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BoyFun is a new network that brings together content from two standalone sites, BF Collection and Freshman X, spanning content from the past 12 years. BoyFun opened in the fall of 2017 and gives members access to all the content from both sites in one place plus there are some extras. We've got a lot to cover, so let's get started.

There are over 2,900 guys here so it's a little difficult to put them all in a neat box. They range from 18 to 24 and they're a mix of twinks, jocks, and average guys including first-timers. Some have slim with boyish looks like you'd expect from a twink, others are a little more athletic with some muscle definition, and some have average bodies, neither slim nor built. Smooth bodies are the norm here, but I did see the occasional hairy guy, and some of the performers have a tattoo or two, but most aren't inked. The guys are mostly white, a mix of blonds, redheads, and brunettes; there are only 25 videos in the site's interracial category. I recognize plenty of porn regulars from Europe so you can expect lots of uncut cocks, but there are Americans here as well.

These sites mix it up, offering both solo and hardcore action; of the latest 48 videos there are 19 duos, and the rest are solos. There are just over 40 threeways and the remaining action videos are duos with guys kissing, sucking, rimming, fucking, and of course, shooting their creamy loads on each other. The action is a mix of bareback and condom. Most of the sex happens indoors in bedrooms, livingrooms, and kitchens, but there are around 100 outdoor scenes. The solo guys jerk their cocks mostly in homelike settings, and there are a couple of dozen videos with guys playing with sex toys.

The set-up for the sex is fairly uncomplicated. In one scene a guy wakes up and says he has to go for his morning run; the other pulls back the covers to show off his hard-on and says "I'm horny" and you can guess where things go from there. In another scene, a lad arrives at his rental accommodation to find there's already a guy in the bathtub. He makes a call to complain, then when he sees the guy standing naked in front of him he says "I'll have to call you back."  

You can filter the content to view videos from only one of the two sites if you wish, BF Collection and Freshman X, or if left unfiltered both sites' content appears in the video section in the order they were released. BF Collection offers 4,046 videos and is still filming; it adds several new scenes every week, usually three but sometimes four. I'm reviewing the site at the end of October 2017, and they added 18 videos in September and 22 in July and August. Freshman X stopped producing new content in 2012 but it still offers 560 videos.

BoyFun offers 4,606 videos, a mix from both sites. The site's tour boasts "Now in 4K" but this pertains only to the newest episodes which are offered as large as 3840x2160 at up to 20 Mbps, and they're impressively crisp and bright. But most of the latest scenes are offered in three or four sizes in MP4 format ranging from 640x360 to 1920x1080, and they're generally good quality and fairly well lit. Older scenes are generally offered in two sizes – 320x240 and 640x480 – and they're not as crisp, but still quite enjoyable. You can stream the newer videos on the site in a player sized at 720x406, and there is a full-screen option, although I'd recommend going full screen with only the larger sizes.

The oldest videos are a different story at the current time. BoyFun is in the middle of re-encoding all of the videos from older formats and sizes, so at the moment the very oldest videos can only be downloaded in WMV format and they play at 320x240. But the site says they will eventually be available to stream as well, and I'm assuming the downloads will be converted to MP4 format like the newer ones.

There are 7,203 picture galleries in the BoyFun members area. The site gives you the option in My Settings to display the pics as low or high resolution versions, with the former loading faster. But I have a high-speed Internet connection and didn't find the high versions slowed me down. The oldest pictures display at 387x573, but newer ones are offered in two sizes at 864x1024 and 1000x1500, and some offer a super sized version at 2000x3000. You view the pictures in galleries, and there are slideshows or you can navigate manually with forward and back controls. You can save the pictures individually or download any of usually two zips files, each offering a different size. The pictures appear to be mostly digital stills and they're good quality; even the oldest ones were pretty decent.

There are 10 third-party video feeds, and these offer a variety of guys and niches including one called Teens and Twinks and another called BoyFun Video Feeds, however I'm not sure if this latter one features different content than what's already available in the members area. There's also a live chat site listed in the bonus section - you get 120 free credits to try it out, then it'll cost you extra.

There's not much to get in your way at BoyFun - it's mostly a great site. It is worth reminding you that only one of the two sites updates, but it does update at least three times a week, so no real problem there. And with a site that span 12 years of production, you can't expect the same video quality between older and newer productions. And the difference is quite noticeable when you compare the very oldest WMVs at 320x240 and the newest 4K MP4 at 3940x2160, but with over 4,600 videos you have heaps to keep you entertained.

BoyFun is a huge site that brings together content from BF Collection and Freshman X. And while the latter of the two is no longer producing content, BF Collection still releases several scenes every week. There are over 2,600 guys in 7,200 photo sets and over 4,600 videos that can be downloaded, most can be streamed and all but the oldest are mobile-compatible. There's a great mix of solo and hardcore sex and lots of uncut dick, so if you like younger guys 18 to 24, it really doesn't get much better than this.

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