth chests and bellies, and splattered across cute faces. There are a few videos where the tops cum inside their bottoms, but in those cases we're usually treated to watching the guy squeezing his buddy's load back out of his ass.

There are 434 DRM-free videos inside Raw Fuck that are offered in MP4 format. Both streaming and downloadable videos play at 960x540, and the downloadable versions comes in a smaller size (640x360) that should work well for most older mobiles. I didn't always find the videos as crisp and clear as I'd like, but they're still quite watchable. The videos can be enlarged to full screen, but they do lose some sharpness and clarity. The site offers unlimited streaming and downloads, so you can watch as much as you want.

Most episodes also come with a gallery of digital stills; some sets have a dozen or so pictures and others have over 30 while a few have less than 10. You view the images in a slider on the site that displays them at 460x685 or larger; they're pretty good quality and you can set up a hands-free slide show. You can save the pics individually and these come in a larger size (533x800 or better) or you can download entire galleries in downloadable zip files.

Members get some extras. First, in the BONUS section, are videos from six sites from the same company. Each one offers 18 videos for a total of 108 videos, and one of the videos is removed and a new one added for one of the sites every day. There are also 12 feeds found in the VOD Channels section, each with 20 streaming videos. The feeds cover a variety of niches including twinks, Brazilian men, Asian guys, and barebacking, and these include the feed versions of some popular sites including Falcon and Paul Morris Treasure Island Media. Last, members can download a DVD once a month from one of the partner sites.

Now let's talk about updates. While there are 41 more videos than on our last visit a year and a half ago, and the site shows updates are being added every Monday and Thursday, these aren't new productions. What happens is at some point they removed a large number of videos and are now adding them back in twice a week. Since there are over 400 videos, there's plenty to keep members busy, so this may only a problem if you've been a member of the site before; if you're joining for the first time, the content will all be new to you.

There are a few downsides to discuss. First is the pre-checked offer on the billing page; it's graphical rather than text and if left checked will sign you up for a second site membership when you join Raw Fuck. There's also a pre-checked email offer on the join page. The tour claims there are "more than 500" videos, but I counted three times and found 434, still a good sized collection. The Movies section doesn't offer content to watch - it's DVDs for sale, although there are lots of trailers to watch. Also, while there's a model index, there's no model profiles or info - just links to each guy's videos. As mentioned, the videos could be sharper.

It's worth mentioning that the guys behind Raw Fuck run a few other sites, so this content may also appear on those sites. But this isn't a deal breaker because those other sites use a ticket system where you buy ticket packages and redeem specific numbers of coupons to watch each scene. Raw Fuck is a full membership site, so once you join you get run of the house with no limits, and I like this system much better.

The guys on Raw Fuck are mostly good looking and sexy, and you'll find lots of uncut cocks. The performers do plenty of cock sucking and bareback ass fucking in a variety of locations and scenarios to keep things extra hot. The site offers 434 videos to download, stream and watch on your mobiles. While updates are being recycled, there's enough here to keep members busy, and the site owners respond quickly to emails to get any issues you're having sorted out. Raw Fuck delivers on their promises and offers plenty of horny twinks and uncut jocks in all sorts of hardcore barebacking.

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