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BoyFun is the new name for BF Collection, one of the largest and longest-running twink sites around. The site launched in fall of 1999 and started adding videos in 2005, and it's still going strong with tons of content, plenty of monthly updates and all sorts of twinks in a mix of hardcore and solo action. And members now get access to content from FreshmanX, as well. The site has a new, easier to use and attractive layout that shows off the guys and makes navigation a snap, so join me for a closer look. We've got a lot to cover, so let's get started.

The guys here range from 18 to 24, and they're a mix of twinks, jocks and average guys including some horny first-timers. Some are smooth and slim with cute, boyish looks like you'd expect from a twink site, others are more athletic with some muscle definition, and some have average bodies, neither slim nor built. While smooth bodies are the norm here, I did see the occasional hairy guy, and some of the performers have a tattoo or two, a very few have more, but most aren't inked. The guys are mostly white, a mix of blonds, redheads, and brunettes, although there are a just a few black or blatino performers. A brief look through the recently added models offers up guys from Brazil, Slovakia, America, the Czech Republic, Romania, Colombia, and Spain, although there are more Czech guys. I recognized plenty of porn regulars from Europe and elsewhere, so you can expect lots of uncut cocks.

While the site used to offer a lot of solos, things have changed. Most of the updates for some time now have been hardcore duos with some threesomes mixed in, and most of the more recent updates are bareback, but the site has started adding a weekly solo, as well. There are some sizzling scenes between slim, cute guys 18 to 21 including plenty of cock sucking and raw fucking; you'll find guys making out and rimming, and there are some muscular guys getting it on. There's a little rough sex including hair pulling, and I found plenty of guys shooting their loads on themselves or on their scene partners' bellies or chest or on their faces.

The set-ups for the sex is fairly uncomplicated. In the latest update, called "Horny Little Helper," a guy walks out of a sex toy store and is approached by another guy who asks what he was doing there. The first guy tells him he was horny and guy number two says he can help him out and his apartment is nearby. The two head off to the apartment for some suck and fuck time. In another scene, a lad arrives at his rental accommodation to find there's already a guy in the bathtub. He makes a call to complain, then he sees the guy standing naked in front of him and says "I'll have to call you back."  

BoyFun offers 4,860 exclusive videos. Up until 2017, the the latest scenes were offered in three or four sizes in MP4 format ranging from 640x360 to 1920x1080, and they're generally good quality and fairly well lit. The site's tour boasts "Now in 4K," but this pertains only to the newest episodes which are offered at a huge 3840x2160, and if you're using a larger monitor, you'll be impressed. Older scenes are generally offered in one or two sizes – 320x240 and 640x480 – and while they're pretty decent, their small size means they won't look too good if enlarged. You can stream the newer videos on the site , and there is a full-screen option, although I'd recommend going full screen with only the larger sizes.

Regarding the oldest videos, BoyFun is still working on re-mastering them from older formats and sizes, so at the moment the very oldest videos can only be downloaded in WMV format and they play at 320x240. But the site says they will eventually be available to stream as well, and I'm assuming the downloads will be converted to MP4 format like the newer ones. They've been working on remastering for over a year, but with so many videos, this could take a while.

There are also 7,580 picture sets in the BoyFun members area. The newest pics are very good quality digital stills sized at 2000x3000 but resized to fit your browser. The pictures can be saved individually or in your choice of a high res or low res (1000x1500) zip files. The very oldest pics are sized at 384x600 and are decent quality with two zip files for them, but the pics seem to be the same size in both. There are also medium aged sets with pics sized at 1000x1500 plus a smaller size.

The site is adding three updates per week on Sundays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, although briefly the updates had slowed to Tuesdays and Fridays, but as mentioned, the site is now adding a solo every Sunday and hardcore updates on the other days. And considering there are over 4,800 videos, there's plenty to keep you busy.

BoyFun members also get access to all the content from a bonus site from the same company, FreshmanX, which offers 528 videos and 528 picture sets. While this site stopped updating some time ago, the newer videos are good sized and good amateur quality at 1280x720; these will play on newer mobiles plus there's a smaller size for older mobiles. The older videos are smaller, but they still make good watching, and I liked the picture sets, as well. And FreshmanX is no longer available to join separately, so the only way to see its guys in action is through BoyFun.

There are a couple more sections in EXTRAS. First is the Bonus Content section where you'll find 22 videos and 96 picture set from a variety of member sites that hope you'll be tempted to join, but you don't have to in order to enjoy the videos. You'll also find nine assorted gay feeds including the feed versions of well-known sites RickyRaunch, Paul Morris Treasure Island Media, and Jake Cruise. There's also over 1,200 videos in the BoyFun Video Feeds section. BoyFun Live is actually a third-party live cam site where you can chat and watch live guys for free, but action and one-on-one will cost by the minute.

Now let's talk about issues. The join page says that the trial membership gives limited access, but it doesn't specify the limitations. There's a row of thumbs of guys on the members home page that actually lead to a live cam site. As mentioned, the oldest videos aren't available to stream, and since they're offered only in WMV format, they aren't Mac or mobile compatible. And those oldest vids are also pretty small, but there are so many larger, mobile compatible videos that I wouldn't worry about it too much.

There are a couple of tour claims on the join page I wanted to discuss. First is this one - "Fully Exclusive 4K Ultra HD Sex Scenes." It's true of the newer videos, but there are literally thousands of videos that aren't available in 4K. Some of the newer vids are available in full HD, some are available in smaller HD and the oldest videos are available in small standard definition. And then there's the other claim, which is "Frequent Updates Across The BoyFun Network." Up until six weeks ago, updates were added three times per week, but in the past month and a half, they're adding them twice a week. Whether you consider two updates per week to be frequent updates is up to you.

BoyFun offers cute and boyish twinks, jocks and amateurs from 18 to their early twenties from around the world, and while there are plenty of solos in the older content, these days the updates are mostly hardcore and bareback. There are over 3,000 guys in over 7,500 photo sets and over 4,860 videos that can be downloaded, most can be streamed and all but the oldest are mobile-compatible. And then there's the three weekly updates, the 528 from bonus site FreshmanX, the video library and the feeds. There's a great mix of solo and hardcore sex and lots of uncut dick, so if you like younger guys 18 to 24, it really doesn't get much better than this.

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