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BoyFun offers twinks, jocks, and all sorts of European boys from 18 to 24 in solos and hardcore sucking and fucking action, the newest vids are bareback. Lots of slim, smooth bodies, and uncut cocks. 5,656 exclusive videos to download, most available to stream and watch on your mobiles. Three weekly updates, a bonus site, feeds, and some bonus videos. One of the best twink sites around.

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Since Last Review

  • Site has added 232 videos in 14 months
  • Site has also added 292 picture sets
  • Oldest videos now larger size and MP4 format

Boy Fun Topics

Video info

Videos offered for download and streaming

5,656 exclusive videos, most in MP4 format. Newest downloads offered in 4K at 3840x2160, plus 3 smaller sizes at good quality, older sized at 1280x720, plus 2 smaller sizes or 640x480, plus a WMV. Remastered downloads sized at 1280x720. Streaming, mobile compatible videos also available.

Picture info

9,063 picture sets. Pics are digital stills, newer in 2 sizes at 1125x1500 and 2250x3000 at very good quality, oldest pics are 512x768 at good amateur quality. Zip files available, no slideshows. Pictures can be saved individually.

Bonus content

Content from 1 bonus site with 528 videos and picture sets, 10 video feeds, plus a limited collection of videos and picture sets from 14 other member sites.

Site issues

Hard-to-spot pre-selected offer on dropdown menu on billing page (just under price near top of page). Non-recurring month membership recurs at $15 more than recurring membership. By joining, you agree to receive commercial emails and updates.

Membership cost of BoyFun

There are pre-checked options on signup page. If left checked, you will automatically be subscribed to another site.

  • Monthly: $29.85 (recurring every 30 days)
  • Monthly: $44.95 (30 days, non-recurring)
  • Half Year: $129.95 (recurring every 180 days)
  • Yearly: $199.95 (recurring every 365 days)

BoyFun Review

BoyFun is one of the largest and longest-running twink sites around. The site launched as BF Collection in the fall of 1999 and started adding videos in 2005, and it's still going strong with tons of content, plenty of monthly updates, and all sorts of twinks in a mix of hardcore and solo action. It's been a little over a year since our last review, so let's get caught up.

The guys range from 18 to 24, and they're a mix of twinks, jocks, amateurs, and average guys including some horny first-timers. Some are smooth and slim with cute, boyish looks, others are more athletic with some muscle definition, and some have average bodies, neither slim nor built. While smooth bodies are the norm here, I did see the occasional hairy guy, and some of the performers have a tattoo or two; a very few have more, but many aren't inked. The guys are mostly White, a mix of blonds, redheads, and brunettes; there are a few Black or Blatino performers, and the site is currently filming a good number of South American boys. A brief look through the recently added models offers up guys from the Czech Republic, Russia, some from Venezuela, and a bunch from Colombia. I recognized plenty of porn regulars from Europe and elsewhere, and you can expect lots of uncut cocks.

Of the 24 latest updates, 15 feature hardcore bareback duos, there's been one threesome, and eight solo jack-off audition videos. There are some sizzling scenes between slim, cute guys 18 to 21, including plenty of blowjobs and raw fucking; you'll find guys making out and rimming, and there are some muscular guys getting it on. There's a little rough sex including hair pulling, and I found plenty of guys shooting their loads on themselves, on their partner's belly or chest, or even on his face.

The set-up for the sex is fairly uncomplicated. In one episode called "Late Cummer", a cute Croatian tourist has just missed his train. Seeing him stranded, a young Czech motions for him to follow and takes him home, where he fucks the tourist. In "Busy Little Bro", Ollie Barn is having a morning wank, and he's not being very quiet about it. His roommate, Angel Rivers, tells him to be quiet a couple of times, but Ollie is horny, so he moves to Angel's bed and strokes in his face until the blond sucks his cock. They move back to Ollie's bed where he fucks Angel's tight hole, and the pair finally shoot their creamy loads all over Angel's smooth body.

BoyFun now offers 5,656 videos - 5,390 listed under "All BoyFun videos" and 266 separately under "Remastered BoyFun Videos". The newer downloads under "All BoyFun videos" are sized in 4K and three smaller sizes at good to very good quality while the older downloads in both sections are sized mostly at 1280x720, plus two smaller sizes at good amateur quality and a couple scenes are sized at two qualities of 640x480, plus a WVM version. Good news is that all the videos are now available to stream on both desktop computers and mobile devices. The newer videos' larger size enlarges to full screen with good results, but some of the oldest videos will lose a little quality at full screen, not surprising considering the oldest remastered vids were produced as long as 19 years ago.

There are also 9,063 picture sets. The newest pics are very good quality digital stills, bright and well lit, and they're sized at 2250x3000 but resize to fit your browser. The pictures can be saved individually or in your choice of high-res or low-res zip files, the low-res pics are sized at 1125x1500. The very oldest pics are sized at 512x768 at decent quality, and while there are low- and high-res zip files for these, the pics are the same size in both. There are also medium-aged sets with pics sized at 1000x1500, plus a smaller size. There's forward and back controls to ease navigation, but I didn't see a hands-free slideshow feature.

When it comes to updates, Boy Fun is still going strong with updates added every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday. It's March 21, 2024, and so far the site has added nine videos this month, they added 12 videos last month, and 13 were added in January. 

BoyFun members also get access to all the content from a bonus site from the same company called FreshmanX, which offers 528 videos and 528 picture sets. While this site stopped updating some time ago, the videos still make good watching, and I liked the picture sets as well. FreshmanX is no longer available to join separately, so the only way to see its guys in action is through Boy Fun.

There are some more extras. If you mouse over Extras on the top navbar, you'll find two sections with content - Bonus Content and Bonus Feeds. The Bonus Content section lists 14 sites with discounts. Click on any of those sites, scroll below the ad, and you'll find anywhere from three to 15 streaming videos per site. While most of these are full scenes, a few were more like extended trailers. You'll find 10 feeds on the Bonus Feeds page, plus a link to a live cam site branded as Boy Fun Live, although it's actually a third-party cam site where full nudity and one-on-one interaction cost by the minute. The link to Sex Games leads to a third-party game that I actually enjoyed; you can play it for free, although they'd like it if you paid for some upgrades. There's another Live Cams link that takes you to another third-party cam site with some free stuff, but full enjoyment will cost you extra.

Let's talk about issues. There's a pre-selected offer right under the price on the billing page, and it looks greyed out, as if it's not clickable, but you can click it if you're not interested and choose "No thanks..." The non-recurring 30-day membership costs $15 more than the recurring option. By joining, you automatically agree to receive commercial emails and updates. There's a row of thumbs of guys on the members homepage that actually lead to a live cam site. I have only two other complaints, and they're more quibbles. First is that the "All BoyFun videos" section doesn't actually contain all the BoyFun videos, as the "Remastered BoyFun Videos" are also BoyFun videos, and they're not doubles, so be sure to check out both sections. And second, there's no way to sort the models by most popular, 

BoyFun offers cute and boyish twinks, athletic jocks, and variety of amateurs from 18 to their early twenties from around the world. The updates are a mix of hardcore bareback duos, plus the odd threeway, and they also add solo auditions, as well. There are over 3,200 guys in 5,656 exclusive videos to download and stream on your desktop and mobiles, plus 9,063 photo sets. And then there's the three weekly updates, the 528 vids from bonus site FreshmanX, the extra videos and the feeds. There's lots of uncut dick, so if you like younger guys 18 to 24, it really doesn't get much better than this.

Things we disliked

  • Many videos not 4K as claimed on tour

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